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    Drive both, then decide. I thought the extra 10K was worth it, and bought an S Cab. By the time you option out the base Carrera, you are close to an S anyway in price (you will want fewer options with an S).

    Some other thoughts:

    (1) There is no difference in comfort or useability with 19 inch wheels. My S Cab has been a daily driver for 2500 miles since June and handles flawlessly. It is less harsh than my old Audi 2001 S4 with stock suspension.
    (2) Same can be said with PASM. The car handles much tighter with PASM in sport mode. Even in sport mode, it is less harsh than my stock S4.
    (3) Clearly, if you think that the extra 10K isn't worth it, go for the base Carrera--it is a wonderful car. But drive both if you can--there is nothing like personal experience to guide you.

    To get an idea of where there are cars to test--check out the Porshce website under "find a dealer." Get all dealers within 100 miles of you, then go to their websites and find their new 911 inventory. You will find and S and non-S 911 to test...
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    In the event I order a 911 S Cabriolet, would I be nuts to get it in Speed Yellow?

    I let my daughters pick spa yellow as the color for my previous $32k Honda S2000, and I'm even willing to go with Speed Yellow on a $60k Boxster S, but I'm concerned that speed yellow might be a bit over the top on a $100k 911 Cab. Porsche itself features a 4 page fold out of a Cab S in speed yellow in its brochure, and I think it looks great. However, the dealer has suggested that an extra $825 for Seal Gray on a 911 would be a more appropraitely conservative choice and better for future resale.

    Any opinions?
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    I have to agree with your first impressions.. Not that I would get it, but Speed Yellow would seem more appropriate on a Boxster, than a 911...

    Of course, I really like the Seal Gray.... so, I may be biased.

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    There's a reason that Porsche used that color to promote the Cab, because it looks good. Also, I think cabriolet should be in bright sunny color instead of dark colors. Anyway, I think you need to pick one that you like the best (you are paying $100K for it). By the way, I also ordered one in Speed Yellow
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    bsummer/htat/s4 Once again, many thanks for taking the time to post some great insights. I've had lots of tricked out BMWs (full Alpina conversions etc), hence my consideration of the M3. But, I've always wanted a 911. And as you pointed out a quick car with some compromise or pretty much the epitome of a true sports car.

    I've avoided, for awhile this dilemma as I made a small real estate investment today that will tie up some of my $$$ for a bit.

    Good thing I have my AMC Pacer station wagon for my second car =)
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    I think worth the money for the 'S' pckg. I have not driven the 997, but I also own a 01 C5 vette 6spd coupe and it feels about as fast as my 997S. The handling, build quality etc. shows no comparison however between the two. The Porsche is significantly better. I would have just hated to drive home in a car that felt slower than my 'Bowling Green Iron' IMHO!
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    In the event I order a 911 S Cabriolet, would I be nuts to get it in Speed Yellow?

    No, but it would be a curious color for a 911 Cabrio. I could see it on a Coupe maybe, but not on a Cabrio, imo. I think the best color for the 997 is Midnight Blue with that Sand Beige interior. That is stunning, yet tasteful to me. Porsche also has a green that I like, but I'm not sure what its called. I do know thats its like a 3K option.

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    I'm not ashamed to expose my ignorance here (I have plenty) about Porsche options--I think the Speed yellow would look good on a coupe as well, and don't they offer contrasting color on the seat piping as an option? Black interior with yellow piping. Seems like a combination you 'd see on one of the tuner cars, like Ruf etc.

    OTOH, it seems that as soon as you get the car you may subconsciously be thinking about re-sale down the road and that may not be a combination that appeals to a lot of folks.

    I live in So Cal (sure many posters here do too) and some guy--don't know who--has, or had a yellow RR convertible with black interior that's always conspicuously parked with the top down on Rodeo Drive.

