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Saab 9-3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tom08tom08 Posts: 2
    Used local dealer - car on the lot. Final price was~ 35K$- good luck!
  • elvis2kelvis2k Posts: 4
    I bought my car from a non-local dealer who found the car after doing a national search. There was an extra $250.00 expense to have the car trailered to them. I drove 2 hrs to sign the papers and pickup the car. My local Saab dealer was not interested in searching for the car I wanted. I guess they wanted to sell what was on their lot.
  • rgreene1rgreene1 Posts: 3
    Sorry for the confusion - -let me try again. Did you purchase your Saab from 1) the dealer who searched for and found the car you wanted, or 2) the dealer who originally had the car before it was trailered? If #1, then who bought the car from the dealer who originally held it? Hope this makes sense. Thanks.
  • elvis2kelvis2k Posts: 4
    I purchased the car from the dealer who located the car (in Cleveland).
    The car was trucked from another dealer (in Philly I think). I had to pay the shipping fee and a small deposit before the transfer happened.

    Nobody bought the car from the original dealer in Philly. Dealerships have arrangements where they can transfer stock to one another. Not sure what this involves for them (doesn't much matter to me). As I said, it cost a couple hundred to have the car shipped.

    My local dealer (in Columbus) was not interested in finding a specific car nationally. I suppose this varies by dealer. Dealers in Cincy and Cleve. were interested.

    Hope that helps.
  • yv27yv27 Posts: 3
    I just got 07 9-3 aero with navi + stick, fully loaded with 3 extended warranties. I was wondering if someone could direct me to a good site to sell the car. It has 1200 miles.

  • yv27yv27 Posts: 3
    I think the price is a bit high, you can get aero for the same price. Navi is hard to find. Actually, that is what i was told is the book value for the aero by my dealer, friend. I have 07 aero on stick with navi and i need to sell it. If you are interested, let me know.

