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Porsche 911



  • Mine had 8 miles. If its a hundred or so, someone's been "test driving"
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    wow, how did you manage to do that? I didn't think they would discount much (if any at all). $7000 off is a lot...Nice Job!
  • Well, its my second Porsche from this dealer and had helped them sell another one to a friend of mine two weeks earlier. I told them "I'm ready to go today so here's my offer". It was also an early February kind of snowy day, they were a bit slow that week and the car was sitting in stock. So voila!
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    Thanks...I don't think I could wait for the next snow Northern CA lol
  • No snow storms for you. You've got earthquakes, mudslides, forest fires and floods to worry about. Whew! thats a relief :-)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    Yeah, but that's only once every 20 years. We'll take those odds, you can have the snow.

    A Porsche will float by the way....
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282

    I'm interested in a 997 S Convertible. Two local dealers I've tried so far have said "take a number", meaning Novermber - December 2005 at the earliest. Also, expect to pay full MSRP ($100k +/- for the S convertible).

    Waht is the situation up your way? Any other comments / suggestions? The wait on a base, non-S convertible might be a bit shorter, but they are still indicating at or near MSRP.

    I was offered a new 2004 996 convertible that stickers for $93k (Including hardtop) for $82k. But even with the savings on the 996, I think I'd rather have the 997.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    Has anyone here tried the AAA or Costco car buying program? AAA/ Costco supposed to have agreement to provide lower than MSRP to their members. There is only one Porsche dealer listed on the AAA dealer list (Northern CA). And Costco wants me to fill out the form before releasing the name of the dealer.
  • Its pretty late now for Cabs, they're pretty much all gone. You will most certainly have to order. They usually get a lot more for them because they are more popular that Htops

    Good luck.
  • I also agree on buying a 997. I think they look better both inside and out and they might retain a higher resale value because of the new body style.
  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    Has anyone had RMS (rear main seal) leaks in their 997? This problem plagued the 996 and some 997s have suffered from it.
  • looper3mlooper3m Posts: 1
    Does anyone know when the 997 C4 (I'm interested in a cab S version) will be released?
  • ctf00ctf00 Posts: 7
    I have a 03 996 turbo tip. I have an opportunity to get a 997s cab(man) . should I do it??? I test drove a coup and I thought It was much more fun to drive but will i miss the power?? if anybody has some helpful advice I would appreciate it for I have 1 week to decide..
  • I had a 02 996 with an RMS leak. My 997 only has 1500 mi and no leak yet. BTW, my cousin has a new Corvette (3000 mi) and he's on his second transmission and his passanger side window won't go down. So much for quality ;)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    My buddy Monty just lunched his second C5 engine, but he is crazy, so....

    Porsche engines are really hard to blow up. You have to want this to happen.
  • rwm420rwm420 Posts: 1
    First of all is the 997 cab tiptronic? If it is, stay with the turbo. I'm sure what attracts you is the new awsome interior, with great technology but don't kid yourself. The 996 turbo tip, all day!! 6 speed 997 vs. tip turbo, I take the 997. Its just as fast. Road and Track clocked at the coupe S 0-60mph at 3.9 seconds. I'm on my second S coupe.
  • 96redlt496redlt4 Posts: 13
    I am awaitung delivery of my 05 997S. How many miles so far on yours and anyproblems to report? Thanks
  • naifnaif Posts: 14
    Any more data on RMS in 997s? My friend is on his second 911 (a 996) and says he's just had to live with this problem on both, but I'm wondering if it's something they dealt with with the new model.
  • naifnaif Posts: 14
    I'm buying my first 911. I've noticed posts on the Boxter forum that recommend the smaller tire options, suggesting they'll provide a better ride. What are the tradeoffs between the 18" and 19" wheels for a 997 Cab?
  • speeds2muchspeeds2much Posts: 164
    Naif, I don't think you need to worry much about RMS. Porsches tend to leak oil, anyway, and if your 997 springs an RMS leak it's a pretty easy fix. A far greater concern is the crankshaft, as there was a bad batch of them on the 2005 997. This can lead to engine failure when an improperly machined crankshaft snaps.

