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Chrysler 300 / 300C Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • scottlmcjscottlmcj Member Posts: 5
    Two things:

    1. These vehicles really are "flying off the lot". At least with us the average shelf life is less than 48 hours.

    2. I don't view it as a "rip off" if someone pays over MSRP for a vehicle. Now before the net geeks rip into the dirty car salesperson I will say this.... there is no way I would pay over MSRP for a car myself and I wouldn't pay MSRP for any car personally.

    However a dealer selling a car over sticker is no less wrong than you guys buying one back of invoice. In the case of the car shopper who emails a million lots to and buys a car at $700 BACK of invoice... well he found the lot willing to sell a car for that. And I don't think any of the "smart shoppers" on here would say he ripped the car lot off.

    * In fact you would all be congradulating him on being smart and "beating the dealer".

    Now if a lot finds a person willing to pay MSRP, $3000 over MSRP, or $11,000 over MSRP that isn't ripping them off. They simply found the customer willing to pay that for the car. While I fault the customer for being that...dumb for buying a car $11,000 over sticker nobody held a gun to his head and unless he has a mental disability he did it completely of his own free will.

    ** So to that car lot I say congrats on being smart and beating the customer!!!

    PS. I bet people get mad about my statement with two * next to it but not the one with one * next to it!
  • dennisdennis Member Posts: 50
    Agreed. Car dealers are in existence to make money, bottom line. Sort of like the house always wins in Las Vegas/Atlantic City/Reno. You may have people that win big but in the long run most people lose to the house advantage. In other words you have people that will get a price below MSRP, but the majority pay far more making up (and then some) for the loss. Viola, house wins again.

     The world is full of idiots that will pay $50,000 for a car that lists in the $30k's. This is definitely to your advantage, and what ruins it for the one that is looking for a fair deal. If people wouldn't pay the markups they simply would not exist. We both know this will never happen, so it makes finding a deal that much harder (not impossible) I will continue my search for a car that is priced what the manufacturer suggests it is worth.
  • scottlmcjscottlmcj Member Posts: 5
    Sometimes its a sellers market (like right now with the 300) the majority of the time its a buyers market in the car business. I just have to smile when the shoes on the other foot at the reaction by some of the car buying public.
  • intrepidspiritintrepidspirit Member Posts: 662
    "The 300C represents a tremendous value compared to the previous generation 300M. When you look at the fact that they included plenty of MB technology, a brand new platform, hemi engine, and so many new toys AND they managed to keep it priced in the line with the 300M from last year that shows the amazing value this vehicle represents."

    While I believe the 300C is definitely a good value, it is not priced in line with the outgoing 300M. AT $32,995, the 300C is priced 10.5% over the 300M MSRP. When you consider rebates/incentives, the 300C is priced 36.8% higher than the current price (for my zip code). The 300C is $32,995 and the 300M is $24,118.

    Perhaps in the future when the 300C has several $1,000's in rebates/discounts, it will be a "tremendous value compared to the previous generation 300M," but at this time their pricing is not in the same ballpark.
  • silvercsilverc Member Posts: 10