    Land Rover had bright yellow as an option I believe—it looked all right on the Disco, but seemed a bit much for the Range Rover. Smaller cars seem better able to handle different or wilder colors. I recall that Porsche had deep plumb color (aubergene-sp?) many years ago that looked nice
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    Interesting difference of opinion, I think the Speed Yellow looks better on a 911 Cab or Boxster than a 911 coupe. I like the contrast between the yellow and black top and interior. However, in coupe form, I'd probably go with seal grey or silver. With the entire car in speed yellow (i.e. the roof of the coupe), it looks a little too much like an Easter egg, IMO. If you swing by a Porsche dealership, the 2005 "New 911" brochure features the Cab S in Speed Yellow.

    Midnight Blue is beautiful - clean! But it's a little too close to the black that I've had once that drove me nuts and showed swirl marks way to soon. I think I saw the Olive Green that you referred to. I also thought it looked good, but that is one of the colors that I've heard is extremely hard on resale. Not an issue for someone planning to keep the car for 10 years.
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    Hello Steelcruiser,

    You seem to be pretty knowledgeable on this subject. If I was to purchase a new base model 911, the options I would include would be the Xenon lighting, leather seats and the Bose sound system. Given that Porsche can and does nickel and dime you to death when it comes to options, which other options would you absolutely insist on purchasing? 19 inch wheels? If so, does it effect the ride greatly? I do not have hard driving habits. I plan to use this car pretty regularly, I plan on having it for a very long time and would be willing to sacrifice some performance for comfort.

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    I guess I would be to paranoid driving a yellow Porsche. I think that would draw too much attention from the law.

    Yes thats it, Olive Green. Stunning color. I can see it on a Cab, but I don't know what color the top would be. I don't like black tops.

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    Hello everybody,
    The dealer informed me yesterday at 4:30 PM Pacific time that my Porsche 911S 2006 just came out of the truck, can't wait to go and get it today.
    Let you know how it is...... :):):):):)
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    What a priceless moment that must be. Enjoy!

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    Thanks for the congrats, but it is NOT a priceless moment.............. it is very Pricey !!!!!!!

    I'll enjoy it fully. :):D:):D:)
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    I just got a 06 997S coupe in GT silver because it just rolled off the truck and it had everything else I wanted on it, and it was there. Jumped right the F*&k in!.... you only live once right? So far after 250 somewhat pampered miles I think it is everything I hoped it would be. I got the sport shifter, mirrors and bose as options. Wanted Nav, but can add it later. Awesome looking car. Anyone know why the GT Silver and a few of Porsche's other metallic paints are 3k options? Does Jessica Alba put the paint on or what?
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    Not sure why, especially, when you can pay an extra couple for a custom color. I am picking up my Speed Yellow tomorrow...CAN"T WAIT!
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    Too bad you live on the other side of the country, or I'd be bringing the Dom Perignon just to have a ride in the passenger seat.

    Congratulations on a beatiful car. In the event you are more techically proficient than me, please snap a digital photo and post. I'd love to see a real Speed Yellow 997.

    Drive carefully.
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    SB I'm learning a lot about these cars from this forum. I'm trying to make the decision you seem to be grappling with too. A Carrera or a Carrera S. My limited research on pricing/options etc, lead me to think the Carrera is just fine, but if you think you want or need the extra HP, then get the S. I think you're right about the options situation. I can't believe how many options Porsce offers. My own thinking on options is there are probably "must have" options for potential resale at some point, but paint to sample, the ceramic breaks etc...I don't know. Nav systems seem to be becoming something to have

    I've read through many of the posts on here and there are certainly lots of knowledgeable people here with some great inputs which I'm finding very helpful

    As an aside, I've done research on the various dealers within a 100 mile radius of my house and have been surprised at how negative the comments are regarding both sales and service.

    Just my .02 for the moment
  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Member Posts: 402
    Is it possible to share your buying experience and a ball park price? (don't know it that violates board rules or not)
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    Thank you Steelcruiser. My thoughts on the NAV system are to leave it out. If this was a "normal" car I would replace every 3-4 years, no problem. The 911, in my opinion, is a mobile piece of art which I plan on keeping for a very long time. Although my other family cars, a 2001 BMW 740iL, a 2004 Acura MDX and a 2005 Audi A4, all have NAV systems which are great, the technology changes and improves so rapidly it seems that adding a NAV system on a car that I plan on keeping for possibly decades seems inappropriate due to it's near-term obsolecence.

