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Saab 9-3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
edited September 2014 in Saab
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  • gail1gail1 Posts: 1
    kbb retail value on the 1999 Saab 9-3 convertible I'm interested in is $17,105 and I'm getting $13,900 from a dealer in Ca. It has 39,250 miles.Ran a carfax and everything checks out OK. Any advice on what I should look out for or is this just a good deal?
    Also, any comments/ experiences with the 99 9-3 conv. would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • ams303ams303 Posts: 2
    MSRP was around $33K - purchased the car for $22,800. This is a loaded ARC, non metallic paint, Auto.

    Have had the car for 6 months and it's great! Wish I had purchased a Saab years ago. It

    Performs exceptionally well
    Is very comfortable on long trips
    Gets excellent gas mileage 26 in town, 33-34 hwy.
    Dashboard controls are very easy to use.

    Can't say enough - this is a great car. Cars I've owned in the past 10 yrs are: Volvo 850T, Lexus GS 300, BMW 530 & E320 4matic. This is the best one of all - and was the least expensive!!
  • mrblonde49mrblonde49 Posts: 626
    You bought a new Arc for 22800? 10 K off of sticker? How did you manage that?
  • kouliokoulio Posts: 5
    Yeah, I found that a little odd as well. Unless it had some crazy miles on it or was previously totalled....
  • rocharcrocharc Posts: 18
    I thought I had a good deal I paid invoice minus $3,000 for an Arc a year ago June, roof, winter, cd/wipers, parking assist packages and paint (basically everything but auto, and wheels) which put the car at 29,000 and change (no I don't work for GM) this was when they were really dealing but I guess there were better deals.

    I am only slightly jealous I too really like the car.
  • ams303ams303 Posts: 2
    Know it's been sometime since my post, but the car had 2K miles on it and had been used by the new car manager. When I purchased it I actually found several others at pricing within 2K of this one.

    Seems like dealers had a lot of left over cars that they purchased at the end of 2003, once the Saab deals were coming to an end.

    Purchased the car in NY, on Long Island. There were others in NJ. And the closest dealer offered me an '04 Linear for a little under 25K.
  • cwpostcwpost Posts: 11
    That is very helpful as I beleive I want to use that same dealer in Glencove, NY. I am looking to purchase sometime in October or November. I was hoping for those end of the year rebates, but I will take a Dealer's Demo also. Have you had any excessive wear and taear problems?
  • dorbeasdorbeas Posts: 1
    I need an opinion. I am looking to purchase a new 2004 9-3 Aero which is black, has the cold weather package, and a sunroof. It is a 6 spped manual transmission. The MSRP is 35, 080. I work for Indiana University which is a GM Supplier and the "discount" for that is 33,712. They are offering me a $4000 cash rebate which would bring the price to $29, 712. The invoice (with the advertising, sunroof, etc added) is 33, 371. What do you guys think about this deal?

    In my opinion, the GM supplier discount is not really a discount. When you think about it, anyone off the street could walk in and negotiate that price. Basically what it does is prevent the consumer from further negotiating on the car. Do you guys think 29,712 is a good price in Indiana or should I hold out and try to get more knocked off? Any opinions would be appreciated.
  • chalkpiechalkpie Posts: 21
    dorbeas -

    Every situation is different, but I would try to get that sucker as low as possible. It never hurts to try, and you have nothing to lose, only to gain.

    I just got (2 weeks ago) a *new* 2003 9-5 Aero (leftover and purchased by the dealer from Saab) loaded with everything you can think of except the venilated seats for $27,500. They originally were asking $32k+ for it. They came down to $29,900 and at that price it is still a pretty damn good bargain, but I counter-offered with a ridiculous amount of $24,500, in which they said "sorry".

    I then made them an offer of $27k even and they said they would split the difference between that and the 29,900, so they offered $28,490 (approx.) I could have taken the car then but I knew I there may be still room to work with, so I talked to the manager directly and said that I was ready to buy TODAY but I will not pay more than $27,500 for the car. He said he'd get back to me, which he did in a few hours. They went for it - and I have been a happy camper ever since.

    I guess the moral of the story is if you are really serious about buying that car, you should tell them that you are ready NOW but they have to meet *your* price. Tell them that you can only spend "X" amount and that is all you can afford. What should your price be? That is up to you, but I would try to get that car as close to about $28k or so as I could. Maybe you want to go lower.....that is up to you.

