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  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    Azera = Korean Avalon.
    I'll bet Hyundai is most closely targetting the Avalon. Similar size, performance, features, styling... but 20% lower in price.
  • zyvox201zyvox201 Member Posts: 15
    I have heard everything about a release date from as soon as tomorrow to the end of December. Does any one have anything more reliable? Why is Hyundai being so secretive? I think that they have a potential winner. I was hyped up to get a Kia Amanti until some information about the Azera start to come through on my research. Now I am in hurry up a wait mode. there has been a lot of clatter on blogs and forums. It is amazing how much people down Hyundai based on their reputation from 10 years ago, In spite of their obvious success over the last 3-5 years with the Sante Fe, Elantra, Tiburon, and so forth. What I keep reading is that Hyundai is not a Lexus or a BMW, which is absolutely right. I think that the people at Hyundai are intent on making their own name. I predict in over the next ten years or so that Hyundai or a subsidiary luxury brand will be synonymous with quality and reliability like the Japanese brands.
  • zyvox201zyvox201 Member Posts: 15
    Found this test drive review about the Azera. Hope it is helpful.
  • davev1davev1 Member Posts: 14
    Do’s the armrest extends out past the pillar or is it flush? :D
  • topgeartopgear Member Posts: 111
    I've seen pics of the front with three slats in the front grill and some with four. Even at Hyundia's own website two versions appear. Any thoughts?

  • plasmid4plasmid4 Member Posts: 7
    perhaps they are pics of the korean version and american version? There are quite a few superficial differences between the two versions.
  • topgeartopgear Member Posts: 111
    You're probably right. I wonder which version we'll get in the US & Canada. I think I like the four slat version better myself.
    By the way, I can't believe the navigation is not going to be available on the Azera. Even the lowly (but nice) Honda Civic has it available for Pete's sake! And how about a convertible of some sort? I know Hyundai & Kia have been very busy with new models and such, but a nice inexpensive convertible from Korea would be really cool!
  • jhpmichealjhpmicheal Member Posts: 14
    Azera is not a replica of Avalon in any way or form because the Azera, known as Grandeur in Korea, was originally planned out in 1990. The first root of Grandeur DNA. Its chassis, engine, body, suspension, gears, and every part of Hyundai is mostly developed and researched by the KAIST scientists, engineers, researcher, and more. It will sound very insulting to Koreans if you don't give a clear evidence and the source of your argument.
  • fdcapt2fdcapt2 Member Posts: 122
    I guess you must be some sort of a Superman, or someone who thinks he IS special to make comments like this. Where the hell do you come off saying that this car is made for "old and fat man class". I guess if someone who likes this car, is 28 years old, isn't allowed to buy one because they don't fit into your thinking. I'm neither old, or fat, and I really like this car, ALOT. Could you please send me a letter giving me permission to buy the Azera, even if I, and probably plenty of others, don't fit into your groupings....give it a break...putz
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,126
    Let's knock off the personally-directed comments and sweeping generalizations about people who are interested in the Azera. I happen to like some of the vehicles on that list as well, and I'm certainly not an old, fat man. Stick to talking about the cars rather than the people who may or may not drive them.


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  • falcononefalconone Member Posts: 1,726
    I don't fall in those categories either. The car looks like a real winner! I just can't believe they don't offer SAT/NAV in this class. I'd buy one of these as opposed to an Avalon. Better warranty and actually nicer looking interior.
  • lensky3lensky3 Member Posts: 5
    I didn't get a reply about if or when Azera will get Sat Radio? Sonata is getting it.
  • davev1davev1 Member Posts: 14
    May be check out this XM News Report. :)
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    Amusing: My previous response was censored.

    The people shopping for Avalons would do well to consider the Azera. They will like the Azera for many of the same reasons they like the Avalon. My guess is many will end up with the Azera if they give it a chance.

    Very similar cars. Similar missions.

    Why would Koreans be insulted? When the Avalon came out it was a much better car than anything Hyundai had produced. Probably still will be better than the Azera overall too for 2006. But at a much higher price.

