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Saab 9-3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kk2482kk2482 Posts: 33
    Thank you for the information. That last part made me laugh, lol :)
  • The SAAB military discount is an amazing deal. I am probably going to go with the Acura TL instead of the 9-3 Aero because of 1) size of the backseat, 2) reliability (total cost of ownership and maint costs), and 3) the navigation system in the SAAB sucks.

    Having said that. I priced out a loaded, except navigation, for $29,759. There is no room for negotiation but since i offered the dealer in PA to come to him from NC, he was going to take off another $300. The document fee in NC is about $400 while the doc fee in PA is only $55. HARD to pass that one up and the SAAB dealer in Raleigh was not willing to negotiate.

    In any way, I would definitely recommend the military sales program for SAAB. Remember, however, that it is not available on the 9-2X or the 9-7.

  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    I'm looking at convertibles like the SAAB 9-3, the new Volvo C70, and perhaps the Audi. Any comments on price, fun to drive, reliability, etc. of the convertible?
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    I would appreciate some commments on the deal I am being offered on the following vehicle:
    Silver 9-3 Aero Convertible (black top)
    2004 (sold in Jan of '05)
    18000 miles
    Two tone gray leather int
    Multi Player in-dash CD
    Condition appears to be excellent all round with the exception of some scuffing of the passenger side A pillar and the expected wear of the seats.
    Carfax comes back clean.
    Asking price is non negotiable $30K.
    I am not getting a great price for my RX8 but perhaps it is offset by the price of the Saab.
    Whatcha think?
  • ukjimukjim Posts: 63
    Since no one replies to these postings why not shut this board down? There is something to be said for the Mazda forum, at least they are passionate about their cars.
  • nothanksnothanks Posts: 1
    I just picked up a 2006 9-3 2.0t and I figured I would shoot you guys a review.

    - It's a blast to drive. I have to keep looking at the speedometer to make sure I'm keeping it reasonable.
    - Great exterior styling.
    - From what I read from objective sources it's a very safe car.
    - I assume it will be amazing in the snow like my last Saab. Nothing like brushing some snow off my car and passing by a team of 4 people with shovels and brooms trying to get an Acura going (true story).
    - I don't understand the complaints about the stereo, the sound is great.

    - They replaced the one time leather trim with plastic which is an obvious disappointment.
    - The leather seats are average.
    - They could have been a bit more innovative with the controls.
  • rongrong Posts: 9
    I leased 9-3 Arc 2003 since August 2003. Although I enjoy to peppy engine and driving experience, I am far from been pleased with the reliability and building quality. I recently leased Passat Wagon 2007 and it is a different world.

    Never mind the materials quality which is incomparable to the low GM based SAAB, the building quality is far better. During my 2 ½ years of ownership, I replaced the MFT stereo twice, had problem with the SW which control the sunroof, problem with the SW which control the brakes, had continues engine malfunctions alerts, which found to be false and during the drive I hear all kind of noises that you won’t hear in a German and Japanese car.

    I am still enjoying the driving experience, which feels faster and more responsive than my Passat 2.0 and similar engine, but I doubt if I will get another SAAB, when my lease is up.

    BTW- I got the car through a GM supplier discount which was far lower than the retail and below invoice. I paid $3.5k down and $320 a month for 48 months including everything, taxes and MV fees.
    This car is loaded with Auto, Sunroof, cold package, OnStar and convenient package
  • bearjjjbearjjj Posts: 4
    I am searching 2006 SAAB 9-3 with auto, metalic and cold package in NJ, my company also have supplier discount. However, the dealer only showed me the price is 26500, I wonder if there is still some space to bargain on it?

    BTW, DON'T GO PAUL MILLER SAAB in NJ, the manager is very rude, when I asked him if he can give me better price, he even collect all materials and let me go!!!!! So BAD experience.
  • lasaablasaab Posts: 8
    Hi there Everyone:

    Everyone here seems pretty knowledgeable about the 9-3 and I was wondering you could give me some advice on leasing this car since it will be my first car lease on my own.

    I'm moving to Los Angeles in 3 days which is where I plan on leasing the vehicle, and I was wondering what the best deals are, what I should expect to pay per month, the financing rates, and residual values for a 24 month lease, with 12k miles per year.