    This approach may work or it may not, but worst case scenario is that you can still purchase the car at $29,700.

    Bottom line is that every $1000 you save = a huge difference in your monthly car payment. I was seriously considering the '04 TL which is not to be had for under $30k, and the difference I saved by getting the Aero makes a huge difference in my monthly payments. Plus, I am happier than a pig in s*** with my new Saab! I don't regret not buying the TL for one moment.

    Anyway, good luck and let us know how it goes.
  • Have never purchased a used car before and my head is spinning. KBB for the car is $20,730. Edmunds is $18,287 for this area. Dealer is asking $21,500. The car is "certified"--not sure what that means ---dealer claims I need to add $1,500 to any price I see. Car has 40,500 miles on it. I'm thinking I should look for a newer car. Also hear a funny sound when turning the steering wheel--dealer claims it is covered under the certified warranty--although sticker on car says "As Is".....looking to buy in next 48 hours. Any help appreciated.
  • Don't Do it!!!!

    If the car already has 40+K miles, that means it is almost out of the original warranty. The extended warranty, offered on certified Saabs, you have to review the fine print, to see what it really covers.

    I have a '98 Saab 900s. I'm at the dealer nearly every other week, or month with problems, after it ran out the warranty.

    I bought an extended warranty for $2000, and let me tell you that it hardly covers anything.

    Any wear and tear items are not covered under the extension. So, now a light came on, and the dealer claims that I need a new catalytic converter for $2000. Warranty people refused the claim, saying it doesn't cover exhaust. Major service is $600.

    If you hear something, as you test drive, then find another car. If you really, really want the car, trying insisting to the saleperson to have them fix it before putting down a dime, or dollar down. Ask him for a CarFax report too.

    Keep in mind, they will probably give you the run-around. That happened to me when I was considering a 2003 4matic Mercedes wagon as a replacement. I heard some problems in the test drive, and discovered pre-owned cars weren't being fixed at this dealership before sale. I asked the salesperson if he would repair it.

    No, he said. Only if there was a deposit, would he have it serviced He called me several times to follow up, and ask about my interest in it, but still refused to have any servicing done on it, until I put money down. Given that I don't need any more aggravation with a car, I wasn't about to tempt fate.

    No repair before purchase, move on!

    The Saabs can have multiple problems, and for the price of that car, you can get a new 9-2x, a Mazda, etc. There's many cars in that price range, new!

    If you're dying for a Saab, call other dealers to see what other used cars that they have in stock. You can also run searches for pre-owned through

    Sounds like you need to run from this deal. I've found Saab service to be usually pretty crummy. The dealer does almost anything to welch out of warranty repairs, blame the owner so you pay the costs directly, or make you wait for days to get into service. This goes for the extended warranty people, too.

    After the original warranty expires, I really don't know if you will get the roadside assistance.

    Hope that helps.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks a lot!!! I took your advice and "ran" from the purchase of the used Saab. Sharing your experience convinced me. Will check out the Mazda and the new 9-2x. You were a lot help! Thanks again.
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    9-2X ? I am still thinking a WRX makes more sense.
    If I were you, I would buy a Certified Saab (it is worth). One thing to keep in mind: Once you own a Saab, it is quiet difficult to get out from it unless your car has a lot problems...People who test drive a Saab usually buy one...I can't get out from it. The driving experience is quiet good and unique (not racing, just enjoy driving the car). I want to sit in my car all the time.
  • If you have not already done so, DO IT, considering the DSO of the product line (Saab is nearly 100 days) the dealer would and probably has given you the best deal.

    In evaluating the model you hope to purchase, this price seems good
  • Hello,

    I am looking to purchase a used saab 9 3 convert. a 1999 or 2000, I have driven a couple and one I heard noises in the front end (no thanks!) and the other they were literally asking me to GIVE them my trade-in (laughed and walked out)...

    I am going again today to look at another 1999 saab with 57,000 miles on it and all the options I would like - anything I should keep an eye out for ? They have it priced in the 13,000 range which I don't think is unreasonable, but my trade in (according to worth 11,000, even if they gave me 10,000 or 9500 I would talk but so far they have come up with 8000 ... any ideas or help would be appreaciated !

