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Run-flat, self-sealing, PAX tires for Minivans



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    deerface26deerface26 Member Posts: 10
    I would so LOVE a run-flat spare tire!!!! Just to go on a trip and not to worry about where a dealership is that can handle run flats would take the pressure and stress off. Actually the tires are VERY strong...hit many pothole this winter and all good...but the thought of getting stuck sucks!!! What do you do on a Sunday night with a van full of kids??(Pull out all my hair!). Anyway, I have replied....not sure why this is important....but yes, yes, yes...WANT A RUN FLAT SPARE, WANT A RUN FLAT SPARE!!!!
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    jaflojaflo Member Posts: 1

    The run flats are not all they are suppose to be. Just think, if you get a nail you have to replace the entire tire,and gel pack. My dealer priced told me it would be around $400 to replace one tire. Also remember not all tire places have the equipment to work on the PAX system.

    At 54, 000 mile I am on my second set and will need a new set in about a year. Price out a set of four, plus packs and the installation costs should be arround $2,000+.

    I am changing over to the stock wheels and tires and giving up on the PAX system.
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    dgulickdgulick Member Posts: 1
    We purchased our certified 08 Odyssey last winter. I am seriously considering de-paxing but have not made the final decision yet. I can get new wheels and tires (Pax) from Discount Tire for $1160. Cheaper than I can de-pax but the next time I need tires in whatever mileage I get it is another $1200 instead of $600 to $800. My main concern is if I de-pax my van does my power train warranty become in-valid. The only answer I get from American Honda is read your warranty. I have been reading this thread on de-paxing for a couple of hours now and I haven't seen anything about warranties being honored or not. Maybe I missed it. If I do de-pax I would want to have OEM like you can get from College Hills Honda. One decision I have made is I will purchase a spare tire even if I don't de-pax. It seems the smart thing to do with pax dealers so far apart. About milage we made one trip to and got about 26 MPG which really impressed me that was me driving. My daughters drove to the Grand Canyon and averaged about 23mpg. I think I might have done better persoanally because they tend to have heaver feet. :-) Any thoughts or information on what I've written would be greatlyappreciated.
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    skap2skap2 Member Posts: 34
    It does not void the Honda warranty. The PAX warranty is actually separate from Honda, its under Micheline (for PAX I believe that includes the wheels as well, but wheels themselves rarely have any warranty issue).

    De-paxing does not void any warranties except possibly the PAX system itself. Just make sure you get wheels AND TPMS units that are compatible for your year. Are you certain Discount Tire offers new PAX replacements for $1160 ? used, maybe, but I don't see how they can offer new when most Honda dealers charge $1800-2000 and they aren't supplied to anyone except Honda. And Depx shouldn't be more than $1100 tops.

    I suggest Depax. This board has a small minority of PAX loyalists, but far more (like me) are glad to have conventional wheels and tires for all the reasons discussed.

    BTW, if you bought CPO from a Honda dealer you should ask them for a spare tire free. That was offered with the class action settlement 2 years ago.
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    lxowner2lxowner2 Member Posts: 51
    Just bought a new 2012 Sienna with run-flats. Anyone have experience with the tire hazard protection plan? Is it worth it and where can I get it?
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    jeffreyh2jeffreyh2 Member Posts: 50
    The run-flat tires on the Sienna are an entirely different type of tire from the Michelin PAX run-flats on the Honda Odyssey.

    I'm surprised that the dealer you bought your Sienna from didn't try to sell you a tire hazard protection plan. Must be a reputable dealer.
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    perseypersey Member Posts: 1
    Hi ,

    I am owner of 2007 Honda Odessey Touring. Planning to DEPAX tires.

    Can you please give me dealer name,phone number? How much it cost you finally? Are you happy by replacing PAX tires? Any suggestions?
    please email me: composemail@gmail.com
    I live in Houston, near Galleria.

    Thank you.
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    davi1965davi1965 Member Posts: 1
    We have a 2006 Odyssey that we just De-PAXed. We went with the standard steel wheels from an EX/EX-L; not as flashy as the PAX wheels, but they serve the purpose.
    Got to WWW.HONDAPARTWORLD.com they offer De-PAX kits [4 wheels, 4 hubcaps, 20 lugs, & spare tire kit] for around $500. Once you de-PAX you can get tires anywhere. If you go the steel wheel option [as opposed to aluminum wheels] you may have to order new TPMS sensors, as the units for steel wheels are different than those for the PAX/aluminum
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    stuman168stuman168 Member Posts: 27
    Finally, replacing 2 of the original 2 PAX tires on our 2007 Odyssey. So these 2 lasted almost 41k miles. It would probably lasted a bit longer. I decided to replace it for 2000 miles road trip. For those who still have the pax tires, regular pressure check is a must and keeping the cold pressure at 34-35 psi would make it last longer. Routine tire rotation is also necessary.
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    hondanothnxhondanothnx Member Posts: 4
    My 2007 Odyssey now needs 4 new PAX tires, 2 of them were installed 24,000 miles ago, the other 2 were replaced shortly before that. Honda dealer wants 1500.- for all 4, so I've decided to sell the car rather than throw $1500 on tires every couple of years. The PAX tires are very low quality, I dont know if its honda or Michellin, and I dont really care. I'm selling the car and getting one with good tires. Good luck to all, drive safe
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    retreddretredd Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2012
    Atlanta Area - Southside if available but Northside OK......

    As I strongly consider the DePax can anyone recommend a tire shop or shops in metro Atlanta that will take a kit from College Hills or Tire Rack and do the install with tires ?

    Thanks for help in finding a place to finish the process.
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    maxfischermaxfischer Member Posts: 9
    Discount Tire in the Chicago area had no problem doing it for me. Looks like there are some in the Atlanta area. Good luck - I've never looked back from depaxing.
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    chirpchirp Member Posts: 194
    I just ordered a third set of PAX tires from Discount Tire for $1,100. $400 less than my Honda Dealer wants. My Odyssey has 79,000 miles now, so the wear on my PAX tires have been very good. I was going to let this van go at this mileage, but it is just too versatile and reliable so I am keeping it for a few more years. As heavy as the PAX system is, I still get decent mileage and will continue to stick with them. I also noted that they are rated for 36,000 miles and I have beaten that mileage with my two previous sets, so no complaints. Pressure and rotation is critical with them.
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