    I want to put down as little as possible up front and I also am not interested in the current 27 month lease promotion that they have on their website because when I worked out the numbers it didn't seem like a good deal.

    I'm looking for the Saab 9-3 2.0T 4cyl turbo with automatic transmission- other than that I'm not looking for any other upgrades.

    Also, when do the 2007 models come out-- will that make the prices on the 2006 models go down? Should I be getting a better deal since I plan on purchasing at the end of the month and during Memorial Day Weekend?

    Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • jim99000jim99000 Posts: 11

    For the past few months, Saab has offered its dealers a $2000 incentive for each 9-3 sold. This is an unadvertised incentive. Some dealers will pass that savings directly to you - insist on it or go to another dealer.

    That incentive also may have gone up this month because the model year is coming to a close and Saab sales in May were down. Ask your dealer (actually, ask a few dealers so you get a straight answer).

    You should be able to get the car you're looking at for between $25,000 and $25,400 (or less, esp. if the incentives have increased). Figure out the invoice price for the options you want (looks like its $27,471 w/ destination charge), subtract $2000 (or whatever the current incentive is), and negotiate down from there among several dealers to see what their real breaking point is (i.e., at what price they let you walk out the door without buying). Different dealers have different attitudes toward doing an invoice or below invoice deal.

    Try JMK in Springfield, NJ.
  • nickl1nickl1 Posts: 2
    I am shopping for a 2006 Aero 20th Anniversary edition convertible (supposedly only 300 made). Are you finding any deals out there on these? One dealer is willing to give $3000 off on an automatic, another one $2750 off on a 6 speed stick. What is everyone else seeing compared to this?

    I still have some reservations about the reliability of the car. I've owned 5 Saabs over the years (1970 - 1999) and absolutely loved driving all of them, but they were all also unreliable. Have the 2006's gotten any better (since they started assembling them in Austria), or should I go for the new Volvo C70 conertible?

  • allysonzallysonz Posts: 5
    How do you know they get a $2000 incentive? Do you know how long this will last. I am looking at purchasing a new SAAB probably in July or August. I dont want to miss the opportunity to negotiate well below invoice.
  • jim99000jim99000 Posts: 11

    Several different dealers have told me about the $2000 dealer cash and all have used it during my negotiations. It does not show up on most "incentive lists" such as the one Edmunds puts together, but it definitely exists.

    This is money going from Saab to its dealers for each 9-3 sold, not from Saab to customers. Thus, you need to specifically ask the dealer to include it in the deal if you want to benefit from it.

    When you negotiate, tell the dealers (you should talk to several different dealers) that you want the $2000 applied to reduce the purchase price. Most dealers will do so without much protestation.

    There's no guarantee it will last beyond June but it probably will continue until the new model year begins in the early fall. On the flip side, it becomes harder with each passing week to find the exact car with the exact options you want.

    By July or August, it might be more than $2000. That's why I haven't purchased yet - I'm hoping that Saab matches offers from some of its competitotrs (for example, Cadillac now offers $3500 in incentives for the CTS and Jaguar $3500 for the X-Type, making the 2.8L CTS slightly cheaper and the X-Type only slightly more expensive than the 9-3).
  • apm4apm4 Posts: 4
    I am new to this form and have a couple questions. I am planning the lease of a 2006 Saab 9-3 turbo. As of now I have 14 months left on a Saturn lease at 242.00 a month (smartbuy).

    The dealer offered 8,750 for the car (the buyout is 10,500)for my Saturn. I also have a GM in the driveway discount of 1,000 dollars. Therefore the deal as of now for the Saab 9-3 stands at: 3,000 dollars down and 369.00 a month for 27 months, 12k/yr. This includes all fees/taxes and the release of my Saturn contract. The first question, is this a good deal?