    I think I'll stick with the Xenon lights, the Bose system, leather interior and possibly a few minor cosmetic items on the base model.

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    I have similar feelings on the Nav system--as this will not be a daily driver and I can drive from my garage to the living room blindfolded, so I don't need the Nav system. I figure I'll put at most 15 or 20 miles a year on the car =))

    Speaking of which, I'd like to see "them" make the displays moveable to optimize the viewing of the screens--it would be nice if the screens could be tilted and adjusted like the rear view mirrors, so you could get that "just right" position. I'm not familiar with the newer voice activated systems. I wonder if they allow you to say "go to Bob's house"?
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    Good point on the screens. Seems like an easy problem to solve.

    This wouldn't necessarily be an every day car, but not far behind. I do plan on putting fairly significant miles on this car. Porsche, unlike other high-end cars, seems to be made to drive. Friends of ours have an early-60's model which they still drive virtually daily. It's unbreakable. On the other hand, I have friends that own Ferrari's who keep it in the garage. You think upkeep on a Porsche is expensive? $8,000 "tune ups" every 15,000 miles. What's the use?
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    For what it's worth, I test drove a 2006 997 coupe yesterday with the sport chrono option. I initially though it was mostly aesthetic, but after activating it, I noticed the faster throttle response immediately. So if you are going to add a few "cosmetic" items to the 911, this is one I would suggest considering that adds an interesting visual and functional/performance touch.

    Good point on the obsolescense of the Nav system, but I figure if it works for me now, I'll still be reasonably happy in 7-10 years. When you look at the interior of a 993 or even 996 compared to a 997, you quickly realize how much the entire older interior has become aesthetically obsolete.
  • sborowskisborowski Member Posts: 8
    The interior on the 05' is superior, not to mention getting away from the ugly Boxster-type headlights. Seems like the 05' has taken a huge leap forward.
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    Re: Nav system. The good news is that this can be installed at any time--since all 997s have the PCM screen it's just a module add-on. So, this is a $2k nut that you can defer . . .

    Regarding other options, the most important in my view are:
    Xenon headlights [should be standard]
    Rear wiper [does anyone have any views on this? I am told it is very helpful]
    Electrochromic rear and side view mirrors [should be standard]
    Electrically adjustable seats
    Heated seats
    Bose stereo
    CD changer

    Other thoughts?

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    I have a feeling the CD changer could be added later on. One thing I like, is the crest on the wheels colored in red, yellow and black. I think that's an extra too.

    Not sure about the rear wiper except the rear window is pretty flat?

    Yikes! $8,000 for a Ferrari tuneup? No wonder you see so many advertised with so few miles/
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    When I researched post delivery NAV the "option cost" went from a little over $2K to about $3.5K. I'm not sure anyone "needs" the NAV, but having it factory installed seemed the better option.
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    I generally agree with you list, with a couple of adjustments:

    (1) Power seats: There are three optional seats: power, sport (non-power), and adaptive (sport w/ power). They are, as I recall, about $1,550, $760, and $3,000+ respectively over the standard non-power, non-sport. In the case of the non-power seats, there are certain adjustments that are electric, just not all and, most importantly, the "power" option gives you memory settings for the seats and mirrors. In a 911, I'd go with "adaptive", since my wife and I would both be driving it and we both like the sport seats. In the case of a Boxster S, I'd rather have non-power sport seats than the standard seats with power. I'd be the primary driver and I can deal with the occasional adjustment.

    (2) Sport Chrono: I won't get a 911 (or Boxster S) without the sport chrono package, now that I've had the chance to test drive it. It's probably 50/50 performance and looks, so itf you don't like the look, pass, but there is a performance benefit.

