Chrysler 300 / 300C Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dapdap Member Posts: 13
    I called Chrysler and they told me that if there was a rebate offered at the time you ordered your vehicle then it would be honored when you picked the vehicle up. I think it's called"sold order protection program." Sad thing is.. you can't rely on the dealer to tell you this. When I talked to a Chrysler customer service rep. She gave me her name and told me if the dealer said they did not know anything about this to have them call her directly.
  • ssshemissshemi Member Posts: 14
    That sounds good, hope it's true. Would you mind telling us her name, so we can use it. I'm also sending Chrysler an E/Mail requesting information on the "sold order protection program," I'll let you know what they tell me.
  • intrepidspiritintrepidspirit Member Posts: 662
    "I have two C's, one manufactured on February with a base price of $26,740 and the other on June with a base of $32,370. Is a whopping increase of $5,630 in just 4 months."

    The 300C was never offered @ $26,740 MSRP. This must have been a 300 touring.
  • herminioherminio Member Posts: 11
    If you send an email to mine, [email protected], I will send you a scanned copies of both original factory window stickers showing that both are C's.
  • kcrnmalekcrnmale Member Posts: 47
    I test drove a 300 limited and enjoyed it but couldn't afford a C version... or so I thought. My wife really liked the Caddy CTS which were selling at invoice with 1.9% interest. Gorgeous cars but the radio was awful and required a Bose upgrade. The Bose stereo came with the loaded cars and thus a much higher price tag. Furthermore, they low balled my 2 trades.

    I visited my local Chrysler dealer who had all the 300C's in the front. Each one was $39000. I wanted a 300C after reading all the posts here and listening to everyone brag about the Hemi. I went to another dealer who had one in Vanilla-my favorite color but jerked me around by offering me payments prices and refused to breakdown the numbers so I could see how much my trades were worth, interest rate, etc...

    I took my niece back to my local dealer who had a 300c in the back which had only a sunroof option for $34000 and change. Having been pricing Caddys I knew this was in my price range. I looked through the window and saw the heated seats switches (I had to have heated seats and a great stereo) and took it for a test drive. Two hours later it was mine. They gave me a good trade in amount and I purchased a 7/70,000 zero deductible warranty.

    Upon receiving my new car I noticed 2 paint chips in the hood and the salesman said he would take care of them on Monday and detail the care-this was Saturday evening. I return on Monday and they took my car to send to a body shop for the paint repair. I was worried they were going to just use touch-up paint so I am happy. Over the weekend, I realized they gave me the second tier warranty plan when I thought I'd purchased the Maxi care plan which covers almost everything. I explain this to the manager who after a brief discussion gave me the maxi care plan for no charge-another plus from the dealer. I can't wait to get my car back but I have lots of patience cause I want them to do it right! They offered me a rental but I refused because I can do fine with one car for now.

    Well lets talk about the car.... simply awesome! It rides like a Lincoln (I've owned a couple), handles excellent and has great acceleration. It's the coolest car I have ever owned. The stereo is fantastic and the cabin is quiet. The base Hemi comes loaded! The only thing I found is that I keep trying to use the cruise control lever as the turn signal stalk and the speed odometer is a little difficult to read. I have no sqeaks or rattles. I also have a Regal GSE with a supercharged V6 so the hemi engine doesn't quite knock my socks off since I'm used to driving a car with very strong acceleration. However, I think having a fast car is advantageous cause it allows you to take charge of your driving scenario. If your stuck in a pack of cars on the highway, you just simply leave by pressing the gas pedal. Have to pass a slow driver...not a problem. There's no second guessing your car-it will move!!

    I wish I could have some of the available options like side curtains and the navigation system but I'm really pushing my pocketbook. I had to finance for six years and the dealer charged me 7.8% interest from Chrysler financial. As soon as I receive my payment book I'm going to refinance my loan for 5.25%. There is no prepayment penalty and I took the $1000 rebate which forced me to finance through Chrysler. I wonder how much the dealer bumped up the interest rate to take their share?

    Finally, my experience with Brunswick Automart was excellent and if my car comes back with the chip repair looking flawless, I will fire off a glowing letter to the prez of Chrysler for the wonderful buying experience and customer service I received. I hope my positive relationship with Chrysler continues and I hope this first year model is a winner in terms of quality.
  • ssshemissshemi Member Posts: 14
    This is the E/Mail I got from Chrysler concerning the rebates. I called this No. today and was told that any rebates that were in effect at the time of order will be honored at the time of delivery.

