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Chrysler 300: Factory Order Experiences

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
edited March 2014 in Chrysler
Did you order directly from the factory? Share your experience here.


  • hankchankc Posts: 12
    I ordered from the Factory on April 21st because I was getting Affiliate pricing, 1% below dealer invoice, and dealers were not going to offer that for in stock cars because of the demand. After 3 weeks I got an update from my dealer and he said nothing was happening with my order because of the sunroof issue. He had an in stock car that was very close to the options I orders, minus the GPS and HID but plus the Wood Trim and Sirius radio. He offered me the pricing on his in stock car and I had to jump at it. I couldn't wait 6+ or more weeks to get my 300C.
  • ssshemissshemi Posts: 14
    Got a VON on May 7th when I ordered the 300C (no moonroof), called Chrysler today to check on it. Was told there is a "Sales Hold" on it and for me to check with dealer. Called the sales mgr. this morning and advised him on this hold. He said he would get back with me today. I called him back at 4:30 and was told he is off until Thur., why not. See what happens next.
  • bigelmbigelm Posts: 995
    Hope your dealer is not 5 star cause that's poor service. Besides, star ratings shouldn't even be a image sales perception; it's just not business ethical to leave potential buyers with their fingers up their nose...
  • mikeyjohnmikeyjohn Posts: 365
    I ordered my car on the 27th of April a 300C with all options except Nav and Sirrus. I don't think Sirrus is available in Canada. I got confirmation that my car was in the build stage (D-1) on the 14th of May and should be shipped on the 25th of May. I originally was told that my car would be built around the middle of June. I hope this information that I obtained is true and I will get my car sooner.
  • cobragmikecobragmike Posts: 21
    I ordered my 300C on April 14th, black Pearl, w/SGII, HID and Sirius. It also showed D1 status on 5/14 with Est. ship Date of 5/25. Expect it to arrive around first week of June.
  • I ordered my 300c (blue with a sunroof) back in mid February and it has yet to be scheduled at all. After many calls to the dealer (who can't get seem to get any help from the rep) and to the no-help-what-soever line at chrysler I still have nothing. Not even a clue to how long the problem is likely to last. I have been a loyal Chrysler fan all my life and buy lots of them (I have purchased 15 new in the last 14 years). However, Chrysler has demonstrated that they don't give a rip about loyal customers. My biggest complaint is that you can't get any *real* info from them. I get a lot of conflicting info that just doesn't make a lot of sense, and that only comes if you go out of your way to chase them down.

    First it was the color blue that was supposed to be the problem, then this mysterious issue with the sunroofs. I'm guessing that next it will be the great "floor mat shortage" or some other bogus problem. I have noticed that just about every unit built for stock has a sunroof. I have tried to have my dealer get a similar unit on trade, but that hasn't worked. I made the mistake of ordering a car mostly loaded minus the headlights and the dealers that do have higher-end Cs don't really want to trade them unless you have one to trade just like it. On top of that, I have watched as the "owner loyalty" bonus came and went (adding insult to injury). If I could actually get them to build the car, I might be loyal. But, nobody seems to be able to tell me even a guess as to when I might be able to get my unit built with the sunroof. They would like me to believe that there is nobody at DCX that has any idea about the magic scheduling algorithm that could predict where I am in the list of units waiting for sunroofs. It appears to me that "time in queue" has no weight, which would be just nuts. It's my conjecture that I am going to start seeing the Magnums hit the dealer lots with sunroofs confirming that "some (orders) are more equal than others".

    My patience is just about gone. Within a few days, if something doesn't change, I am planning to cancel my order taking my loyalty with me (meaning there will be no more Chryslers in my future).
  • ssshemissshemi Posts: 14
    Called CD today and talked with customer service. Very happy with this contact, was told where my 300C is. "Jim" said to call them once a week to check on the progress. He also related that they have received a lot of negative feedback about dealers not getting back to customers.
     If you need their number it's 1-800-992-1997 for the U.S. ordered cars and 1-800-465-2001 for Canada.