    See My post 50/51..You don't have your Email on your profile or I would have Emailed you.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Member Posts: 960
    I think California is always a tougher market for new models. If you just look at the eBay auctions there are several dealers selling at invoice. After a test drive, my dealer in KY offered me his first 300C [arrived the day I drove it, in a smaller market] at the $34K sticker, but I wasn't interested, so I didn't even dicker with his first offer. Either give it a few months to cool off the market, bite the bullet, or buy one off the net and get a cheap airline ticket to pick it up, and just consider the return drive home a vacation.
  • dennisdennis Member Posts: 50
    Thanks silverc. I had to travel 100 miles, but I found one.
  • cruzr225cruzr225 Member Posts: 2
    I ordered a 300C with: HID, Sunroof, Sound and Protection Groups (II), Sirius, and the retail was $36,100. Payin $35,200 - $1000 and with TTL, etc., the drive-out will be $35,469. The two other dealers (one I test drove the vehicle at 110 for 5 miles straightaway), wanted $3K over MSRP, the other wanted $1,500 over MSRP. The dealer I ordered through was willing to discount the vehcicle and I am willing to wait 8 weeks for it to save $3333. over the higher priced scalping local dealership. And the order includes a price protection in the event the MSRP is raised in the interim and also includes additional rebate incentives if the price drops. It's better than the stock market, I guess.
    Meanwhile, I'll just have to suffer driving my Lexus IS300. By the way, the only Chrysler products I have owned (40+ cars and stopped counting) was an 84 Dodge Ramcharger and a 91 Jeep...the Jeep was crap and the Ramcharger had a strong trannie...but I think the 300C will be the best of everything that the German-US guys can do (for now).
    Congrats to those whose rides are up and on the streets.
  • epfatboyepfatboy Member Posts: 17
    Just bought a 300C with sound 2 option only. $33,670. Got them to drop 680 from sticker. Everyone is right MSRP is where these guys are holding. I was happy to drop the $680, looked in all the surrounding states and more and 15 miles from my house was the best deal! I also got the $1000.00 cash back using the Chrysler financing. The minimum you needed to borrow was $5000 so that is what I did. Total price of the car is 31,990.00. Considering the value built into the car I'm pretty happy.
  • tyresmokertyresmoker Member Posts: 266
    It is simple supply and demand. When supply is weak and demand is strong it is a sellers market. I am assuming most posters on this board no longer get dropped at the curb at 3pm by a big yellow bus and have jobs and responsibilities of their own. Isn't it your goal (or companies goal) to mazimize profits in the marketplace?
    And automotive retailers should be different? Didn't think so.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Member Posts: 702
    If your goal is solely to maximize current profits, then I agree with your logic. If, however, the dealer's goal is to maximize long term customer relationships and their attendant long term profits, then the price gouging is counter productive. I would prefer to deal with a dealer who makes a fair profit every time and wants to have a long term relationship with me than someone I can take to the cleaners on one deal then get taken to the cleaners on the next one. I have tremendous loyalty to my Chrysler dealer, to the point of them knowing that I will look at other dealers when deciding what I want, but will always order from them. I pay invoice and keep all incentives, which is a fair deal for me and them. Our family continues to buy from this dealer for over 17 years and counting. Even now, when my 7 year old van needs service, my sales person drops off his demo at my home and takes the van to the dealership, returning it to me when it is done. The whole time I have had the use of his demo and not been out any time or inconvenience. Yes, I might save a buck by going somewhere else, but in the long run, a few hundred dollars is money well spent for the kind of relationship I have. Besides, that is why my dealer will sell me a new 300C at invoice with me keeping any incentives even when others are getting MSRP or beyond. Everyone benefits over the long haul when the deal is fair every time.
  • vlisvlis Member Posts: 28
    Well spoken, sir.
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Member Posts: 134
    My dealer has treated me like a friend of the family since the 1st time I walked in. Since the purchase was completed, it has stayed the same. While waiting for the car to be built and delivered, my salesman even gave us different cars to use for a day or 2 at a time. Just because I guess. But you know what? I'm sure gonna recommend them to my friends and neighbors. good for me and good for them.
  • autoguyautoguy Member Posts: 23
    Just noticed my 2 day old 300c hood being very hot on the sides. You probably could cook an egg on it. Has anyone noticed this? It really is too hot to touch even more so above the lights. You also can feel very hot air blowing from the sides of the hood. I was also sitting idle for a period of time and heard the big blower suck in air for about 30 secs and shut off.

