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  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    I see at ToyotaUSA that the 2006 has 268 horsepower.
    Strange that Toyota would reduce horsepower for the 2006.

    I saw a 280 hp figure at Motorweek magazine online. It was for a 2005 Avalon.

    2005 Toyota Avalon
    Engine 3.5-liter dual- overhead-cam V6
    Horsepower 280
    Torque 260 lb feet
    0-60 mph 6.5 seconds
    1/4 mile 15 seconds 99 mph
    60-0 mph 139 feet
    EPA Mileage 22 mpg city / 30 mpg highway

    I guess for 2006 the horsepower was reduced. Or maybe Motorweek was wrong.

    Also, from a Car and Driver review online, November, 2005. I guess this is also a 2005 model.

    "The new 3.5-liter V-6 claims 280 horsepower, and it made believers out of us with a 0-to-60 run of six seconds flat. Its 14.6-second quarter-mile time at 99 mph "
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    Those of you that have seen the car, or the brochures, are there turn signals in the rear view mirrors, and also a parking assist system in the bumpers?? I know there is something called the Ultimate package, so I was wondering if that might be a part of that option package. The pictures I've seen of the Korean models have these options, and quite a few more. :confuse:
  • bwiabwia Greater BostonMember Posts: 2,912
    Those of you that have seen the car, or the brochures, are there turn signals in the rear view mirrors, and also a parking assist system in the bumpers??

    No, there are no directional signals on the mirrors and I am not sure if there is parking assist, but I don't believe so either.
    And by the way, the 10-spoke allow wheels looks a little cheesy, somehow it looks like allumium painted plastic. Otherwise, a great car!
  • delta4delta4 Member Posts: 138
    bwia is correct. Initially directional signals, back-up assist, and even electronic start will not be available. However, Hyundai eventually will roll out these available options in the US sometime toward the third quarter of '06.

    Some corrections are in order. This info is taken from toyota's website: link title

    Engine 3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve Dual VVT-i V6
    268 hp @ 6200 rpm
    248 lb.-ft. @ 4700 rpm

    Comapre to Azera:
    Engine: 3.8L DOHC 24-valve, V6 engine with Continuously Variable Valve Timing (CVVT)
    Horsepower @ rpm: 263 @ 6,000
    Torque @ rpm: 255 @ 4,500
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    280 horsepower for a 2005 Avalon is all over the internet. 268 HP is listed for the 2006 model at ToyotaUSA.
    Where is the explanation from Toyota on why HP was reduced? If I had to guess I'd say premium fuel was used in 2005 but regular in 2006.
    Any documented evidence out there?
  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    The 2006 numbers I believe are SAE certified. They are using a new more accurate test procedure voluntarily.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    Is that what all manufacturers are doing?
    I thought all the horsepower ratings since around 1972 were SAE net horsepower.
  • delta4delta4 Member Posts: 138
    averigejoe_ The SAE instituted new testing procedures for 2005 to acheive more accurate horsepower ratings than were previously reported by auto manufacturers. Please see the enclosed link for additional details. link title
  • danf1danf1 Member Posts: 897
    There will now be a distinguishment between SAE net horsepower and SAE certified horsepower.
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    Heard from another local Hyundai dealer in the Norther VA area that they are expecting a few cars at the end of this month. Pricing is unknown until the car arrives. They'll probably sell those at a premium! :shades:
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    Just as an FYI, almost all Toyota and Honda models have been rerated according to the new SAE methodology and are therefore certified. The only exception is the 2006 Solara, for what reason I do not know.

    Are Hyundai's numbers SAE certified or net? I'd guess they're certified.

    Dont forget, the re-ratings do not make the cars any slower or faster, just levels the playing field in terms of consumer research and marketing.

    For example, the 190 horse Camry V6 is but .2 slower to 60 than the 221 horse Fusion V6, which has a more advanced transmission. The Camry is slower through the quarter, but has better passing times, according to Car and Driver.. My point: As always, HP doesnt tell a whole story.