    Regarding the wheels, the 19" wheels are completely superfluous for the street, and in fact will compromise ride somewhat. On the track, they will offer a slight advantage, but without a sport suspension setup you won't be able to explore the car's absolute limits. 19" wheels look good imo, but that's a separate issue.

    Since you're looking at a cab, anyway, I suggest you'll be happier with a base 997 cab with 18" wheels, as it's plenty fast and offers a little more comfort. Cabs are meant more for fun than for lap times, anyway.
  • naifnaif Posts: 14
    speeds2much, thanks. I agree about the looks of the 19", but I'm not adding the suspension options, and I'm not concerned about the track. I am curious, though, why the larger wheels compromise ride?

    Another wheels question: a friend who has moved to CA has offered me his set of 17" Turbo wheels with snow tires--will they fit on the 997?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 170,825
    1" more wheel means 1/2" less sidewall... The overall diameter of the 18" and 19" tires are the same, so more wheel means less rubber to cushion the ride..

    Go with 18".. Chances are, the car will handle worse with 19", as they are probably heavier..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    Also larger tires will increase your braking distance...every 1" equals about ten feet longer to brake, which would be a drag if the flatbed truck were eight feet away.
  • naifnaif Posts: 14
    Messrs. S & K, thanks regarding the 19" wheels--interesting and helpful. Any thoughts on the question of whether the 17" Turbo wheels for the 996 will fit the 997 for snowtire use?
  • wmatthieswmatthies Posts: 3
    I took delivery of a 997 cab this weekend and knew when I did that Porsche does not offer an XM radio module. I am hoping they soon will and wondered if any of you know anything about that. I also have an 04 Audi A8 that did not initially offer the add-on until about a year after introduction. Unlike after market product the Audi is elegantly integrated into the MMI and I am amazed Porsche did not do this as well with the 997. Related to this, does anyone know how to contact Porsche via email to make such suggestions and/or to ask questions? I was in regular touch with Audi NA but cannot find the equivalent for Porsche on any of their sites.
  • wmatthieswmatthies Posts: 3
    I've noticed what sounds like a "burble" or possibly a very, very muffled denotation whenever I come off the gas, with or without the clutch engaged, regardless of engine RPM's. Is that a 997 engine characteristic or should I run to the dealer (I have less than 200 miles on the car.)
  • wmatthieswmatthies Posts: 3
    I was told at least a year from now. I had ordered an 04 C4 cab but cancelled when I found out a few days later about the 997. I ordered that, waited over a year and just took delivery this past weekend. I think the all wheel drive part of it may be fine if you live where it is needed, which I do not, but if not, I don't feel it would be worth the wait not to mention the added expense.
  • 1sttimer1sttimer Posts: 4
    Just like my username say... 1st timer... My new 997 cab triple black.. is on the vessel and hopefully here by the 20th of may... Never owned a porsche, but always been my dream car... I did upgrade to the 19S wheels.. and having them chromed before i take delivery... just for the looks... and it is a tip.. anything that would be helpful would be really apprecitated.. Thanks..
  • speeds2muchspeeds2much Posts: 164
    The first time I've ever driven a 911 of any type. It was a base 997 with 19" wheels and PASM, no sport chrono. Wow, this car could pull a freight train in the mid-high RPMs! :o) But I can't say I loved this car. It just wasn't sharp and smooth enough for me (versus my expectations at this price point). I'm not sure whether a few options would fix the problem, so I'll elaborate.

    Chassis - Very supple ride, far more than I expected, but in "Normal" mode the car pitched and bobbed and generally felt unsettled. Hit the PASM button for "Sport" mode and the car settled down a lot and still had a supple ride, so I guarantee I'd never have it in "Normal." ...but could it have been even more buttoned down? Yes. So I need to drive one with the -20mm sport suspension...I probably could handle the extra firmness (the 997 suspension seems sophisticated in terms of handling road imperfections) to be more planted to the road.