    Is this normal for the hood to be so hot?
  • ngrotjahnngrotjahn Member Posts: 1
    I'm new to this and just signed up. I've been reading the messages and it appears you are a Chrysler Saleperson, or know quite a bit about them. I'm currently negotiating a deal right now, where they want to sell me a Limited off the lot. I would prefer to order a 300C because of the Hemi and all. What I wanted to know if anyone can tell me, is if the Limited has the same transmission from the Mercedes Benz E class. I'm pretty certain from researching that the C does have the MB transmission. I know the limited is a 4 speed automatic and the C is a 5 speed autostick. Just want to make sure that the C and Limited have the same transmission off the MB or not. Any help would be appreciated.
  • ed c.ed c. Member Posts: 3
    I bought one yesterday and it has so much more power than my LHS. I've forgotten how nice V-8's are after years of 6 cylinder automobiles.

    Gas mileage is around 21 MPG with 300 miles on it. That should go up after the engine is broken in.

    By the way, I think the C is the only one with the MB trans. The Chrysler website has the 5 speed listed only with the Hemi.

    Good luck.
  • jeepjeep Member Posts: 86
    The Limited does not have the Mercedes tranny. It is a Chrysler tranny. Only the Hemi comes with the Mercedes 5 speed.
  • ed c.ed c. Member Posts: 3
    I bought one yesterday and it has so much more power than my LHS. I've forgotten how nice V-8's are after years of 6 cylinder automobiles.

    Gas mileage is around 21 MPG with 300 miles on it. That should go up after the engine is broken in.

    By the way, I think the C is the only one with the MB trans. The Chrysler website has the 5 speed listed only with the Hemi.

    Good luck.
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    will go into AWD Limited. And both versions of 300C of course.
  • epfatboyepfatboy Member Posts: 17
    WOW! Here is a switch, the dealer called me to tell me he did a bit of BAD MATH.. $31,850 (thats -$140) is the price after $1000 cash back and $680 under MSRP, guess I was excited! ALSO they ordered the car wrong, they added power pedals to the rig by mistake. Thats an extra $175 option and they gave it to me free. So far I'm happy with Chrysler.. at least this dealer. Doing my own math (the kind that makes me feel good) thats $600.00 over invoice ((car+options+destination) - (what I paid)). I also spoke with them about the "pulling to the right" issue, they are aware of it and will fix it if there is a problem. They say they haven't fixed one yet so we'll see where they get the parts from.

    Additionally I get any incentives if they become available before I take delivery so.... if everyone could STOP BUYING THESE CARS for a month I might get one. Oh yeah, Midnight Blue with Dark Grey interior.
  • epfatboyepfatboy Member Posts: 17
    Anyone aware of any additional incentives that are available on the 300C> I'm aware of the financing and the now expired chrysler loyalty (the lease loyalty might still be available). How about any word on possible new incentives?? I realize it isn't likely but thought I'd ask.
  • jeepjeep Member Posts: 86
    I'm a bit confused. In your message you first say that you are $680. below MSRP. Then you say you are $600 over invoice. Which is it?
  • carcom2carcom2 Member Posts: 212
    Just want to verify- your out the door price was what you paid after title,reg,tax,etc?
    Including what incentives? Was the extended warranty Chryslers' Maximum Care plan? What did they charge for that?
  • epfatboyepfatboy Member Posts: 17
    Here it goes: Remember this is math that makes me happy.

    I paid 31,850 out the door, this includes the $1000 from Chrysler for using there financing. Original deal did not include power pedals. They put the order in with them by mistake and rather than reorder they gave them to me for free.

    Invoice for car+options is 31,251.

    Looks like $600 over invoice to me!
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Member Posts: 134
    Yep, taxed, titled, and out the door. THEN my trade-in came off, so the amount financed was even quite a bit lower .... but the trade isn't the issue. Plus, I did some checking around and they matched the lowest % I found.I sure hope that everyone realizes that the trade is an "after the fact" part of the deal.
  • jeepjeep Member Posts: 86
    When calculating where you are vs. invoice, you never take the rebate into consideration as everyone will get the rebate. In effect, your price, for comparison purposes is, $32,850. In addition, you have to add to the invoice number that you see on Edmunds, all of the incidental charges that are on the actual invoice from Chrysler such as advertising fees which are generally $300-$400 depending where you are in the country plus minor incidentals such as whatever they charge for the 7 gallons of gas they put in the car from the factory. All these incidental fees would add about $500. to Edmunds numbers.

