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Saab 9-3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,208
    You might have better luck posting here:

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  • Tried that but nobody replied there either... thanks tho'
  • ed108ed108 Posts: 39
    Saw an '04 Certified Aero Convertible wiith all options except NAV and 14K miles, asking $39K at local dealer, TMV of $36/39K (uncertified/certified) on Edmunds. Then I see that a new '06 with auto trans, premium pkg and cold weather pkg is TMV of $40,400.

    Same 210 HP engine on both of them, leather seats on both, most of the same options. '04 Aero does have Onstar, two tone seats, the backup sensors and a few other options that I don't see even listed for the '06 2.0T, but mainly options I wouldn't even notice are missing as I don't need onstar and can parallel park on my own without my car beeping at me.

    So at the end of the day it seems to me like the Aero of '04/'05 has been rebadged the 2.0T of '06 and costs just $1400 more than a 2 year old version of itself. Am I missing something here?
  • schoupschoup Posts: 22
    I'm looking at 9-3 2.0T vs Volvo S40 and just wanted to get an if anyone who has bought an '06 9-3 could tell me what they paid. I like the 9-3 but I'm now leaning towards the Volvo S40 right now becasue of the $1500 in incentives and the depreciation is less at years 1-5 which means better RV /resale value. Saab's poor RV kind of scares me....I'm not going to be upside down on the car. The dealer starting talking about this total value promise by GM(Saab). I told the dealer..Saab lowered it's prices and added some std features that use to be options but if Volvo and Audi are offering incentives and they have better resale value/lower depreciation your going to get killed in the market. The Saab dealer is going to have to go significantly lower than the number I can get the S40 for to make up for that high depreciation. I told him to call when he has a legitimate purchase price.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Since saab cut prices so much, depreciation should be lower. A lot of the depreciation was because of the incentives--depreciation is figured from sticker price, so if a car stickers for 40K and there's a 7K incentive, then you sell the car for 20K in 3 years, official deprecaton is $20K even though you lost $13K.
  • r34r34 Posts: 178
    If you are lucky, you may be able to get a Saab cheaper than a S40, depending on the trim and options. However, S40 is not really in the same class as 9-3. 9-3 is more closed to S60. Many people were "fooled" by the MSRP price of Saab. I didn't look at Saab until I found out the huge incentive and test drove it. It is the only vehicle I will treat it as my family member.
  • schoupschoup Posts: 22
    For clarification I was talking about the Volvo S40 T5 being equivalent to the Saab 9.3 2.0T. I agree the the base S40 2.4i is not equivalent, it was to the old 9-3 Linear. The S40 T5 with the premium pkg(includes monnroof) vs the 9-3 with premium pkg and moonroof are very comparable in all features
  • birdboybirdboy Posts: 158
    can someone share with me how or if you can use a trade towards a lease? I have never leased before and have always use my trade towards a new purchase. Howm does it work with leasing?? I would like to find out prior to going to the dealer.Thanks for your help.
  • schoupschoup Posts: 22
    I was looking at a '05 Arc w/ metallic paint & moonroof MSRP $33,195 (Invoice $31,391). I was quoted $27,399.....that includes $4500 incentive. I countered at $24,400 and he countered at $26,900. At $26,900 that is essentially invoice price minus $4500 incentive. I know he can do better since I when employee pricing was going on I was quoted $27,174 for the same features by another dealer. Back then the incentive was only $3,000. I'm looking at a target price at $25,650. Looking back at old posts I saw the exact same cars sold for $27,000 K and $27,500 in Feb and April so considering this is october I think $25,650 is reasonable, also I'm taking on a huge initial depreciation.

