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Chrysler 300 / 300C Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bob kbob k Member Posts: 1
    Looking at it from a salesperson point of view What would you want as a sales commission for selling somebody a $35,000.00 Car/truck?
    Just wondering what you all thought would be fair?
  • hardhawkhardhawk Member Posts: 702
    Bob: I think a reasonable dealer profit is the holdback amount plus the advertising fees that are included in the dealer invoice. How the dealership divides that up depends on its contractual agreement with its sales staff. Usually the holdback and advertising charges amount to about 4%. Often, the car company has additional hidden kickbacks, etc. to the dealers that are paid on specific models or for hitting specific sales goals, etc. I feel a dealership should make a fair profit on each sale and focus on building an ongoing relationship with each buyer, which leads to repeat sales and referrals of friends & relatives. Of course, that on going relationship requires the involvement of the entire dealeship staff from sales to service to managers.
  • lee_wlee_w Member Posts: 239
    Remember, You may include the dealership name and city/state where you purchased, but NO direct links to the dealership site.
  • reddog67reddog67 Member Posts: 2
    On March 17, I ordered a 300C - Magnesium, PGII, SGII, Wood and U-Connect. Paid $32670 (includes TT&L, plus fees etc.) through Friends and Family, less $1000 rebate for out the door of $31670. Can't complain on the price from what I've read so far.

    Just picked it up on June 5. Was offered DC 7/85 Maxi Care at $1975..decided to look for better deal. Can someone steer me where to find these better deals mentioned earlier in the forum. Would like to save $600 bucks if everyone is accurate.

    Parting comment...damn this is a great car for the $$$
  • axguyaxguy Member Posts: 16
    There are many dealers discounting the extended warranty. One is in Oklahoma. Email me for more info.
  • genrledgergenrledger Member Posts: 4
    I found that if you are willing to order a car the way you want it, you can usually bypass the MSRP ++.
    DC is filling sold orders way before the (inventory) ones.
    South Florida has a combo of dealers that are willing to not double-dip customers so that they will come back willingly for service and subsequent purchases
  • cdwenrickcdwenrick Member Posts: 2
    You have to know someone that works at chrysler/dodge/jeep. They have three types of discounts which are all under invoice and they give you a special number that you take to the dealer. The trick is finding a dealer willing to sell you a hot car like the 300C off the lot for this deal.
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Member Posts: 134
    Got my DC Maxi with no ded bumper to bumper 7/70 for much less than a grand. 790 or 800 as I recall.
  • yak54yak54 Member Posts: 72
    Please email and let me know where you got the $700 warranty.
  • reddog67reddog67 Member Posts: 2
    Please email me too. I've updated my profile so that you should be able to see my e-mail address. THKS
  • scipioscipio Member Posts: 5
    I've been waiting for the 300C/Magnum R/T to come out so that I could buy my first new car at the tender age of 27. I prefer the Magnum, mostly because it's the perfect road trip vehicle. However, Magnums are thin on the ground in Mississippi; only five dealers in the state admit to having them, and only one has had the R/T. It was pre-sold; however, same dealer sold a loaded SXT for 8k over MSRP. That's freaking ridiculous.

    Meanwhile, 300Cs are going for anywhere from 500 above invoice to 500 above MSRP.

    I think this new car will have to wait.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Member Posts: 960
    When the new LX line got going for the 300's and Magnum they were a long time getting up to the prior production level for the 300M/Intrepid/Concorde of over 900 a day, it was more like 400-500 a day with the new cars. And one of the areas local dealers I was talking to, who didn't have any Magnums at the time, said that the factory initially was building about 25 300's for every Magnum they built. The Magnum's rear area/lift gate which is kinda different I guess, was a real time consuming operation to install at first. Now the factory is building a lot more Magnums, which could level out the 300's production somewhat, altho it may not since they are running a lot of overtime to keep up, but it should put some Magnums in the showrooms soon. A dealer in my town only had one, and it was not the R/T either. I just checked ebay and there is a red R/T in Fort Worth on there at $31K so far. That isn't too far from MS, and the red is really sharp looking--same as in the commercial.
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Member Posts: 134
    reddog & yak - I just saw your request, and I'm gonna check my paperwork to make sure my numbers are 100%, then call my dealer. I know they cut me some slack, but don't know for sure if they will do it for outside customers. In fact I'm on the phone right now talking to them. Hang on. OK, it seems they will sell to outside buyers, the 7/70 0 (zero) deductible, bumper to bumper will cost ya $1295. Seems I paid right at a grand, (970) NOT 700 like I thought. And I think the only reason I got a deal is cause I didn't try to beat them down a huge amount. They probably got the couple of hundred stuck in somewhere I didn't notice! They were good to me and I didn't try to low ball them. Seems to me that the 1295 is lower anyway, isn't it? I've seen alot of 1500 mentioned here.
  • cjjrcjjr Member Posts: 4
    I got a quote on the 7/70 zero deductible at $1995 also. Advice PLEASE on getting this price down.
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Member Posts: 134
    The 7/70 zero ded bumper to bumper - I can't give dealer name and phone number here, can I?
  • 307web307web Member Posts: 1,033
    Doesn't sound that great. 70,000 miles is not much coverage. Most cars start having major problems closer to 100,000 miles and beyond.
    Unless you drive 10,000 miles or less per year, it will not last near 7 years before you're over the mileage coverage.
    The car already has 70,000 miles of powertrain coverage, so this warranty isn't really offering much.
    34,000 additional miles of basic warranty coverage for around $1995? Not attractive even at $1295 for so little additional protection.
  • axguyaxguy Member Posts: 16
    email me and I can provide you with some warranty info.
  • aylagirlaylagirl Member Posts: 11
    Just ordered a Satin Jade 300C from a dealer in Virginia. They sold us the car at dealer invoice, fully loaded and I do mean FULLY loaded, for $36,400. That includes the moonroof, nav system & stereo upgrade, satellite radio, protection group II, smoker's group, real walnut trim, HID headlamps, the works!