    So, in your example, the actual invoice would be about $31,751. If your deal was $32850., you are about $1099 above invoice, still not a bad deal. What was the MSRP?
  • epfatboyepfatboy Member Posts: 17
    I know but remember I was doing happy math! I always told myself a few things about car buying, never buy new, never buy first model years (I know already broke rule one), and never pay over invoice. Saw this car in an issue of Autoweek and could not stop thinking about it since, hell I don't even need a car and I still bought it! To top it off I NEVER thought I'd own a Chrysler!

    My MSRP is 33,705 (32,370 car, 535 sound2, power pedal 175, destination 675).

    The fact that I can get a car this loaded that scoots for what a 2-3 year old Caddie STS would cost is cool! Not to mention I'll be looking at the STS in the rear view.
  • jeepjeep Member Posts: 86
    I must admit. I am just like you. Never pay above invoice and wait awhile until the bugs are gone. I had to have this car no matter what. Paid about $500. below MSRP. Had to buy about 50 miles away from home as I didn't want to wait for an order. I was lucky, I found exactly what I wanted. So far, I love the car. People everywhere stop to chat with me about it. You will be very happy. Good luck.
  • unclejohnjohnunclejohnjohn Member Posts: 2
    I paid invoice, $1k under the sticker price.
  • jeepjeep Member Posts: 86
    Well, If you paid $1000. under sticker, you did not pay invoice.
  • nmatsonnmatson Member Posts: 17
    I bought my 300C through Smith Chrysler in Washington NJ. The sales guy (Pat Romero) there was upfront about the cars selling fast and the one that I ordered was held up due to issues with the Hemi engine, then the moonroof and is still not in the dealership. However the dealership received a Silver 300C with all the options in it that they had ordered earlier in the year and offered it to me in place of my order. I paid sticker price, no attempt to pressure me for more money (I have a Chevy Suburban which I did not trade) so was not elidgible for the $1000 rebate. I added the additional bumper to bumper 7/70,000 mile warranty because of all the toys. Great Dealership and the car is fantastic absolutely no problems with it!
  • jeepjeep Member Posts: 86
    What does your Chevy have to do with the rebate. The $1000. rebate is if you finance through Chrysler. Did you?
  • ssshemissshemi Member Posts: 14
    Do you mind saying how much you paid for your warranty, I'm checking into cost so I will be ready when I ask my dealer how much they will charge me.
  • dapdap Member Posts: 13
    Most of the time you can get the extended warranty and also GAP insurance through a local Credit Union for a much lower price. You have to finance with the credit union in order to do this.
  • nmatsonnmatson Member Posts: 17
    Merely pointing out that I wasn't eligible for the rebate.
  • nmatsonnmatson Member Posts: 17
    $1775 + tax - figured the electronics in the vehicle will act up well before that time based on my PC experiences. $100 deductible on all repairs.
  • jcz1jcz1 Member Posts: 36
    Definitely check around. I paid 1200 for a DC zero deductible 7/70. I found it online at that price, and told my dealer I'd rather give him the business if he could come close. He matched it. Edmund's won't let us post where we found it online, so check other forums for details.
  • 300c300c Member Posts: 11
    google for chrysler warranty.

    paid 0 ded 5yr 85000 mi $1355 maxi care
  • cdwenrickcdwenrick Member Posts: 2
    Not sure about DC, but if you you are willing to drive to Oxford PA, near Maryland, off of I95, they sold me a loaded 300C which just arrived that day, for $1500 under invoice (thats right, under invoice for a car on the lot) using a Chrysler friends of family discount. I did however have to pay for their ad fees of several hundred dollars. Plus I got an additional $1000 off for the Chrysler finance discount available in May. The car has been great and I can't say enough about the dealership as they turned me on to the friends of family discount. "Country Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep"
  • 307web307web Member Posts: 1,033
    "Several hundred dollars" of ad fees? Sounds like the discount wasn't really $1500 under invoice.
  • fatcobrafatcobra Member Posts: 1
    what is this "Friends of Family" program?