    (3) I'd also like PASM which comes standard on the 911 S. I'm only considering Boxster S's with it.

    (4) Sport steering whell - a $250 +/- option that nobody should pass on, given the chance. Looks and feels much better than the standard steering wheel.

    (5) Rear wiers don't apply to the Cabriolet, but I don't think I would find them particularly useful and an aesthetic distraction. At speed, the rain sheets off the rear window and I would hope not too many 911 purchasers are going to use them in snow.

    (6) Performance driving school: Almost a must for the 911. The Boxster S is a perfectly balanced, intuitive to drive car. The 911 is not. With all of it's potentially exceptional capabilities, you need to know what you are doing to drive it properly. I confess, I don't. So, unless you like the idea of a $90k sports car driven like a $40k sedan, I think Skip Barber or equivalent is mandatory for the 911.

    Highly subjective, these option priorities. Guess that's why Porsche capitalizes on them with their obscene pricing.

    P.S. Both the Nav and CD changer can be added after purchase, but be aware. Quotes form two dealers on adding a CD changer to a in-stock Boxster S were $650 (factory cost) and $1,400 (suggested price for dealer installed). Quotes from the same two dealers on adding the Nav module: $2,000 and $4,000, respecitively.
  • steelcruisersteelcruiser Member Posts: 402
    Good point on the driving school and seats. Guess I'd be listening to the engine sounds more than CDs, so the changer is no big deal to me.

    These posts on options remind me of the Porsche TV commercial from a few years ago that showed the guys looking at their socks and then a Porsche emerges painted to match =)
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    Very helpful feedback. A few follow-up Qs:

    1. Sport Seats. Can you be more specific re: seats. My understanding is that sport seats are more appropriate for shorter, "spirited" drives, but tend to cause fatigue over long hauls. Am I incorrect?

    2. Sports Chrono. You appear to be a real believer re: sports chrono. My issues here are: cost, and silliness. Performance point is important to consider. I think it looks good too. However, having a stopwatch on one's dashboard, when one steps back to consider it, seems a little ridiculous. The only stopwatch to worry about is the one built into the Highway Patrol's laser (unless you're logging a lot of track time) . . . and thus I may spend the $$ on a Valentine One instead. Or I may be weak and get this anyway.

    3. PASM. If I'm not getting an S, PASM seems like too much $$. If I spring for that, I'll just get the S. As I've said before, I'm more inclined to put my $$ towards the 4 wheel drive.

    4. Sports steering wheel. I find people's interest in the sports steering wheel to be fascinating. I actually think that (and I know this is heresy) most of Porsche's modern steering wheels are ugly, so I am always curious to hear this.

    5. Rear wipers. I take your point. The reason that I'm leery is that, interestingly enough, my X5 would be virtually undriveable in heavy rain without this feature . . . there's something about the design that causes water to pool up on the (near vertical!) rear window. I'd never have considered this option but for my X5.

    6. Driving school. I agree that it's a must. I'll probably wait until after my car's broken in (so I'm not tempted). I think of Porsche driving the way I always think of SCUBA diving: exhilarating buy scary. Without the fear (another reason for Carrera 4)--one can get bitten. The downsides to rear-biased weight distribution and power-on understeer . . .

    Thanks. I've found that all of the recent comments have been very constructive and the dialogue very interesting. Much appreciated.

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    Got my 911S last week. Was in the hunt.... went to the dealer here in LA to do a test drive on an S as I had driven a base model some time ago. The stars must have alinged because they had just rolled a GT silver S off the truck and it was still wrapped up. I love the GT silver but did not really want or understand the paint premium for that color. The car had a black interior, sport shifter ( great option) sport chrono and bose. I jumped in and cut a pretty good lease deal for 3 years. It was a car they could have sold 10 times over that weekend. I did not want to go through the order wait process.

    So far It's everything it claims to be and I'm not moving the tach past 5000 rpms! The steering is fantastic and the handling precise but I do notice the "nose bob" that others have sighted in non- flat cornering. PASM is firm as all hell on sport setting.... too much for the lousy streets in LA.