    I think we got a good deal.... now we just have to wait 3-4 months.
  • jeepjeep Member Posts: 86
    Did you get the $1000 rebate for financing through Chrysler included?
  • aylagirlaylagirl Member Posts: 11
    Yes, actually, I'd forgotten about that. That makes the final selling price $35,600... not $36,600.
  • cobragmikecobragmike Member Posts: 21
    How do you get the financing rebate for a car on order? I ordered in April and was worried about missing the May deadline for the rebate (luckily now extended for June). But my dealer said they cannot apply any rebates until the car is ready for delivery. So, by that reasoning, you are at the mercy of whatever rebates are available 3-4 months, or however long it takes to build and deliver the car.
  • d_bruced_bruce Member Posts: 1
    I've recently signed up for a quote thru Costo. One salesman from the Bay Area dealership has offered me a 300 Touring at $26244 (includes destination charges only). No other options are included for simplicty. Taxes, license, rebate, etc... are separate.

    Does this sound like a fair or good deal to you?

  • silvercsilverc Member Posts: 10
    You need to go to Edmonds or Kelly BB site and get MSRP/invoice prices for what you want to order and then compare that to the price they gave you.
    I ordered in the Bay Area and was given about Invoice +$1000. If you E-mail me I can hook you up with that dealer. Ordered 27 April and received 9 June (w/ sunroof).
  • aylagirlaylagirl Member Posts: 11
    Our salesperson said it wasn't a problem to do the financing rebate on an ordered vehicle, since they didn't have one available on the lot for me to drive off in. The finance company is Chrysler, so they are aware of the shortage in available inventory.
  • cobragmikecobragmike Member Posts: 21
    That is nice, my freakin dealership never offered to do anything like that. Just at the mercy of whatever is available when it finally comes in. Which is now June 28th pushed back from June 23rd.
  • aylagirlaylagirl Member Posts: 11
    So close and yet so far! I hope the June 28th date sticks. I've been hoping to see some messages here about the backorders. I'm optimistically hoping that production will soon catch up to demand, or at least catch up enough to make my wait time more like 4 weeks instead of 8 or 12.
  • t15212jt15212j Member Posts: 7
    When I first started to look at the new Magnum I was also afraid of the pricing, due to the demand for the new model. I did not give it strong consideration because I felt that I would have to pay list or above to have one.

    Being a member of Costco I went to their web site for the fun of it and asked for a dealer in their network that would sell me a Magnum. They sent me to a dealer that sold me one for $200 over invoice. That was about $2,000 under list.

    So if you are a member of Costco, Sam's or BJ's check out their car buying services.
  • salesmensalesmen Member Posts: 1
    Well as you stated the 300 has been a home run for Chrysler. I sell these wonderful vehicles and at our dealership we may sell them at MSRP but not a dollar over. The nice thing is that we hae sold a a bunch and have a nice selection of them on tha ground
  • 307web307web Member Posts: 1,033
    They have pre-negotiated prices that save you time from haggling, but if the car is in short supply, the pre-negotiated price will not be that hot.
    If you wait for the supply to increase you will be able to get a better deal through the warehouse clubs. They have great prices on cars like 4 cylinder Camry LE sedans etc..
    The Magnum is not as popular as the 300C.
  • analogtekanalogtek Member Posts: 4
    I stormed in Saturday morning when I saw a black, fully loaded, 300C sitting on the lot, with the EXACT options I'd ordered. ...invoice, not a penny more ($34,500).

    I bought my fully loaded (read that as, "All options except AWD, which is/was not available.") brilliant black crystal pearl coat 300C through the DaimlerChrysler Affiliate Rewards Program, which specifies 1% below invoice plus a $25 administration fee. There is no sales tax here in New Hampshire. My 1% below invoice price is US$1,388 more than your invoice price. Care to trade invoices? :-)
  • SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
    A reporter wonders what new Chrysler 300 owners drove before getting their hot new wheels. Please respond to [email protected] no later than Friday, July 2, 2004 with the make/model of your previous vehicle(s) as well as your daytime contact information.
    Thanks for your consideration!