    Acceleration - 1st gear was too short for my liking. Nail the car in second at 3K RPM and it flies. Very fast as it gets rolling. I wish the car were a little sharper in throttle response, so the Chrono would be a must for me.

    NVH - This car is a tank, no creaks or rattles of any kind, low road noise, no wind noise, great-sounding engine. ...but at idle, it rumbles and pulses up-and-down like a 60s muscle car. For an 80K German car, I didn't like that AT ALL. I felt sort of silly bouncing up and down, actually....It might even give me motion sickness on a long trip. Not sure, although at speed I didn't notice the rumble at all.

    Transmission - Easy, sharp. Thought the throws could be even a little shorter. Think I'd add a sport shifter.

    Interior comfort - Excellent. Standard seat was very supportive, great visibility and room for a sports car.

    Having to add a "sport suspension" and "sport shifter," etc. to a $69k sports car sort of gets to me, though. Add all-wheel-drive and I'm sure I'd have a sticker north of $90k. So I drove a BMW 330ci coupe next, for comparison, and needless to say, the fun-per-dollar was off the charts in favor of the Bimmer. And there was no rumble. I thought the BMW ran out of steam too early, so there's clearly a power difference. Hmmm...need to drive an M3 coupe and Boxster S next.....

    Hope ppl find my test drive helpful. :)
  • ctf00ctf00 Posts: 7
    well, I did it .I traded in my 2003 turbo tip for a 2005 997 cab (stick) . The 997 is the best and most fun car I have driven in awhile. the turbo was fast but not fun to drive compared to lets say a 360 or even a 993 in its day. Porsche is finally getting it right. I can not wait until the new turbo comes out I heard it will have the same paddle shifters as the audi TT. why why why dont they have xfm stupid oh yea you can not change the radio stations from the opt steering wheel. other than those minor things this car is a keeper...
  • 1sttimer1sttimer Posts: 4
    Just went by the dealer... on sunday.. and my car came in... needs to be deatailed today.. and new wheels put on.. then POW... i'm off in my 997 cab... very stoked.. can't wait.... I too drove a m3.. lots of power... great handling... but please.... it's a girl car... and no matter how you look at it.. it's still a 3 series... no way around that... so r u wanting to pay 60 for a 3... or step up to the plate.. and own the best... just a thought...
  • I have a 87 944 and I have owned it for 2 years now. It is not Turbo nor is it the S model. It is time to buy new tires. These are starting to wear. It came with standard size 215 60 R15's with the phone dial wheels but I want to go bigger with the tires and wheels. I am looking at 4 options and I am trying to get opinions on which will look the best and handle the best without causing more problems for the car mechanically. This will be my first time buying wheels and tires for the 944 so any help would be appreciated.
    These are the 4 options I am looking at right now:
    Option 1 Same size tire all around 225 40 18.
    Option 2 Same size tire all around 205 50 17.
    Option 3 Smaller tires in the front and bigger tires in the back
    225 40 18 in the front
    255 35 18 in the back.
    Option 4 Smaller tires in the front and bigger tires in the back
    205 50 17 in the front
    255 40 17 in the back
    Are 18's too big for the 944 and is it better going with the same size tire all around the car or smaller tires in the front and bigger tires in the back?
    Also I am looking at low profile Yokohama or Kuhmo tires at the moment. Not sure which brand of wheels I will buy yet still looking.
    Thanks for any advice in advance :)
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    Welcome, porschenikon! You might also want to ask the folks in the Tires, tires, tires discussion what they think.



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  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 170,825
    First... I'm not sure what exactly will fit, regarding clearance issues.. But, I have some general advice..

    1) I don't think 18" wheels will look natural on the car.. I think you'd have to lower it, to make it look right, and then you might really have clearance issues..

