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Chevy Tahoe Maintenance and Repair



  • possum2possum2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Tahoe with 28K. Recently the CARGO HATCH AJAR warning comes on as I'm driving down the road. With it comes the door unlock and the dome light. It goes off as soon as it came on. Does it esp. when I am tuurning right, and when I hit a bump going uphill. Doing it more and more frequently. Any ideas?
  • Hi, I own a Tahoe Z71 2005. I live in Sweden, I can´t use the OnStar system in this country. But I can use the antenna!! Is there anyone how knows where the phonesystem is located in the car, so I can disconnect the antenna and use it for the Swedish system??
    Best regards
  • autocrimeautocrime Posts: 2
    i have a 2005 chevy suburban i have the problem with the memory seats it does not work with the remote 1 or 2 a chevy dealer told me they do not have the software yet. dose anyone know when the software will be out. or have any info
  • autocrimeautocrime Posts: 2
    i have a 2005 chevy suburban i have the problem with the memory seats it does not work with the remote 1 or 2 a chevy dealer told me they do not have the software yet. dose anyone know when the software will be out. or have any info
  • the_docthe_doc Posts: 1
    Hey My Friend,

    I just bought an XM commander for my Tahoe Z 71. For about 85.00, it was install at circuit city. I bought it off e-bay for 70.00 (total). If you by the whole unit, new it will cost you 170.00 plus installation. My suggestion, is to get the XM commander unt, it looks factory when installed right, and the sound is awesome. Let me know how it goes!
  • Has anyone stuffed their Z71 into the side of a ditch? It appears that the Suburban front end is "tacoed". The gap on the top of the front doors is much smaller than the gap at the bottom of the front doors and the hood seems a bit higher. It drives fine. Is anyone else disappointed by the "off road" capabilities of their Z71? Can anyone guess how much this is going to cost? :cry:

  • lsufan6970lsufan6970 Posts: 10
    My 2003 Suburban Z71 does something really fancy. On occasions, when I enter the vehicle and stick the key in the ignition, the seat moves me ALL the way forward into the steering wheel. I guess the memory seats are screwed up or something. It only happens every now and then, so I'm waiting for something else to go wrong before I bring it in. On another note, I was wondering if anyone has boosted there performance beyond the air intake and power programmer stage. I've done both along with the thermostat and other minor improvements. I'm looking toward a turbo kit I found for around $5000. Has anyone put something like this on their vehicle? I want speed.
  • fwhitefwhite Posts: 2
    I have an ' 02 Tahoe with just over 20k. At low speeds when turning corners I'm getting a light clunking noise which I can feel through the wheel. Dealer told me it's normal on Tahoe's but I drove a couple different one's and they didn't do it. Is this normal and just cowl shake or could this be a major problem. Nothing seems loose but I am concerned as my wife drives this truck alot.
  • I am having the same problem with my 2002 tahoe Z71, I am also worried because this is my wifes car and she drives our new baby in it. I have had the dealership and the tire shop both look for the problem and they can't find anything. It is driving me crazy. If you find the problem please email my wife @! Thank you :confuse:
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    Do a search on steering clunks and you will find a long list of complaints. Its common. Most dealers are fixing it. It has to do with the intermediate steering shaft. From what I know it is NOT a safety issue and nothing will break or cause the truck not to go.... its just a noise that nobody likes.

    We had it with our 03....

  • kagz71kagz71 Posts: 12
    Has anyone else had there stereo say "XM ERROR" even though you don't subscribe to XM, I told the dealer, they said no problem was found, this was also when I told them the Information center keeps telling me the liftgate is open and the power fold mirrors dont fold out, but nothing was found wrong there either.

    Also, anyone had the torsion bars adjusted? I complained three times that the front end was too low, they finally put it on the machine and said "did you know the front end was 2 inches too low?"

    Thanks for the input

  • sprigmosprigmo Posts: 1
    Need clarification on the low/high side fittings locations to recharge my ac.
    Any help appreciated much.
  • taho02taho02 Posts: 3
    My 02 tahoe had the same problem It was the mid level steering shaft there is a TSB on this. This clunk started out very mild at 15k miles on mainly right hand turns but by 36k Miles it was very clunky on all turns. Dealer fixed on warranty no more clunk rides great.
  • radelradel Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Chevy Silverado that is making a popping noise all the time, driving it around town and when I shut it off too. I thought it was the fuel tank but it sounds like I might have the same problem. There is nothing that can be done about it? Is it dangerous?
  • Just had a break down the dealer said the ecm ground vibrated loose. does anyone know where its located. I have a 2005 Z71 tahoe.
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    I had the same problem with seat position recall in my '04 Tahoe. Because of this I didn't use the easy access function.

    There is a fix for this problem now. It is a software update, which I had done to my truck 2 weeks ago. I have not seen any problem yet and I'm using the easy access function now. It used to malfunction about 25% of time. Not once yet in two weeks.

    Below link takes to GM-tech page where this is explained amongst other issues

    They should fix is for free even if your truck would be outside warranty I would think. In the GM-tech page it clearly says that they found it to be a software issue. This means that whoever has the memory seat with this problem never had it correctly working, which should mean they'll fix it for free.

  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    In my '04 Tahoe there are two grounding points, both are on the engine. One is on right side and the other on left side. Don't remember exact location but they both are on top part of engine close to back end of engine. One of them I think is behind the engine so you can not see it but can touch if you know where it is.

