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Chevy Tahoe Maintenance and Repair



  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    I just found rust inside the rear hatch down at the bottom. The paint is bubbled on the seam. Anybody else have this problem?

    Yep! first, its not rust. The rear hatch it aluminum. whole thing weighs about 25 pounds (without glass, hinges and plastic). We just had ours replaced at no cost two weeks ago. They gave us a whole new door and new paint job.

    What I heard from the bodyshop manager is that aluminum can have corrosion issues in some cases. I saw to old one and there really wasn't a serious corrosion issue other than the paint not sticking well. Even checked out the inside and it looked like new(plastic and latch removed so I could see down to the seems).

    The body shop (Chevy dealer) took about 3 or 4 weeks to get it OKed by GM, but stood behind it 100%. :)

  • I just traded my '03 Z71 for a '06 Z71. I love it so far. However, I can't stand the little seat belt warning that comes up on the information center. Is there a way to disable this? :confuse:
  • I have a 2005 Tahoe Z71, with the navigation system in the dash. I was wondering if there is a relay or program that i can buy that can enable the front navigation screen to play DVDs. It already is a plasma or LCD screen, I just want it to function as a DVD player as well..... Can anyone help me? :confuse:
  • I have a '05 Tahoe Z71 and I feel as if it is lacking some power. I just put dual exhaust on it... Are there any more aftermarket parts that will add some power, without voiding the warranty? Where's that factory supercharger when you need it?
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    I have a '04 Tahoe LT.

    Had a lot of issues with gas mileage. I have posted in Tahoe forum a lot about it.

    The other issue was lack of power like when getting to go from stop light or other stand still. This came and went but in the end of it was always very powerless. Clearly something was wrong. If the engine sometimes is very powerful and sometimes (most of the time) very powerless there must be a problem of some kind, right?

    Long story short, after changing almost all sensors I think I finally found the real problem, the intake manifold leak. GM has this issue on their own TechLink page, which I included with one of my posts. This GM Tech Link page tells about an issue with the intake manifold gasket of L59 engines (the Z engine). I went to check mine and found that all intake manifold bolts were LOOSE.

    To make things right I purchased a new set of intake manifold gaskets and installed them following bolt tightening instructions in a Haynes manual for the Chevy trucks up to year 2002.

    After changing the gaskets my truck behavior changed 100%. I now get really constant gas mileage at 18.2 gpm at interstate speed of 75 mph. It repeats really well what it did not do before. I can also see the difference in the end of tail pipe. It has that correct light brown/gray color, black disappeared and has nor come back since I fixed this about 6 weeks ago.

    Get-up-and-go went through the roof compared to prior the gasket change. I assume your main complait with lack of power is with the feel when you start from stand still?

    My explanation why gasket change helped my Tahoe is that with leaking gasket intake manifold pressure was too high at idle speed and when I stepped on gas pressure raised way too high and retarded engine timing too much leading to lack of power. One clear sign of this was that when I step on gas and let the car accelerate power suddenly kicked in after engine rews went high enough. Now that kick comes in almost immediately.

  • Love my relatively old LT. Have been having trouble with the security system from time to time.(shuts the fuel off to engine) It seems to reset itself after a while...but meantime I'm stuck where ever I happen to be when I try to start it. Never happens in mid-stream, just at start-up, and at random. I really hate this at the pumps or on my way to work... Please help if you can. Can this be disabled?Called the factory...Ya, that helped. Take it to the dealership and pay a arm and a leg just to hook it up... Nah, I'll take my chances asking real folks for the answers... So, what's the key to ending this little nitemare? Thanks in advance...--JJ-- :mad:
  • I forgot to add that when the dash light burns steady, the system is disabled but the truck starts and runs fine(this is comforting), and at times it will come on mid-stream for no obvious reason. The comforting part is that I know it will start when the light is steady. It flashes when the system is enabled and the truck I love must sit, undisturbed for at least 20 mins. according to the guy at the factory. If I had a dime for every time I've been given a time-out by this Tahoe, I could finance my next tank of gas....--JJ-- :blush:
  • I just purchased a used 2004 LT Tahoe. When the radio is on there is an extremely annoying whirring noise. It increases when the car is accelerated but goes away when the radio is turned off. Does anyone have an explanation for this or has it happened to you? Should I take it in to be serviced as it is still under warranty?? Any advice will be most appreciated.

