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Chevy Tahoe Maintenance and Repair



  • My Driverside Seat will do it all but go up and down. Any other ideas???

    I pulled the Silver fuse 25 and the 30 just for grins...nothing...

    It works once in awhile...
  • Just bought a used Tahoe at under book last week :surprise: . Has 5.3 Vortec FFV. Was running fine when I drove off the lot. Filled it with BP Silver 89 Octane gas and weather got to sub 20F. Now Engine light is on solid while driving under around 35MPH. Starts flashing after that. Starts up fine. Runs fine for around 5 seconds at 1000RPM then drops down to 500 and idles and runs rough. Milage reading has gone down in all regimes. Had the car checked out at Chevy dealer before purchase and they found no red flags. Any help or info would be appretiated?
  • Hey....I have the very same problem with my 2003 chevy tahoe. I bought it used and have had it for 5 mo's. It is a very slight slip that that were feeling. Its like you said, it hesitates at the end of the shift then it goes in. I took mine to a tranny mech. and he said that it might be a valve thats stick'n in there. Est. cost...$450.
    But he was just guessing...Said he would have to go in to check to make sure. Either way...sounded expensive.
    Also... he said that its a common problem wit these trannys. Anyone else with this annoying problem????
  • Heyyy....Somebody with my problem as well.

    The quick temp. fix to this is to give the center console a good ole' beatn'. Hit the back side of the console (at the foldable cup holders) firmly a couple of times and that should stop the whinning thru the speakers.

    If you haven't already found this remedy.

    I notice this post is fairly old. If you found a permanent fix, let me know....

    But i think the BOSE amp is shot and thats where it is located. Cost for the amp....about 300 dollars... Installation cost ???
  • I have a 03' HOE with 82000. Every now n then, my power steering looses assist.

    When parked, and if im braking, the steering assist is not there. Its like trying to steer a tractor.....very hard.

    It also makes a noise when I'm turning hard thru a corner....I can feel some resistance in the steering thru the turn...

    Is this normal??? I've read somewhere were this was ok...It just doesn't seem like a 40000 dollar truck should be doing this...

    Anyone with the same proble...or suggestions???
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    What trouble codes does the computer have?

    Codes can be read by a simple OBD II scanner that you can buy for about $100. Very good tool to have. Pays itself back fast. Dealer ask about $80 just to check codes.

    You can also have codes read by a car parts store for free. At least I know AutoZone has this service.

    Have codes checked and post again.

    A quick guess about your problem since you mention that temperature went below 20 is that your intake air temperature sensor might be bad. If it is it takes to change the Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF) as the sensor is built into it. This is approximately $200 part.

  • There is a Chevy recall out on your Tahoe that will correct this problem.....NHTSA Campaign ID Number: 05V163000..........

    Recall Date:
    FEB 04, 2004



    Hope this helps ya.
  • I just bought a 2003 Z71 Tahoe and noticed what sounds like a noisy fan belt on idle. It seems to me that the engine should idle a little quiter. I lubricated the belts, but that didn't help. The belts look like they are good shape. Anyone else have this problem?
  • pat36pat36 Posts: 1
    Hi - I noticed yesterday (and today), while my 2002 Tahoe was idling, it smelled like burning popcorn from the exhaust... almost like a burning cigarette smell. Does anyone know what that could be? I don't recall running over anything, except for a little horse manure in the road yesterday, but it should all have washed away after driving through all the rain puddles today. Thanks for your help!
  • wgplapwgplap Posts: 1
    I experienced a similar problem with a 2004 Avalance Z71 shortly after buying the unit. Took it to my Chevy dealership and asked what they thought that it was. The serice advisor told me that Chevy had sent out a recall, which had to do with the amount of space between the skid plates around the exhaust. They ordered the parts No charge and within a couple of hours, these components were replaced. Have not had a problem since replacement.
  • mahincmahinc Posts: 2
    Codes are P0300(Multiple Misfires)and P0134(O2 Sensor low or no voltage)

    Checked the pre-catalytic conv. O2 sensor and it was black and sooty. Replaced all the plugs and found that 4 on passenger side were fine but ALL 4 on driver side were black and sooty like the O2 sensor. Leads me to believe the mix is too rich on that side. Is this something to do with the fuel rail or some valve that is specific to that side?
  • rmjvrmjv Posts: 1
    My new Tahoe begins to whine at about 40-45 miles per hour. GM has advised that they do not have a fix for it at this time but will call if and when they have a fix. Do other people have this same problem? Is it common to all 2005 Z71 4X4 Tahoe's?
  • ljrackljrack Posts: 1
    Battery died (left dome light on or something) so had to jump start. Now the radio is locked thanks to the theft deterrent system. Have a 99 Tahoe and I don't believe I ever set or changed the passcode. Called the dealer and they said I had to bring it in so they could get the numbers off the radio, call AC Delco to get the password.

    You would think there would be a default password if I as the consumer never set a passcode?