    Any thoughts or comments?
  • snaab1snaab1 Posts: 14
    Run away from the '05, especially since you are concerned with the initial depreciation. With the revised GM pricing philosophy, the 2006 2.0T is over $4,000 cheaper than a comparable 2005 Arc. I picked up my 2006 2.0T at the end of August with a purchase price of $24,396. I am leasing it for 24 months, 15K per year, for $312 + TTT with no money down (granted, I get the GM employee price, and I had a $500 Saab lease loyalty certificate since I previously had a 2003 9-3). My '06 is really stripped down though - only metallic paint, ReAxs, 5-speed, ACC, and single disc cd - no roof, no heated seats, no fog lights, no Onstar... Minor improvements over the '05 model include the color matched door handles, and much cooler looking stock wheels. You also wrote about the S40 T-5. The Volvo is certainly a nice ride, but there are subtle things about it that I can't get over. For instance, look at an S-40 from the rear next time you see one on the road. You can clearly see the wimpy-looking exhaust, and about half of the gas tank which becomes visibly rusty and corroded after about 1 month. Don't mean to offend any ladies out there, but I have never seen a guy driving an S-40. Total chick car.
  • schoupschoup Posts: 22
    I may still get a 2006 instead of the 2005. The 2005 is $26,900. What I don't like about the 06 is that they make the std stereo the 150W which sounds pretty bad, it forces me to get the premium pkg to get the 300W stereo/speakers which is the only thing in the pkg I care about, the 5 disc changer, etc. I don't care about. Why didn't they make the 300W std and just increase the base MSRP a bit...maybe $500. I also want metallic pt & sunroof which makes the MSRP on the 2006 $30,250...My local dealer isn't moving much on the price after two weeks of emailing and phone conversations $29700. They claim that there will be no big discounts/incentives like before on Saab....the discount is in the new pricing. Which I'm not totalling buying. They don't seem to be concerned about there competitiors offering incentives already.....Volvo,Audi,etc. The 2005 Arc I was looking at was MSRP $33195 -now $26,900 an the almost equivalent 2006 is MSRP $28370 but doesn't have the 300W stereo system; to get the stereo system(premim pkg $30,265) that's my deliemna I am torn on the decision. The thing is also I haven't heard anyone posting what there paying on the 2006. So either sales or slow or nobody is getting a deal worth talking about.
  • chaz318chaz318 Posts: 16
    this question really has nothing to do with prices paid but it involves $$, so this seems to be an appropriate place to ask it. I am considering the purchasing of a 9-3, and i was just curious as to what everyone here has been paying for insurance on it. i know different people different numbers, different companies, different records, but in general does this car create high insurance premiums, low ones, or however other way you describe it. thanks
  • Yesterday I bought a new 9-3 2.0T, and I would like to share some of my experience.
    I had been looking for some time, and using Edmunds and other sources, I was sure that I would be able to handle about $30000 for a total price including sales tax (3.2% here). Using the Saab websites 'build your own tool' I knew I wanted the 9-3 2.0T with automatic transmission, premium package, and fusion blue metallic paint. After a couple of dealer visits, test drives, comparison shopping, etc., I was ready to take the big plunge. It is important to note that I have a working vehicle, so I felt no real pressure to settle then and there. First problem at the lot was that there were no fusion blues. This was not really a problem in that I know that usually dealers could get one from another dealer. The next problem was that the design it yourself tool is kind of a fiction. Just because you can put different features together, doesn't mean that they are really available that way. In this part of the country (Virginia) virtually all 9-3's that are imported are basic models or fairly well loaded models. It is almost impossible to get a 9-3 with the premium package without the sunroof (that I would rarely use) or the cold weather package (that I don't need). If I wanted the premium package with no sun roof it would require a special order from the factory and a wait of about 3 months. Like I said, I have a working vehicle, so I felt no great pressure. They found a fusion blue 9-3 with sun roof, cold weather package, and automatic that had just come in on the boat. With this knowlege, the salesman says, "Let's see what we can do." So he confers with the manager, and he comes up with a number close to $31000. Now understand, I do not consider myself the cagiest negotiator in the world. In my life, I have only bought two other vehicles new, and I have no idea how well I did with them. "How does this look," he says. I look at the number and come back with $30500, doing a quick mental calculation of about $1000 in sales tax. They confer again, and they agree to that number. So basically, I just bought myself a pretty well loaded 9-3 for $30500, before tax. A little more than I originally wanted to go, but I know I can handle it. Just for confirmation, I went to the Edmusds TMV tool, and I believe I did pretty well. In retrospect, I bet I could have been more agressive when I came back with my price. I think now that I might have been able to go closer to $30000. But as I said, I don't do these negotiations all that frequently. Did I do well?
    I pick the car up next week. Can't wait.
  • schoupschoup Posts: 22
    The car is equipped w/ metallic paint, automatic, premium pkg, sunroof, cold weather pkg----MSRP$32,165...invoice $30,267....and you got it for $30,500. Saab was offering $500 hot button. Probably a decent deal especially since it seems you don't like to haggle. Happy driving!
  • schoupschoup Posts: 22
    I started looking for a '05 9-3 Arc's since the my local dealer isn't moving on prices on '06's. Got quoted 9-3 Arc w/ metallic paint, moonroof, cold pkg---$25,400...MSRP $33,195 I talked to another dealer about Arc w/ metallic pt, automatic, moonroof, cold pkg quoted $25,748....MSRP $34,545...I think that's a pretty good price I am still waiting to hear back from 2 other dealers on Arc's identical to the second car pt.,auto,moonroof, cold pkg. Anyone else seeing similar pricing on '05 that aren't demos.
  • I thinking about purchasing a 9-3 Areo (w/ auto trans - MSRP is just over $35k), and was wondering if anyone happens to know what the GMS discount would be?

    Having never owned a Saab before, is the dealership the only location where the car can be serviced for oil changes, belts, etc? Are there any Saab "quirks" that I should be aware of?

    Thank you
  • On the Saab website, they mention the military sales program in which basically every model is discounted by $4000-5000. Does anyone know any details on this program or have any experiences with it??...can I go to any Saab dealer to utilize this discount?? Any insight would be appreciated. I'm stateside active duty if that helps.
  • adp33adp33 Posts: 10
    ok, stupid question - did Saab eliminate one of the 9-3 models (the top end) for 2006?

    2005 was Linear, Arc, Aero, right?