  • Make sure the car was maintained properly with the right kind of oil, that's important for the longevity of the motor as well as the turbo.
    Check to see if the car doesn't smoke when accelerating, a sign the turbo is on its way out.
    Check to for any clunking noise when shifting in/out of reverse or 1st gear: it could be a bad motor mount (they are expensive to replace).
    If you get a 9-3, make sure you use a high quality full synthetic oil such as Mobil 1 and have the spark plugs replaced at 20K at most
    Saabs have a patented knock detection through spark plugs, only the right specs NGK spark plugs gapped correctly need to be used (check the owner manual for more info)
  • Paid MSRP-$5,300 at Paul Miller SAAB, NJ. for 2004 Saab 9-3 linear.
  • Please provide me with the details of your deal. What options? MSRP? what did you actually pay? Im looking to purchase a linear or arc in central nj. Thanks
  • Base+Auto+Sun Roof+Paint=30070 MSRP
    - 5300(off)= $24,770
  • Thats a great deal. Was it a demo or new? Can you refer me to the salepersons name, I want to stop by and see about a similar deal
  • The deal was a new car.
    It was not a pleasant transaction which was closed at the end of September. I do think you can get a simlar or better deal, even the manager and the salesman said they couldn't do it better than that. BTW, the salesman wasn't happy at all, and I don't think he would like his name posted.
    Good Luck.
  • 2004 Saab 9-3 Arc + metallic paint + automatic + sunroof + touring + xenon + cold. MSRP = $36,175.

    Purchased new off the lot in September for MSRP - $6,485 = $29,690. Fairly relaxed negotiation. SF bay area.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    We don't allow salespeople's names to be posted here anyway - just dealership names/city/state.

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  • daddyddaddyd Posts: 22
    That is a good price!


    I bought a black '04 9-3 linear in February of 2004 for about $23K. It's a stick and has the winter package and the nicer wheels.


    I really love the car. Very solid and less trouble that the Audi A4 I owned before. The bummer is that I have to sell it now because my family is growing so we have to buy a minivan....I wonder how easy it'll be to sell.
  • jbaerjbaer Posts: 45
    I am in the market for leasing a 2005 9-3 linear and have been told that Saab is giving $2500 leash cash. Does anyone know of this deal? Does this mean you get $2500 off whatever price you negotiate? Also what are people getting a base 2005 linear without any extras for these days? I saw one post for 23k which is about $3k off invoice. Is this the norm? Thanks in advance !
  • hhwhhw Posts: 1
    I can't decide between the new 2005 Acura TSX and a 2004 9-3 with low mileage. I'd buy a 2004 TSX but I can't find one in my area.

    I've always loved Saabs, but everyone I know who's owned one has told me to go with the TSX. Is buying the 9-3 a gamble? Also, since GM purchased Saab, are the maintence costs lower? My sister has a '95 Saab and every time she brings it in to get something fixed it costs her $500+.

    Any feedback?

    Thank you!
  • I have a 9-3 Arc and am very happy with it. A few minor problems, but with a free loaner when you take in for service, it's not a big deal, Mine is also an early 03 and many of the issues have been ironed out. Very fun car and great highway power. And the safety can't be beat. The TSX is a nice car, but it needs to be kept at high RPM's to make it's power. And I have heard the automatic is a bit sluggish (3300+ lb car, 166 max torque).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 127,831
    With all due respect to mrblonde.. He hasn't owned his car out of warranty or the free service yet.. Or, had to deal with the massive depreciation upon resale...

    If you are interested in leasing, the Saab is a nice car, and relatively inexpensive... for the first three years, I would even recommend it..

    But, if you want to own the car, I'd buy a new TSX... the '04s that I have seen for sale, don't come with a big enough discount to make them worth buying.. Plus, some '04s will be two years old in April, cutting down on the remaining warranty..

    Just my $0.02,

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

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  • I paid $28900 for my car almost 2 years ago ($34K sticker). Decently high miles (35K). Private party sale price is currently listed around $20K, depending on the source. Not so bad. Remember, the actual depreciation is the difference in what YOU PAY and what you sell it for. Although every stated resource computes it as a % of sticker. If I compared it to sticker, my car is worth 59% of it's original value. Compared to what I paid, though, that figure is 69%. And in the case of the Saab, you are always getting a lot off sticker. Not so w/ Acura

    To the original poster, I would suggest a back to back test drive of both cars. Each has plusses and minuses. Buy what makes you happy
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 127,831
    mrblonde... that is good advice..

    I didn't meant to rag on your car.. I think actual value will be less and actual depreciation will be greater than you estimate... but, that is only my opinion..

    As you say, if it makes you happy, that is what counts...


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

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