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    :) Hi there guys, I was doing some research on the net about the Navi that I mentioned before from Hyundai through . Well on this dealer website it shows instructions and pictures on the installation procedures on Hyundais', as far as I know this Navis are going to be available soon from the parts stores at your Hyundai dealers, of course as is the case, my Parts manager was clueless about it, but I will keep you posted as more info comes to my dealer. Now the unit names is AVN-30D the more I looked at it the more it look like an eclipse navigation system. I looked it up and there was a link to an electronic forum that claims that this is the dealer version of the Eclipse AVN-5435 which is a really nice unit, this is specially true if it comes with the Hyundai warranty as I believe it will come. So there it is, the inmediate solution for the Azera when it comes out, we will be able to use this unit. Now so far this is just my educated conclusion, I will verify this as soon as more info come. If you want to see the unit here is the link to Eclipse (I am assuming is the same unit, at least it looks identical to the one I saw from Hyundai). :D
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    I am not familiar with after-market nav systems. Where is the antenna installed? Do they tear up your car to install the system?
  • truethattruethat Member Posts: 123
    I'm not too familiar either, but i'm sure they don't take
    things apart. (I hope)
    Wouldn't everything already be there if same cars in Korea
    have navis? (am I making any sense?)
    Anyhow, I hope they come out with navi options.
    (not that I'll need it)
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    My wife rarely drives. Recently, she took the car to visit a friend with our newborn baby. On her way home it began to rain very heavily. Along with the end of sunlight the conditions on the road were pretty bad and she got lost.

    She stopped at the side of the road, turned on the Garmin, pressed "Home" and the GPS unit VOICE prompt her home in short time. Once the unit was set, at no time did she have to take her eyes off the road.

    Is a nav system needed? No. But it is a convenience that comes very handy at times and offers little in the way of safety problems if used properly. Between a road map and a decent NAV unit, I know which I feel is safer to use in the conditions my wife found herself in. A voice prompt Nav unit.
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    i hate to admit it, but i love reading a map for directions, stopping to ask local townsfolk, etc. I think navigation is like automatic transmissions, takes out the fun and enjoyment but add ease and isolation. now people have tinted windows and look straight ahead at all times. What ever happened to people chatting at a red light?
  • bri76bri76 Member Posts: 14
    I also like reading maps and I love to drive to places I have not been to. My problem is I find myself always having to go back to the map for directions. Poor memory. Not a problem if I have a co-pilot but when driving alone, it just becomes a huge hassle. Not to mention not particularly safe.

    I am also one of those people that waits forever to ask for directions. One, I always seem to be of the opinion that I am just about to find my way any minute. And two, more than once I have been given wrong directions.

    I have no problem with the Azera not having a NAV unit. That is because I prefer the portable units from Garmin, Magellan et al. Maybe I am missing something but they seem to have all the features of the built-in units. Even dead reckoning on some models.
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    One Friday I attended the Kuwait Auto Show. It was a spectacular event, smaller than the big auto shows but still pretty neat. Only one drawback, less manufacturers, no Acura, Saturn, Buick, Pontiac.

    Anyway, I sat in a light blue Azera fully loaded from what I could tell. It had a moonroof, and an Infinity sound system. The material quality is excellent. Believe me when I say this, I sat in an Avalon and ES330 earlier. Later I sat in a Grand Marquis and the Azera was better.

    The wood looks and feels great, just as good as the Toyota/Lexus products. The leather is pretty soft, and the shift stick is comfortable to touch and nice to look at. The plastics are really good.

    The rear seat has adequate thigh support and good legroom, although the Avalon has more and a flat foor. 3 adults can sit nicely.

    One drawback, at least to me. The styling is too bland, very conservative. But then the competition, the Lucerne, Avalon, 500/Montego, Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis are all like that. The 300 is the only standout.

    I might be going back on Tuesday, will post some impressions then.
  • fmayberryfmayberry Member Posts: 33
    For those of you who get MotorWeek on the PBS channel, keep an eye out for an upcoming reivew of the Azera. From the MotorWeek web site ( under upcoming shows -

    Episode Title: 2511/Pontiac Torrent
    PBS broadcast window begins November 18, 2005

    Quick Listing:
    Road Test: New 2006 Pontiac Torrent crossover utility
    Road Test: Upscale 2006 Hyundai Azera sedan
    Goss' Garage: Pets on Wheels
    FYI: Drivers with Disabilities
    Car Keys: First Drives - 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution
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    Navigator, very good review, my impressions exactly. On exterior styling it seems luxury car makers go out their way to make their automobiles understated or unpretentious. Maybe the reasoning behind that is the monied class do not want to flaunt their wealth or designers believe that those over 50 need to exercise some degree of restraint and act their age.