    Sport Chrono=great option. Cannot believe Porsche only charges 920 bucks for this.

    Bose system is good.... not sure if it's great yet.

    Mine came with Perelli P-zero's (rosso) I have seen others with the Pilot Sports. Any opinions out there on which is a better tire. I have had Perelli's on a 993 and the rear's were toast at 12k miles.

    Interior room is good although the footwell still fells snug to me and I'm not that tall.

    Looking for a good radar detector and thought's . Seems to be between Valentine and Escort.

    Anybody out there go the "clear bra" route yet. I already have a stone chip so I'm going there.

    So far it has had one glitch and that is the locking device is sometimes not working and I am getting the horn beep indicating a false. Dealer says it may be the door latch mechanism. Hope it is not an issue.

    Other than that it's the purest, cleanest looking car on the road and the sound and performance..well we all know about that.!
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    Glad to hear you like the car. I agree on the paint cost issue . . . it truly is baffling. A few Qs:

    1. What is the deal with the nose bob?
    2. Why do you like the sport shifter so much?
    3. Why do you like the sports chrono so much?
    4. Can you get a set of golf clubs in the back seat?

    I have a clear bra on my SC430. While it isn't the perfect solution (better, cleaner roads is the only solution), it is much better than a leather bra--and much less likely to abrase the paint.

    As to radar detectors, my understanding that Valentine 1 is the only way to go . . .


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    Think I found a forum for the various tire options on Tire Rack. IIRC, tire wear was anywhere from 6-12K or so for the rears on the 911s

    Does it violate forum rules to give a hint as to what you paid and the dealer? (I too am in SoCal)

    Hmmm, I know there's a dealer in the valley and in T Oaks, and of course 90210
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    I ordered my 06-997 S Coupe in Seal Gray Metallic 4 months ago and it finally arrived Thursday, with all the options I ordered except for the Makassar wood in the rear center console. I really love this fine machine, and compare it to my 05-996 TT Cab and find both machines have their place in one's heart. The S performance is comparable to the TT's when engaging the Sport mode on the S, and I find the S's stability better than my TT, even though the TT is all wheel drive. With the upgraded sport exhaust system engaged on my S, the sounds that come from the rear give chills on top of chills, especially around 3000 RPM.

    With an increase in Suggested Retail Selling Price on the 06 S compared to the 05 S, I still believe that with what they added in 06 makes the increase acceptable. When I compare the two to my 96-993 Coupe, I say "Baby, you've come a long way". My 993 was a driver's car, and the 997 S is a driver's driver's car. The 06 S's Bose upgrade is well worth it. It is a superior sound experience, especially with the two Subs in the rear compartment. The surround sound with the upgraded Bose system has become a truly surround sound experience.

    IMHO, the words Porsche and Orgasm are synonomous, but I am sure there are those of you out there that would seriously question my comparison, especially the younger one's out there. Is there another life after the 06-997 S? I don't know, but I will write to all of you when I arrive there, but it may be a long time coming.

    PS: Don't be fooled by imitations; There is nothing like a Porsche! ;)
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    "With an increase in Suggested Retail Selling Price on the 06 S compared to the 05 S, I still believe that with what they added in 06 makes the increase acceptable."

    It is my understanding that there are NO differences between the 2005 and 2006 997's, other than a 2%+ increase in MSRP. Please elaborate on what you are referring in the "added" features for 2006.

    BTW, I have an opportunity to buy a brand new 2005 Cab S in seal gray with all of the options I want, plus the sport exhaust, which I had not planned on ordering. Given the discount on the 2005, it comes in at about $3,000 less than a comparably non-sport exhaust equiped 2006. I've found a dealer willing to give me a few thousand discount on an oredered 2006 Cab S and am leaning in that direction. What are the "real" advantages of the $2,400 sport exhaust? It seems like a frivolous option compared to the others I am ordering: adaptive sport seats, sport chrono, bose, 6cd, nav, heated seats, dimming mirrors, sport steering wheel and, possibly, sport shifter.