    You pays your money and you takes your chances.
  • delta4delta4 Member Posts: 138
    Azera may create the same kind of market ripple similar to Toyota's early foray into the semi-luxo segment if quality and reliability for Hyundai remains high and consistent. Hyundai must do more to create awareness of their quality push by promoting owner test drive conquest campaigns. Some comparison test drives between the new Avalon and Azera would definitely contribute to adding legitimacy to Hyundai's quality image.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    Can't wait, but will have to. I like comparison tests.
  • navigator89navigator89 Member Posts: 1,080
    A great comparison would be between the 300, Azera, Avalon, Lucerne and the Ford 500 once it gets the 3.5 engine.
  • delta4delta4 Member Posts: 138
    "A great comparison would be between the 300, Azera, Avalon, Lucerne and the Ford 500 once it gets the 3.5 engine." navigator89

    Agreed. Given the fact that these vehicles will be the primary competition. An excellent showing by the Azera against the Avalon, 300 and Lucerne and to a lesser degree the 500 would certainly give notice to the established brands that Hyundai is for real. I'm looking forward to the review of a full press workout of the Azera. Edmunds I hope you're listening :)
  • gerrytgerryt Member Posts: 6
    I serviced My XG300L today and the service manager says they've pushed the delivery date back to mid Dec now. Still waiting. :(
  • keithlkeithl Member Posts: 106
    I stopped by a dealer last week as I am wiating on my next purchase until the Azera ships. Well he now says they were told it was pushed into January. The reason, too many XG350 left to sell. Well with all the Azera buzz do they think many will opt for a XG350? I gues if I was in a jam and had to buy now. He did say there was over $4000 iin rebates on the XG350.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    The XG is a really nice car if you can get a new one around $18,000 or so. It has a nice smooth ride and power delivery. Has a lot of equipment too. Increase the air pressure in the tires to improve the mushy handling.
    Go test drive one, but first ask the dealer to put at least 38 or 39 lbs into each tire (they'll safely hold 50).
    Inside, the XGs look a lot like a 10 year old Infinity Q45 or a 15 year old Jaguar XJ sedan. Some of us still admire that style.
    Outside, from the front you may see the Infinity I 35. From the back, a little like a Bentley. Overall it is at least unique.
    Price-wise, a new XG should cost no more than a 4 cylinder Sonata GLS with the premium package. Compare those 2 if you are thinking of a new Hyundai sedan around $18,000.
    There are dramatic differences. Find out which suits you best.
    (But I am really anxious to try an Azera.)
  • truethattruethat Member Posts: 123 see some showroom cars.
    That's a realistic target date if you want an Azera.
    I'm pretty sure Hyundai has a huge backup due to the strike
    during early fall.
    As far as the nav. goes, Hyundai will definitely need
    a partner in the US to develop their own system. They
    probably don't have enough customer base yet to make things
    feasible. (although I think European imports have had nav.
    systems for a while now, they sell more expensive cars and
    that's gotta help the bottom line.) I wouldn't be
    surprised if Nav systems are still missing around this
    time next year.
    (BTW, new Santa Fe is being launched in Korea on 23rd.)
  • fdcapt2fdcapt2 Member Posts: 122
    I might as well throw in my info about when the car will be here. Someone sent me an email, he saw some posts here and wanted to help out. He works for a nationwide auto group, and told me that the cars are here, as in the US. His company said that they will start to get the cars to the dealers soon. He seemed to be a legitamite car person, not someone strokin' us. I then called 2 Hyundai dealers here on Long Island, and were told about the same thing from both. Near to, or just after Thanksgiving. I hope that will be the deal, because I'm about ready to say the hell with it, and look at something else. This is the strangest thing I've ever experienced concerning new cars. Normal car manufacturers advertise, AHEAD of time, and offer info on the car. If you go to the Azera page on Hyundai's web site, there is one new item added to the Azera page. A picture of the car used as a cover page for the rest of the cars info. That's it!!! This hasn't changed in over 6 months, and they still don't even have the colors available, it says "coming soon", like it has for the last 6 months. I'm trying to understand all of this, but I can't. It pisses me off that we are all left in limbo waiting until they want to give us a bone. That sucks !!! :mad:
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    What are the accurate EPA passenger compartment sizes.

    103 for XG350?
    104 for Sonata?
    110 for Azera?