    Yes I agree that,....One drawback, at least to me. The styling is too bland, very conservative. But then the competition, the Lucerne, Avalon, 500/Montego, Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis are all like that. The 300 is the only standout.....But the 300-M styling is the one most likely to become outdated the fastest. Nevertheless, the Azera's styling is the most "contemporary" among those listed.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    I have created a discussion for comparisons of the Azera to its competition:

    backy, "Hyundai Azera vs. ????" #1, 13 Nov 2005 9:12 am
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    Went to the Hyundai dealership this afternoon and got an official brochure. It looks swank. Hopefully a test drive is just around the corner.
  • dgxnavydgxnavy Member Posts: 10

    I hope that you are right. I have been holding off until I see and test drive it.Where are you from???
  • zyvox201zyvox201 Member Posts: 15
    I am from Mauldin, South Carolina, a suburb of Greenville. I was told that the Azera would be on either a Nov 14 or 17 shipment. We'll see I guess.
  • fdcapt2fdcapt2 Member Posts: 122
    I've been told everything from late September, until early March. I even had one sales lady PROMISE me she would have a car for me to test drive on November 5th. Now there is talk that the car will be here after the New Year. This is getting way out of hand. Maybe seeing that they have been holding the car back for so long, and making lots of people angry, they might install park assist, and turn signals in the mirrors.....just to make some of us happy :P . Oh well, after waiting this long, I can dream can't I ?
  • navigator89navigator89 Member Posts: 1,080
    As I said in #341, I sat in the Azera again today, and measured it against most of its competitors, as I sat in all of them. I didnt take many pictures, because you all know how this car looks. Even if you havent seen pictures, chill, the car is great.

    The Azera was the same fully loaded model as last time. When I sat in other models, I realized that the Azera will probably do well but wont be a runaway success.

    Avalon - Sat in a limited model, fully loaded from what I could tell. It had Nav. The material quality and leather were first rate. The rear seat is huge with tons of legroom. Seats were very comfortable. It kind of felt big from the inside. The wood is very pretty to look at and feel. Switchgear seems good too, as well buttons and ergonomics.

    300 - Another fully loaded model with Boston Acoustics sound system. No Nav. The cabin was pretty nice looking, but in some places material quality wasnt that great. The seats were very comfy. I felt the rear seat legroom could be more, as well as thigh support. I also felt the visibilty wasn't too great, like a Hummer H2. This one felt very big.

    Amanti/Opirus - I say that this one has the best interior of them all, including Avalon. You may or may not agree. The wood was great, as well as comfort, ergonomics, and visibility. The back seat is smaller than the Azera and Avalon however. Sad that such a nice car has a weak engine.

    Passat - The Passat also had a nice interior, second to the Kia though. The material quality was superb, comfort was good because of stiff seats. Rear visibility was not so great, and rear legroom was tight. It had a very innovative cupholder design, out of the dash although I'd rather have them on the console. It was expensive, with a tag of 9500KD, or 32K US.

    Grand Marquis - This car lwas one of the best looking, although the dash hasnt evolved much in 15 years. The gauges dont look that great. The wood is OK, but almost all the other cars were better. The trunk is huge, but rear seat legroom and comfort ranks behind the Avalon, Azera, and 300. It feels very big inside although visibility was probably the best.

    ES330 - Smaller than the rest, but with gorgeous interior. The rear seat is comfortable but seemed smaller than the one in my Camry. This car will be redesigned soon anyway.

    No 500, Impala Lucerne comparison as they are not sold here.

    My final ranking with reason.

    1 - Chrysler 300 (styling, power)
    2 - Toyota Avalon (interior, spacious)
    3 - Hyundai Azera (value, roomy, bland styling)
    4 - VW Passat (style,interior, high price)
    5 - Kia Amanti (value, interior, engine lacks guts)
    6 - Lexus ES330 (interior, prestige, but design is old)
    7 - Mercury Grand Marquis (old, tired but looks good, like a classic)

    Thus concludes my little comparison test ;)
  • giantkillergiantkiller Member Posts: 273
    Styling is subjective so it doesnt count. How about power? Comparing a V8 over a V6 , no brainer. To me VW Passat and Avalon should be #1.
  • rudikamprudikamp Member Posts: 34
    Don't forget reliability , service and warranty when you
    compare the different cars.
  • giantkillergiantkiller Member Posts: 273
    Were you able to drive these cars? The Passat with the 4 motion AWD with 6 speed automatic/Tiptronic sequential sport shift, and german engineered suspension. Has all the standard option of the Azerat and more(150), plus more options. What about the engine? The engine SAE certified 3.6liter 280HP at 6.2K RPM and 265ft-lbs torque at "2.75K RPM". MPG's are 22 city , 31 hwy. I have my winner.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    What if the Passat was not a possible choice. Let's say for instance, you had to choose from the following 3:

    Azera LX
    BMW 330
    Infinity G35X sedan with 280HP and all wheel drive

    Which of these would you choose?
  • navigator89navigator89 Member Posts: 1,080
    Styling is subjective, but it does count for many people making a purchase. And sure, the 300C has a V8 but at the same price point as its competitors. I personally look for price more than power in a car.

    After all why has the 300C been such a success? Styling. That's its appeal. Every car has its own. The Azera/ES330 has value, the Avalon has luxury and refinement. Not saying any are bad, but it's the 300C's combination that makes it a winner for me. Of course, my findings are probably going to differ from yours.

    Also, I can see why you like the Passat, however as I said a Passat with all those options would be pretty expensive. The rear seat is much smaller than the rest as well, like the ES330. Materials quality was good in the Azera and Passat. I especially liked the classy gauges and the lustrous wood.
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    Sorry folks, but the Azera vs. ??? discussion was made "read only" for a good reason. This topic focuses on the 2006 Azera only, and isn't the place to re-ignite the rather pointless conversation that went on in the other discussion.

    As Pat mentioned, you are more than welcome to start a comparisons topic about the Azera and a few of the more likely competitive vehicles, but we simply can't host a discussion that's quite so unfocused.


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  • giantkillergiantkiller Member Posts: 273
    Infiniti G35X.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    Actually, Hyundai says the Azera’s competition is the Avalon, Maxima, LaCrosse and Five Hundred sedans.

    (as reported in the following article)
    Well crafted: Hyundai has a new flagship — 2006 Azera
    BY CONNIE KEANE - Motor Matters - 10/29/05
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    Yep, I thought you'd pick that one. (I would too.) And maybe Audi A4 Quattro would be satisfying as well.
    But my point is that you prefer sports sedans over big, smooth riding, super quiet, and luxurious sedans.
    The Azera is not and was never intended to compete with sports sedans. They are just two different animals.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
  • giantkillergiantkiller Member Posts: 273
    The Passat isnt considered a sport sedan. I pick it because it has the better all around package.

    Regarding the Azera,BMW 330, and Infiniti G35. I dont believe the "Ultimate Driving Machine" crap. The ultimate driving machine is "you", the driver. Ask any Alfa Romeo drivers.
  • mike_belknapmike_belknap Member Posts: 378
    For those awaiting USDM Azera pricing, here's what I've heard from one source:

    SE $24,799
    Limited $27,499

    Compare to the XG's current MSRPs:

    XG350 $24,899
    XG350L $26,499

    A fully-loaded Azera Limited (Limited trim + 10-speaker Infinity audio system w/subwoofer & in-dash 6-disc CD changer, power adjustable tilt-and-telescopic steering column, integrated memory system, power-adjustable foot pedals, rain-sensing wipers, & power tilt/slide sunroof) will supposedly go for somewhere around $29K.

  • rudikamprudikamp Member Posts: 34
    How can you beat that with all goodies in it .
    Now compare the Azera to other car , keeping price and size in mind , and I think you have a winner.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    XG350 can be bought for 6 to 8 thousand under MSRP.
    Not likely with an Azera.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    Wish there were in depth performance head to head comparisons of Azera LX against: Avalon Ltd., Maxima SL, Buick LaCrosse CSX, Mercury Montego Premier, Chevy Impala LTZ, Chrysler 300 Touring.

    Equipment lists and appearances are one thing. Driving is another.
    The proof is still missing.
  • giantkillergiantkiller Member Posts: 273
    "Equipment lists and appearances are one thing. Driving is another. "

    Well said.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946 drove it. They seemed positive about it.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    That Edmunds report is way too vague and subjective to tell me much about how the Azera really compares to the competition.

    I want reports of direct comparison driving tests of the Azera LX with cars in its class. By "class", I mean close to it in size, passenger volume, weight (plus or minus 10%), power, luxury and safety features, and within 25% or so of the Azera LX MSRP
    which lists performance numbers.

    I would find those interesting and informative.

