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Chrysler 300C SRT-8

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
Discuss the 2005 Chrysler 300C SRT-8 here!


  • 300c1300c1 Posts: 1
    My 2005 has 5,000 miles and has developed a problem when normal driving shifts to low gear and does not go higher. In shop for second time and mechanic cannot find info on code the computer is displaying. Has anyone had trans problems on the 300 models???
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 3,017
    The SRT-8 is currently on my Short List.

    I am eagerly (impatiently) awaiting published tests.

    Worst aspect (for me) appears to be the 19 mpg EPA highway estimate I have seen . . .


    - Ray

    Hoping Job #1 holds to 10 Jan as scheduled . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • jeggejegge Posts: 1
    My experience with my Ford Explorer was a bad sensor, sending incorrect messages, thus the valves in the transmission were unable to respond. They overhauled it twice before getting right. Hope this is helpful. jegge
  • bigelmbigelm Posts: 995
    I'm not sure if this link is against Edmunds policies...



    DETROIT -- The 2005 Chrysler 300C SRT8, a high-performance version of the sedan, gets an extra 85 horsepower and a $6,275 price bump over the rear-drive 300C to $39,995, including a $625 destination charge.


    The addition to the 300C lineup goes on sale in the spring, the Chrysler group said Monday. Exterior color choices are limited to silver or black.


    SRT, for Street and Racing Technology, is the Chrysler group's designation for vehicles that have been modified by the factory for higher performance.


    The main change for the 300C SRT8 is an increase in the displacement of the Hemi V-8 from 5.7 liters to 6.1 liters. That boosts the engine's output from 340 hp for the 5.7-liter unit to 425 hp for the 6.1-liter unit, an increase of 25 percent. Torque increases from 390 pounds-feet to 420 pounds-feet, a 7.7 percent increase.


    Other changes to the engine include a higher compression ratio and redesigned cylinder heads and manifolds for better air flow. The engine block, crankshaft and connecting rods have been reinforced for greater strength.


    Exterior changes include revised front and rear fascias, a decklid spoiler and body-color grille insert.
  • buddabudda Posts: 3
    I just picked up my 2005 300c on Jan. 1st and it had to be towed into the dealer today (only 189 miles on car) because the trany was not going into higher gears. It's rear was also making a loud & sudden grinding noise if more gas is given!

    I won't know for a couple of days the results. Does anyone have any further answers?
  • I'm sold !!! I ordered a silver SRT-8 on 1/13. E-mailed 18 dealers in the Detroit area, prices all over the board. (No Chrysler employee discount on SRT products.) Did the best I could , GEEEZ , SOME DEALER IN CALIFORNIA HAS THE SAME CAR ON EBAY AS I WRITE THIS WITH A "Buy it Now" for $70 GRAND !!! Car is going to be HOT !! Ordered SRT Option Package II , a sunroof and better speakers. SRT Option I is just side curtain airbags. Any one else try to order ??
  • I'm torn between the SRT-8 & the 'regular' 300C. I'm sure I'll have to pay way over the MSRP for the SRT-8, plus the mileage is so bad. I'm already driving a 12-14 MPG Durango R/T! How was your puchase experience? Did you use Chrysler Financing? Could you use cash as leverage?
  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    Does anyone fear the transmission breaking with all of that torque? 425 lb. ft of torque is a lot for an automatic trans to hold up to. I know the old 727 Torque Flights of the 60's and 70's weren't a problem because of their size and the heavy duty parts they used. They also track tested them on the drag strips so when they broke they can improve for the street. I'm waiting for a few blow ups before I lay my money down on one of these. I love this car and the Magnum SRT. If it came with the Viper 6 speeed I can see no problem , after all that and the Ram SRT10 is putting 500 lb. ft through the gears. Just leary of all that power and a weak trans.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    After seeing this car in person at Detroit you come away with a feeling that American car industry just might survive afterall. The 300C was already hot, but the SRT-8 version looks like the orignal show car, 20-inch wheels and all. Simply stunning. The interior is pretty good too.


  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    The car is great from what I have read, but the asking price will be around $15,000.00 over sticker!

