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  • spiritintheskyspiritinthesky Member Posts: 207
    I have placed an order for a 2006 997S at $4,500 off MSRP. The car is to be delivered in November.

    Last week, while I was still trying to decide, I was offered a brand new 2005 997S Cabriolet with Tiptronic for a boni-fide $9,500 off MSRP of $103,480, down to $93,980. This was not a car my dealer had in stock, but they could have traded for it. I have the actual VIN and option list. There are 47 miles on the odometer. I declined but, to the best of my knowledge the car is still available at a New Jersey dealership (don't know which one). If one is in the market for a Tiptronic, I suggest scouring for inventory now and over the next few months. My dealer has indicated that many of the stock ones out there are being discounted (quietly), including 2006's.
  • pisceanpiscean Member Posts: 13
    Not sure if we're allowed to mention dealerships by name here, bsumner. But suffice it to say that it is a dealer on eastern Long Island, NY.
  • stomp32stomp32 Member Posts: 38
    Did the car have some strange color/options combo? Or was it because it was a tip? Here in the Bay Area, I haven't heard of anyone getting a discount off an 06, and I think there are fewer than five 05's total available. Don't people here realize there was a dot com bust?
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaMember Posts: 1,222
    Not sure if we're allowed to mention dealerships by name here, bsumner. But suffice it to say that it is a dealer on eastern Long Island, NY.

    Hi, Piscean,

    It's okay to post the name of a dealership and location (we encourage it!), but we draw the line at posting contact information or specific names of salespersons. Hope this helps :-)


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  • chef_jmrchef_jmr Member Posts: 41
    Did the car have some strange color/options combo? Or was it because it was a tip? Here in the Bay Area, I haven't heard of anyone getting a discount off an 06, and I think there are fewer than five 05's total available. Don't people here realize there was a dot com bust?

    Did you hear about the real estate boom?
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Member Posts: 491
    I was thinking about the same thing...what the heck is wrong with the car? Anyway, are you think about buying one?
  • pisceanpiscean Member Posts: 13
    Ok Claires, the dealership that I bought the car from is Riverhead Motors. I visited and talked to other dealers here on LI, and I got the usual BS about "how smart I was", and "how the salesman was on my side".*LOL* I can't deal with that kind of crap.

    The salesperson at Riverhead was a straight shooter and asked me what I wanted for the trade-in. I replied. The manager agreed (after inspection of my 350Z). I was then offered 2005 prices for the 2006 Carrera S Coupe that I was ordering. Then it was a done deal. No problem.

    Now, I will be waiting.
  • pabs1pabs1 Member Posts: 15
    First I am enjoying my new 2006 997S tremendously, second the " deals " that people are talking about are all bull.... pardon me for saying it but here in LA there are NO deals, because there are no 2005's new and you have to order a 2006 anyway , the dealer has no incentive in giving any deals.
    Regarding oil changes: what do you guys think is the appropriate mileage for the first oil change ( the dealer says one thing and mechanics say another)
    What do you think should be the real answer ?
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Member Posts: 491
    I live in the Bay Area and I got two deals back in June when I was ready to order my 06 Cab. First one was through AAA's dealer network and the discount was $550, the second was through Auto by Tel and the discount was $2500. I don't know if both deals are still avaliable
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    I would like opinions from anyone who owns and/or has test driven the Cabriolet against the Coupe. I test drove the Coupe last week and it felt very tight. I could feel the rear weight bias and it did not have the incredible balance or flatness in cornering of a Boxster S, but overall, I still came away very impressed.

    However, now a friend who has owned (3) 911's over the past 5-6 years ( a 993 and two 996's) has forewarned me that the Cabriolet does not handle nearly as well as a Coupe and that he recommends against me making any decision until I test drive the Cabrio. He has taken a couple of performance driving schools and took each of his 911 coupes to the track on several occasions, so I respect his opinion. Nonetheless, it was difficult enough finding an unsold 997 couple to test drive that I am asking for other poster's opinions to help answer this question.

    997 Coupe vs. Cabriolet handing??
  • dan38dan38 Member Posts: 2
    Hi I need help pricing a 1984 911 targa convertible.It has a rebuilt 3.2 engine with 375 hp, with a new cd player and speakers,new clutch and has a 5 speed manual transmission.It also has new rims and tires but with the purchase you also get the original rims and tires.It is black with a whale tail and has leather seats. If you can please let me know what you think is a reasonable price to sell this car at. It will be greatly appreciated.
  • bsumnerbsumner Member Posts: 39
    Wrong forum. That's not why we're here . . .
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 194,647

    Try posing your question here:

    All things Porsche

    There are limited discussions of old Porsches, but if you post there, Mr.Shiftright will see your post, and he is an expert on pricing old Porsches..

