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Chevy Suburban



  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    My 03 Burb check engine light came on again. The previous light on my last tank of fuel was for "Evap emission control leak" which probably meant gas cap, the light came on as the tank ran below 3/4 tank, stayed on, and had to be cleared by tech at auto zone. The light came on again on this tank of fuel at about the same fuel level, anyone have a suggestion??? I already put a new gas cap on, and made sure its tight.

    Also I still haven't figured out my headliner lights are not working, is there any way to test the relays in the fuse box that is located to the right of steering column under the dash??? Owners manual shows 2 different relays associated with headliner power.
    Thanks for any input. Catam.
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    Could be a problem with fuel tank pressure sensor. Same type of sensor as MAP sensor is. This sensor is the one that sees if the gas cap is loose.

  • mchi1991mchi1991 Posts: 1
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    Have you checked the freon. I would check to make sure the system is fully charged first.
    There is also an expansion valve (I think that is the name), that could be plugged, which may be limiting freon flow.
    The only other thing I can think of would be the evaporator in the dash for the front AC. (Pray its not that because its a real PITA to change.
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    I need a new foglamp for the drivers front of my 2003 Suburban. I was wondering if anyone knew where you could pick up a replacement on the cheap. I would be happy to buy an aftermarket as long as it fits the same mount as the original in the front bumper, and had the same electrical connector.
    Thanks for any info. Catam.
  • edwin10edwin10 Posts: 32
    Do a google search. There are several car parts discounters that sell common parts. I had to order one a
    few months ago. Fog light was a perfect fit, and was
    about $42.00.
  • ken5kidsken5kids Posts: 1
    i have an 02 suburban i'm replacing the shift cable ... only the end at the transmission is broke ...the cable comes in 2 parts can they be seperated?
  • cnhorn63cnhorn63 Posts: 1
    My 1999 K1500 Suburban with 43K miles has slight coolant leak. I completed a coolant flush 2 months ago and replaced the coolant with Dexcool. It appears the leak may be coming from the intake manifiold and dripping down the front of the engine. I have heard stories about Dexcool causing gaskets to fail. Am I on my own with repairing this leak or are there any TSB on this vehicle pertaining to intake gasket failure. I bought this vehicle 2 years ago.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    A large newspaper is looking to interview consumers who have large SUVs but might rent a car to save on gas when going on long trips. Please send an e-mail to no later than Thursday, April 6, 2006 containing your daytime contact information, along with the make and model your vehicle.

    Chintan Talati
    Corporate Communications

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  • Thanks for the response. On Star was the culpret! Thank God it was under warranty or I would have done just like you and left the wire unplugged.
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    I recentally saw a fairly new Suburban with MEXICO license plate. It had a Silverado pickup front end. Why the difference and they didn't do that in the USA?
  • wtilleywtilley Posts: 2
    That is exactly what my 04 burb did and it was the fuel pump pack. It was replaced under warranty and no problems since.
  • I have a 2002 Chevy Suburban, one of the best auto's I have ever owned. In fact after 124,000 miles I was finally required to replace the back brake pads FOR THE FIRST TIME since I bought it new in 2002. The front pads did not need it... yet. What a contrast to the 2000 suburban I had
    owned previously in which I was replaceing brake pads every 20 - 25,000 miles.

    Anyway, I am looking for a company that will go through one of these and completely rebuild / upgrade Suburbans from front to back,
    mostly mechanically. I would like to have the engine and transmission rebuilt, or even better, made more powerful. Are there
    companies out there that are well known for this sort of thing? I was thinking something down the lines of a "Stillen" type of
    rebuilding. Any suggestions? I would really like to keep this one for another 5 - 6 years. I think Chevy / GMC peaked on their
    quality with these cars in 2002 / 2003.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    A friend of mine did this way back in the early 90's. He got a high mileage Suburban that was mostly used for commuting on the LA freeways. Then he put $10,000 into it completely rebuilding the thing. We all thought he was nuts to pump that much money into the rig, but he's still driving it some 12 or so years later.

    He just used a trusted mechanic who did all the work but I think he kept most of it stock.

    Steve, Host
  • kreinerkreiner Posts: 1
    I have been reading quite a deal about the Suburban in these messages. I am almost ready to purchase a 2007 LTZ Suburban loaded. Does the new Suburban actually get 15/21 MPG as stated? I mainly have 1 child most of the time since the oldest drives, but I also have 3 godchildren, friends, carpools, hauling items for the house. Is this a really good purchase for the money and fuel economy? Everyone seems to be very researched on the vehicle and would greatly appreciate any comments before my purchase.

  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    I happen to like the Suburban a lot, and am never one to tell someone that they "should not" drive a large SUV. But, if you usually have just the one child and only need the third row for very occasional use, I would probably go for a Tahoe or Yukon instead, just to save a little money and take up a little less space in the garage.
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    I don't mind telling someone what not to drive...IMO, I don't see who in their right mind (with gas prices approaching $3.00 a gallon and rising with no end in site) would even consider a large SUV unless you have
    3 or 4 kids or maybe tow a trailer. IMO I believe this country would be the mess it's in with the gas prices, if everyone is always thinking bigger is better. I got rid of my Lincoln Town Car for a Kia. I can afford the gas what is the sense in giving into the oil companies and line
    their FATwallets when it's not necessary at all!! I refuse to spend 3 times as much money on gas. I'd rather spend that money on something else that I'd get a better return on. AMERICA needs to learn as far as cars go, BIGGER IS NOT BETTER anymore. Yes, it would be ok if the gas was
    more plentiful and less expensive. The oil companies really has a big advantage over us consumers. I am not going to give in to that. Yes I am paying a lot for gas but I am not going to waste it either when I don't have too. Is a Suburban, Escalade etc really necessary? How many are use to their FULL capacity? Especially 4-wheel drives how many actually use them off road?
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,721
    I got rid of my Lincoln Town Car for a Kia. I can afford the gas what is the sense in giving into the oil companies and line their FAT wallets when it's not necessary at all

    Well good for you. If you really want to make a statement, ride a bicycle....