    I am scheduled for a test drive next month when my dealer will have its first delivery.
  • srt300srt300 Posts: 5
    Where do you live? I was told the SRT would be for sale in the spring! What is the price the dealer is asking and were you able to order one? I live in Massachusetts,lots of snow here!
  • srt300srt300 Posts: 5
    If the transmission is like the one in the E55-AMG it will hold up just fine! I bet the SRT has alot of German parts in it,since we know who owns Chrysler!!
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    I live in southern Cali. and I was at my dealer this morning getting my '05 ltd. chrysler pacifica its regular maintenance. I talked to the sales rep there and they are getting 1 Metallic Black SRT8 next month (mind you this is a 5 star dealer who moves alot of inventory). I have not ordered one just yet, but am waiting for the call for the test drive. It depends how much I like the vehicle, I may bite the bullet and pay what they are asking. This is going to be one hard vehicle to find, let alone buy!
  • srt300srt300 Posts: 5
    I got lucky and placed an order last week here in the Boston area! I was told the price would be the sticker price and it was a silver SRT with all the options! I hope it arrives in early April when all the snow is gone.
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    Hmm....I am VERY suprised that you were able to secure such a price. I mean I am pretty sure most if not all dealers will add a hefty mark up on this vehicle and yes people will probably pay it. Well I hope that price sticks...let us know if it actually ends with that happy ending. Good luck.
  • giovanni1giovanni1 Posts: 106
    I had a dealer here in Northern Ca offer to sell me one at msrp if I were to pre-order now. Paying over MSRP is for those with more money than brains.
  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    We know whos owns Chrysler. Ask 300C who posted problems with his 300C Trans and it isn't even the SRT. I'm not super familiar with the E55 but does it produce the same torque that the SRT will be making? The A580 Trans from Chrysler is what will be in this and in the SRT8 Magnum. I hope that it holds up because I'm torn between the 300CSRT and the Magnum SRT8. I just know from years of dealing with Mopars(71 Charger 500, 426 Hemi 727 Torque Flight) that this trans which has been around since the 80's hasn't been the best.

    Dodge had similar problems with the auto transmissions in their trucks equipped with the Cummins. In 98 and 99 when Cummins came out with some killer torque engines, the trucks spent a considerable amount of time on the lift at the dealership where I worked. Let's just hope I'm wrong. But I am right when I say they should offer a 6 speed manual in this car.
  • srt300srt300 Posts: 5
    I would think that the boys in the SRT department would make sure the trans is strong enough to handle the 425HP or the dealerships that sell it will be very unhappy!If you divide 5000 SRT"s into 2500 dealers that equals about 2 per dealer! I bet there are 5000 rapers,football and basketball players that all would like to have a new silver or black SRT!Place your order NOW!!
  • Yup, just ordered pretty much the same thing.

    Local dealer was great. What does option package II include? The dealer didn't know.
  • srt300srt300 Posts: 5
    Option ll includes navigation built in GPS,7 speaker boston aucuistic with 6 cd player, moon roof and more....When did the dealer expect delivery?
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    What was your final price(excluding tax/lic.)? and will that price stand when you receive delivery?
  • He is expecting it any day, this Sat? (1/29)
  • Good question, I'll let you know...
  • Does anyone know how much the gas guzzler tax is going to be ?? Ordered my car 2 weeks ago , negotiated and agreed on a final price just to find out about this tax a few days ago. Wondering if this tax will be added to the bottom line and I'll have to pay state sales tax on this Gov. regulated tax ?? I have a new invoice from the dealer listing it at $1700.00. The salesman then said it's $2100.00 but he's not sure ?? Been patient , like the car and got a good deal. First "Chrysler" product to get this tax. (the Viper is a Dodge) None of the Chrysler dealers I received quotes from included this added cost. HELP !!
  • Silver 300C SRT8 on order with local dealer since Jan.6, can't wait to see when it finally arrives. Seems to be a loaded vehicle with Groups I & II, power sunroof, Boston speakers & sub. Big change from present SLK32 AMG, although similar performance...Hope the gas guzzler tax won't guzzle too much additional money!
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    I was told that the gas guzzler tax will be around $1,700.00, and its already included in the MSRP sticker price.
  • pagjapagja Posts: 4
    I wonder why with a "late" introduction ("spring of 2005") of the new SRT-8, that they didn't go with a 2006 model year instead of calling it a 2005 model. It seems to me that GM and Ford both are calling models introduced after JANUARY are known as 2006's. If we take delivery of our SRT's like they say in the "spring", they will be within only a few months of the new 2006 model introduction anyway...not good when it comes to the "book" depreciation schedules!
  • Are you kidding me ??!! If you are in the market for a car like this you're not going to worry about depreciation !! Believe me , this is my 1st " NEW " Chrysler / Benz product EVER !! ( I may cancel the order if I can't get a straight answer from the dealer soon on the added gas guzzler tax !!) Oh by the way . please see Toyota for resale and residuals !! " EVERYTHING " THEY BUILD IS BETTER THAN GM OR FORD !??! Anyone find out about the GAS GUZZLER TAX yet ??
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    As stated previously, it is $1,700.00 here in Cali., which is included in the final MSRP.
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