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Saab 9-3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    I recall some GM execs regretting the employee pricing, but who knows?

    I don't know about the swapping issue, but i assume they will want a few hundred more in that case, as it is more work.

  • angy168angy168 Posts: 18
    When I quote the invoice price to dealers, one dealer adds Advertising fee (400) and Prep/Handling fee (130) on top of the invoice price. So this 400+130=530 becomes pure dealer profit, I guess? Can this amount subject to negotiation? The dealer also quotes $350 for swap fee to get the color I want, is this $350 fair?
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    It does cost something for the dealer to advertise and prep the car, and to do a swap. So while there is profit there, i doubt it's pure profit.

    Also, don't forget that there is holdback:

    The dealer does have to make a little money-that have to maintain the dealership, finance the cars, and buy food. :)

    All i can say is it's hard to know when to buy a car and for how much. If you love the car and don't want to wait forever, you may have to leave a few bucks on the table.
  • hgershmanhgershman Posts: 15
    "Employee Pricing" War is coming next week! Chrysler dropped major hints today!
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Wait till you hear you can't use the 2K.toward a lease,retail purchase use only.Looks like he who laughs last.........
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Any and all charges on the invoice are from the manufacturer to the dealer and an intrinsic part of what they pay to the manufacturer.They are NOT profit, they are
    dealer costs and have to be added to where you begin your bottom line negotiations.
  • angy168angy168 Posts: 18
    Thanks for the info. A dealer actually faxed me the invoice sheet from Saab which lists all the fees, so they are paying the ad fee & prep fee. BUT since they are very eager to move this car off their lot by 6/30 (quarter end), they offer to split the holdback. So I got my price below the invoice and into part of the holdback. Since the car (the color & 5 speed) is getting harder to find (lots of dealers are out of it) so I closed the deal (over the phone since they are 300 miles away) and will pick it up this Saturday, right on time with the holiday weekend. Bottom line is - know what car you're looking for, locate the dealer that have the exact car sitting in their lot and strike the deal by month end AND quarter end.
  • hgershmanhgershman Posts: 15
    yeah, i know now...seems unfair somehow...oh well, on to "employee pricing" wars!
  • allysonzallysonz Posts: 5
    GM now has a deal for 72 hours in some states and some counties for 0% for 72 months. That is a great deal. I am also guessing that i can subtract the 2k off the invoice price of the car too. If they dont have the car in the lot I wonder if they order it if I will still get the 0% for 72 months? I am guessing yes if I sign a contract within the 72 hours of this deal. Am I right?
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Sorry to say you are wrong on all counts... Saab 0% is only up to 60 mos. and cannot be combined with the $2,000 which is now considered customer cash not dealer cash It is strictly an either/or proposition.You cannot order a car and lock in the promotion ,you must be signed ,sealed and delivered by end of business 07/05.-
  • joezperryjoezperry Posts: 2
    Can the $2,000 be applied ahgains lease special on 9-3 conv?
  • allysonzallysonz Posts: 5
    You are right it is 0% only up to 60 months. However, I did get quoted (with my choice options) around 1,000 dollars under invoice price (with the 0% APR deal). I think this may be the best deal I can get. I called around and other dealers in the area cant beat it. :)
  • spidamanspidaman Posts: 4
    I bit, and bought a 9-3 convertible on 6/30 for $0 down, 0% finance over 60 months. I paid $37,850 for a 9-3 Arc convertible with auto tranny, cold weather package and steel gray metallic paint. Price included $500 off for loyalty (was trading in a Saab lease) and they bought out my last lease payment ($340) and, of course, waived the disposition fee on the lease car. Price was in line with Edmunds TMV price.

    I wanted a manual tranny, but part of the 0% deal was taking what was on the lot. I am quite happy with the car, but the $685/month payments are still going to be a lot to swallow. We ran the numbers on taking the $2000 cash, and going with standard financing (6.9%), and the finance charges would have been about $3100, so went with the 0%.

    In my case, the 0% promo worked. I had originally gone to the dealership to just buy my old Saab 2002 9-5 Linear off lease, but the 0% was too good to pass up.

    Love the convertible! :shades:
  • tribaltribal Posts: 1
    I bought a 9-3 SportCombi on 6/5 and got the 0.0% financing. At the end of the day it is too good to pass up, and I figured there aren't going to be any more 2006s coming so the time is now. We paid $31,400 for a 2.0T with AT, Cold, Premium, and sunroof. A few hundred more than TMV but they accommodated us nicely in finding the exact car we wanted. Also I got (what I think is) a good deal on my trade.
  • allysonzallysonz Posts: 5
    I went with the 0% for 60 months deal and bought a chili red metallic 93 2.0T with cold weather, automatic, premium package, moon roof for 29,436 before tax, title and doc fee. It turns out to be around 800 under invoice so I was happy with the deal. I had a friend who got his Saab 1800 under invoice but they werent offering the 0% deal at the time. So I feel that eventhough I was closer to the invoice price that in the long run (finance charges) I have a better deal. I have had my car now for about 5 days and I have to say I love everything about it! It is fun, not flashy, safe, unique looking and fast! :D
  • shawnmanshawnman Posts: 1
    My local Saab dealer has an automatic, incl.power sunroof, available with 2000 miles. His preliminary offer is $26,800. What do you feel is decent price for this vehicle or is this a good deal?
    Thanks in advance.
  • allysonzallysonz Posts: 5
    Do you have the navigation system, cold weather package and what color. If you only have auto and moonroof I would say you are not getting a good deal especiall sice it is a demo. i calculate invoice price is 27701. so you are about 1100 under invoice. Since the 2007s are coming out and technically this car is used, not new, I would think you should get at least 2000 or 3000 below invoice. That is just my opinion of course so take it with a grain of salt.
  • zoomlenszoomlens Posts: 2
    Brand New 2006 Saab 9.3 sport combi. Fusion Blue (metallic paint). Auto Transmission. Moon Roof, Premium Pkg, Cold Weather Pkg, roof rails