    My dealer service printed a document that showed the locations. Reason for two grounding points is that there are two big connectors to computer and I guess they both have a ground.

  • We have a new Tahoe with vibration in front end that causes hood dash and steering wheel to chatter severely.
    Had it Road Force Balance and it made it worse?
    Dealer is looking at a problem called "beaming".
    Something to do with the frame and idler arm installations at the factory.
    Anyone have any information on Beaming or other cause for this symptom?
  • cwilsoncwilson Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2002 Tahoe Z71 with 56K miles. So far, I really like the vehicle, but the oil and voltage gauges concern me. Whenever I start the truck, the oil pressure gauge jumps up to about 60 (3/4 of the way up). The volts starts out normal. After the truck runs for a few minutes, the oil pressure gauge goes up when I accelerate and drops a little when I get into a higher gear. The oil gauge "floats" up and down depending on how hard the engine is working. The volts gauge creeps up over time to about 3/4 and hold there.

    Is this normal? Is the oil gauge supposed to be up that high and floating or is my truck all jacked up? Is the volts gauge supposed to be reading at 3/4 as well?
  • I was under the impression the remotes would trigger the seat memory as well. Why would the remotes be labeled if that wasn't the intention. Unfortunately they don't on my '05 Denali.
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    I believe that GM took this feature out of the 05 versions. My 04 does reset the seat to match the Key FOB used to unlock the vehicle.
  • My tahoe sputters and coughs when I romp on the gas. It idles fine and will run but cuts out and stalls when you need to give it some gas. I have replaced the MAP sesor and C.Converters. I have also tested the TPS and my fuel pressure is 50. Any information will be greatly appreciated
  • As you all know, there is no entering destination info while on the go with these systems. good idea if the driver is solo, but on a trip with a navigator it's a pain in the rear. anyone know the in's & out's enough to bypass this safety? Have seen backdoor menu access codes for other manufacturers units, but not Chevy.
  • I have a persistent problem that maybe someone can help me with (local dealers have not been able to troubleshoot). I have had problems with voltage variation on my Z71. IN the morning when the battery is a bit drained from the start - I run at 15-16 volts for 20-30 minutes. After it warms up it will settle down to 14-15. However - I will get a periodic swing up to 19 volts, which brightens the lights and shuts down the air bag circuit (based on the air bag light coming on) and also tends to boil my battery. This will last for 30 seconds or so. Then it will swing back.

    I have not been able to tie it to any specific thing (A/C, etc.). The only RELIABLE way to stop it from doing it is to rev the engine reel high. that arrests the symptom for the moment, and voltage returns to normal. I have tried checking wires, etc. I am on my third alternator/voltage regulator on advice from shops. During the first two changes, it did not happen for 3 months after the new one was installed, and then it starts again. On this one (a new one NOT a rebuild) it began right away.

    Could this be a broken down ground wire? So by revving the engine I am increasing the potential and jumping some small breakage in the wire? Visible inspection does not show any broken wires, etc. Has anyone else seen this - or do you have any good ideas on troubleshooting I could do. I would greatly appreciate any insights. Thanks!!
  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    Very weird problem I must say.

    The fact is though that the only thing in the car that can produce higher than 12 V is the alternator. The battery can not hold more than 12 V. This is the logical reason why you have been told to change the alternator and / or voltage regulator.

    After three changes it makes me think that those parts are not to blame though. What would be the odds to get three new parts that all are bad?

    How about the car's comtuter? I don't know myself but does it have anything to do with alternator voltage regulation?

    What about the battery itself? Have you checked the water level in it? If it is low could it actually loose charge as you drive and then the alternator must put out too high voltage? Perhaps not...

    It might be a bad connection in the regulator sensing wires. By this I mean that the wires that connect the voltage regulator to battery voltage could have partial connection so that the voltage regulator sees lower voltage than what the battery actually has. This could lead to over voltage at alternator as it would 'think' voltage is lower than it actually is. You mentioned yourself the ground wire but it could be the other 'hot' wire too.

    Where to look for these wires I have no Idea but there is I think four wires in the harness connection to the alternator's control port. The thick red wire is the charging wire to battery.

    Just trying to give some ideas to look at...

  • I have an 2003 with the same problem.... You know GM is aware of the problem. Probably going to take a major accident with loss of life and huge damage suit to get them to check it out. Cost of doing business, don't you know.
  • My 2003 Tahoe Z71 for the second time has developed a problem where the keyless entry will not unlock the back doors or rear door. This is really frustrating. It will unlock the drive/passenger doors.
  • I have a 2001 tahoe and took it to pep boys, they told me that my throttle body assembly had to be replaced, something about how it idles, i haven't gotten it replaced yet, and at the time my ac was acting funny. A/C is fine now,but it still idles rough. I had my rear brakes changed because of squealing, and they still squeal very loudly. On top of that tonight my car started to make this humming/vibrating noise and won't stop it's been doing it for about two hours now after i took the keys out of the ignition. What's wrong with my car!!! :confuse: :cry:
  • I just found rust inside the rear hatch down at the bottom. The paint is bubbled on the seam. Anybody else have this problem?
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    They fixed mine first time I brought it in. no questions. From what I understand it is NOT a safety issue. Just an annoying feeling in the steering wheel.
    Even with the high gas prices we love our Tahoe. Dropped of 5 kids at school today. Really need to think about painting it yellow. Are stop signs an accessory?

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