  • hutch79hutch79 Posts: 5
    My husband and I just bought a new 2008 9-3 2.0T 4 door sedan today with metallic paint, moonroof, and cold weather package. We weren't fussy about the cold weather package, but I guess that's how they come in the Northeast. Anyway, Edmunds has been an invaluable resource in this whole car buying experience. I just wanted to contribute to the community on what we paid for our new car. I wished more people had posted their prices when I was in my search. Anyway, we paid $27,554 plus a $175 documentation fee + tax + registration. Hope that info helps for anyone in their hunt. We did our buying online requesting quotes from any dealer in a 75 mile range (which happens to be quite a few for where we live) and went with the lowest quote. It was a painless process and we couldn't be happier with our new car. Thanks again everyone.
  • hutch79hutch79 Posts: 5
    One last thing I forgot. Our car is an automatic. Hope this helps.
  • cpa_howardcpa_howard Posts: 8
    I'm looking for SAAB 9-3 Sportcombi 2.0T and dealer told me that GM has rebate up to $3,700, the one I looked MSRP $33,275 (metallic paint+ auto+ bose + 17' wheel) would be down to $29,575 + tax + fee. GMAC has 5.9% APR for 60 months.
    Is this good deal? It seems people get the rebate or incentives average to 4K or 5K from either SAAB or GM, but I tried so hard to negotiate just up to $3.7K.
    Maybe it's in the middle of year, not at year-end.
    any opinion, thanks in advance.
  • hutch79hutch79 Posts: 5
    If you want a comparison, our MSRP was 32,475 we paid 27,554. Not sure if the SportCombi is more in demand or whatever (we have the sedan), but just wanted to give you a comparison. If you have e-mailed all the dealers in your area asking for the lowest price, a competitive price should soon emerge. The next lowest dealer 's price came in at 28,000, and then we had 2 say the price they could do was 29,000. The final 2 dealers we were in brief communication with didn't really like to deal over the web, and we didn't want to go there so we eliminated them. The dealer we got it from apparently was running some kind of promotion (but aren't they always?).
  • hutch79hutch79 Posts: 5
    Howard, wanted to add also look into Pentagon Federal Credit Union (if you are not a government employee, or don't know anyone who is it is about $20 donation to join). They have a current 4.25% financing for new car loans you choose your term (up to 72 months). Obviously it is probably more leg work on your end, but the whole process went very smoothly.
  • cpa_howardcpa_howard Posts: 8
    Thanks for those valuable information.
    I'll try to apply PFCU, the rate is good. There're only 3 dealers around me (LA area), I just used edmund's quotation. Hope they'll apply soon. By the way, where do you live? You really got a good deal.
  • hutch79hutch79 Posts: 5
    My husband and I live in the NY/NJ Metro area. Glad I could help. We drove our new car the whole weekend and absolutely love it (and I am not even a car person).
  • rob136rob136 Posts: 1
    I am new to the Saab board and have recently started talking to dealers regarding both the 9.3 2.0T and the 9.3 Aero.I am looking for a new model to lease for 2 years(10k miles/year) which includes winter package,metallic paint,sunroof,and manual transmission.So far I am getting price quotes of approximately 31k for the 2.0 which the dealer states is "..even lower than the invoice price".The lease with zero down works out to more than 500/month.I would appreciate any leads where I can find a price of approximately $28k as posted previously.In addition do you recommend a 2.0T or an Aero?AWD or FWD on the Aero?I live in NE Ohio.One final note.One dealer was advertising a 2.0 T with essentially no options for $299/month and zero down which ended on Memorial Day.I am a regular customer of the dealership(also a Porsche dealer) and they will not offer this deal any longer.I would appreciate any thoughts regarding this matter.
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    Even lower than the invoice price, thats beautiful. No opitons for $7,2000 for two years, priceless, your getting ripped.
    This was my sixth Saab, never pay near sticker, be ready for large depreciations, always have, seem to remain the same since my first in 86.
    Go to Zack @ Downers Grove Saab in Chicago, 43 Saabs online and on lot, with MSRP and their price listed, no talking, offers, go to Luxury then Saab Downers Grove, pay as marked, 43 Saab 9-3's in stock! I flew Southwest one way to Midway Airport, a cab to pick up the car ($200) from St. Louis. St. Louis long time dealer would give me my $1000 Saab loyality after two hours of negotiation at the dealer. Downers Grove, did the deal on the phone with mastercard in 10 minutes. They have about 70 08 Saabs in Stock part of Luxury Motors, best price in United States. I emailed twenty Saab dealers with what I wanted, said I would buy in 24 hours. Be ready for emails and calls like your a stock trader on the floor. Some with good offers, but nothing near this dealer. Bought, brand new sticker $37,885.00 2008 9-3 Aero, 6 miles. Remember, all Aero options (which is a loaded base) come with the 6 (I preferred a 4 cyl, but that is show biz) plus seats you can't get on a base (Aero, wrap around buckets, better leather, the leather that used to be standard on all saabs, xenon headlights, sunroof, 17" wheels, Bose Centerpoint, dual power front seats. Add, cold weather, which gives you the heated seats, which used to also be standard and Saab invented. Auto transmission with shifting paddels on steering wheel (not sure I will ever use that), Fussion Blue Mettallic (preferred Ice Blue, but they did not have, had too many silvers and blacks in my Saab past). Price, out the door and on the highway home in 20 minutes after arriving at dealer $30,410 (which also included my $1000.00 saab loyal bucks) and documentation and license fees of $200. No loaner, no flood car (as other dealers would try to tell me) 6 miles, full tank of gas. Get a base 9-3 black with stick for $23,900. Biggest Saab dealer I ever saw. In this economy, be careful, many salesmen and dealers will try to stick you for 5K in a heartbeat or 6K at my dealer in St. Louis area. These guys are straight up, so ask Zac about the guy from St. Louis, told him I would post to fellow lookers. Good luck. They have been taking in 3-4 SUVs a day in trades.
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    Also, $2197 less than TMV for my Zip in St. Louis which I went out of, post 422
    My dealers would not come near TMV pricing. TMW was Too Many Villans in my zip code range. Give them a price, if Chicago is too far, give a what it would cost to get there on top of it, if the don't take it, run, Forest, run.
    Don't negotiate, one offer, you will not win and wast hours and ruin your day.
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Perhaps you can explain how you can achieve that kind of price.I sell Saabs for a living....heres the true info:(based on a dealer invoice for an"08 Aero with MSRP of $37,865) gms price(gm employee price,invoice minus 4%, minus all market advertising charges...the best possible price available to the consumer,if eligible) is @$35,080.65.Dealer cash $2,500,June purchase bonus cash $1,000.00,Saab owner loyalty $1,000.00. Net price before taxes and tags @$30,580.85. You claim you took delivery at a price $170.00 below dealers net/net cost (net/net being invoice price minus market advertising charges,dealer holdback,and all available dealer and customer incentives)???? Why would a dealer sell any car at an absolute total ZERO sum profit.In light of the fact that it was in stock I assume he paid some bank floor plan interest on the car! At your claimed purchase price the dealer would have been better off never taking the car into inventory! If you are in fact eligible to buy the car under the GM Employee purchase program you do anyone reading your post a disservice by not stating that fact ...if you are not,then your story is just that... a story!
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    I have explained in the the posting, I buy them for driving.
    Downers Grove Saab, view Luxury motors dot , then go to Downers grove Saab.
    I said the same thing, called and asked is this a mistake. You want a copy of the paperwork? I don't claim it, I did it. I am eligible for the GM supplier discount, but they would not accept it, for the price was below. Why won't you take the truth? You need a invoice copy sent to you? You needs my email? I gave you the name of the dealer, the listings on line, how the MSRP is listed, then their price, no crap with all the numbers, heres the price, write a check, what else do you want? Its a good deal, I shared it, don't call me a liar. As I said, there was 43 just 9-3's on the lot? How many you got? My dealer in west county in St. Louis had about 10, but would even walk with me or look up the inventory on their files to see which one had what options, told me to go look myself (in the rain) while he sat in the break room and had lunch. Offered me 9K and 1k Saab Loyalty, after goig in there since 1986, that is not going to work anymore. The old days of going to the back room are over son. Sometimes you salesmen don't know all, you don't know all the incentives a very large dealer gets? I have sold (with an MBA for 20 years and still learn). Don't accuse the buyer, don't blast another dealer, it makes you look bad. I got screwed on Saabs and dealers by paying several grand more in the past, those days are over. Will give you a posting from the site on the next post. If you can't buy the car there at that price and I listed everything on the post above, then reading the post is your problem. The figures are right from my invoice. 5K on MC to hold, then another 5K for max on Mastercard for a total of 10K for airline points. Then the rest by check. 6 miles, brand new, you almost got to feel guilty selling all those Saabs at those prices your did, don't you? Luxury Motors is the largest buyer in the nation, volume works. Why would I want to make this crap up and post it, I don't have time for that. All the truth, nothing but the truth, I swear to GOD. I made an error, listed the salesmans name, and the website, cant you visit it and then tell us what you see?? Call the dealer and tell us what you hear? Or keep giving people the shaft. Heck, the offered me coffee, a coke, let me use and office for a webcast meeting, treated me like gold.
    My dealer (front end) treats me like crap, service is good, but its a new salesperson everymonth that does not know a damn thing about how the car is engineered or why. Next post will give you the clues since you didn't get it from the last post. Do a carfax on my VIN and see when it was sold? VIN YS3F H41U 8113 1763. Then look on Ebay, 2002 9-5 Aero's sold in the last week, and see my 9-5 sold with 38K for 13 grand even. Contact the seller there (ME) if you still have doubts, notice where the owner lives (same town).
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    Go to Luxury Motors dot something (not web address)
    Hit the Saab Logo