    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director
  • kg77kg77 Member Posts: 4
    Hi folks, new to the boards. I just ordered my Black 300C with sound group and protection group II. 8-10 weeks for delivery got it for $34,200.

    I did the balloon payment 39 months 15K a year with $4,000 down, with the $1,000 chrsyler rebate. They are also eating the last 2 months of my Jeep lease, all in I got it for $525/month. Thoughts? I knocked them down $80/month because of my credit etc. and my strong negitating (at least i like to think). Thanks
  • trashman2trashman2 Member Posts: 44
    if you get your 300c in 8or10 weeks you will be doing better than a lot of us my 6to8 weeks has started its 12th week. nothing in sight yet. lots of luck.
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Member Posts: 134
    kg and trashman - BUT it is sooooo worth it!
  • pompiliuspompilius Member Posts: 54
    hmmmm... the payments seem a bit high to me, especially after putting 4,000 down...

    Back in 2001 I leased a TL-S with 15K miles per year. That was 1,500 total down, $390 per month for 48 months. The MSRP was $31K, the negotiated sale price was ~$29K. I thought I got a great deal, although Acura's transmission sucks.
  • spantspant Member Posts: 2
    AnalogTek - could you drop the name of the dealer you used in NH. Sitting here in Boston, I'd be more than happy to make the drive to a dealer that has inventory and is willing to negotiate. Also, any advice on how to qualify for the Affiliate Rewards Program? Thanks!
  • bjsohiobjsohio Member Posts: 69
    The Affiliate Rewards program is only available for those who work, or have a spouse that works, at a Chrysler affiliate company. I get mine through my wife. She works at a technical college that offers an automotive repair program.

    You need to check with your employer, there are a lot of companies on the list.
  • abeabe Member Posts: 19
    i did the same thing with rewards. 32,500 with my options. took 4 weeks to get it. hope i enjoy the experience as much as everybody else
  • carcom2carcom2 Member Posts: 212
    Curious as to what people pd for extended warranty. Picking up car tomorrow PM. For the Chrysler max plan with $100 deductible got a quote for $995 -7yr/70K; $1795 for 7yr/100K w/ $100 ded. Tell me what you think please.
  • 307web307web Member Posts: 1,033
    $100 deductibles could add up quickly on multiple small repairs.
    What kind of prices to they have for $0 deductible?
  • silvercsilverc Member Posts: 10
    Working with a dealer right now and for what your looking at 7/70k $100 ded should cost around $850.. for 7/100k $100 ded should be around $1420. I'm looking at 7/85k $0 ded for $1320.
    You don't have to buy right away; same price within the first year of ownership plus you can buy from any dealer/any state.
  • carcom2carcom2 Member Posts: 212
    Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I'll wait to buy warranty. I was wondering if they would show me their price-cost- and I'll give them $100 over that. (when I first ordered my car and I asked my sales guy about the extended warranty, he said let them make at least $100).
  • 307web307web Member Posts: 1,033
    I don't think there is anyway to verify their cost of the warranty, so they will likely just lie about it.
    They can say anything when you ask what their cost was.
  • intrepidspiritintrepidspirit Member Posts: 662
    There is a lot of money made on extended warranties. Anyone who has ever bought a new car is aware of how hard they push to sell you the extended warranty.

    Statistically, it is a poor value. Having said that, if you have a major breakdown or two, it will pay for itself and maybe save you some money. However, check the parts coverage of the warranty. There are literally thousands of parts included and several hundred excluded in most warranties. And if your included part has broken down because of a malfunctioning excluded part, good luck on your warranty claim!

    Bottom line is: I have never purchased an extended warranty for anything -- appliances, electronics or cars and so far I am way above breakeven!
  • silvercsilverc Member Posts: 10
    Just bought mine. Got a 7 year/85000 mile $0 deductible for $1323 added a care pkg of 28(3mo/3000mi for 7yrs) oil/filter change coupons for $200. Never really believed in contracts before but just have a little premonition that it might not be a bad idea on this new and very complicated vehicle with labor rates over $100/hr.
    At least I'll sleep a little better plus if I do sell earlier it's a good selling point.
  • ronsrydronsryd Member Posts: 3
    Just stopped at a local Chrysler dealer here in Chicago...........the salesman told me that the base price of the 300C has just increased by $200 dollars......anyone heard likewise????
  • intrepidspiritintrepidspirit Member Posts: 662
    According to Cars Direct MRSP listings, the base is $325 over the MRSP on the Chrysler website. Similarly, the touring is up $325, while the C is up $500.

    Cars Direct does not list the limited (at least for my zip code.)
  • herminioherminio Member Posts: 11
    I have two C's, one manufactured on February with a base price of $26,740 and the other on June with a base of $32,370. Is a whopping increase of $5,630 in just 4 months. That's the economic function of demand vs offer, so imposing the product's price.
  • carcom2carcom2 Member Posts: 212
    That sounds like a good deal-but is it the DC Maxiplan? They have a few different ones. The Maxiplan is their best coverage with the most extensive coverage. Where did you get it?
  • dapdap Member Posts: 13
    Who did you get your warrenty from?
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