    What about the latest Lexus ES330 ?
  • bluespringbluespring Member Posts: 7
    I totally agree with you. :cry:
  • dudestdudest Member Posts: 19
    :) Hi there my name is Paul from Hyundai of New Rochelle NY, I just wanted to let you know guys that today we received the first full brochures on the vehicles. Everything as far as the packages and colors are in there, as well as some new pictures. So if you want to have a look at it most other dealers should have them already. I can't wait to see the car already. Now a question for the forum. I just realized that Hyundai is offering some kind of aftermarket Navigation system through Mobis. The only website we get is but unfortunately it does not give me any particular details on the units. They seem to be Eclipse which makes pretty decent GPS system and LCD screens, but at this point it's just speculation. Does anyone know anything about this ? I want to replace my 2001 XG300L with the Azera but would really like to have a decent NAVI on it.
  • godeacsgodeacs Member Posts: 481
    Think $18K is a tad optimistic! Our local dealer has 5 XG350s left, MSRP $27094, offering for $21944. Our a test drive and showing interest they offered OTD price of $20K which seems pretty good. That would equate to a price of $18500 or so plus TTL. They did say we could make an offer and they would take to their GM so maybe could get a bit lower......interesting choice.
  • zyvox201zyvox201 Member Posts: 15
    Thanks for the news Paul. Hyundai seems to be a little to zealous about keeping things under wraps. Out of curiosity, to everybody on the forum? Why is a Navigation system so important--given the the cost, if it is under 30K? Is it because that is mainly become what would be considered a standard feature for this level car. We had a 2001 Lexus LX470 with navigation. We hardly used it very seriously, except to confirm that we were indeed where we knew that we were. At night it was sometimes a distraction, especially, for my wife, and we often cut it off. I could see the use if you were on the road a great deal in some not too familiar places, but in day to day car use how many of us actually would rely on a navigation system?
  • fdcapt2fdcapt2 Member Posts: 122
    It's just another toy, as far as I'm concerned, but thats just my feelings. Granted, some of them today are pretty good, like the Acura TL with voice recognition, but most people are like you, and it becomes something to play with once in awhile. Paul, do you have any idea of a release date? I'm hoping they put it on the website so we can check it out soon.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    $18,500 is very close to $18,000. You might get it for well under $18,000. You never know what dealers might sell one for unless you make the offer. Offer what you want to pay. Any asking price they come up with is not the lowest they'd sell for.
    In January you could get a new '05 XG350 for less than $18,000 out here. That was over 10 months ago. Surely someone will sell you a new one now for no more and probably less. Make an offer. If they say no, walk. Or just go in and pay whatever they ask.
  • zyvox201zyvox201 Member Posts: 15
    Just came from my local Hyundai dealership in Greenville, SC. Spoke with the sales manager. He Just came from a sales meeting for Hyundai in Las Vegas. I was told that they would have vehicles available by November 14th. :D
    I did get a copy of the information that Paul spoke of, not much more than what is available at the official website, but they do have a listing of colors; however, no color panel. The colors are: Powder White Pearl, Ebony Black, Venetian Blue, Sage Green, Steel Gray, Bright Silver, Aubergine, and Golden Beige. (From my research Aubergine is cross between amythest and burgundy). The sales manager wouldn't let me pin him down on an MSRP, but it should not be much higher than the XG350. The information was also nicely arranged comparing the Axera to the Toyota Avalon, Mercedes S350, and the BMW 760i, The Azera supposedly exceeds the total interior volume of each of the aforementioned models. On paper the Azera is quite a package but of course the real proof will be in the seeing and driving. Still excited.
  • dudestdudest Member Posts: 19
    :) Hey guys as far as I know they have kept pushing away the arrival date on the car. I do know that I am going to sales seminar on the Azera and the Accent I belive on the 12th of this month. Hopefully I will get some good info in there and share it with you guys. I can tell you this much, we still have more XG's than we need so that might be a reason for holding off with the car. I do also know from my Korean manager that the demand on the Azera in Korea has been extremly high. For that reason alone I could imagine that Hyundai is having supply problems with the Azera. I hope I can get some more news for you guys soon as I get them. As far as the Navi goes, I have a 02 Elantra GT and I installed a Pioneer aftremarket Navi. My wife drives that car and use the navigation all the time since she does home appts. I just find it to be a very usefull tool. Also it saves you a headache if the navigation is factory installed rather than aftermarket.
  • bwiabwia Greater BostonMember Posts: 2,912
    I saw the Azera today and it was worth the wait. Unfortunately, no one knows when the car will arrive in dealer showrooms.