    The next and more important question is this 2,000 "hidden incentive" spoken about in the above posting. Is this offered in NY state and how should I go about gaining this incentive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • rapowitzrapowitz Posts: 12
    I'm shopping for a Saab 9-3 SC as well as some other comparable cars and have been told there is a $2,000 dealer incentive on this car (and other 9-3's I think). I understand this incentive to be strictly for Southeast dealerships though. I live in Georgia and have been offered it.
  • jim99000jim99000 Posts: 11
    The $2,000 is available in NJ (where I live) and thus probably NY, as well as probably the rest of the country.

    I'm not that familiar with leasing so I don't know if it'll help with that. My guess is that it won't - Saab is offering a pretty good lease deal and for those who want to purchase the car instead, it's offering the $2,000.
  • hgershmanhgershman Posts: 15
    Thank you for the $2000 info! I'm currently in e-mail negotiations with dealer outside of NYC and, when I mentioned the $2K, he rolled right over! Wait till he hears I've got $500 loyalty AND early lease termination!! Thanks again!
  • hgershmanhgershman Posts: 15
    Wait a minute! Time out! What has $2K dealer cash got to do with whether I buy or lease?? Idea here is to lower the sale price regardless, no?
  • sarahapsarahap Posts: 10
    I'm in the market for an '03 off-lease 9-3 Linear. Have found 5 in my neighborhood, 2 on lot of up-scale imports dealer and 3 on Saab lot as CPO's. All have comparable mileage--22k-29k, all same options, all same asking price $17,950. When I price out the options on Edmunds TMV, the dealer price is $17,800 for dealer price, $20,200 for CPO. So, of course, I like the CPO better, though I'm not sure just what the buys me. That's my first question, I guess. What do I get with the CPO? I've only driven the ones on the other lot so far but found the ones at the Saab dealership on-line. And the next question, I'm not unhappy with the $17,950 asking price but it looks like, with several nearly identical cars on the block (literally, on this block), I'm in a position to get a better price. Except that I don't negotiate well. I'm a total sucker on the car lot. Please advise. And am I crazy to buy this car? :confuse:

    Thank you, oh-wise-ones!
  • hgershmanhgershman Posts: 15
    Can someone give me residual value and finance charges for a 2006 Saab 9-3 for a 36 month lease w/12K miles in New York? I've been given 55% and 60% by two different dealers! Thanks. P.S. the $2K dealer cash is not good for lease program!
  • starbirdstarbird Posts: 38
    You get free servicing, free emergency service coverage up to 36,000, 3 years, then 4 year 50,000 warranty on parts as part of the standard package. A certified saab adds another 2 years 100,000 to the warranty. There are more details on saab's web site. I assume the cars you've been looking at have a moonroof and an automatic in the price range you're looking in.
  • dianacodianaco Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if the cost of repairning a SAAB is more expensive than an americian car? I've been told it's much more expensive. Any advice on this car? :shades:
  • dmarianidmariani Posts: 3
    does anyone know if the $2000 cash incentive is still on?
  • mannyfreshmannyfresh Posts: 10
    Just bought new saab 9-3 with moonroof and premium package for 26,700 before taxes and after $500 rebate. Please let me know if i got a good deal?????? Have not taken delivery yet.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Repairs will typicaly be more expensive than an american car, but they may or may not be much more, as saab is owned by GM now.

    Basically all cars cost a lot to repair nowadays. OTOH, my old '97 saab broke every 2-3 months.

  • With my GM discount I'm getting a price of 27600 with taxes is this a good deal? Seems everyone else on here is getting 26,000

    27600 dollars at 12,000/yr. The salemen said the price was set by GMAC. You can negotiate lease prices RIGHT?????
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    You should negotiate a lease price just as if you were purchasing the vehicle!


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  • angy168angy168 Posts: 18
    I am in the market looking to buy a Saab, so should I negotiate from invoice price minus the 2k incentive or from MSRP? Any help will appreciate.
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Subtract the rebate from the invoice. The dealer will still make a little money from this, as there is a holdback. Negotiate UP from there, and not much! Go to a few dealers, let them know you're price shopping and ready to pull the trigger on a great deal.
  • angy168angy168 Posts: 18
    Thanks for the info. If the dealer doesn't have the color that I want and he needs to swap with another dealer from the port, does it mean the price won't go down much as compared to the one in the lot? Also, does anyone think GM will do another GM employee price this summer (like last summer)?
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