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    I work at a dealership. I'm not sure what's available to consumers now. I know when the Cruisers first came out, one could call customer service (800.992.1997) and get routed to track your vehicle.
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    Hi All:
    On March 13,'05 my wife and I took a road test in the new 300c. Yes the hemi was awesome power fast, but...the car pulled to the right very much. So much that I could have changed lanes when I took my hands off the steering wheel. My other main concern was the car's rear window and high door windows has some limited vision. The interior was 'nice' and for that kind of money it should have been' stunning'. I asked the salesman about the price and he said it was the sticker price: $36,320. This car has been out a year already and the dealers seem to be doing the same thing they did with the pt cruiser. This car had only 26 miles on the odometer.On to Cadillac....
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    I too wanted to buy the 300c hemi and thought I would be paying MSRP and not "sticker" price. Boy was I wrong! The price difference was $3000., the kind salesman said he could twist the arm of his manager to lower the price by $300. What a guy! This car has been out a full year and the dealers are still playing "gouging games" I am talking about clearwater Fla. I'll wait till the '06 comes out or the year's end. Regards Tom C.
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    Uh, MSRP is the sticker price.

    Don't think by waiting that the prices will come down. Not as long as the vehicle is so popular. Remember, this vehicle has won more first year awards than any other production car made.
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    Uh, MSRP is the sticker price.

    No, what's on the sticker (i.e. "MSRP + Market Value Adjustment" BS) is the sticker price.
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    Maybe if you live in a wacko wierdo state such as Calif. But, in the real world, anyone and everyone knows that the MSRP is the sticker price.
  • kevm14kevm14 Member Posts: 423
    I agree with you, but in many areas (beyond CA) cars are going for over MSRP.
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    Hey, was wondering if you would not mind sharing the names of the dealerships that you spole to. Thanks :)
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    Just received a 2006 300C, over $ 2,000. off MRSP. Ordered in Sept 04, and dealer delivered a 06 at the price quoted for the 05. (dealer locked in price, even though their cost went up).05 stopped production in Dec, so dealer re-ordered an 06. Car loaded, but had to drop walnut trim, due to availability. Big change on 06, Chyrsler no longer has 7/70 warranty, now 3/36. Westoaks Chrysler (internet/fleet staff) in Thousand Oaks, CA. great to work with, were upfront with the waiting process, and saved $$$$ from others with high markups.
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    My dealer flipped my order from a 2005 to a 2006 at same price as well. Black hemi with everything except walnut and GPS. Do you know how long between build start and when you received the car.

    Mine was ordered day after Thanksgiving
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    After it goes into production, you should be driving it in about 2 weeks....barring any transportation problems.
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    A reporter with a national magazine is on a series of articles with real people and their car buying experiences. The reporter is looking for people who have recently purchased a car and had an interesting car buying experience using non-traditional methods. Specfically, the reporter would like to speak with people who have purchased a Mustang, Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum, a Mini Cooper hardtop or convertible or a hybrid vehicle of any make. If you fit what the reporter is looking for, please email the details of your car buying experience with your contact information to [email protected] by Friday, April 22, 2005.


