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Hyundai Azera 2006



  • you mean wma. wmv is video. either way, .wma is a crappy format. i wish more car stereos would play .oggs, though...
  • larry1135larry1135 Posts: 43
    WMV stands for Windows Media Video
    WMA stands for Windows Media Audio
  • larry1135larry1135 Posts: 43
    The Azera looks great, but the name stinks!

    By the way, anyone hear anything about Hyundai doing a Minivan?
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    They will have a minivan coming in 2007.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 2,356
    Very nice pics, but this is not the Azera as it has a hood ornament that the Azera does not. Also, the interior dimensions appear to be compact rather than midsize. Still, it is a fine looking automobile.
  • bigelmbigelm Posts: 995
    Um... it is the Azera but for overseas... also known as the Grandeur. Go a few pages back and you'll see a link to the website full of pics that have high resolutions to appreciate Hyundai's work.
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    Thanks for the posts jeen. Best pics I've seen.
  • schuck1schuck1 Posts: 14
    I saw a picture of an Azera from Korea that had controls of some kind in the rear seat arm rest. Will these be provided in the US model? They appear to be rear seat heater switches, but I am not sure.
  • schuck1schuck1 Posts: 14
    Since Hyundai does not have "On Star" or any other type of hands free phone, will the radio be a "blue tooth compatible" which will allow for hand free phone usage?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I haven't heard anything about this, so I don't know.
  • fdcapt2fdcapt2 Posts: 122
    I drive an '03 Acura TL, which is a great car, and was all set to buy the 2006 TL when it came out. But I've read so many bad posts about the 2004 and 2005 models, that I changed my mind, and was all set to buy the new Toyota Avalon. I fell in love with that car and I was sure I'd be driving one real soon. Then Hyundai goes and designs the Azera, which knocked me out when I saw the pictures, and read some early reviews. Now I'm not sure what to do. The Azera has all the bells and whistles, but will probably cost thousands of dollars less. I think the Azera even has some stuff that none of the other cars I mentioned have. I think it has a power tilt and scope wheel, power pedals, and a few other things I forget. With the positive strides that Hyundai is making, as well as keeping the 10 year/100,000 warranty, it's almost a no brainer as to which car to buy. So it's back to the search for my next car, but if things are as good as they say, the Azera will look nice in my driveway........ :confuse:
  • schuck1schuck1 Posts: 14
    What are the controls on the rear arm rest and will they be available on the US model?
  • schuck1schuck1 Posts: 14
    It would really be nice, since the dash is already built for the DVD screen, if they would see their way to put in NAV where the DVD screen is currently located. Seems like a minor change to me. After all, if you want to compete in the luxury class, you really need NAV and bluetooth/handsfree phone.
  • Over the course of a 4 hour drive on S. Korea's HWY 1 today, I saw at least 4 of these cars on the road, and no less than 4 trucks full of them... one of which I was lucky enough to stumble upon during a rest stop.
    Side view.
    The dual exhaust outlets are a nice touch.

    Hopefully the bandwith on my photobucket account holds out.

    The first thing that came to my mind was.... it's much smaller than I expected. It really doesn't look any larger than the new Sonata, even when they're very close together. (You can see the trunklid of one in the first picture... it's bigger than the Azera/Granduer's trunklid!) On it's own, you could tell me that it's the new Avante/Elantra 5-dr, and I'd believe it. Other than that, it looks great, even if styled a little closely to the aforementioned Elantra. Quite sporty looking, hopefully it has the performance to match. I still have trouble believing that it has more interior volume than an Avalon or 7-series, though.

    I'm sorry I wasn't able to get more pictures, but the Korean truck drivers get a little uneasy when U.S. military personnel start taking pictures of what they're carrying. ;)
  • of the Korean Version of this car, the Grandeur, is available here:
    Click on the picture to get to the very nicely done flash site, which is even in (slightly broken) English. Your web browser may need to download a Hangul language pack. Also, I don't know if there will be any differences between the Grandeur and the Azera... I would suspect they would only be minor.

