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Bluetooth Technology

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
edited March 2014 in Acura
Sometimes referred to as "Personal Area Networks" this short-range radio frequency interconnect technology is all the rage with drivers.

Here's the place to discuss Bluetooth!


  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    ok, nobody cares?

    Steve, Host
  • kfhmailkfhmail Posts: 199
    I have just found this site...I care...I want to know/learn more about bluetooth...


    Specifically...related to automobiles and Acura (RL & TL).
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572


    I just got a Kensington wireless finder plus gizmo for finding wifi hot spots (saves having to turn the laptop on).


    It also sniffs for Bluetooth, but I haven't had that light illuminate yet.


    Steve, Host
  • OK - I'm another bluetooth user - hooked on my Moto V600 and Jabra BT250 headset (I've had people think I'm 'secret service' when I wear it!)...


    Are there any recommendations for bluetooth car audio systems - radio / CD combined with bluetooth phone?


    ...or one step further - any (non built-in) systems that include radio / navigation with bluetooth (dialing and personal directions from the nav screen)?


    Thanks for any info!
  • focusjcfocusjc Posts: 10
    Just noticed this site. One suggestion, Steve, could you list the Forum also under Acura TL and RL? I read a lot discussions about Bluetooth under TL forum and people had no place but to post them under Navigation forum.

    I love the Bluetooth HandsFree in my wife's TL so much, I went search and bought a Motorola portable speaker HF800 for myself. And it turns out to be even easier to use than TL's, but of course the sound quality not as good. I think Hands-free speaker would be one of the best application of Bluetooth.
  • focusjcfocusjc Posts: 10
    Hi njawdriver, you might like to check out the Motorola HF800 speaker which is a portable one I enjoy using in my old car. Sony Ericsson and Motorolla also make the systems you permanantly install in the car, using your car stereo's speakers.

    Acura TL and the new RL has this system built in. And they are nice you can talk and drive without the headset in your ear. Mercedes has the handfree system for long but did not use the Bluetooth and you have to have the right phone to plug in a socket. With Bluetooth, you just have your phone in your pocket, and it hooks up as soon as you get into the car.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Great suggestion! (d'oh).


    Steve, Host
  • Can anybody recommend adapter for my non-bluetooth cell phone(Kyocera 7135) so I can enjoy

    my RL ?

  • focusjcfocusjc Posts: 10
    Search the Web under "Bluetooth Phone Adapter" should get you some options. Jabra A210 for example, just plug into cell phone's 2.5mm headset jack. But I have no experience to tell how well they work with RL.
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    A lot if not most of the vehicle manufacturers these days have some sort of 'handsfree' system integrated into their top end models, i.e., bluetooth. Before you purchase either the manufacturers hands free kit or a 3rd party kit make sure your current phone is compatible with the system. Blue tooth is a great tool and I personally luv using it. I mean I dont know how i lived without it before in my car. I currently use a sony ericsson 910 phone with the sony ericsson HBH-602 bluetooth wireless headset. I was going to purchase the u-connect handsfree kit for my '05 chrysler pacifica but there were issues of full compatibility with my current phone. So I went with the headset option. People who have not used or know of such a device should DEFINATELY go out and look into!
  • 1st time on. I get my TL in 1 week. I'd like to use the bluetooth, but Verizon only offers 1 phone, the Motorola V710. For those with experience, how does the V710 work with the TL bluetooth, and how is the phone overall?
  • If you live in California, based on this article, you are exactly the person that needs to get into this class action lawsuit. Apparently, Verizon limits the bluetooth capability of the 710 so that it cannot communicate with other devices (that aren't cell phones).

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    The reports I've seen the last few days make the connection between Bluetooth and Lexus pretty nebulous, but if you'd like a little FUD for the afternoon:


    Lexus a nexus between cars and phone viruses? (CNET)


    Steve, Host
  • u04919u04919 Posts: 9
    My Verizon V710 phone works very well with my TL'05 via bluetooth.
  • An earlier response stated the Motorola V710 had problems connected with non cell phones and that there might be a class action suit pending. I'm in the bay area. Have you had any problems with calls going through to either cell phones or land lines. Also, hows the audio in the TL work when using blue tooth?
  • I am getting a Toyota Prius with Bluetooth for the phone. But my phone is a Nextel, How will the 2-way walkie talkie work with the system? or will I need to wear an ear piece or will it work through the car?