    P.S. Unhappycamper, from what I've been hearing I think your delay is due to the ordered moonroof. I originally wanted a moonroof, was told they were on hold, so I ordered without it. Good luck with your order.
  • trashman2trashman2 Posts: 44
    ordered my 300 c on 4/22 with the moonroof called dealer today 5/20 still on hold. it dont look good for me to own a new 300c.
  • ssshemissshemi Posts: 14
    OK, try this site to locate your vehicle. N.jsp
    Then enter your dealer code in the box. I found my code number on my order sheet next to the name of my dealer, it's a 5 diget number. Next page will show the name of your dealer. Go into vehicle trace, top left corner of page. Then read instructions. I had to enter dealer number again to get info:, this should take you to next page that lists vin's and status of vehicle.
    I tried to locate status by using VON but nothing came up.
    Good Luck.
  • trashman2trashman2 Posts: 44
    i ordered my 3ooc on 4/22 as of 5/22 still on hold. has anyone else have a order for about the date if so what is your status. i ordered mine with the moonroof.
  • kvilleboykvilleboy Posts: 45
    Ordered 4/12 with sunroof, still not scheduled either. Today starts week 8 of waiting.
  • silvercsilverc Posts: 10
    Ordered 4/27 300C loaded w/sunroof.
    Built 5/20. Has shipped to NorCal and is now sitting at final rail destination waiting to unload (probably tomorrow due to holiday).
  • itshemiitshemi Posts: 32
    I just returned from 330 mile trip from Springfield VA to Dover Del, got 23.9 MPG. I have whopping 600 miles, drove at about 60mph.

    I ordered my car 24 March 2004, Dealer said it would be in June, called me and I picked it up 27 April, Build date 041706.

    Dealer was just as surprised as I was. Though the previous Chrysler owner status helped. Just bought 2003 Sebring LXI for daughter in Feb 2004 (bad news though it was stolen and the insurance CO totaled it thank goodness, thieves stole in MD stripped in in Washington DC, but what was really bad was the towing CO didn't lift the car on the Bed, they DRAGGED it since it didn't have any wheels, Dum.....

    I got four (4) options, equivalent to the Limited Luxury Package (Moon Roof, 380watt/7 speakers), CA Wood Grain, and UConnect)

    See mine at
  • hmk123hmk123 Posts: 122
    Wow, how did you manage that? :-) I am in the San Jose area, too. I ordered mine on 4/19 with sunroof. As of last week its status was still BG.
  • silvercsilverc Posts: 10
    Not too sure. Ordered through dealer in Burlingame because they were reasonable in pricing. He did try a trick to change the priority. Said it was probably not going to change anything but worth a try; maybe it did something. Car was unloaded from railcar in Benecia on Monday and is still awaiting trucking to dealer (probably tomorrow).
    Hope to pick it up Friday but probably not until Monday.
  • hmk123hmk123 Posts: 122
    May I ask how much you are paying? I am paying $1000 under MSRP (all options but smoker and cold weather) by using my Costco card. It seems like people are getting even better deals than that. I ordered from the 5 star dealer in San Jose. Is the one in Burlingame a 5 star? Not that it really matters. But I bought my 300M at the same dealership and have had a pretty good experience so far.
  • silvercsilverc Posts: 10
    Yeah, I had called that same dealer (after his 1K under offer thru Costco)to tell him I was coming in at 1:00 (his late day so voice mail) to place my order that was at 12:20. At 12:30 I got a call from the Burlingame dealer (I had also used various zip codes to get Costco hook ups in other cities)and he offered to beat that by about $400 I countered with more and he said no. I said OK wasn't worth my drive for only an extra $400 and hung up. Phone rang back in about 10 minutes and he accepted my offer. SOOO..moral of this story, for Chuck at 5*, don't have a late day coming in at 1:00 or at least have a real person to deal with. If he'd been earlier I'd have bought from him and been kicking myself after the phone call came in.
  • Hey guys...
    Ordered 5/2 - Black w/everything except Sat & Cold Weather
    Getting the runaround weekly from 5* dealer in Santa Monica, CA who I have to call every single time, not one call to me since telling me sunroofs were suspended 3 days after my initial order.

    5/20 dealer says my order should go through the first of June for next build allotment.

    6/2 (AGAIN I have to call the dealer for info) tells me Chrysler is NOT BUILDING ANY 300s for July and he is trying to see if he can get his distributor to confirm that his waiting customers will hopefully get their cars built in August ... which would mean delivery in SEPTEMBER

    I will have enough extra money saved by then to get FAT Jaguar or CTS-V .....