    2) My first inclination is to recommend 16".. That is what I had on my '84 911. Although, you would be spending a lot of money for not much of a change.

    3) I wouldn't stagger, unless you have to.. On my 911, you had to, as the fronts couldn't handle the larger widths.. I don't think that will be the case with your 944.

    4) I wouldn't go any bigger than 17". If they fit, I'd put 225/45-17 on either 17 X 7.5 or 17 X 8 wheels (17 X 8 if they fit). If that turns out to be too wide, then the 205/50-17 on 17 X 7 wheels should be okay. Both sizes preserve the stock tire diameter.

    There are a lot of good choices for tires in those two 17" sizes...

    One warning.. Even though the tire will be the same height, the shorter sidewall and bigger wheel will give the illusion of a bigger gap between the tire and fender.. BMW owners that go with a bigger wheel usually end up lowering their cars to counteract this illusion.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Thanks Claire, for welcoming me to the group and I just submitted my question to the tires group. I didn't see that group until after I had already submitted to this group :) Thanks kyfdx for your comments on my question. I agree 16 wouldn't be much of a change from the original 15's so if 18's will be too big or if they will not look right without lowering my 944 then maybe the 17's will be my best bet. I don't want to lower my car :) The 2 suggestions I have gotten from two places so far in terms of 17's are 205 50 17 all the way around or go 205 50 17 in the front and go 255 40 17 in the back.
    kyfdx you mentioned 225 45 17 or 205 50 17. I think what you suggested and what I was thinking about going with in terms of the 17's are in the same ballpark. Do you think the same size all the way around is better or smaller tires in the front and bigger in the back? Also your thoughts on the Yokohama and Kuhmo tires.

    Thanks :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 170,825
    I'd rather go with the same size all around.. On most cars, the staggered look is only for show... It actually causes more understeer.... Plus, if you keep the same size, you can rotate them front to back.

    225/45-17 is a wider, more aggressive size.. If they fit, they will look better than the 205/50-17.. This is from the front or behind... You can't tell any difference between the two from the side..

    If you do decide to stagger, the 255/40-17 is a good choice for the rear, but you'll need to run 9" wheels back there..

    My choices, in order of preference:

    1) 225/45-17 all the way around, assuming they fit upfront

    2) 205/50-17 all around, if the 225/45-17 don't fit upfront.

    3) 205/50-17 upfront, 255/40-17 in rear, if you want to stagger.

    Caveats: The base 944 doesn't have a lot of power/torque.. You'll really need to look for some lightweight wheels, because these are all heavier tires than you have now, and if you add 7-10 lbs. per corner, you will notice a loss of off-the-line acceleration.. Also, make sure your suspension/shocks are up to the task.

    Kumho and Yokohama make good tires in their price range.. I think that is where I would be shopping for a 20-year-old car.. If price is no object, then Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin, etc.. might be a little better.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • I agree I didn't think I wanted to stagger the wheels and tires but most shops that install wheels and tires say the staggered look will look alot better on the porsche 944 than the same size tire all the way around. I agree with you though you can't rotate your tires if you do the staggered look which means the tires will wear out faster. It will be less money if I go with the same size all the way around but it may look better if I stagger, decisions decisions decisions :)
    I am going to go to one of the local shops and look at the TSW Montage wheels. They have the hyper silver on display but they don't have the chrome on display. I will go with either the hyper silver or chrome, whichever I think will look the best on a Porsche 944. I will look at the kumho ecsta 712 tire as well while I am there. Right now I am leaning toward going with the 18's. Most people think they will fit but if there is a fitting problem I will go with the 17's.
    Whatever I do will be in the next 2 weeks. I will keep you posted and if there is any way to show you pics online I will let you check it out once I buy the wheels and tires.