    P.S. Check out the Ferrari forum. I received a reponse to one of my postings that went something like, "Don't be fooled by Porsche, there is NOTHING like a Ferrari". No need to repond, you'd be preaching to the choir. I just point out that passion is not exclusive to Porsche.
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    Hello Everybody,
    Got my 2006 997S Coupe in Lapis blue, Black with all the options.
    Everything is great with the car it is awsome.
    I am reading that the dealer is making " deals " I find that very interesting because I checked with with a some of the dealers here in the LA area and they are " NOT " making any , they can get the MSRP from anybody, since there are enough people ready to buy .
  • fontaines911fontaines911 Member Posts: 5
    I even went to Scottsdale to see if things were any better there. They had one base 911 on the lot and every car they had coming in had a deposit on it. They told me I could order and wait or hope that someone pulled their deposit. In LA there was almost nothing from San Diego to Riverside to B.H and they are getting full list or more . If you want a Boxster ..... no problem. They have them sitting on top of each other here. Sad but true. I got lucky and walked on the lot as a new ( still wrapped) GT silver S came off the truck. Put a deposit down and went home to think about it. The salesman here..( good guy) said he would gladly hand back my deposit and he could sell the car in no time. I hammered him and the most he would do was shave a grand off list and throw in the lo-jack. The car listed at just over 90k with the paint.... bose... seats... and sport shifter. I love the car and have no regrets. Just hate the fact that somewhere somehow it's going to get chipped up or worse. I am really thinking of going with the Clearbra....
  • bsumnerbsumner Member Posts: 39
    1. In my view (at least in higher population/wealth areas), this "got it 4k below list" business is just like the "I've got a friend who . . . " anecdotes. Just a bunch of blue sky. In the New York area, the situation is essentially the same. The only cars available are less-desirable builds/colors.

    2. Definitely get a clearbra (especially with that 3k paint job!). If nothing else, it'll save you much angst in the future.

    Enjoying it otherwise? Any other thoughts.
  • pabs1pabs1 Member Posts: 15
    Exactly My point, when I ordered the car back in April the dealer told me that is going to be at least 2 % higher for the 2006 model but he will let me know the exact price when the car was out of production and on it's way here.
    When the car arrived at the dealer I asked if there was any room for negotiation and he said that unfortunately No because the car can be sold for I was going to pay for it or even more , due to the options and color that I ordered.
    I don't really care about the MSRP price that is the deal I arranged and that is it, I did get free mats and license custom License frames and key chain.....
    The small things in life that make the process worthwile.
    You can check my car to get an idea regarding price and options on the Pacific Porsche dealer web site, under new inventory 2006 Carrera S Lapis Blue Tiptronic.
  • pabs1pabs1 Member Posts: 15
    I got the car without the clear Bra.
    I do understand the benefits of it, but when I saw a midnight blue with the clear bra there was a line mid hood where the bra ended and it look pretty weird, at that moment the car was really dirty and it show a lot of the dirt marks just at the edge where the bra and the paint meet.
    That is the reason I am not sure about getting it, but keep thinking it may be a good idea.
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    During an earlier conversation, you mentioned that you plan on placing minimal miles on this car. Hardly being an expert on the subject, I found the following conversation to be of interest on the subject of driving vs. "garaging" the car. Personally, I would plan on driving the heck out of it.

    mtarchdeacon, "First Time Buyer - Porche 911 - I need your advice" #, 22 Feb 2003 4:42 pm
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    No "friends" anecdotes here. I can get either a brand new 2005 S Cab at a better than decent discount or a 2006 ordered to my exact specs at a decent discount. Decent being a tad more than your $4k figure. It has taken a lot of research to locate said deals, and I do know that most dealers are not dealing at all on 911s, including the one that I've got a $6k off offer on a 2005 Boxster S.

    Don't ask for dealers names until after I've made my decision to go for a 911 or stick with the Boxster S that I planned on. After that, I'll be happy to share.