    At a minimum I'd want to see the numbers in these or very similar categories:
    0-60 mph time.
    1/4 mile time and speed.
    40-70 mph acceleration time.
    Top gear acceleration from 60 to 90.
    Slalom course speed.
    Lateral acceleration in G force numbers.
    0-120-0 mph time and distance.
    70 to 0 mph braking distances.
    Engine torque vs. horsepower vs. RPM graphs.
    Measured noise levels at various speeds and throttle.
    Road course race track times.
    MPG over the same driving route of 400 miles or so.

    I'll also enjoy reading all the subjective seat-of-the-pants comparisons the drivers and passengers may mention in the reports.

    I know the Azera is not a race car. I don't expect it to perform as a race car.
    But I'd like to see how it compares objectively to the other cars in some honest, unbiased comparison tests.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Realistically we are probably 4-6 months from those kinds of comparos. Note how long it took MT and C/D to get around to a comparo of the Sonata with Accord and Camry--about six months after it was introduced here. Edmunds was a little faster, but since they publish on the Web they don't have the lead time that the mags do.

    But in a few weeks, you will be able to do your own comparison tests--which are more important to your personal decision, right? As you said, it's how the cars drive. If the drive is good, a great G-force number or 0-120 mpg time (120?!?) isn't all that important except for bragging rights, is it?
  • mike_belknapmike_belknap Member Posts: 378
    True, true (especially now that they're trying really hard to get rid of them). I'd much rather pay for the latter, though.


  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    A real problem is whether a person should really believe the road test data in the magazines. I tend to believe them if they are fairly consistent from one to another.
    In the old days, the 1950's and 1960's, I used to hear about specially prepared and super tuned cars being provided by the manufacturers to automotive journalists for testing. Those results might have little to do with how a car I might purchase would perform. Hope things are more above board nowadays.
    Objective performance ratings are like a grades on a report card. The higher the grades, the better the car. Treat them like resumes. Read them and narrow the field to a few of the better cars. Then do the in-person interview, the test drive.
    A common problem in car shopping is how emotional/illogical people become at some point in the process. Senses can be deceiving. Hunger or fatigue can influence one towards a regrettable decision. So can a salesperson, or a spouse. There could be many other pressures.
    I don't have the skill or the equipment to objectively test and evaluate cars. Sure, I can look at them and drive them a little (no left turns please) before making my purchase, but there is no way I can really know if I'm getting the best performing one from doing that. I'll look to the pros for help. (Hahaha. Professional drivers on closed road course. Do NOT attempt these maneuvers at home!)
    A car which outperforms at the limits will most likely perform well day to day for me too. The best performing cars are probably the best designed and manufactured cars too. If so, maybe they'll also be the longest lasting and most trouble-free. Might even hold their value longer which is nice at trade-in time.
    Bragging rights? Not my cup of tea. But if they can do it, its not really bragging anyway. Without announcing it, its still a nice feeling to know you have one that outperforms the others though.
    And, when a driver gets in over his head, a better performing car will provide a margin of safety a lesser car can't. Could be a matter of life and death.
    I'll never own a super car, an ultimate car. But within my price range, I'd like to have a good chance of getting the best one. As usual, its all relative.

    The more people who choose to buy the best performing cars, the more great performing cars we'll have to choose from in the future. Research, choose, spend. Like they say, don't forget to vote.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    I am confident in saying an all wheel drive 280 horsepower Passat is a really sporty, good handling car, particularly if you add the sport package option.
    Even if it is not a sport sedan according to informed auto enthusiasts, I'd let it compete in the sport sedan class and see how it does. Pretty well I'd guess.
    But I would not enter the Azera in a contest with sport sedans.
    The Passat is certainly a better choice than the Azera if you place a greater emphasis on high performance than on passenger and trunk room and a quiet serene ride.
  • giantkillergiantkiller Member Posts: 273
    Quite serene ride? Who said that Passat doest have a quiet and serene ride? The Passat no matter how you classify it not a sports sedan nor it pretending to be a sports sedan what it is is just an all around well put together, well thought out sedan. Its only drawback from the comption is the interior volume.
  • giantkillergiantkiller Member Posts: 273
    You maen the Azera will beat the Passat if I didnt put emphasis on the performance? Okay, I ' give you a chance to go to and print the spec sheet of the passat, just the basic and let stack up to the Azera LX. Well beaten hands down. So that you wont have excuse about performance , engine ,transmission and powertrain doesnt count. Cross it out from the comparison.
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