    Thanks for your input!
  • 96redlt496redlt4 Posts: 13
    Question for the group. I put a deposit down in Feb to pay sticker for the above auto with the option to get my deposit back if the car was not delivered by June 1. As of this date, car has been built but waiting to be shipped. Should I be paying sticker now for a car delivered at the end of the model yr or should I get my $ back and pursue a better deal, maybe on a late model trbo or save some money and order a Z06 corvette! I currently have an 01 vette which is a great car. Thanks
  • panozmanpanozman Posts: 7
    96redt4, buy the Porsche. You only live once, on this earth, anyway. You may be able to neg. with the dealer to get, either a break off the sticker or maybe an extended warranty. There is a big markup on those warranties. Good Luck and enjoy your ride.
  • 96redlt496redlt4 Posts: 13
    Thanks panozman! Do you have a 997 or a Panoz ,or both?
  • panozmanpanozman Posts: 7
    I have a Panoz Roadster. It is fun to drive but only when it is not raining. I've been thinking about one of those 997's (nice), when business picks back up. But for now, I'll have to settle for those nice late spring and summer evening cruises, in my Roadster. Once I do decide to buy, it will be hard not to at least look at the Esperante. It is not very many auto plants around, where you can make a short drive (Georgia) and watch your car being built. The Panoz team are just good car guys, that love what they do.
  • billtnbilltn Posts: 2
    I'm a newbie to this forum and to Porsche, but I'd like your opinion. I bought an '05 911S coupe with 10k miles about a month ago from a Porche dealer in a nearby city. I noticed on the 4 hour ride home that it had a noticeable vibration at interstate speeds. The salesman said to have the tires balanced. I did that this morning, and found that all 4 wheels are bent and out of round. Upon calling the dealer where I purchased the car, they suggest I return it and let them have someone fix the wheels to factory specs, while they provide a loaner for a couple of days. Besides the fact that this requires an out of town trip, I don't want wheels that have been "fixed". I paid almost 80k for this car and shouldn't have to settle for bent wheels. What I'd really like is for them to give me the full value I paid toward the purchase of a new 911. Is that unreasonable?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I don't think a refund is unreasonable. Especially given that it appears likely that this vehicle must have been abused in order for someone to have bent all 4 wheels. I have heard of a single rim bent by a whopper of a pot hole, but this sounds like someone took it airborne over railroad tracks. Wonder what else was abused - the engine??

    P.S. The Porsche dealership I visited this afternoon has taken back a 2005 911 Convertible with under 500 miles for a pinhole leak in one of the engine gaskets. The purchaser is getting a brand new car and the entire engine is being replaced on the original. That indicates to me that your request for a refund/credit, under the circumstances, is not unreasonable.
  • sclarksclark Posts: 2
    I just picked up my new 997 cab, 3 weeks ago, yesterday, a passenger noticed a whistle coming from the right hand side mirror.
    Has anyone else had this problem, if so what can be done?
  • billtnbilltn Posts: 2
    I can't comment on the whistle from your mirror since I haven't noticed it on mine, but as a followup on the bent wheels, the dealer gave me a full credit toward a new 997. So I am now the proud owner of a brand new Lapis Blue/Sand Beige 997S coupe (with round wheels). Love the car! Good luck with your mirror issue.
  • ctf00ctf00 Posts: 7
    My Cab has the same whistle must be coming from the hole in the mirror I am going to ask the dealer if the whistle was extra
  • djt21djt21 Posts: 13
    I've had my 997 for about 5 months now, and no wind noise from the passenger mirror. Sorry.
  • 1sttimer1sttimer Posts: 4
    Ive had my 997 black cab.. for 2 months... no problems.. just great handling and driving... love it... good luck
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I am considering a new 2005 Boxster S at about 8% +/- off MSRP (around $4,800 off a sticker of $60,200). I test drove the Boxster s today and was reasonably impressed with its performance (acceleration good, handling great). However, the interior left me a little cold. It did not have the PCM/navigation system and the center console, as well as plastic looking dash looked cheap in a $60k car.

    I've also found an incoming seal grey 2005 911 Cabriolet that stickers for $89k that the dealer is willing to "work with me" on the price.