    Thank you for your email about the incentives status on your 2005
    Chrysler 300C.

    The Rebates Program Headquarters will provide you all information you
    are looking for. Their number is 1-800-227-0757. Please call Monday
    through Friday, between 9 AM and 6 PM Eastern Standard Time.

    When you call have your VON# ready.

    Please accept my apologies for not providing you with the details on
    this issue as at this address we provide new product information and
    provide instructions on how to contact appropriate departments.

    If you have more questions, do not hesitate to email us back using the
    link below, or call our toll-free number at 1-800-964-0600 seven days a
    week, from 8 AM to midnight Eastern Standard Time.

    Thank you for being a part of our Chrysler family.

  • kg77kg77 Member Posts: 4
    Hi, am debating weather to lease/balloon for finance the C i ordered. I got quoted a 5 year 3.99% apr from a local credit union in NY. I also got quoted a 4.49% for 6 years. I ordered the C for 36 months with the balloon. My question is, would you guys do straight financing for 5/6 years or would you do the 3 year balloon? the payments are about $20 a month cheaper when i spread out the payments for 6 years.

  • dapdap Member Posts: 13
    I don't have her name anymore. When my car arrived I threw out all the info. Sorry.
  • intrepidspiritintrepidspirit Member Posts: 662
    Re 300C pricing changes-- I sent you an e-mail as requested on 8/3, but I have not yet received a reply.

    Did you receive my e-mail?
  • herminioherminio Member Posts: 11
    No, I haven't. Send it again, [email protected]
  • herminioherminio Member Posts: 11
    No, I haven't. PLS resend it.
  • dukeofdallasdukeofdallas Member Posts: 52
    Need some advice on how to price a used '05 300. The trusty auto sites won't have used pricing until 2006 comes around, or so it appears. I've heard many times that "you lose XX amount of $$ as soon as you drive off the lot." How much? Plus, how much do you subtract for the mileage? I'm looking at a 300 Touring with 13k on it.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Member Posts: 960
    That's a year's worth of mileage in only 5 months of use. I'd say about 15% depreciation off what was the sticker price would be right. It's a hot item now, but realistically, if new 04 Vettes and Caddys are going for $9-12K off the sticker, then....
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Member Posts: 2,363
    I wouldn't make an offer on such a car at more than 80% of original MSRP.
  • dukeofdallasdukeofdallas Member Posts: 52
    Thanks bigmike and jrct. I was thinking 15% was about right but I'll start from around 20. Any other opinions are welcome.
  • dapdap Member Posts: 13
    I financed my 300 through Chrysler to get the 1K rebate. I ask my dealer how long I had to have it financed with Chrysler not to have a penalty for refinancing. My dealer told me 3 months. I contacted Chrysler and they told me that there was no time limit I could refinance at any time. As soon as I get my acct number I am refinancing. My credit Union has much better rates than Chrysler. If my dealer had been honest and told me that there was no limit but they would appreciate it if I would keep it for 3 months I would have done it. But this is just them trying to mislead me.
  • pedrinpedrin Member Posts: 1
    got 2005 300 (base model) with the
    6 disc mp3 player. otd was $25,400
    minus the $1K Chrysler rebate
    was 24,400.
    just wanted to know if i got a decent
    deal or not.
  • motcrue68motcrue68 Member Posts: 10
    Just placed my order today for a black 300C with Navigation and Sound Group II, and moonroof. Paid sticker price $36520. Hope I get it before Christmas!
  • baboguybaboguy Member Posts: 2
    I placed my order for a silver 300C with walnut trim and sound group II on August 16th. I got Friends pricing and will pay $30,180 with $1K bonus cash.

    called DC today and was told car was in D status - but that it wasn't built yet (but it had a VIN#). When I asked the expected timeframe to build - she told me approx 12 days. My hope is that I may see this car by early October which would be fantastic - Am I being overly optimistic?
  • speedmeisterspeedmeister Member Posts: 9
    baboguy - where are you located at? i'm located in northern california. i placed an order on july 26 and mine is still in bx status - no vin number and not scheduled for build.
  • baboguybaboguy Member Posts: 2
    I'm in Massachusetts - placed order out of Dealer in Nashua, NH.

    Not sure if it made a difference, but I deliberately avoided the moonroof option because posts I had read indicated that this might increase delays - as I say, probably not true, but I was concerned.