  • For the second time upon entering and starting my Tahoe I have received a "service 4WD" message. Additionally, the shift indicator light would be in the 4WD low position. I tried to put it back into 2WD or 4WD high without success. I drove the car down the street and the transmission did not seem to be in 4WD low, however it did act a bit funny. After driving and stopping for awhile, I went back to the truck, started it and it was back in 2WD. I drove to a store, stopped, shopped and re-started the truck after I was finished. Once again I received the error message and the truck was back in 4WD low.
    I plan on taking the vehicle to the dealer on Monday. The last time this occurred I was told it was a "software issue" with the on board computer.
    Has anyone had this problem?
  • Yes, we drive about 60 miles a week on a dirt road 6 miles of it is 4wd. Our Tahoe is a 05 Z71 with 4,000 miles on it. Last weekend the left rear tire was torn open by a fist size rock (the off road package comes with so called aggressive tires just dont hit any small rocks) I then had the wonderful experience of using the jack kit. I wouldn't try using it on my honda a complete pice of *&%$##*****. Then the DVD player began skipping and in between boulders the XM radio cuts out. Sunday night return trip I selected 2WD from 4WL there was a very loud clunk and the service 4X4 light came on it would not allow me to return to 4X4. Ouch this is sounding very negative, I really do like the car. It handles very well pulls trailers great ( 4.11 gears) all though there is a very distinct whining sound from the transmission low speed through highway 5-85mph. The dealer says its normal? ">
  • I had the same problem. There is some contact switches on the inside door frame. When you open the door tahe some steel wole or scotch-bright pad and cleen both sides of the contact switch. This fixed my doors.
  • I have a 01 Tahoe Z71. It has the factory 17 rims on it. I want to replace them with 33x12.50 R15. My bud has a 99 Tahoe Z71. He is running the same wheel/tire packg. He has had 2 tranny rebuilds. He also pulls a 24' cigarette boat. My concern is wear and tear on my tranny. Do not wanna have future probs w/that.Any ifo would be appreciated.
  • jackdajackda Posts: 1
    i have a 1995 z71 chevy
    end i wont to install aside step bed
    if somewon know were i can by it
    thenks benny
  • were is the module on a 96 taho and how do you replace is.. i was driving down the road then all of a sudden it lost power acts like it wants to turn owver.. one of our shade tree machanics said it was the module.. i don't know what it is.. .. i am lost can anyone help me
  • just curious if you found the problem, my 99 does the same thing and I don't know why.
  • Could this be the steering column issue? I have an '01 Z71 and I have the thumping noise coming from the steering column. A dealer originally fixed this problem at about 25,000 miles by replacing lube within the steering assembly, and he explained that when this lube ages/dries/evaporates (?) such sounds are normal. Now, at 59,000 I am having the same sounds again. If this is your problem, the sound clearly comes from the front, and may also be accompanied by steering wheel movement - i.e. - coupled with such movemen: when wheel moves after hitting bump, thumping noise occurs. Just a thought. I had no issues with torsion bars on my Tahoe, and had them 'turned up' for an inch of additional clearance over 33" tires.
  • I put 33" tires on my 17" rims (2001 Z71) and it rubbed occasionally on inner fenders. By lifting the front end by so much as an inch, the problem was resolved. Tires rub rarely in rear on inner fenders at maximum suspension action, but this is minimal and no damage occurs. The real problem with bigger tires is the gearing: I lost acceleration and am now forcing the gearbox to downshift regularly when towing. Pulling an empty enclosed trailer weighing just about 1,000 pounds at 75MPH, I got 10MPG because gearbox kept going to 3rd gear to maintain speed at anything but a downward slope. The tires I got are BFG All Terrain KOs - a great off-road tire, and very quiet as well. I will be pulling a boat soon too, and am now concerned about this re-gearing of my Tahoe via the tires.
  • I have a 2001 Z71 Tahoe with 59,000 miles, and for the last 20,000 miles or so I've been having an intermittent problem starting in 1st gear. Always on level ground, with no extra load, what happens is when applying throttle to accelerate from a stop the gearbox appears to be in 2nd gear - laboring to start accelerating. Then, within a second or two it slams down into 1st gear and accelerates normally. This happens every few weeks but two dealers have said they can't deal with such issues and that I should wait until something 'serious' occurs with gearbox that they can diagnose. I am concerned as this seems like a warning sign about gearbox that will have problems. Any ideas? I have extended warranty at least...
  • kraftykrafty Posts: 1
    I cannot figure out what the plastic piece with the slots in it between the liftgate window and the rear window is called If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!!
  • Hey, I have dual exhaust on my '02 Tahoe, and the power seems to be fine. If you get the engine checked and there is not something wrong with it, then I would suggest that you buy a cold air intake or a K&N air filter or something like that, which will increase the air intake into the engine, adding horsepower. Mine is at about 300 with the exhaust, and you will probably get about 15 or 20 more with just the air filter, and maybe 25 or 30 with the air intake. Good luck
  • My 02 has had problems with that, just vibrations though. It only has 31000 on it, but just take yours to the dealership and get them to grease the steering column. I don't know other that that.
  • Also, i was wondering how the car did with the torsion bars cranked up. Ive been thinking about it for mine, and i was wondering if 285s would fit well with and inch or so extra from that. Thanks
  • They call that peice the vent I think, you can get replacements online
  • Anyone give me a clue if there is a fuse that controls the power seats to the driver side and both driver and passenger heated seats? Just stopped working yesterday but my passenger side power seats work fine.