    Sticker price $33, 415.
    Edmunds invoice $31,425
    Edmunds TMV $31,993
    Price to me $30,688

    I think I can also get another $500 loyalty discount (this is my third Saab)

    Did I do good? It seemed too easy.
  • hongbohongbo Posts: 1
    I got one at the end of Apr. on the almost identical car (no cold pkg and rail, but with conv. pkg) for $28.8K before doc and tax. Total is $31.5K. I think you can get 0% finance so your deal is quite good.
  • fryarjtfryarjt Posts: 1
    Trying to buy my first Saab. This is the deal; 9-3 Aero sedan metallic,touring, automatic for $33140.00. I was hoping to do better but want to take advantage of the 0%.
  • Hello,

    I recently test-drove a 2006 Saab 9-3
    2.0T 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 5M)

    It was the "base" model ("Linear", I think). It had power sunroof and heated driver seat. It is a manual transmission.

    The price on the sticker was previously $28,000 but has been marked down to $26,000 by the dealer.

    Dealer includes 3 year, 36,000 free maintenance.

    The Saab website has an MSRP for a model *without* sunroof/heated seats for $26,600. Also, the TMV for the car is $27,700.

    Also, tax/title/license is not included in these prices.

    It doesn't seem like the dealer would just flat out print the lowest price they'd accept on the window. Anyone else have a 9-3 base model?


  • tratetrate Posts: 1

    Does anyone have a ballpark figure for the reasonable retail value of a 2006 9-3 Aero? I am a little skeptical about using invoice & MSRP to negotiate. The 07' models are around the corner, and I fear the depreciated value of an '06 once I take it home.

    MSRP: $33,970
    Options: Automatic
    Manufactuer Rebate: $3,000 (I don't believe this affects dealer profit)
    Location: West (CA-NV-AZ)

    Any ideas?


  • Dealer is quoting me $27,667 for an automatic w/sunroof and cold weather package. Breakdown of price is $26,600 plus titleing tax of $856, tag & title of 51.50, and processing fee of $169. Good deal?
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Yes,the '07's will be on sale by the first week of October and the likelihood is that they will have no or a very small rebate available.Therefore the $3,000 rebate on the '06's should address the issue of depreciation.Pay the dealers price minus $3000 on an '06 or the dealers price minus,at best,$500 on a 2007.
  • 9-3 aero sportcombi automatic w/touring pkg and cold weather pkg for $30k. Shame my buyers for my current vehicle were no-shows this weekend. From looking here and other forums, it looks like $30k even would be a very good deal on a 2006.
  • I assume you are talking about 06 model.
    just helped my friend got exactly the same car in black
    plus roof rail.

    he took the 0 apr option,
    the deal is $581 per month 60month (tax 8.7%)

    if instead of 0 apr loan and pay cash, the OTD price is $30200 ($27xxx before TTL)

    MSRP: $36985
    invoice: $34878
    Edmunds TMV: $30691
  • Yea, the 06 model. I would love to get into a 9-3, but would want the aero. Also, ALL of the potential buyers of my two Jeeps were no-shows this past weekend. Can't buy the Saab until I move at least one Jeep. Wife says 4 cars would be 2 too many... Currently have 97 and 98 Wranglers and Titan.

    that is better than the offer I received. I was told $30k, but then there'd be about $1350 in TTL.
  • I'm being offered an '06 0-3 Aero, Metalic Paint, Touring and Cold packages.

    I'm eligable for the GM supplier discount (not sure if good or bad yet)

    Invoice $33,418 - must include $550 in advertising??
    -$4000 rebate or 0% APR for 60 months

    is $29,418 a decent deal?

    Other fees include $239 documentation, $85 transfer and title not included in the above figure.

    Is this a good deal or is there more in the invoice price? Any thoughts as to how much more? I'm in CT and appreciate any help.

  • Bought a 2006 on 12-2.

    Aero 6-cyliner turbo.
    Cold Weather.

    The only thing it did not have was metallic paint and roof rails. 29,900 plus taxes and tags. This was a zero stress purchase and the most pleasant car buying experience I have had.
  • so you got it for $460 under invoice after the 6k incentive right?
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