    I'm calling DC back in a few days to see if the answers I got on Tuesday, are the same I get a week later.
  • gunz1gunz1 Member Posts: 9
    My dealer says no yet able to take my order for all wheel drive 300c...Anyone else able to get an order in yet?
  • 300c_kid300c_kid Member Posts: 29
    It is the Affiliate Rewards Program, as someone mentioned. It is 1% below dealer cost, plus some allocations (advertising, 8 gallons of gas, etc.). My employer is a vendor of DCX, that's how I got it. It was difficult finding a dealer in So California willing to honor the discount, though. Found one 50 miles away...
  • 300c_kid300c_kid Member Posts: 29
    Found this link VRAW=Chrysler%20300C&OVKEY=300c%20chrysler&OVMTC=standard

    Looks like it is from DCX and offers 1% under invoice to orders before Sept. 30. Check it out.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Member Posts: 702
    It specifically EXCLUDES the hemi engined models. They are 3% over invoice. Read the fine print.
  • 300c_kid300c_kid Member Posts: 29
    3% over invoice is still better than what most dealers are charging right now for factory orders (i.e., full sticker)
  • hardhawkhardhawk Member Posts: 702
    For orders here you can purchase for close to invoice. Stock models are commanding much more.
  • lesbronxlesbronx Member Posts: 2
    Would place an order today. Does anyone know when the AWD will be available? What is the SRT option?
  • bdmbdm Member Posts: 1
    I am interested in leasing a 300 Limited with Navigation, Luxury and Protection groups. Has anyone out there leased a 300 Limited with similar options and if so, is it realistic to get one for around $350 a month?
  • intrepidspiritintrepidspirit Member Posts: 662
    "Has anyone out there leased a 300 Limited with similar options and if so, is it realistic to get one for around $350 a month?"

    Haven't leased one (or tried), but I would guess you would need $6,000+ down to get $350/month (36-39 months + tax...). You may be able to get $350/mo. for 48-60 months with a lot less down...
  • lesbronxlesbronx Member Posts: 2
    Placed my order yesterday for 300C with AWD and every option I could fit into the car including u-connect telephone connection, nav system, down to the adjustable pedals. Dealer quoted a list price of $40,355, and discounted by $1000. I told him I expect to see a $40,355 sticker on the vehicle when I get it.
    I was told that Chrysler is not accepting orders for the AWD yet, but it is in the new price book and they expect Chrysler to begin taking orders within the next two weeks. Quoted delivery-eight to twelve weeks. We'll see.
  • ua01682ua01682 Member Posts: 48
    Anyone quote leasing experience/numbers for 300C
  • steverwrxsteverwrx Member Posts: 1
    Would you mind posting the dealership name in SoCal that helped you out? I work in OC at the company that makes the prototype cars for DCX. Thank you.
  • intrepidspiritintrepidspirit Member Posts: 662
    A recent check (11/8/04) of pricing at revealed the following for carsdirect target pricing:

    Detroit MSRP
    Boston MSRP
    New York MSRP + $500
    Miami MSRP + $1,000
    Los Angeles MSRP + $3,500

    It's no wonder that buyers in the east are complaining about seeing the 300 everywhere they go! It's obvious the eastern market is getting all the 300's, probably because it's a lot easier (and less costly to DC) than shipping to California....
  • 300c_kid300c_kid Member Posts: 29
    Carsdirect's 300C pricing here in Los Angeles has been fluctuating between $1,000 and $3,500 above MSRP. Carmax charges BELOW MSRP (, actually.

    I am not so sure it is that there is no allocation as it is that they are selling like hot cakes. Local dealers have been receiving them at the rate of 4-7/week and they sell within hours. There are probably 30 Chrysler dealers within a 50 mile radius.
  • intrepidspiritintrepidspirit Member Posts: 662
    I didn't know Carmax was selling below MRSP. Wow! I always thought carsdirect was the best benchmark for pricing.

    I know they have been "selling like hotcakes" here in L.A., but they have been selling like hotcakes across the country. The difference is I really don't see that many around L.A. area), whereas back east there seem to be plenty according to other posters. That's what made me think that DC is filling the demand back east first...
  • 300c_kid300c_kid Member Posts: 29
    Yeah. Carmax doesn't have any 300Cs in stock at the moment, but when they do they quote $500 under MSRP. Their Orlando and Atlanta locations have several in stock.

    I stopped at their LAX location before. Was very impressed with their level of service.