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    I have a black metallic, fully loaded (minus U-connect) 300C sitting in my driveway right now, testdriving it for the weekend. I picked it up from the local Dodge dealer. It is a used model with 11,000 miles on it, and 2 months old (how can I verify this?). They say it was a Detroit excecutive's car that had to drive around to different dealerships, which explains the miles. Initially, they wanted $38,000 and some change for it, plus the $300 document fee, etc. I don't have to pay tax anyway, since I am military. I talked them into (provided a satisfactory test drive this weekend) $37,000 out the door with new floormats and an installed remote start system. They claim they paid $35,000 for it (after we had agreed on a price) I am reading the forums on here and seeing that the depreciation may not be so good. Is this a good deal? It is in excellent shape. Other than the floor mats, it looks brand new and drives great. What is the maximum I should be paying for this car? Thanks :confuse:
  • sparrow77sparrow77 Member Posts: 4
    Does the 2005 have a 7/70 warranty or a 3/36? They are telling me 3/36 and that i have to pay $1530 extra to get a 7/75.
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    They added a third shift at the Brampton Plant in Canada starting in January, which should improve delivery times, hopefully shorter than the 28 weeks I waited.
    Ordered ours on September 27th and delivered on April 9th. You might want to reconsider the navigation system, it was worth the extra dollars.
  • sheilsheil Member Posts: 3
    2005 have 7/70, 2006 has 3/36. 7/75 bumper to bumper on 2006 cost additional
    $ 1,445., but with all the electronic options added on a 300C, will be worth it.
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    Can anyone tell me if the price of $31,300 (before tax and Lic.) is a good price to pay for a 2006, 300 Touring with the Limited package?
  • jjohnson1jjohnson1 Member Posts: 10
    Have you had the chance to use your extended warranty yet at your local dealer? If so, have there been any problems?
  • sjacobson81sjacobson81 Member Posts: 15
    Hi all, just picked up a 2006 300C Midnight Blue on Sunday. Awesome ride - people came out to the parking lot to watch me leave work today!

    I want to purchase the Max Care 6yr/100K plan, but dealer wanted MSRP. I know about, but are there ANY other online / phone places from which you can purchase this plan discounted?

    Also, the Maintenance Care Plus 7/75 plan - dealer quote was $1255, says this MUST be purchased from my local dealer - true?

    Any leads on where to buy the DCX service contract and prepaid maintenance plans at a discount would be much appreciated!!
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    Just started my shopping adventure are touring models as in demand as the 300C? What is the U-connect feature?

  • bjsohiobjsohio Member Posts: 69
    U-connect allows you to use your bluetooth cellphone through the audio system.
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    This could be an interesting weekend. :) I am driving about sixty miles to see a slightly-used satin jade 300C. The car seems to be well appointed, but no sunroof or nav system. The dealer has brought down the price to a number that seems reasonable. I've already addressed the issues of tire wear, pulling-to-the-right, and the rim coating problem. I am reasonably assured that the first to problems have been adequately solved. The latter one is going to be a wait-and-see.

    Boone, I come!
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    Hi Darkknyt

    Can you please give me the contact info on that dealer


  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
    Sorry, we don't allow contact info - dealership name, city & state only. Thanks!

    Roving Host
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    I selected the same color. I have a 2005 300 Touring model. I went through a similar program, Sticker was $28k and I got it for $23k. I have mines setting on some 22" chrome rims it looks sweet. I'm always getting compliments everywhere I go . My next step is to change my grill, any advice on where the best place to look on the internet for gooc prices?
  • hickoryhickory Member Posts: 3
    We were planning to order our 2006 300C AWD, and searched on the Chrysler website so we could find one (any AWD C version) in the 2006 year to test drive - I know there haven't been many changes, but I wanted to see it for myself.

    A dealer about 30 miles away had one that sounded like a good fit for a test drive.

    We went there Saturday morning and took it for a spin. Walked around and kicked the tires, chatted briefly with the salesperson and left. (Sales guy: What was your purpose in visiting us today? Us (honestly): We just wanted to actually SEE a 2006 and drive it, so we can make a decision about ordering.)

    Went to lunch (back near our house). Talked and talked. Car (on lot) had everything we wanted, except had 2nd level Sound/Nav package instead of 1st level (7 speakers, bigger amp) - in addition to Nav/sound, we got UConnect, Sirius, Protection Group, moonroof, etc., almost everything offered. Car also did NOT have the stuff we didn't want (DVD system in rear seat, smokers' group, engine block heater). Brilliant Black, our first-choice color.

    Although we've bought our past 2 Chryslers from a closer dealer, and had spoken with them about getting a 300C, we had received NO follow-up calls, etc., despite our request to keep us informed when a 2006 showed up. So, decided we didn't owe loyalty to that dealer.