    Any way around this or am I stuck taking the Tahoe in?
  • I have read somewhere that there was a known problem with the earlier 200 models having a piston clunking problem, but his was fixed in the later models.
  • tnt5tnt5 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem on my 03 Z71, dealer claims to have replaced the intermediate steering shaft. Truck was still under warranty. Clunk is gone and no more feedback in the steering wheel.
  • jpk60jpk60 Posts: 1
    Here's another one. I had to have my '02 Tahoe with 47k miles towed in yesterday to the dealer. They tell me there are two in front of me. I bought the extended warranty-which I usually never do. The dealer, without looking at the vehicle is already trying to squirm out the agreement. They told me I need to have every receipt of maintenance performed on the vehicle. I'll post again after I hear their result from the $650 "tear-down" I had to authorize.
  • mimanmiman Posts: 3
    I have an intermitted problem with not being able to turn the temp. down (make cooler)on my tahoe. I'll dial the the knob down to make it cooler and it will just blow the same hot air out. Nothing will change it, turning on A/C, change the outside to just inside air, turn everything off.It seems that once I stop and turn off the truck off and then on again, Everything works fine again. I looked in the manual and it seems to point to the air temp. aculator. Anyone run into this problem? Any other thing to check?
  • I have a 97 Chevy Tahoe 350 4WD. Today the speedometer quit tracking properly. It will follow the speed during acceleration but lags during decceleration the tachometer also is sluggish ticking sometimes.
  • miman I live in florida and had the same problem at about 35,000 miles I shut the AC off and turned it back on work's fine I now have about 38,000 miles on my burb...I didn't shut the engine off to reset the AC. That's the only problem so far? I still love it!
  • I have a 2003 Z71 Tahoe with a Bose System. The Rear passenger audio system thet is built into the center console does not work. It did work it just quit. Do any of you know what I could check to try to have it working once again?
  • I have a 2003 Z71 Tahoe and when driving, the transmission shifting from 1st gear to second gear hesitates a little before going into gear. I have read that someone else had the same problem but they only advised that the transmission shop said that it (may) be a sticking valve. has any one ever found out what may be causing this?
  • mimanmiman Posts: 3
    I think I figured it out. It was a temp. aculator motor. It a electric motor that closes and opens the door to the heater core thus hot or cold air. Just to let you know if you have any problem in the future.
  • spike123spike123 Posts: 1
    As I drive around town I notice that many '00-'05 Tahoes have one or more burned out running lights. I felt lucky it hadn't happened to me until last month. One burned out. I bought replacement bulbs but can't seem to find the trick of how to get access to the socket to replace them. Can anyone give me a clue? From the top/from the bottom? Does anything need to be removed to gain access? Any help is appreciated.
  • I have a question for everyone. I have a 99 Tahoe and when i am traveling slow, for example getting out of my drive way, parking lot, pulling into my garage and i apply the brakes they seem to lock, or just really grab. Has anyone experienced this type of problem. I've gone to Midas and have goten new brake pad, shoes, and wheel cylindars and it clears up for awhile and then seems to return. any ideas? thanks
  • nbatnbat Posts: 1
    Has anyone had to deal with the rear cargo door on their Tahoe not staying open. When I open the Right Cargo door it always wants to close. Is there a simple adjustment that will help keep the door open. Thanks for any help.
  • I have a friend that has a 1999 Chevy Tahoe and is having some major problems. She is having problems starting the vehicle. They have changed everything from sensor wires, gas tank, battery, vacumn hose, so many things we cant remember. The problems is when she starts just does like there is no gas going to the engine to boost it to start. It's hard to explain. We have taken it to 2 different dealers. They hook it up to the machines but cant seem to find out whats wrong. Has anyone ever had problems like this. Please help.
  • azla3azla3 Posts: 4
    OK! So, I'm not going crazy here. I've heard this same popping noise on my 2001 Tahoe LT. I would put money on it coming from the gas tank. It makes this popping noise when running or not. Sounds like it's gonna blow up. Major combustion noise!! And, now, I've got the service engine soon light coming on. Parts store detected EGR Flow & CK flow??? Anyone having evaporative emissions problems? Funky thing is, the sevice light will go out after putting gas in & filling up. Not everytime, but seems to be a pattern?? And yes! the gas cap is always being put back on correctly! :o)Then hello, after driving for say 30 miles or so, lights back on??? Prolly going to break down & take it to a GM dealer....ARGH!!!!!!!!! Would love to have a heads up, so they don't try taking me to the cleaners! Thanks!
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    I'm fairly sure the poping noise you here is from the heat shields expanding and contracting. Our 03 tahoe does it. Our 2001 Subura does it too, but not as loud.

  • azla3azla3 Posts: 4
    Hey Jay! Thanks for the response! I'm just glad I know what it is now. I've never owned a vehicle that has done that b-4. In talking w/a few other people today, they're saying the same thing. Just hope this service engine soon light stops it's fits SOON! Thanks again! :o)
  • azla3azla3 Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 Tahoe, I've just recently replaced mine. After lifting the hood, there is a pin(metal rod) that you pull out & that will release the main headlight for removal. Once removed, then access to the running lamp bulb is just below that. Same deal for both sides! Hope this helps!
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