    Get your act together Chrysler....
  • hmk123hmk123 Posts: 122
    So I had heard, too, that the plant is shutting down for July. However, my sales guy told me that this is not true since the 300 is a 2005 model. Usually they do shut it down in the summer for re-tooling. However, if they indeed do shut it down in July for vacation reason, that is ok with me. It will be sad to get the car later but I don't want to ruin someone's vacation plans just because I can't wait for the car. We are all demanding so much more from companies these days. But it is us working in those companies and complaining that we don't have a life anymore :-)
  • epfatboyepfatboy Posts: 17
    Interesting point of view from pixelpusher. I have zero problem with re-tooling. I also have zero problem with vacations. I work my [non-permissible content removed] off and enjoy myself when the time comes. I also communicate... does Chrysler? I haven't heard a word. Ordered a 300C on 5/17, was told 6-10 weeks. If there is going to be a problem I communicate with everyone who will listen. I expect the same from anyone I deal with. Now they DO have a shot at 1st week in August for the 10 week deadline.... Seems to be a slim one if they shutdown in July. Also seems to be something that dealers would know and should communicate. If this is happening and I don't get the car I'll be a bit pissed to say the least. Enough to buy a STS.. not yet sure.
  • You said it epfatboy, a little communication could go a loooong way in cooling me down enough to wait a little longer for the 300c. To add to my distaste for giving my $$ to these guys I bought my wife a loaded PT Cruiser GT at the time of my 300c order so I am sinking a PILE of $$ into their dealership and absolutely expect a little more attentiveness..

    for pete's sake I get more help and general "how are things working out?" call backs from the guys at the shop where I buy my audio & video equipment than I have from the Chrysler dealership where I have spent more $$ in one shot than ever before in my whole life!
  • hmk123hmk123 Posts: 122
    I do agree with you: a lot of companies (including Chrysler) would get a lot more respect if they followed the promise less, deliver more approach. For some reason they feel if they don't over promise, we will go somewhere else. It would be a lot better if they said, hey it might take 3 to 4 months and then delivered in less than 3. Maybe time to call Zetschke and tell him something about customer satisfaction.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    The factory usually gets a two week break for vacations, etc. in the summer. The CAW union has indicated that they have been asked to forego one week of the two so that the factory in Brampton can try to keep up with the build orders. I think they agreed to do that. So they are doing all they can to get the new cars out, including overtime on weekends.
  • ddannddann Posts: 5
    Ordered 300C on April 17th and was told it was a 6 to 8 week delivery. The vehicle was builth on May 20th (no moonroof) and then put on Hold for a quality check. Taken off hold on May 28th and put in "shippable status". Still no firm ship date but EST arrival of June 14th.
  • crispiegeecrispiegee Posts: 90
    My dealer told me that they are prohibiting factory orders until next week (June 7th). Anyone hear of the same?

    I'm getting frustrated!
  • kvilleboykvilleboy Posts: 45
    Yes, I didn't know when it would be lifted, but DCX told me last week they were temporarily no longer accepting orders for the car. (Too many back-logged).
  • dterrelldterrell Posts: 1
    Well I'm on my second order. My first order was held up because of the sun roof. I didn't want to wait until September, so I canceled and the dealer told me he had a blue one in storage?????? It had $4000 more options on it but I really wanted it so I made the deal. The dealer said it would be hear in 2 to 3 weeks. Well I am still waiting. I have checked online and they keep changing the delivery date. My new date is 6/7/04. Everyone please say a PRAYER. I can't believe all the horror stories. According to my calculations 970 cars a day X 7 X 8 weeks = 55,000 cars were built. WHERE ARE THEY???????
  • dapdap Posts: 13
    I ordered my 300 on May 24. Called my dealer when I read about Chrysler not accepting any new orders. He said that this would not affect me since I ordered before this decision was made. Has anyone else ordered around the same time and if so do you have any updates on your car? Mine is at the "order accepted" stage. No VIN number yet.
  • mark_amark_a Posts: 22
    I also ordered mine on 5/24. I have a VON (vehicle order number), but did not get scheduled for a June build, therefore no VIN. Hoping for a July build. Ask and make sure you got a VON.
  • joey1joey1 Posts: 2
    I ordered my C on May 27.
    If you don't mind sharing, what are the first 5 digits of your 8 digit VON?
    My VON's first 5 digits are 13158xxx and I reached order status BX-Passed edit available for schedule on June 1.
    I think BX means I am waiting for Chrysler to allocate a car to my dealer. I think this is where the long wait begins.

    I have been browsing through the online Chrysler Vehicle Trace system
    checking the 300's VON numbers to see which ones are being scheduled/built (I just started with dealer code 45000 and started incrementing by one. My dealer's code is also in this range).
    I have seen a couple of 300's with VON numbers in the 130xxxxx to 131xxxxx range, but not many. Most start with 129xxxxx.
    I am probably wasting my time, but I am trying to figure out a pattern to the VON numbering system to see if I can get an idea when my VON may eventually turn to order Status D - where the VIN is assigned.

    Even though the Chrysler online system is only designed to track VIN's, the VON is shown with each vehicle's VIN.

    Here is how to get into Chrysler's Vehicle Tracking System.
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