    A couple of things he'll need more info on:

    The stock engine gets 200 hp... what kind of mods on that other engine, and how do they affect driveability? (stock always brings the best money).

    How many miles on the car, and it's condition, outside of the rebuilt engine? (condition is everything on an old Porsche).

    Seriously... the car could be worth anywhere between $8K and $20K... Are you selling or buying?

    Don't forget to post in the other discussion, though..


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  • fontaines911fontaines911 Member Posts: 5
    I know they all have Mobil 1 but what type is Porshe using on new models? If I have to add any I want to make sure it is the same. Also.... my 997S came with Pirelli's. I notice some are coming with the Pilot Sports. Curious what the ratio is out there and if there are any opinions as to which is a better tire. My 993 ate Pirelli rears like ice cream on a hot day.
  • steebiesteebie Member Posts: 8
    Mobile One 0W or 5W Synthetic. No different than the recommendations for the 05's or the 996's.

    My 06 997S came with Pilot's, and they should wear just like the Pirelli's; melt really fast.

    Steebie :shades:
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    If this has been answered already, kindly forgive me asking it again. I know the 4s for 2006 has the expanded (larger) rear wheel "haunch" above the wheels in the sheet metal to make room for the wider rear tires. Does anyone know if the sheet metal on the 4 (NOT the s) is the same, i.e. also has the wider "haunch". I really like that look and am hoping the 4 "looks the same" there as the 4s.
  • bsumnerbsumner Member Posts: 39
    See: http://www22.porsche.com/all/tothepowerof4/pcna.asp

    The Carrera 4 and Carrera 4S both have the wide body--the 4wd implementations generally add the same new features to each. The already existing distinctions between the "straight" Carrera and Carrera S follow through to the "4" models.
  • 96redlt496redlt4 Member Posts: 13
    Question about the engine oil requirements for this vehicle. Is it ok to top off/ fill with Mobil 1 5W-30 as I happen to have a lot of this around home. Salesman said yes, dealer svc mgr said OW should be used . The latter is quite hard to find. Thanks
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    Ordered a Carrera 4 Cabriolet Seal Grey today. Nothing to brag about but got $2,295 off MSRP here in NC, more than some dealers here would do. It was the last of their November allotment, I should have it sometime in December. My garage is gonna look funny, an 06 Porsche 911 next to an 05 Honda Element!
  • pisceanpiscean Member Posts: 13
    My garage is gonna look funny, an 06 Porsche 911 next to an 05 Honda Element!

    Well that's certainly sending out mixed signals in your personal statement, dweiser :)
  • ouzoouzo Member Posts: 2
    I will be placing an order for a 997S next month and am planning on picking the car up in Germany. Any of you have experience with this?
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    I don't catch your drift Piscean, kindly splain yourself Lucy.
  • pisceanpiscean Member Posts: 13
    Well ok, dweiser, I'll splain it to you. It's my opinion that whatever car one drives, you're making a personal statement about yourself.

    In your case, the Honda Element tells us that you're a thrifty, cost conscious person, but you want to let the world know that you're a bit of a non-conformist. Is your Element bright yellow, btw?

    In the case of the Porsche, you're telling us that you don't necessarily care about costs, and you're more of a performance vehicle type of person with a sleek looking car.

    It seems to me that we have mixed signals here from you. That's not bad, but it's just...different.*LOL*
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    Our vehicles are an extension of ourselves, I agree.
    Yes, I am a thrifty cost conscious person and a bit of a nonconformist; artist, photographer, Philosophy Major.
    You're a tad off on one thing however, my Element is khaki, wouldn't be caught dead in a yellow anything I'm afraid.
    Perhaps I'm just a complex highly intelligent (Mensa) type who can value the attributes of two disparate vehicles.
    Or maybe there are times when I will have more than one other passenger or have the need to haul something home from Lowes or Home Depot.
    Or maybe I owned a Porsche 1600 normal Cabriolet a long time ago, just turned 60, buried my beautiful wife (who owned two Porsches) 10 years ago at the young age of 42, and wanted to own another before it's too late.
  • spiritintheskyspiritinthesky Member Posts: 207
    Just returned from a spur of the moment trip to accompany a business associate who picked up his 2006 997S from the factory in Stuttgart. This is his 4th factory pick up in the last 15+/- years. Not sure what you want to know, but it is a very interesting and enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, unlike BMW that offers a 7% discount for ED pick-up, Porsche charges around $2,500 for the privaledge.