    Went back to test-drive dealer and sat down to "talk turkey." MSRP/selling price: $40,845. Lease term: 39 months. Mileage/yr during lease: 18k. Initial price immediately came down to high $38k (I don't remember exact number) and lease info worked out. We drove the car home about 2 hours after we walked back in the door.

    Absolutely love the car - and so does everyone else who's seen it. (The owners of the company I work for tell me it "looks good in our parking lot.")

    The dealer we used: Contemporary Chrysler Dodge, Milford NH.

    Like someone above, I'm interested in the "Bentley"-style grill. Any recommendations for which one actually fits best and is highest quality? (I found a plethora of them on ebay.)

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    Hi I am looking into buying a chrysler 300 and most likely used because i want to spend around the 27k neighborhood. I am really interrested in the 300c but i dont know if i could afford one unless there is a way to get one around the price i am looking for. I know I should be looking at the 05's instead of the 06's to also lower the price as much as possible. Leather is a must and any other additions that it can afford would be nice.

    ANYONE who can give ANY advice on what i can get with around $27,000 plz do so ...willing to take a bit of miles on it if it can get me the 300c :)
  • ford624ford624 Member Posts: 75
    I began the searches from Edmunds search and Chrysler's search.
    First I used my zip code, then zip codes close to me in Central and Northern California.
    I was able to check out very many dealerships' inventory. I then asked for a quote on the ones that I liked.
    I found the best deal, and then bought the car.
    I bought a 2005 Silver Chrysler 300C with everything except for the wood package.
    I could have got a better deal on a 2006.
    I wanted the 2005 for the 7year and 70000 mile power train warranty.
    I paid $1250.00 below MSRP.
    I feel that could have done better if I tried a little harder.
    I am happy!
  • cadriencadrien Member Posts: 21
    Through my work, I can get any model Chrysler for 1% under invoice. Should I be happy with this deal? Thinking I will pck up a 300 touring as soon as I find one. Anyone done better than this on their own?
  • jefflexiejefflexie Member Posts: 1

    I am recent new owner of a 2006 300C down in south Florida. It's brilliant black with all of the options except U-conn and the new rear DVD. It came from the dealership with the "Bentley" style grill and a spoiler. All I can say is what a difference in the look the new grill makes over the factory. I saw them all over e-Bay for about $250. That is the best pricing I found on them so far. I highly recommend doing it, it gives the car a whole new look. The first day I drove it to work it turned every head in the parking lot and I had several people stop by my office to compliment on it.

    Congrats on your new car!
  • selgartselgart Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any recent experience leasing the Chyrsler 300? I live on he East Coast, near Philly. Hard to find a delaer with a web site, if you can beleive that.
    If anyone has any expamoples of leasing prices, I would appreciate kn9owing the range.
  • varobvarob Member Posts: 15
    I bought my 05 300 Limited in mid-August '04 from Antwerpen Motors in Baltimore after checking all local dealer's inventories via the Chrysler web site in the Baltimore/Washington area. I tried to buy from Cowles in Woodbridge, VA, closer to home, but I couldn't get them to call me back. They were totally non-responsive. The salesman who finally called me said he located what I wanted in the area and could have it the next day. I already knew that since I had scoured the web site. I got a thousand off the sticker, plus a thousand rebate, but they low-balled me on my '99 Concorde LXi trade-in. I wanted the 300 so I closed the deal. Had to laugh a bit since the salesman had a "What Would Jesus Do?" sign by his desk. Well, I guess Jesus would low-ball the trade-in. In fairness, the 99 had 160K miles on it.

    I love this car. One recall re: the radiator support brackets was fixed and I lost a rocker panel to road debris, but it runs great, has none of the defects mentioned by many others, and gets reasonably gas mileage-19/26.
  • smithedsmithed Member Posts: 444
    I was offered a 2006 300C today for $35789. It is equipped with Protection Group II, Power Sunroof, and High Intensity headlights as only options. Silver in color.