    What is realistic to shoot for on a discount on a new 2005 911 Cabriolet?? Consider that I could order a 2006 for delivery in October, at $1-2k under MSRP.

    Also, if I were to order a 2006 model, the 911 S appears to be a relatively better deal. When you equip both cars similarly and compare apples to apples, the 3.6 to 3.8 liter engine upgrade is only about $6k, (under 8%). The Boxster S carries closer to a $10k premium (almost 10%) over the base Boxster. I am sure the performance of the base 911 is very adequate, but would the "S" be a better investment, in the event I elect to trade or sell it in a few years?

    Any comments/opinions on the pros and cons of the 911 vs the Boxster S would be appreciated, as well. I certainly like the fact that the 911 can carry my two kids in the back seat, although that's also where my golf clubs would need to go.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  • s4to911s4to911 Posts: 12
    Boxster S--fantastic car, tossable, planted, more power now than in previous years.

    911 S Cab--fantastic blow you away car.

    I bought my 2005 911 S Cab about one month ago (Midnight Blue/Sand Beige, no options except Bose sound upgrade, Navigation, heated seats, metallic paint) and I have not stopped wondering in amazement how I got hold of this beast. I think that there is nowhere else to go in terms of the absolute best convertible that you can buy (if money is no object--we are talking at least 93-95K without tax). Sure, there are Ferraris, Lambos, etc, but consider that with a 911 S Cab you have a near supercar that you can drive to work, lug the kids around in, and (yes) store you golf clubs in in rear seat. I have done all three with my 911.

    At the same time you can take it out by yourself at 10-11 at night after the kids are asleep on a warm summer night, drop the top, put in a MP3 disk of your favorite tracks (yes, after late April builds the CD player plays MP3 disks, 120 tracks per disk, and the Bose package to my surprise sounds excellent with the top down), and find your local twisty road with noone on it. With the rear engine behind you spooling up in second and third gear, and with the near perfect balance engineered into this car, you feel like you are a rally driver in the German Black Forest. Sounds ridiculous--but true.

    Alternatively, keep the top up. Find your local stretch of smooth highway. Put the PASM (Porsche Active Stability Management--basically an adjustable suspension, among other things) into sport (firmer) mode. Without noticing it, in 5th and 6th gear you are going near triple digits feeling like you are at 55 mph. You think (if you have never been there before)--"this is what the Autobahn must be like!" Sounds ridiculous--but true.

    The Boxster S is a great car, and does much of what I have described above. But if I had the choice (I did) I would choose the 911 S Cab. Why? It's hard to put my finger on, but I guess it is because the 911 is the distillation of everything Porsche has been trying to do for the past 40 years. They have had 40 years to get this right--and in this car, they do. Engine sound, shifter feel and placement, car balance, gear ratios, power curve...I could go on. Maybe in 2020 we will say the same thing about the Boxster (although right now it is a damn good car).

    There are very few 2005 911 Cabs left in the US to sell (probably less than 200 nationally at this point) and you will have to give up some options to get what you want. I gave up Sport Chrono (a very interesting option, changes the throttle response and the PASM response by pressing a button) to get my S Cab now, as oppsoed to waiting for a 2006. I suspect that a discount of $1-2K is possible, but not a deal breaker for most. The $1-2K off that you are getting for a 2006 build is not a bad deal (but you have to wait for October....).

    I am happy I got an S instead of the base cab at this point (although I would be happy with either). You get 355 hp, PASM, slight lowering of the car, and a few more subtle interior options (aluminum look dials and trim). If you surf the Porsche boards (Rennlist and Rennteam are two that come to mind) you will find that most are choosing the S if they have the choice.

    In terms of options, I am very happy with what I have. I do not have full leather or adjustable sport seats, and to be honest, I do not really need either--I am too involved in the performance of this car while I am driving it to notice. If you want them to feel like you are in a $90K car, go for it.

    Sorry for the long post, and I hope this helps...
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