    P.S. The in stock 2005 is a decent color combo and good options, very close to what I would order.
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    Thanks SB and to all of the others too for the great info and posts. I tend to be far too emotionally attached to all of my cars and having waited so many years to get a Porsche, I'm sure I'll spend the night in the garage when I do get one. I thought about going used, but I like knowing that I'm the first one to really sit in it etc, etc, so I'll go thru the usual buyer's remorse, parking at the far end of the parking lot, never driving it at night, or in the rain, fencing it off with several pit bulls standing around it, armed guards, and yadda, yadda, yadda. But your points are well taken and of course you're right-I suppose I'd put about 3-5K miles on it. HA! I have to laugh as I have had a similar situation with my gold rolex--I wear a stainless steel one all the time and hardly wear the gold one. Maybe I need to get a Prius instead and find a Turbo decal to put on it?

    It's not that I'm paranoid, but everyone's out to get me =))
  • bsumnerbsumner Member Posts: 39
    Glad to hear that discounts can be had. Please tell me when you've made your decision. My Carrera 4 hasn't been allocated yet and I'll be looking for a better deal up until the day it is delivered.
  • tripftripf Member Posts: 8
    I am going to be very surprised if anyone gets a real deal on a 2006 997 or 997S. Porsche has decided to limit production to the point where supply meets demand and no surplus. The stated purpose is to keep prices high and higher than "retail". I would suspect that any dealer giving a discount has something else going. Discounts on all Boxsters, SUVs are plentiful.

    My 2006 997C2S is full price and I checked with every dealer within 200 miles of Metro DC and there are no deals. I also checked in Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois with same results.

    If someone gets a real deal - great work. My hat is off to you. :shades:
  • steebiesteebie Member Posts: 8
    There are increased air bag additions in the 06, speak to your dealer. Other than that it is a Euro vs. Dollar adjustment, agreed.

    The sport exhaust system provides a resonance that will peak your enjoyment, when engaged with the Sport Button. Without the sport button engaged, the sound is enjoyable, but with the sport button engaged, it sounds like an indy car at 3000 rpm and above. Not that I compare it to any other automobile, but pardon my Italian, it sounds like a Ferrari 450. That might sway you away from this option, but I assure you it is worth what I paid. It turns heads, I must say.

    The options I ordered included:

    Sport chrono
    Sport Exhaust
    Makassar steering wheel with multi function
    Makassar wood package
    Porsche emblem in headresets
    Porsche emblem inserts in wheels
    Bose upgrade
    electronic seat adjustments
    dimming mirrors
    full leather

    Got 4% under sticker, and thought that was a real bargain. Got nothing off my 05 Cobalt Blue Metallic 911 TT cab, but what a ride.

    I hope my answer to you re: "real advantagesof the $2,400 sport exhaust" was answered. It is just an emotional thrill. You should drive one with sport exhaust and punch the sport button and listen to the Music. Then decide for yourself. Good hunting!

  • steebiesteebie Member Posts: 8
    There are deals around, as long as you order one and are willing to wait. I got around 4% off on my 06 997C2S, but it was heavily optioned, so the dealer made a bit. South Florida may be different than DC or LA, but I doubt it. Keep shopping around. :)
  • npp1npp1 Member Posts: 1
    Interesting ---
    I just picked up a 06 997S tip in Scottsdale below MSRP --- well optioned:
    Bose, Navi, Sport chrono, Tip, Power seats, CD changer, Mats, Heated seats, Colored crests, huperoptik aftermarket, carrera classic 19"wheels.
    Deals can be made ....
    Even if I didn't get a deal, it's worth every penny.
  • pisceanpiscean Member Posts: 13
    Just ordered a 2006 997S Tip here at a dealership in NY. Got 3 percent off of sticker price. Didn't overdo it on the options, and I got a nice trade-in for my '04 350Z of $27K.
    Now the long wait begins for the Porsche.
  • bsumnerbsumner Member Posts: 39
    What dealership?
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