    The only downside is having to order a couple of months in advance and then, after the pick up, letting go of your new car and waiting another 4+ weeks to get it back in the States.
  • ouzoouzo Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. My dealer did inform me of the extra charge. Both BMW and Mercedes Benz offer discounts for European delivery. I was told I would need to order at least 4 months in advance. I was mainly interested in hearing other's experiences to decide whether or not the extra cost was worth it.

  • spiritintheskyspiritinthesky Member Posts: 207
    Whether the extra cost of Porsche factory pick up is worth it is very subjective. I certainly enjoyed the experience with a good friend, but frankly would not pay extra for it, or endure the additional wait, if I elect to order a 911 S for myself. I can spec a car today that will be in my driveway by November 20-30 and put the $2,500 towards inflated gas costs.

    I have travelled to Europe fairly extensively, so the novelty of a trip to Europe isn't a factor for me. It really is up to you as to whether you want to make an "event" out of getting a new 911. And if you haven't been to Europe, this is a heck of a good excuse.

    On the other hand, for anyone considering a BMW 550i (or any non-M BMW), their ED program is almost mandatory. My dealer will give me a $3,000 discount off the already $4,000 discounted ED price, for a total savings of $7,000. The ED cars do not reduce his US allocation, but go towards his sales bonuses. For at least 6 months, he will not be offering anything more than a $1,000 discount off the US MSRP for a stateside delivery. Saving a net $6,000 is a no brainer for crossing the Atlantic.

    Good luck whatever you decide, at least you can't go wrong with the car. Really exceptional.
  • johnxjohnx Member Posts: 1
    on july i ordered a 2006 997 Carrera S. Seal grey mettalic. I called the porsche factory in germany and was able to get some info with delivery. Porsche uses VW transport to bring its cars from germany. it takes 21-23days for the car to come to new jersey....cant wait.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Member Posts: 491
    It should take much less time. My car was done on July 25th (according to the dealer) and was arrived on August 10 (Northern California)
  • naifnaif Member Posts: 14
    I live in New England, my driveway is reasonably steep, and I will drive my 911 all year round. A year ago, I asked my dealer when the C4 would be released, and he replied nobody knew Porsche's plans, but in his estimate it wouldn't be out until 2007. First question: was he straight with me, or just trying to close a sale?

    Now, of course, the C4 has been released, and, though I have an order in for a C2 Cab to be delivered in November, I'm reassessing the 4WD question. I've been told that the extra weight in front makes the car less fun to drive and, of course, slower. Also that the 4WD won't really help that much in snow (I'll get snow tires in any case), that it's more a matter of improved stability.

    How much safer will the C4 be in snow?
  • spiritintheskyspiritinthesky Member Posts: 207
    The 911 C4 is not an SUV meant to be driven through New England snow.

    In my opinion, you need to seriously re-think your idea of trying to use the 911 as your only car. I am from the Pittsburgh area and our winters - and roads - are bad enough that I would never consider beating up a $90k sports car sloshing through snow , salt and other crap in February.

    Rather than spend $6k+/- more on AWD, another $2k on winter rims and snow tires (which do nothing to raise the ground clearance of the undercarriage), and incur the additional depreciation that will undoubtedly occur through winter use, I suggest you stick with a C2 and buy yourself a secondary winter vehicle. The only reason, IMO, that someone should get the C4 is if they prefer the way it drives and handles on dry roads and occassional rain. Personally, I do not, and prefer the lighter weight C2, especially in a base, 325 horsepower 911.

    The C2 will serve you just fine on that lucky day in February where the sun shines and the roads are clear.
  • naifnaif Member Posts: 14
    Your view is highly rational, but having driven a 944 and an SLK year round for the past 18 years has warped my judgment. Happily, I can steal my wife's Quattro in serious (Boston) weather.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 194,647
    My opinion.... between the two choices.. would be to go with the C2 and a good set of winter tires/wheels...

    I don't think the extra traction supplied by the AWD will make that big of a difference... the tires will be the biggest gain... Plus, you'll have better handling and less weight all year round.....