    Look at the cars: Here is a cut and paste:
    2008 SAAB 9-3
    9-3 AERO
    Exterior: Silver
    Original MSRP: $39,305
    Luxury Sale Price: $32,495

    Now, since you sell for a living, EXPLAIN?
  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    008 SAAB 9-3 Convertible
    9-3 AERO CAB
    Exterior: White
    Original MSRP: $51,325
    Luxury Sale Price: $41,995 Stock #: 1300
    Mileage: 8 miles
    SAAB Downers Grove
    Luxury Motors

    Thats 20% quick round math, 20%, no negotiation needed, can you beat it Saabicp? Or because you can't you revert to the name calling of the consumer?

    Above, highest MSRP for any Saab they have in stock, this is a cut and paste anyone that can find this site can find this car? Go to Luxury.something, then click on the Saab logo. It's like buying a Saturn, but easier, the price is right on the Internet, so no running to the back room to talk to mystery man,or woman making me waste half my day. Playing all the numbers games and percents, like your post. Thats the TRUTH my friend, NOW lets see if you can be a good salesman and admit it? :surprise:

    Sometimes somebody changes the was business is done (Apple, Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.) and many can't understand, you call me a liar, say it is just a "story" (why would I want to do that)? It's because you don't take the time to do your homework and just verify the price, the dealer, etc.