    I would agree that if you aren't going to use the utility a Suburban/Tahoe offers then another type of vehicle is a better choice. But I'm not going to tell someone else what to drive. At the same time, I don't want to hear SUV owners screaming that they had to put $80 in the tank either. .

    I guess you'll just love hearing how my Suburban gets about 5x the fuel economy of my boat. I guess we should ban them too and anything else that is wasteful.
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    Well good for you. If you really want to make a statement, ride a bicycle

    Please don't be a smart aleck you know as well as I do that is not a reasonable answer!

    I would agree that if you aren't going to use the utility a Suburban/Tahoe offers then another type of vehicle is a better choice.

    That was my point or are least I am trying to say. How many people that buy them actually use the utility of one?

    At the same time, I don't want to hear SUV owners screaming that they had to put $80 in the tank either.

    I couldn't agree with you more on that.

    I am not saying to get rid of EVERYTHING wasteful. I have no issue if someone has one if the are used for what the are intended for.....towing large trailers or transport more than say 4 or 5 people on a regular basis. But to have one one...especially an Escalade....just to show off and impress is just not necessary.

    I am hoping just like everyone else gas will go back down you sane levels.
  • I say let the capital markets take their course. If someone wants to pay the high price of gas for a guzzler SUV, then let em. The market will equal itself out. Other technologies will begin to take the lead when Fuel prices get high enough. These are the times when spectacular inventions occur... the times when it is necessary.
  • If I were going to spend a lot of money to rebuild, I would do the ultimate. Check out They will upgrade you to a complete Duramax/alison suburban, including new axles and a slight body lift to accomodate the alison transmission. Let me know how it works!!
  • edwin10edwin10 Posts: 32
    Gas guzzlers is only part of the problem, the other big
    problem is people drive to much. A person with a gas
    guzzler that drives 15 miles per day, uses no more gas
    that a person that drives 30 - 40 miles per day with
    economy car. Everyone seems to forget that many cars
    get worse mileage than SUVs. Big Mercedes, BMWs,
    Bentlys, Ferraris, all get 8 to 12 mpg city, which is
    worse that most SUVs.

    As one person said " If you really want to make a
    difference ride a bicycle".

    I drive two cars, and drive about 7000 miles per year,
    so gas in no real big issue to me.
  • edwin10edwin10 Posts: 32
    You gave up a Lincoln Twon Car for a Kia, did you hit
    your head or something.
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    OF COURSE NOT!!!! It just didn't make sense for me to spend LARGE AMOUNTS of money a month just to get somewhere!! If and when (I know fat chance!!!) the gas prices go down, I will be back in a big car (if there are any around after this high gas price episode).
  • tdohtdoh Posts: 298
    And imagine how much more money you'd save if you stuck w/ the Kia even after/if gas prices go down? Oh wait--it wasn't so much about saving money more than it was about trying to avoid fattening the oil companies' profit margins... ;)

    That is an interesting take on why one should/would drive an econobox instead of a gas guzzler--not to help reduce oil dependency, nor to cut down on gas costs...but to keep the oil companies from profiting even further from spiraling gas prices!
  • chuck1959chuck1959 Posts: 654
    --not to help reduce oil dependency, nor to cut down on gas costs...but to keep the oil companies from profiting even further from spiraling gas prices!

    give me a break!! IT does all 3!!
  • What trany is in my 92 Suburban. It sits 300 miles away and I want to bring a fluid filter kit with me next trip to the cabin.

    I may even put some gas in it this year :-)
  • Do you think the tranny cooler mounted behind the radiator is original to the truck--or is the stock cooler inside the radiator somehow and the one behind an add-on.

    The cooler behind the radiator was leaking, so I jumperred around it with hoses and no more leaks--only to confirm it was the cultrate.

    I know some people add a second tranny cooler and run it in series with the stock one. Should I replace the one behind the radiator and add a second or just run a high capacity cooler in front of the radiator and leave the one behind unhooked.
  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,721
    My '00 Suburban has a tow package which also provides an external cooler in front of the radiator, that works in tandem with the internal cooler in the radiator.

    I've never seen a trans cooler mounted behind the radiator, doesn't seem like it would leave much room for the fan. Are you positive that what you see is just the trans cooling lines going into the radiator?

    I would just run a high capacity cooler in front of the radiator. I forget the proper way to run the lines, but external trans coolers I've seen use the internal cooler as well. I just can't remember if you want the trans fluid to go to the radiator or external cooler first.
  • arkitectarkitect Posts: 75
    Does anyone have a good suggestion on how I can restore my 83 burb? It has mainly interior problems but since I haven't drived it in a while all the eletrical went out on it. Does anyone know how to get one of these things on "pimp my ride" or something else nice. I realy care about this car so anything would be helpful.
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