    MSRP is 36,585 and invoice is 33, 884. Is this a reasonable deal? Thanks, ES
  • rsalsarsalsa Member Posts: 3
  • rsalsarsalsa Member Posts: 3
  • rsalsarsalsa Member Posts: 3
  • bhartjebhartje Member Posts: 2
    Hi All:
    I need some assistance on what to do. On 12/2/04 I ordered a 2005 300C with AWD. I was told it would take 10 weeks to come in. In March the dealer told me that production stopped on the 2005's. The dealer then told me that I am now on the list to receive a 2006 300C AWD when they are available at no additional cost. Great! Now it is almost July and I have heard (through other Chrysler dealers) that the 300C will not even start production until the end of September. I have a Vehicle Order # and have called Chrysler custoemr service but they have no answers either. Has anyone else heard of this delay or how long it may take? I love the car but cannot wait almost a year for delivery. Unfortunately, the RWD is not an option for me, otherwise I would have ordered it a while ago.
  • hdvablkmanhdvablkman Member Posts: 7
    I purchased my 06 300C for 1% over invoice. Don't know where you are but different markets are getting very different prices as you can see from the Cali prices.
  • smithedsmithed Member Posts: 444

    I have been offered another C for 1% over invoice (actually invoice + $350 in "service fees". A better deal--in Myrtle Beach, SC. I am strongly considering that one, it is equipped more to my liking and is a better deal.

    I can't imagine what the dealers in California are doing.

    These are not Lamborghinis or Bentleys (even though they may look like one).

  • 300cguy300cguy Member Posts: 1
    Boys (and Girls):

    I just bought a brand new 2006 fully loaded 300C in northern Cali for Invoice +$100!

    It can be done. It took three days of going to the dealership and walking away but it works. I read an article that said the demand for the 300C is dropping. Better deals are ahead.

    They got me on the warranty though! I tried to negotiate but they stood their ground. Win some... lose some.

    Please don't pay MSRP+ anymore.... you are only fueling the fire for future purchasers. I know the rules are no dealer names so I won't do that. I can say that it was about an hour north of San Francisco and it is possible to get invoice.

    Don't let these salesman BS you! See you on the road my friends... I have graduated from the "prices paid" post to the "Modification" post.... (sniffle, sniffle)
  • jjohnson1jjohnson1 Member Posts: 10
    How much did you pay for your warranty? And what type of warranty did you buy? I got the 7 year, 100,000 mile Maximum Care package for $1,700.00 Ask me and I'll tell you how to save on this the next time you buy a new car.
  • in2locksin2locks Member Posts: 13
    Sounds like a good price to me the best I have found is $2445 7/100000 w/$50 deductible were did you get it from.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
    A reporter hopes to interview a Chrysler 300 buyer whose previous vehicle (immediately previous) was an import or foreign-based brand. Please respond to [email protected] by Monday, July 25, 2005, and provide your daytime contact information and vehicle history.


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  • smithedsmithed Member Posts: 444
    I searched all the larger zip codes within 100 miles of home on the Chrysler website when looking for our new C. The local dealers had not much in their inventories and wanted a big markup over MSRP. The inventories are available on the dealer websiteds as well as the window stickers. I found two equipped our way and in the color we wanted. I asked for a quote on one of them and received a responding email within 24 hours for invoice price+1%. Although some things delayed me about two weeks getting there, I was able to monitor and confirm that the car was still in inventory. Also, the delay got me $500 since Chrysler added a rebate on the car. Ten days ago I told them the wife and I were coming, found it on the lot (they were expecting me), drove it, bought it. Although I was an internet customer, the salesman took a lot of time showing me the details of how to work everything, showed me the features of the EVIC, activated the Sirius for me, etc. He knew the features of the car very well, except the fact that he didn't know that there is no dipstick to check the transmission fluid. I felt as though my wife and I were treated extremely well. The backend guy offered the extended warranty, but wasn't pushy about it, taking no for an answer without coming back to the question.