    (I'm thinking about the convertible)
  • saablcpsaablcp Posts: 195
    Saab took the Linear and Arc models and morphed them into one model the 2.0T. Base 175 H.P.engine dropped and replaced by the 210 H.P.larger turbo.Standard equipment brought closer to that of the '05 Arc,incl.power drivers seat and dual-zone climate control.Body colored moldings and door handles also.Audio system power and speakers same as '05 linear with the control and display of '05 Arc.Pricing of'06 2.0T actually lower by $1,400 than an '05 Linear with Premium Pkg.Aero models go back to their traditional position in the Saab model lineup...indicating a Model with a unique engine this case the 2.8Liter,250 H.P V-6.
  • I have never owned a Saab before, but I decided to buy a convertible, and the Saab seemed to have four full seats. I found a 2005 metallic silver aero ragtop with automatic transmission, heated seats, colored tonneau for $36,000. The MSRP is 46, and the Invoice is 43,900.

    Anyone know if this is a good deal?
  • schoupschoup Posts: 22
    I'm looking at 9-3 2005 Arc's and have tracked down a few in my state and bordering states. Does anyone know what the manufacturer rebate/incentive is on 2005. Some dealers are calculating with $6000 and others $6500 mfr rebate/incentive. Anyone know what the actual mfr incentive is? Most everyone is quoting based on invoice price minus what they claim the rebate is which seems to vary. I'm looking at new cars and not demos but does anyone understand why with these fully loaded demos(4000-6000 miles) many dealers are trying to prices them as if they are new.
  • Bitter buying experience at Parkfield Saab in Rocheller Park, New Jersey. Avoid this dealership like the plague. Manager is a creepy high-school drop out who should have tried out for an extra on the Sopranos. Will do their best to rip you off...BE WARNED! GM needs to cut people like this if they want to stay in business.
  • We just bought from Saab of Hunterdon and had a very nice experience. They were very laid back and cooperative in finding the car we wanted. If you go through Edmunds, they will give a very competitive price.

    Used the GM Supplier discount through my wife's company.

    With the Supplier discount and the $500 Saab Year End Cash Bonus, we paid about $150 over invoice for a 2.0T SportCombi. I was happy with this price especially since SportCombi's appear to be in short supply right now.

    Not sure if this would be the case for a 2006 Aero or 9-5.
  • schoupschoup Posts: 22
    I'm going to buy a 9-3 sedan. My big decision is whether to get the premium pkg. The main reason I would get it is the 150W base stereo is pretty bad, the walnut trim I think looks better and pwr passenger seat (is a nice extra but I will never be a passenger). The rest of the package I don't really care about..I could live with out and not miss the : 6 cd changer, xenons, hands free phone wiring, fog lights, remote windows/moonroof, express up/down windows.

    The best quote $29,500 on MSRP$32,165 with metallic paint, moonroof, cold pkg, premium pkg and $27,500 on MSRP$30,270 with same setup without premium pkg .

    Any opinions on price and premium pkg?

    To car_man do you think incentives are going to go up for january?
  • I avoided the Premium Package on our SportCombi. I thought it was a lot of cash for very little value: $1,700 for a better radio.

    The standard headlights are the best I've ever used. The radio isn't great but we have young kids so it's rarely up loud anyhow. There is very little interior wood in the 2.0T so slightly better wood doesn't mean much anyhow.

    If you want to spend more money, upgrade to the Aero and avoid the Touring package for the same reasons. The seats in the Aero are spectacular – an option I would have paid for in the 2.0T.
  • schoupschoup Posts: 22
    I don't really want to spend the extra to get the 2006 Aero but I did find a new(45 miles on it) silver metalic 2005 Aero with automatic, heated seats, xenon lights for $29,967(MSRP $36,595) which is less than the loaded 2006 2.0T which is $29,500 (MSRP$32,165) I'm now thinking about getting the 2005 Aero instead.
  • The GMS discount for a 2.0T SportCombi was $643 over invoice. Another $500 off for the Saab Year End Cash Bonus was applied so we paid $143 over invoice.

    Not sure if it's the same for an Aero.
  • kk2482kk2482 Posts: 33
    I've never owned a Saab, and was wondering - is it was expensive to maintain?

    Is the dealership the only place where the oil can be changed, and other standard maintenance be done? Is this frequent or rare - and pricy or avg?

    Does the Saab 93Linear come with the old style belts or the long lasting steel belts?

    Thanks a million! ;)
  • I can't comment on long-term costs - we recently bought our first Saab.

    The warranty covers “all scheduled maintenance” for 3 years or 36k miles. The service interval is 10k miles and includes a major maintenance cycle at 20k.

    Even though they use synthetic oil, this seems like a long interval for a new turbocharged car. The dealer said that most people who own pay to have the oil changed every 5k miles. That’s what I plan to do.

    I wouldn’t take the Saab to Jiffy Lube – I’ve seen them screw up far less sophisticated cars. We have a local mechanic who specializes in imported cars and I trust. I will probably take the car there for some of the oil changes not covered by the maintenance plan.
  • I looked in the manual for belts. The Drive belt is called a "poly-V" belt - whatever the hell that means.
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