    Look at the brands this Luxury dealership carries, Saab is the lowest end car and they are the only Saab dealership connected with Luxurydot, add it all up, then you can understand with margins on the other lines how it can be done and make money. I don't know, I see the price, the car is new, its a Saab dealership, why not buy it with 50K/4year warranty? Tell me?
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    The funniest thing in your inarticulate,grammatically comical rant is your claim of holding an MBA! I simply stated the facts of what the costs are on a car such as the one you posted,minus all real and potential profit and any and all dealer and consumer rebates.That price was higher than you claimed to have paid.Your response is a tirade against dealers selling $40k products at a reasonable profit.Did you not attend the classes dealing with the structure of a free market economy?Do you feel the same way about the merchants who sell you the other goods you use in your day to day life? The only logical thread I can glean from your post is this dealer apparently makes large enough margins on their other car lines to be essentially a clearing house zero profit source for Saab customers.What would be the point?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    Regardless... you can check out the website.. They are showing big, big discounts on brand-new Saabs..

    As a buyer, I don't really care why or how.. just where..



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  • smu1976smu1976 Posts: 110
    First, readers who want a Saab at a good price go to luxury motors on the net, click on the Saab symbol, look at MSRP and their price at Downers Grove Saab in Chicago. I bought one last week, they are great, largest Saab dealer I ever saw.
    I am 50 plus years of age, this is my fifth Saab and a so called Saab salesman attacks me and calls me a liar and that I made up a story. Please tell me if I am lying and making this up, maybe it was all a dream, but for some reason, there is an 2008 Saab Aero in my garage now for my wife an daughter to use at the price I posted. Now I would skip the below if your looking for information on prices paid and experience, this is the experience you will encounter at this Saab salesman's place of employment.

    Now if you want to change the board to, "Saab Salesmen teach buyers how to post grammatically correct, let me indulge you.

    “Perhaps you can explain how you can achieve that kind of price?
    I sell Saabs for a living.... (Finish the sentence, multiple periods will cost you your "A" grade) here’s the true info (information, lets not abbreviate a word in a formal grammar correct setting, also please do not do this on your resume. You have a overuse of parenthesis, remove them and read the sentance without them, see if your sentence still is viable, does it have a noun and verb?

    (Based on a dealer invoice for an"08 Aero with MSRP of $37,865) GM's (your manufacturer and Mr. Wright your CEO of General Motors and Saab's parent, would prefer when their corporate name is used, use the trademarked version, not small letters for once the largest company in the entire world.

    price (GM's employee pricing, invoice minus 4%, minus all market advertising charges... Multiple periods are just not grammatically correct, your down to a "B" at best now.

    the best possible price available to the consumer, if eligible) is $35,080.65.Dealer cash $2,500, (your not putting a space after a comma, now your down to a "C", once I could take, but you do it with both comma's and periods.

    June purchase bonus cash $1,000.00,Saab owner loyalty $1,000.00. Net price before taxes and tags $30,580.85. You claim you took delivery at a price $170.00 below dealers net/net cost (net/net being invoice price minus market advertising charges, dealer holdback, and all available dealer and customer incentives)????

    Don’t use four questions marks in a row, now your down to a "D", you have a 1.0 GPA now.

    I claimed that I purchased the car for the stated price in my post, then I put the dealers name, the link to the site, but you will not do the work, you added all the math. Then you called me a liar and this is only a "story".

    Consumer's do not care about about these things, they want the price, pay it and go on with life. The price paid out the door is what the consumer wants Mr. Saab sales for a living.

    Why would a dealer sell any car at an absolute total ZERO (does zero need to be all caps when you are the one worried about a proper linguistic correct posting?)
    Got to flunk you here Mr. I do this for a living, you get a F.

    In light of the fact that it was in stock I assume he paid some bank floor plan interest on the car! (Two spaces after ending a sentence junior, we can't go lower on the grading scale).

    At your claimed purchase price the dealer would have been better off never taking the car into inventory! If you are in fact eligible to buy the car under the GM Employee purchase program you do anyone reading your post a disservice by not stating that fact ... (again, now that you turned a topic around price and buying experience into an attack on my degree and posting, gosh, I hope you text message also in all perfect grammar also), again what would be the purpose of me lying and making up a “story” ?

    I am just letting others know about a good price and buying experience, you turned it in to a personal attack and even had the brains to say you’re a Saab salesman, nice image you give yourself and the company and your dealer.

    If you are not, then your story is just that... a story! (Again, it’s the truth, now my family and I are going to enjoy a movie for we saved a ton of money on our new Saab, or fifth, probably more than you will sell with the way you attach others).