    I ordered my 300C through a dealer VERY far from home. If I had known all of this at the time, I would have ordered it from Carmax.
  • dennisdennis Member Posts: 50
    Don't know if they are still doing it now, but when I was looking for my car a few months ago some dealers were charging 11 large over sticker. The sad thing is people would pay it.
  • 300c_kid300c_kid Member Posts: 29
    Haven't seen anyone asking $11k above MSRP, but $5k above MSRP is pretty common here in So Cal. Same dealers seem willing to settle for $3k above.
  • als361als361 Member Posts: 13
    Why is Chrysler pushing a car that they can't deliver? I have one on order for over 3 months and I still don't know if I will ever take delivery.
  • heitowerheitower Member Posts: 1
    A $350 a month payment is possible, but it depends on how much you put down.
  • viper01viper01 Member Posts: 18
    Placed an order last night for a silver 300c. I was able to use an Affiliates Award certificate to get a 1% under invoice deal. Took me 3 dealers to find one who would honor the DC certificate. Now for the 16 week wait. Anyone have an accurate wait time? Will it really be 4 months?!
  • bjsohiobjsohio Member Posts: 69
    I also ordered thru the Chrysler Affiliates Program. In addition I got $1000 off for financing thru Chrysler. My local dealer participated so I didn't have to shop. My Magnesium 300c took 17 weeks, but there was a hold on orders with a sunroof for several weeks in May & June.
  • als361als361 Member Posts: 13
    I have one on order for about 14 weeks and no word. I was told to contact the Chrysler Rep and I did. He told me to stay in touch with my sales Rep, Just another run around. This is the worst car buying experience I have ever had. The dealer offered me my deposit back, I said I don't want my money back I just want the car. I have no way of telling that they might sell my car to someone else for more money. I have bought over 20 new cars in my life time. And this is my worst experience.
  • 300c_kid300c_kid Member Posts: 29
    You should be able to speak with your salesman's manager to get more commitment from the dealership.
  • als361als361 Member Posts: 13
    I have spoken to the Sales manager and also to the Owner of the dealership and I was told that there is an allotment of 300C to each dealership. They said that until there was a vin number assigned to the car I ordered they have know way of knowing when the car will be built. I think that Chrysler dropped the ball on this one. I thought that Daimler had more class than this.
  • viper01viper01 Member Posts: 18
    Thanks for the update on your order. I was told 16 weeks and I'm only one week into it so I can't [non-permissible content removed] yet. Did you order a car with sunroof or nav? I was told by one dealer that those two options are a problem and cause the longest delays. DC finally has a hot car and they probably didn't anticipate the demand. I waited 32 months for a Viper back in 1992 - that was painful!
  • bjsohiobjsohio Member Posts: 69
    I was at my Chrysler dealer taking delivery on my 300c (it took 4 months). They also sell Mercedes vehicles. As I was waiting for the finance guy, I overheard a Mercedes salesman telling a buyer about a ONE YEAR wait. I don't know what model they were talking about, but that seems a bit lengthy.
  • 300c_kid300c_kid Member Posts: 29
    It is true that the dealership won't know when the vehicle will be built w/o a VIN. But it should be committed that YOU will get the car YOU ordered once it arrives. If require it, a small deposit ($500-$1000) should show YOUR commitment to them.

    I have been getting calls from dealers who received factory ordered 300Cs. While they wait for the intended owner to come pick up his/her vehicle, salespeople begin offering it to prospects with the caveat that someone had ordered it. If the original buyer doesn't reply/show up within 48-72 hours, the car becomes "available".
  • happy_go_luckyhappy_go_lucky Member Posts: 5
    I was at a dealership and they tried to sell me a 300C for $8500 over the sticker (Asking $44,000 vs. MSRP 35,500) The guy kept trying to tell me how great of a car, that people are paying that much and it was and that it was like buying a BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus; of course it was obvious he wanted to chrage me as if it were a BMW, Mercedes or Lexus. He was adamant that he would sell the car by tomorrow.

    After some wrangling I told him that I would pay $34,500 (MSRP less $1000 for financing thorugh Chrysler; a decision that made my stomach hurt. He came back with $38,900. The funny (or sad) thing about this was that this guy was telling me that this would be the price dealership employees would have to pay if they wanted that car and that it was up to me to work with him because he had come down "quite a bit" from thier initial offer. At that point I walked out.

    2 days later I got a call from the same dealership saying that they would sell me the car for $36,500 AFTER the rebate.

    I guess they don't get it.
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