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Saab 9-3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • drssyoondrssyoon Posts: 27
    That was not the OTD price. They add $399 "dealer service charge", and $39 tag fee. I also purchased (based on my 2 other Saabs) a 7 year/100,000 mile $0 deductible bumper to bumper coverage for $2000.

    Breakdown -
    Price - $31014
    Dealer service - +$399
    Tag - +$39
    Rebate/discount - -$6000
    Trade in - -$15200 - better than any other dealers' offer
  • catesmomcatesmom Posts: 2
    Looking for advice about my July 2007 new 9-5 SAAB Aero purchase. I purchased my car on a Monday at 5pm, knowing it would have a $3,000 rebate/price incentive from GM, along with an owner loyalty incentive. The NEXT day (Tuesday) rebates on the car increased to $4,000. Basically, the dealer has told me that the $1,000 loss is my tough luck. If it were just about any other purchase, I could visit with the customer service department and achieve resolution. Any advice about who, how, where to follow up? - anyone have this happen and successfully seen the price difference refunded? (this is my 5th new Saab... what ever happened to Saab taking care of their customers!?!)
  • piperjackpiperjack Posts: 14
    Hi all

    I am considering buying a 2007 9-3 2.0T sedan. I am thinking of a 6-speed manual with the 17" premium package.

    I would love to get feedback from recent buyers on whether the following deal looks do-able and if I've missed any major points or costs.


    Given all the incentives floating around, my thought was to offer $500 over invoice before incentives or

    Invoice pricing

    Sedan $24.9K
    17" PPackage $1.8K
    Metallic Paint $500
    Destination $745
    Dealer Profit $500

    for a total of $28.5K before tax

    Minus rebates of $4K+$500+$500 = $5K

    Gets to $23.5K. Add TT&L (So Cal) of ~10% = $2.35K

    Gets me to $25-26K for the car out the door. Does this seem right?
  • So I went to turn in my 04 9-3 Arc lease yesterday deadset on not getting anything until to 08's came out....
    Until I saw the reduced prices on the 07's. With my owner loyalty bonus it was a price I couldn't refuse.
    2007 Saab 9-3 black manual
    16" premium package
    cold weather package

    Thanks to no haggling, very simple, one price, $23189 for everything except tax/tags.

    08 can wait all it really offers is different sheet metal anyway. I'll bide my time until the XWD's are discounted this way.
  • shimbyshimby Posts: 5
    how do you value a demo versus new?

    I have been offered a demo with 1500 miles, auto, cold weather package (with 4k rebate and $500 mileage deduction) for a price of $23,900. Is this good? or should I wait into november december, I find it harder to find the car i want, or are the dealers playing the game? :)
  • shimbyshimby Posts: 5
    how do you value a demo versus new?

    I have been offered a demo with 1500 miles, auto, cold weather package (with 4k rebate and $500 mileage deduction) for a price of $23,900. Is this good?
    or should I wait into november december, I find it harder to find the car i want, or are the dealers playing the game?
  • shimbyshimby Posts: 5
    the demo is a 2007 9-3 with AT and cold weather package. :)
  • jondc212jondc212 Posts: 15
    how does work? can you explain.. i went on there website already.. does thise mean they cand eliver your car also?
  • nwabillnwabill Posts: 5
    I'm looking for a 9-3 2.0 with Anniversary Edition, Auto, Moonroof and cold weather package. Any thoughts on a good price? The sticker price is $31,920. Thanks in advance.
  • Hello, guys
    I got an offer for 2007 9-3 60th anniversary $5000 discount. Is it a good deal? I was thinking about $6000 discount. Does anyone buy this car recently?
  • I'm also looking at a 2007 9-3 sedan. The dealer hinted they would start with a $5000 discount and we could negotiate from there. Sounds like I could do better than a $5000 discount but I don't know how much.

    My problem... I have to convince my wife this is the car she likes. Negotiating with the dealer will be a piece of cake after that.
  • nice that they want to give you some incentive. but you likely can get more.

    check out some of the special prices at Saab Nashua NH north. It made it worth my drive. Even if it is too far, you can get callibrated as to what they are currently selling for.

    Also check the saab USA site for the current offers in your area.

    In many places, convertibles seem to be piled up - with deals bigtime. good luck
  • I ended up getting a 9-5 Saab. My wife was okay with the 9-3 but she loved the 9-5. Something about the seats.

    Got a little more than $6500 off the list price.

    Pick it up today.
  • I want to buy a 2006 9.3 2.0T, and I found one at Saab of Lakeside, Macomb dealership in Michigan. It has about 26,000 miles on it, gray metalic color and has most of the options. This car was leased for 2 years and just returned. The car is in great condition and runs smooth. They are asking 20,995 for it but they also certified it and extended the warranty for another 5 years/100,000 miles. Is this a good offer? Should I negotiate more ? Please leave me some suggestions and I would greatly appreciate it !!!! Thank you!!!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    For about $5K more, you could get a brand-new '07 Anniversary Edition model... with no miles, and full new car warranty...

    I realize that $5K is a lot of money, but that would be a better deal, I think..

    If you want the used one, the "asking price" can usually be bargained down... You certainly don't want to just pay it, without offering less.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I checked the GM site and incentives had reached $6000 for '06 9-3s and $7500 for 9-3 combis. At the time of this post the incentives are $4000 on '07 9-3s. Any guesses on when the incentives will increase again?
    I read through some forums and an '06 9-3 Aero in December on '06 was discounted $10k off MSRP.
    Does anyone think that with the body style changes for the '08s the discounts could get larger - or happen sooner?
  • Does anyone out there know whether the $4000 rebate will remain in effect for October? OR will it increase?

    Considering a 9-3 2.0T with the 60th Anniversary Package and Cold Weather Package.