    Dealer is in northeast South Carolina. :shades: :shades: :shades:
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,132
    A reporter hopes to interview a Chrysler 300 owner whose previous vehicle (immediately previous) was an import or foreign-based brand. Please respond to [email protected] by Friday, July 29, 2005, and provide your daytime contact information and vehicle history.


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  • gingin4u2gingin4u2 Member Posts: 1
    This weekend I am supossed to fly about 1 hour away to purchase a 2005 300 limited edition with luxury group for $25,500. I just found this web site so I thought I'd get a few opinions on the price. The car has 21,000 miles. Any reply would be appreciated, Thanks,,,
  • happy_go_luckyhappy_go_lucky Member Posts: 5
    Here's my suggestion on what to do with your warranty if you feel you've overpaid. I'd suggest you go back to the dealership and cancel it. You'll get your refund from Chrysler (even it it's slightly prorated) but then you can purchase the 7/70 Maximum Care Plan for $1320 with/$0 deductible; MSRP for this plan is $1620 (go to for more details, link you to Siemans Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep). This is a 5-star Chrysler dealership and you are buying an actual Chrysler extended warranty, not some 3rd party warranty. You can even finance it with zero interest for 12 months through Chrysler. The dealership will charge you $110 to start but the remaining $1210 balance will be paid over the next 11 months (my guess is the $1210 is what Chrysler charges for the warranty and anything above that is what the dealer keeps, in this case $110.). Best of all you can wait to purchase the extended warranty for up to 12 months for the in-service date of you car without any added surcharge.

    I ordered my new warranty in early August for my 300 that I bought in September '04 and got my warranty paperwork from Chrysler 3 weeks later. The service people at the dealership were very helpful and professional.

    For those looking for a new Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep vehicle I would suggest you use the information from Siemans's website to get your dealership of choice to give you a better deal on the extended warranty. If they refuse and you still want the warranty simply buy it from the guys at Siemans.
  • timmerstimmers Member Posts: 2
    Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone knew what the invoice price is on a 2006 300c? I see that some people are paying invoice +1% that sounds like a great deal to me… Is California car buyers paying more for there cars?

    I purchased a Land Rover LR3 for the full sticker price… I’m not making that mistake again!

    Thanks for all your help!

  • minus200minus200 Member Posts: 6
    After waiting from May 27th till mid Sept for a dealer to get my 300 with no results I found one in stock at a local dealer. I had given a $500 deposit to order a car and they would not tell me when they could get my car and now they refuse to return my money here at the end of Sept and they still have no car. The car I ended up buying has the Cirrus Radio and the handling package that I did not order. I bought this car with extra equipment and the power pedals for less than the other dealer although that is NOT the reason I bought this one. I paid $25,606 with taxes, doc fee and everything else. Silver steel 300 base. So far I have been very pleased although the rear drivers side exterior door handle was a different color (magnesium i think) Very pleasant buying experience with Chuck Steven Chrysler and all the purchasing was done over the phone and payment when I picked up the car. So far it seems like a very solid automobile. I am having a hard time finding aftermarket 17" wheels to replace the UGLY ones that came on the car. I have ordered a wood grain dash kit that should be installed early next week. I will probably add a stainless trim around the wheel fenders and chrome door handles. I suppose I will spend near $1500 on the extras of which the chrome wheels will be the largest part
  • digitalgraveldigitalgravel Member Posts: 14
    CONGRADULATIONS, I am glad to see that you are finally happy. I am very interested as well in the base model but I am not so sure about the 2.7L opposed to the 3.5L but I can get the Base silver steel for $500 below invoice which would be 22,788 (not including tax). How were you able to get the car for that price with tax and with the cirrus radio/handling package, ect. Also what interest rate did you get it financed for? I want to finance through the dealer but I am scared that they are going to give me a rate higher than what I really qualify for. This deal is only good til this friday Sept. 30 What should I do? My credit score is 830.
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