    Click on "Advent" for some nice interior shots. A few nice shots and details can also be found in the cheesy "PR Movie".
  • schuck1schuck1 Posts: 14
    In looking at the rear of the car, it appears to have the "backup" sensors embedded in the rear bumper. This is the first I have heard or seen anything about these. Are there anymore neat options that haven't been listed here? How about ventilated/Air Conditioned front seats? That would be nice. :-) Or sonar cruise control, run flat tires, heated rear seats, side sun shades ( I know of the rear window shade). Are all the windows the 1 touch up/down windows? My old Jag had those and they were very nice, along with an auto close feature on that was programmable in the keyless remote that would close all the windows and sunroof incase you noticed it was raining. VERY NICE!!!!
  • The backup sensors may be a Korea-only option. They're very popular on new cars here, and I think I've even seen them on a new Sonata.
  • duckiedduckied Posts: 52
    Hello. Today I attended the Sonata "Drive Your Way" Tour in Philadelphia. Surprisingly, the 2006 Azera was there. I got to sit in it and compared it to the Sonata. It's very fancy and luxurious inside, and seems like it has softer interior touches than the 2006 Sonata. Also, I think the Azera looks much better in person than it does in pictures, as with the 2006 Sonata.

    Some things I noticed:
    -huge trunk!
    -rear A/C vents
    -lots of rear leg room
    -nice rims, large tires
    -seat preset memory
    -more spacious than Sonata
    -wood steering wheel

    It was light green in color with a beige interior, and that's as much as I can remember.

    Hope this helps!
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 2,356

    In your opinion, how does the Azera compare to the 2005 Avalon Limited. I am in the market for a mid-level luxury sedan and I am eagerly awaiting the launch of the Azera. Since I am a current owner of a 2000 Avalon XLS, I am inclined to gravitate to the Toyota nameplate, but the "reimagined" Avalon does nothing for me.

    Aesthetically, the Azera is very pleasing to the eye, except for the front grille that looks 1980s-ish. What I am looking for is a car that is as quiet (or more quiet) than the Avalon, reliable, and with a powerful heater and AC unit. Is that too much to ask for in a $30K automobile?
  • duckiedduckied Posts: 52

    To me the Avalon and Azera seem like very similar cars inside and out, although I haven't ever been inside an Avalon. Based on the 2006 Sonata, which is extremely quiet and smooth, I would expect that the Azera will be just as good, and probably even better. The reliability of Hyundai has greatly improved in the last couple of years, and with the 10 years/100,000 mile warranty and 5 years/unlimited roadside assistance the Azera should have a high reliability. The heater and A/C unit should work fine, as it does in my 2005 Elantra. When it arrives don't forget to try the power of the unit during a test drive. Also, the Azera has advanced safety features like rear side airbags and side curtains that other brands do not offer. Hope this helped!

  • gerrytgerryt Posts: 6
    You can get an idea of what the Azera could have in it if you check out the Grandeur on Hyundai's Home page. Go to this link and then select E-Catalog and then Grandeur (2005.06). They have the car loaded with everything including turn signals on the mirrors, heated seats front & rear, DVD-Navigation, Rear sensors and monitor, HID headlamps. The pictures are awesome and the information is extensive. Too bad I can't read Korean but there appears to be a lot more information here than you get on the average auto web page. If they don't bring the car over here loaded then they're making a big mistake if they expect to compete with Avalon and the ES 330. They can build the car with the bells and whistles but I think they may be afraid of the price point. After all the price point on the Kia Amanti is much higher than anything Kia's done before and they're not exactly flying out of the showroom. But I think that a loaded Azera would be very competitive and really show that Hyundai's going after the big boys. Check it out for yourself! :D
  • to my knowledge there is no option for reverse assist in the '06 sonata.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    are popular in foriegn countries where space is very tight. (like Korea) I wish we could get parking sonars on more cars...
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    At my dealership, we will install rear sensors on any vehicle. They are very popular with the older generation as you can no longer see where your car ends.
  • I know parking assist isn't available in the U.S. model, that's why I pointed it out... I was saying that Korean models may differ in options/equipment from U.S. models. I actually saw parking assist on a SantaFe today too. As I said, it's a very popular option "overseas".
  • dcibrandodcibrando Posts: 90
    anyone know when the navis will be available in this or the sonata?
  • bigelmbigelm Posts: 995
  • dcibrandodcibrando Posts: 90
    hyundai parts depts are now receiving info on a hyundai navigation becoming available in mid-July!! :)
  • bigelmbigelm Posts: 995
    For the Sonata or the Azera?
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