    Just my $0.02..

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  • bsumnerbsumner Member Posts: 39
    Ultimately it is a personal preference . . . and (unlike many) I've put my money where my mouth is--and have a Carrera 4 on order for November delivery.

    The added traction (which is more for rain and slippery roads than snow) alone is worth it to me--not to mention the additional peace of mind it creates.

    Remember: all Turbos are 4-wheel drive . . . so I'd hardly consider it to be a "bad" feature.

    Also, the dreaded "extra weight" is only 121 lbs--which is an increase of less than 4%.

    Many reviewers agree, including our host site:

    http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Drives/FirstDrives/articleId=106184?tid=edmunds.h..to- pfeatures.porschecarrera.0.*

    Title: All-Wheel Drive Makes the Carrera 4S an Even Better 911
    First Impressions: Better-looking and easier to drive than the standard model, the Carrera 4S is as good as a 911 gets — for now.
    Quote: "It's not until you lay into it around a tight bend that you begin to appreciate the Carrera 4's extra grip up front. Unlike the standard Carrera, which requires just the right amount of throttle, steering and confidence to get around a corner quickly, the 4S just yanks you around it. You never feel the power shifting between the front and rear wheels, it just goes right where you point it."

    Just my $0.02.
  • inugantiinuganti Member Posts: 6
    What dealer were you working with for your BMW 550i ED? I am considering the same thing.
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    Just out of curiosity, did you drive any C4's (996's or 997's) prior to placing your order?

    I decided to go ahead and order a 997 C2 Cab S, also for November delivery. When I inquired about the C4 instead of the C2, the sales manager discouraged me. He showed me a recent article - by R&T or Motor Trend - in which the reviewers spoke reasonably highly of the 997 C4, but then concluded it was not something they would buy themselves. They claimed that the refinements in the 997 made the C2 a much better handling car than the 996 and that the C4 did not further improve it to the extent of justifying the added cost or weight. My sales manager is an accomplished track driver, so it was hard for me not to heed his advice, especially when I was already over $100k for the Cab S.

    It seems the C2 vs. C4 issue will be debated for a long time and ultimately becomes a personal preference. I may still try to drive them both back to back if the opportunity presents itself before my car comes in.
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    If you don't mind saying when you ordered your Carrera 4 bsumner, I'd appreciate hearing. I too ordered a Carrera 4 but in late August (November allotment) for December delivery.
  • bsumnerbsumner Member Posts: 39
    Not at all. I ordered mine about the same time . . . however, it is unclear if that means November or December delivery . . .

    Porsche seems to operate on their own schedule . . . . I do know that I'm getting the first one that that dealership is receiving.
  • bsumnerbsumner Member Posts: 39
    I did . . . 997 and 996 C2s and 996 C4s (no 997 C4s are available yet).

    Since I am particularly careful with $50k+ machines that I don't own (out of respect and $$ reasons), I can't truthfully say that my drives were able to discern significant differences between C2 and C4. Also, the weather doesn't always cooperate (i.e., is good when you don't want it to be) . . .

    My choice is more based on theory and input from car reviews. The 911 has beautiful but quirky handling . . . . It is scary to some, exhilarating to others. Myself, I am in between.

    However, when it comes right down to it, I am more than willing to sacrifice understeer for traction . . . . And as I said before, they put this feature on their top cars (i.e., the Turbos) . . . so its cons can't be all that bad . . . . And you've got to love the wide rear fenders.

    Re: dealers. Everyone I talked to tried to dissuade me too (didn't use MT articles, though). I took this as a "set the hook" routine, for what it's worth.

    However, your tone is exactly right . . . it ultimately is an issue of personal preference/comfort. Enjoy your car either way.

  • naifnaif Member Posts: 14
    Thanks, busmner and Habitat1. Hard to make the argument to spend the money for something whose benefit seems so equivocal, especially when you can't test for the extra traction without driving someone else's car in risky conditions.