    Dealer Invoice is 30,898.00 - 4,000 rebate so 26,898 + taxes, etc.

    Apparently, at least in my area of NY, there aren't many left.

    I know they are completely differnet vehicles, but trying to decide between the Saab and a Honda CR-V. I don't want to rush into a decision, but I also don't want to miss out on a good deal.

    The dealership wants me to take delivery by 9/29 because they claim that they don't know what the rebate will be in October.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
  • jsf99jsf99 Posts: 10
    I am about to lease this same vehicle, of which there are very few left here in long island, ny. Saab's sales have actually been up lately, and it did not increase the rebate for september. My guess is that it will remain the same for october, or increase by 1k, given that the 08s are due in shortly. By the way, the 30,898 number seems high--my lease for the same car is based on a selling price more than 500 beneath that number.
  • I know they are completely differnet vehicles, but trying to decide between the Saab and a Honda CR-V.

    LOL!! My family fleet consists of two 2000 9-5s and an '05 CR-V. The CR-V is almost perfect for what it is -- a Comfortable Runabout Vehicle. It's very easy to drive, very dependable, hauls all sorts of stuff (a 9'5" kayak fits inside) and is economical to own. The awd is terrific in the white stuff. You will also meet one at, oh, every 2nd 4-way stop intersection you encounter. You'll get no admiring glances should that be important to you.

    The Saab is sporting, reasonably inexpensive to drive and insure, is surprisingly practical and you'll grin every time you look out the window and see it in your driveway. Saab 2wd is fine in white stuff; 4wd SUV's have followed my tracks because the Saab broke a better trail in a blizzard than they could. The Saab may have a few quirks that require attention. Or it may be Honda-like from mile #1. You will not meet its twin at every third intersection. It will draw admiring glances if you keep it spiffy, esp. keep brake dust off the wheels.

    I'd say the CR-V is the perfect second car. All other things being equal, I'd personally choose the Saab as a primary vehicle, because it's fun without requiring compromises in areas of practicality.
  • I made the same decision between the 9-3 and CRV. The analogy by saabgirl is exactly how I felt. The CRV is a perfectly good car, but it didn't beg me to drive it the way the Saab did. It fits like a glove and is fun to drive. I bought the 9-3 Auto, Anniver., Cold Wx with moonroof last month for 27,700 including 6% tax. That is here in Michigan. I see now that they are offering an addtl 500 off in the Detroit area. All I can say is buy the Saab and enjoy the ride, we only live once :D
  • I waited too long and all the '07 MT 9-3 Aeros are gone from the Chicagoland area.

    Does anyone know what the Q4'07 incentives (if any) will be for the '08 9-3 models?
  • I am getting a 2007 2.0T with Annv/Moonroof/Auto for about 26245. Does this sound like a good price?

    Also, can anyone provide their experience of driving this model so far? Any maintenance issues?

  • If you are also getting a metallic paint then I would say that is a good deal.
  • All Annv Ed have metallic paint. Does that include tax, cold wx package?
  • Yes, Annv ed has metallic paint. I have 2 choices: $26445 w/o cold wx pkg and 27098 with cold wx pkg. (basically inv + 200 from price - do not include paint option with 60th annv pkg)

    Although I want the cold wx pkg, the first one looks a better deal.
  • txsaabtxsaab Posts: 1
    Just picked up a 2007 9-3 Ann. Edition, AT, for $26,000. Felt good about the price, and the car is great. No money down (never put down cash on a purchase if the rate is right) and 4.9% financing. Very Happy. do I get the Seatbelt2 light to go off when there is no passenger?
  • I just signed the paperwork on a new 9-3 '07 manual transmission Aero Sedan w/cold weather package for $25,900.
  • sje3333sje3333 Posts: 13
    What is the residual on a 39 month lease with 15,000 miles?

    The car I am looking at is a 9-3 with the following options:

    Moonroof Package
    Cold Weather package

    The price I am being quoted is:

    Base - 26,214
    Moonroof - 1,068
    Cold Weather - 490
    Destination - 745
    Port - 130
    Local Advertising - 300

    Total Cost - 28,947+500 = $29,447

    He is quoting me a monthly payment of $431.79 using a 4.35% rate and a 56% residual.

    Here are the upfront fees:

    First month payment - 431.79
    Security Deposit - $450
    Registration Fee - $167.16
    DMV - $5
    Documentary Fee - $350
    Acquisition Fee - $670
    Tax on upfront items - $71.23

    Total upfront fees - $2,145.18

    What do you think of the deal. Are the advertising and port fees realistic? How about the documentary fee and acquisition fee (that's a $1,000 between them)?


  • long time no lookie, but I gave up on the 9-3 for awhile and decided to go with the MazdaSpeed3 (hatch, 4door).

    They were around $24k and had functionality and fun, which is what I wanted.

    Then I spoke to VOB Saab in Rockville, MD and ended up with a brand new 9-3 Sport Sedan w/60th anniversary package for the same price as a MazdaSpeed3. I'm happy, but wish they had had one on the lot in SportCombi config vs SportSedan. Less utility, but tons more luxury than the Speed3.

    Think final price after discounts was like $23,900
  • I stopped by my local dealership today to check out the deals on 2007 2.0T verts. They were offering $7500 off (combination of rebate, dealer cash and owner loyalty cash) of all '07 verts.
    2.0T - 37495
    Auto - 1350
    Premium pkg - 1995
    Cold weath - 550
    Prem audio - 895
    Sand top - 600
    Sub Total - 42885
    Dest. - 745

    Total - 43630
    minus 7500

    I realize if they are putting $7500 off in the window that they can go lower. My question is how much lower? Any advice? I hate negotiating but I need it under $35k to feel comfortable.
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