    Is it similar to the "Friends of ours" deal?
  • alwoodalwood Member Posts: 3
    I visited a dealer last night in Huntington Beach to check out the 300C. This dealer was adding a $9000 markup and wouldn't allow any test drives. I told the salesman "thank you". When he asked what for, I told him thank you for curing my first and only temptation to buy a Chrysler product.
  • dkrhardydkrhardy Member Posts: 134
    I'm so sorry to hear that there are dealers trying to get away with that practice. I'm fairly sure they will end up on the short end. THAT would teach them/
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Member Posts: 341
    Just got back from going to the two local dealers... both 6 mins from my house... and both told me that they we're not marking them up but they we're unable to sell for below MSRP ... I said you can sell it for what ever you want... your the ones who chose not to get people in here to buy this car buy saying stuff like that... I went up to another dealor and first thing I asked was... are you willing to negotiate.. and they said what do ya want.. i told them... and they quoted me under MSRP right off the bat... trying to get me to buy right away.. but I'm gonna go back there this weekend... and test drive... the dealorship had 10 sitting on the lot... and are willing to deall... there really laid back there... I'm pleazed with them
  • alwoodalwood Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the tip, I was going to go out this weekend and check some other dealers in the area. Hopefully I could at least get to do a test drive. I am in no real hurry to buy one as I do like my Mark VII. Its just that my wife is pushing for a 4-door and the 300C is the only 4-door other than the Lincoln LS that jumps up and grabs me.
  • cobragmikecobragmike Member Posts: 21
    Too bad your not in the KC area, I'm taking a bath on a very nice 2002 Lincoln LS V8 (still under warantee until Feb 2005, will trade it in on the 300C, on order. Just waiting for the 300C to show up. Ordered in April, was built on May 25th and been in Inspection since. I'm assuming they are trying to correct the "pull to the right" problem. Expect in about 2-3 weeks.
  • alwoodalwood Member Posts: 3
    I found a really nice black 03 LS locally that is fully loaded and only 10k miles that I am going to take a look at as well. Even if I got a great deal on a car out of state, I would still be faced with California emmision requirements and paying a use tax for buying out of state. Reread my previous message and found a mistake. My current car is a Mark VIII not a VII, big difference. Still going to go looking for a 300C this weekend. One passed me on the way to work this AM and it got my adrenalin running again.
  • unclejohnjohnunclejohnjohn Member Posts: 2
    Is everyone entitled to the $1000 incentive for financing through Chrysler? I just bought mine a few weeks ago. I asked if they had any incentives or rebates other than the owner loyalty and they told me no. I went ahead and financed through them, but I was planning on re-financing w/ someone else. Is it too late to get the cash back?
  • jeepjeep Member Posts: 86
    I beleive they started the $1000 Chrysler finance rebate the day they stopped the $1000 Chrysler loyalty rebate. Even though sopme dealers blew it by giving customers both, only one was active at the time. If you didn't get the loyalty rebate, go back and demand the finance rebate.
  • t15212jt15212j Member Posts: 7
    I was looking at a Dodge Magnum and every one I talked to wanted list or over. As a Costco member I visited their website auto program and and signed up for the Magnum. They sent me to a dealer who sold me the Magnum for $200 over cost plus a doc fee of $195.

    The list was $28,195 and I paid $26,617 less the $1,000 finance bonus for a price of $25,617.

    Check out your buyers club benefits!

    If you order without a sun roof you can get the much quicker. The manufacturer of the sun roof can not keep up with Chrysler demand.
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