  • u04919u04919 Posts: 9
    I have no problem receiving or sending calls with my V710 while using bluetooth in my TL. The audio automatically adjusts when receiving or sending a call.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    My Verizon V710 phone works very well with my TL'05 via bluetooth.


    "works very well"? Can you transfer phone contacts from you Verizon phone to the TL?
  • I've been using the Motorola V710 with the Jabra BT250 head set for a month, and I'm completely satisfied. But the best thing I like about the V710 is using the U-connect system in my 300C.
  • kt-tlkt-tl Posts: 1
    I have bought an LG PM-325 cell phone under Sprint PCS wireless carrier for my

    2004 TL. it works perfectly other than the fact that my incoming call numbers (&

    other data) don't show up on the dashboard LCD (a shortcoming for this

    particular model phone which i already knew about before purchasing). The calls

    come in crystal-clear for landline or other cellular calls. Also, the audio is very

    loud! Be prepared to leave the volume setting between 02 & 05, unless

    you want the whole neighborhood & its traffic to hear your intimate

    conversations. (Don't learn the hard way like i did; I'm in the doghouse with

    the Mrs.)


    Go here:

    Click on the PHONE COMPATIBILITY link. (since not all BlueTooth phones will work

    with the TL).

    Research which phone models you like.


    Hope this helps!
  • inemerinemer Posts: 44
    Read this article before you get your phone -
  • wr_gwr_g Posts: 33
    There is some initial simple programming req'd for the TL's Hands Free Link System and the V710 must be adapted to sync with the car. The HFL directions and the V710 instructions are reasonably good but it could take 20 minutes or so to program both. Once programmed, the car recognizes the phone and you can send and receive calls easily. One hint, make sure you don't have phone set on autoanswer;if so, it will be a problem receiving calls in the car
  • Have a three day old 2005 Toyota Prius. I purchased the V710 to work with my car. I had zero problems connecting with the car and have received calls. My problem is transferring my cell phone numbers into the car. The car is asking me to send the numbers from the phone. No mention in the manual from Motorola. I called Verizon and they had no clue and transferred me to Motorola who had no idea. I'm sure someone must know at Motorola but not the Tech I talked to. I can't manually enter the numbers into the Prius system because it's only recognizes Blue tooth and with that technology why should you have to manually enter anything. I am so frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Newbie2 Ihave the same problem with a freshly ppurchased Motorola v710 and a new Prius. Can't transfer my phonebook to the car, and don't get any audible signal for incoming calls. I've asked Toyota dealer for help and they are reearching.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    newbie2, jcfbrock:

    No need to keep trying V710 with Prius (or any vehicles with Bluetooth support). It does not work in terms of transferring phone contacts, files, etc. because the OBEX support was deliberately turned off by Verizon. There is a class action in California on this. Join the club.


    Since Prius does not allow keying in phone contacts by yourself, you are left with no other choice than dialing the number yourself when the vehicle is stationary.
  • I have a base 04 MDX and was interested in installing Motorola's bluetooth car kit. It states that it can be incorporated your vehicles entertainment system - in other words, when you place a call or receive a call, your radio/cd goes to mute and the call comes through the speakers. Has anyone had this installed in their MDX? If so, does it work?
  • kylepkylep Posts: 7
    For what it's worth, I have the same LG PM-325 phone through Sprint and my incoming call numbers do show up on the dashboard LCD...not sure why, but they do! Agree with all your other comments.
  • I have paired the v710 (Verizon) and the Lexus.


    It mutes the radio and auto answers the phone. OK...great so far.


    I have heard that you can load the phone numbers one at a time.


    Is this possible and how?


    If it is not possible, how do you put phone numbers in the phone system on the Lexus?


    I just can't figure it out. I am willing to manually put in one number and name at a time, but cannot figure out how????




  • Hi Everyone:
    As you know, there is only one Verizon cell phone that has bluetooth feature and I don't wish to pay for the expensive phone (710).

    I was wondering if there is an adapter that will turn my Motorola V60 phone so I can use bluetooth handsfree feature in my new lexus RX330. I saw quite a few of those adapters but they were mainly meant for headset for the respective manufacturer (Jabra, Motorola etc).

    Please let me know your suggestions or experience
    for a low cost solution.

    Thanks in advance
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