    Thanks in advance,

  • I have a 99 tahoe 4x4 once it reaches the normal temp it will sputter and then shut off but it starts up right away. It only does it once it warms up. I have changed the fuel filter, the mass air flow sensor, check the spark plugs and wires even did a gas treatment. Does anyone know what else it could be or what else I should try
  • I have a problem with my 1997 Tahoe. Out of the blue it just quit while driving home. Changed a fuse and it ran about 10 minutes - just enough to get home. Somebody suggested that the security is messing it up. It blows fuses just as fast as you can put them in.
    Anybody have any ideas?">link title
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    Check / change crank shaft position sensor. If this sensor goes bad it directly causes problems with engine operation, like really rough run or shut off. It also gets really hot with engine oil warming up. I assume yours is mounted in the side of the engine just above starter motor like in my '04 Tahoe.

    Another one to check is the MAP sensor. In my Tahoe it is located on top of the intake manifold under a plastic bracket.

  • I am also having the problem with the driver side power seat and both heated seats not working? I was wondering if you have gotten it fixed yet? Or if you have had any replys yet either.
    Thanks, makes me feel better that I am not the only person scratching his head on this problem.
  • Found the problem with this. It would appear that the circuit breaker is tripping on this, and not resetting. The circuit breaker is located in the black box underneath the steering wheel by the brake. Just remove the cover, and pull the silver 25A breaker, and re-insert it. For some reason, that resets it, and presto, it is working. That doesn't explain it being tripped in the first place, but at least it is an easy fix.
  • My Driverside Seat will do it all but go up and down. I tried doing what knon2000 said to do but not working. Any other ideas???

    I pulled the Silver fuse 25 and the 30 just for grins...nothing...

    It works once in awhile...
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