    I suggest you read the following Saab 9-5 by Anders Tunberg, this will give you insight into your product. Then read Mr. Saab by Page One publishing, on the tale of Erik Carlsson "on the roof", this will also help you learn about your product. Then read Iaccocca An Autobiography, it will show you that safety does not sell cars (Chrysler was the first to put seat belts in all cars).

    Be honest, tell others the 2008 9-3 fell in safety rankings, it did not obtain as high of scores as previous years of 2007 and 2006.

    Now I have had an 86 900 spg, a 92 9000 Griffen (one of only 350 made at 42KMSRP, this one put off retirement by 3 years with all the repairs). Then a 99 9-5 SE, with a 6 cyl, perfect car, not one problem. Then a 2002 Saab Aero wagon, recently sold on Ebay last week, one can email me through there if they can not find this deal above still. Now a 08 9-3 Aero (we like the seats), I bought five, how many have you bought? These are only one car in three we have in the family, but enough, if you have not got the message, you never will and I have given you too much of my time as probably most of your customers do. Try to improve, not criticize others, when you have never met them. Try not to call them a liar, and that they made up a story, you just lower your credibility and the organization your represent in sales. Take it from someone who has sold for 29 years and is getting ready to retire, what your doing is only hurting you and your product. ;)
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    im crushed.........!!!!!!!! lol :P
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    I concede the fact that this Saab dealer in question is in fact advertising '08 Saabs at prices which defy economic logic.What I mean by that I attempted to explain by documenting the costs to a dealer on a representative car thereby showing that the advertised price by the dealer was virtually,and on some cars..literally,an absolute zero profit proposition for the dealer.In SMU's case they weren't even creating a potential service customer.The point I would like to make is that this dealership is doing tremendous harm to the Saab brand by selling below any price which would be viable for the stand alone Saab franchise to compete with.It destabilizes the market .Yes,it's a BIG win for the consumer!If customers like SMU really have a sense of brand loyalty,then they should consider patronizing the dealers who are commited to trying to keep Saab viable in the North American marketplace.My apologies for making him the focus of a frustration more reasonably directed at Saab of Downers Mills.Quite frankly,I strongly suspect that they could care less if Saab
    is still selling cars in the U.S. five years from now,something which I care greatly about.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    To be fair, the dealer selling at that price hurts only other dealers, not saab. Saab sells more cars, and more parts in the future, etc...

    Those are some amazing prices. A 9-3 for 24K? I mean, wow. An accord EX-L is about the same on carsdirect.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    If you check out the website, you can see that they also have over 40 units of '07 Saab 9-3s...

    My guess is that there was a major incentive from GM to take all of that old inventory....

    Either way... Chicago is a cut-throat high-line car market.. I bought an almost new BMW there a few years back.. Well worth the $109 plane ticket and using up a Saturday to save $1500...



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  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    that Chicagoland is a cutthroat car market- both high line and regular line; I remember the '07 Accord clearance last year, several Chicagoland Honda dealers had Accords at prices at least $3000 below what my local Nashville dealers were quoting me.

    So many dealers, so many cars, and yet so few buyers.. Hmm.. Shall we apply a bit of supply and demand?

    Downers Grove still has all those '07 Saabs? If only I hadn't already bought the Altima... :P
  • joeslackerjoeslacker Posts: 10
    Don't people do some research before they even think about Saab?
    1. A 3 yr-old 93 convertible with MSRP $40k+ is worth now $15k in the market.
    2. It's a US car with a not-even-luxuy-closed sweden logo and unreliable junk.
    The comparison is clear, a 2006 bmw 325 is still worth $25k plus, a 2006 saab 93 sedan is around $15k. Maybe there is no comparison at all, a truly luxury and sporty brand versus a junk.
    If you have the budget and look for a luxuy and sporty car, bmw or MB is your choice. Or just buy a GM or honda. Believe it or not, a 3 yr-old civic worths more than your Saab.
    It's funny that GM put a Saab logo on chevy trailblazer and expect people to pay extra $10k. A '05 trailblazer is selling for $10 or 11 grants, how much do you think a Saab 9-7 could worth, 500 bucks more?
    Go figure.
  • stkntrafficstkntraffic Posts: 172
    To be fair, almost no one pays anywhere near MSRP on a new Saab, while almost everyone pays very close to sticker on a new BMW.
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