    But on the subject of dealers--I find mine varying from the lackadaisical (their schedule more important that their customers', fast food containers in the showroom, failure to communicate among themselves, inability to answer or research questions) to pushing abusive (telling me my color choice was a waste of money, denying that options shown in the on-line configurator even exist.) I'm considering walking (assuming I'll get my deposit back) and doing business with a less convenient establishment, but I noted a post earlier about poor service quality among Porsche dealers.Is it really unlikely to find someone who will treat you well when your spending $100k?
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    Regarding dealer difficulties:

    I see you are from Boston. Washington DC area Porsche dealers and salespeople are a mixed bag as well. I've ordered from a Pittsburgh, PA dealer (Auto Palace). We have a second home in PA about 130 miles from them. They offered to meet me halfway and provide a loaner whaen I need service. Fortunately, the new service intervals are pretty long (2 years / 20k) and hopefully I wouldn't have too many little items come up.

    I do think it is worth shopping around for a decent dealer that you feel comfortable with. I have since found one or two in the DC area. It helps that the excessive hype on the "new 911" has worn off somewhat and inventory is catching up with demand. A dealer with unsold $100k cars on their lot tends to be a little more polite than one with a pre-sold order list covering the next 6 months.

    Good luck.
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    This is a timely link as we're discussing the virtues of the 2 vs. the 4's all-wheel drive. I loved the Edmunds First Drive article, this is another view.
  • designmandesignman Member Posts: 2,129
    Is it really unlikely to find someone who will treat you well when your spending $100k?

    No. Your dealer sucks, plain and simple. IMO sales people from the owner on down rarely know the product as well as they should, so don't depend on them to educate you. However the good ones aren't a-holes and at least know how to accomodate customers.

    It takes a lot of interest and research on your part to get to know these cars. Read, read, read and if you have time hang out with enthusiasts, but I'm sure you are aware of this As far as finding a good dealer, go to rennlist.com where you'll get immediate recommendations. My Porsche dealer is nothing like you described. They are gentlemen and the service department treats me like I treat my clients, with respect. From what you describe I would have no problem dumping him, and if he acted that way to me I wouldn't have even gotten as far as you with the order. He has to give your deposit back.
  • s4to911s4to911 Member Posts: 12

    Did Auto Palace give you a better deal than Sewickley Car Store in Pittsburgh? If so, that's great but I am surprised...
  • dweiserdweiser Member Posts: 288
    There are 3 Porsche dealers within 80 miles of me (western NC). The closest dealer refused to take anything off full MSRP on an 06 Carrera 4. I also "caught" the salesperson in 3 lies. No brainer not to deal with them. Next closest dealer (in SC) offered me a "courtesy" $1,000 off MSRP but they had no allocations coming for months and there was someone ahead of me for their next allocation. They seemed nice to deal with and I detected no lying at least but I didn't want to wait until May for a car. I ordered a Porsche from the next closest dealer (77 miles); they had one November allocation left. They took approx. $2,250 off MSRP w/o haggling. They were nice to deal with (all correspondence has been phone and emails) but I did have to remind them on one occasion that mere mortals design (Germans) and build (Arabs) Porsches, not THE GODS.
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    I didn't really shop Sewickly. My first dealings with Auto Palace were relative to a Boxster S back in June/July and they quickly offered to beat the best price I could get from any of the DC area dealers. They offered a decent discount on the 911 S Cab that I ordered, but I just found out that the salesperson who I've been working with is leaving.

    Tell me more about your experiences with Auto Palace and Sewickly and any "heads up" I should be aware of.

    Also, I can pick up a new 2005 for an even better discount locally. Any thoughts on a 2005 vs. 2006, since there aren't any changes. I'd be saving a total of another $4,000 +/- considering the additional discount and price increase.
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    After much debate, it appears that I will be the owner of a new 2005 911 S Cab by this time tomorrow or Wednesday. Of all the factors I considered, the clincher was probably how much fun my kids had riding in the back on Saturday. It also helped that the dealer is making it worth my while to take the 2005 instead of ordering a 2006.

    Thanks to everyone in this forum for sharing comments, opinions and experiences.
  • pc4spc4s Member Posts: 2
    I have a CS4 on order and was told the first build spot was November. I was a early bird and ordered it on 6/18/05. Is November the first build spot? I have a Boxter S and enjoy slidding around the corners on dry pavement but in the winter can't get it up the incline of my driveway. I have the impression the CS4 will not be slidding around alot on dry pavement but also believe it will help here in NORTH DAKOTA, especially with a good set of snow tires. Any recomendations on tires?


  • naifnaif Member Posts: 14
    I put Blizzacs on my Merc SLK (front engine, RWD) in Boston; they made me feel 10x safer and conquered my driveway.
  • pc4spc4s Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, will check out the tire rack.
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