    A short time ago I made a comment that the Azera should not be compared to Avalon, and I was right. The Azera looks very much like the Infiniti M-35 and closely resembles the new Ford Fusion. What was so ironic is that the Toyota display was next to Hyundai’s and not one person gave a cursory look at the Avalon. Next to the Azera the Avalon looks dowdy and passé.

    Everything about the Azera is upscale, but I was cautioned that what I was seeing and experiencing was a pre-production car that was essentially made-by-hand so the final assembled car may not have these same exacting tolerances.

    Starting with the styling, the car looks much better in person than in pictures. The Bangled butt is a rip-off of the BMW series but somehow it looks nicer on the Azera as it is not as pronounced and exaggerated.

    The interior is first class and modern, with soft plastics and supple leather. I was told the leather is rated at grade #3, from the under-belly of the cow, which is what is often used in high end automobiles. Absent, however, is a navigation system and XM radio. Again, I was told that dealers are upset that these features are not available. By the way, the Hyundai staff said that was the most asked question.

    The whisper rumors from the attendants suggest that: the car will probably average 18 MPG city and 25 MPG highway and will be priced at $28,000 for the Limited.

    And one more thing the exterior colors are those posted earlier by zyvox201, but no details on interior colors. The Aubergine is a rich and nice Merlot-like color available on the new Sonata. I predict this will be the most popular color.

    Finally, the car has not yet been shipped from Korea and the earliest possible available date is December 1 on the West Coast with the East Coast receiving their allotments much later.
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    If Avalon shoppers refuse to compare the Azera with the Avalon they may miss out on a very nice car for less money than what a similarly equipped Avalon would cost.
    But who knows, maybe they will in spite or your order to the contrary.
  • gschultz3gschultz3 Member Posts: 134
    Just to let you know there are some of us who won't buy a car without a Nav. I've had everything from lap top systems to multifunctional third party add-ons with Nav, TV, DVD, Sirius, weather radio, backup cameras ...... My last 4 cars have had OEM Nav systems. We are a mobil population which needs help to find our way in metro areas.
    The auto industry is way behind the technology which is available. I want Nav, backup camera and smart keys in my next car. If it were true that the Nav system would be added to the Azera by a third party I would be more interested in the Azera, I could get a better Nav system and radio along with TV, Sirius and DVD for half the price of OEM installations! I had all of these in a V70 T5 Volvo and still miss it even though I have had OEM nav systems in all of my cars since then. When I worked I always got a Nav in my rental. When we rent cars for a vacation we almost always get a Nav. I also don't agree that information or a movie playing in the front seat distracts the driver. It's up to the driver to pay attention to the road! I never watched TV or movies in my Volvo when I was driving but it was great for my passenger or for me when I was parked. Wouldn't you like to have video cameras placed around your car so you could ask (speech recognition) if there was a car on your left rear? Everybody is different!
  • gschultz3gschultz3 Member Posts: 134
    You are misrepresenting who is buying the new Avalon. The limited is a fast and very well put together near luxury sedan. Toyota can't keep up with the demand which is across all age groups. With 0-60 at 6.5 secs (280 hp)and >30 mpg highway it out classes the 300 (6), Lucerne, Amanti, Ford 500, Impala and the current Lexus 330. See Edmunds review. Nobody buys Volvo S-80's and the M-35 is a sport sedan RWD/AWD which is not the intended competition.
  • gschultz3gschultz3 Member Posts: 134
    I agree 100%! Depending on standard equipment and rebates it could be 30% less! I have a 2005 Avalon limited which is as good as almost any car but it is FWD and not all that sexy. I'd replace it with an Azera depending on the goodies available and the Azera's visual appeal. If the Azera was AWD I'd definitely be interested. I could trade down to the Azera and maybe have one or two $ left over?
  • bluespringbluespring Member Posts: 7

    I really disappointed with this poor gasmileage. :sick:
  • averigejoeaverigejoe Member Posts: 559
    Yeah, 18/25 is going to disappoint me too. I remember reading some time ago that the Azera will get better than the XG350 which is 18/26.
    I hope to see ratings matching the Avalon's 22/31. And even then the Azera will be making less than the Avalon's 280 horsepower.
  • navigator89navigator89 Member Posts: 1,080
    Just FYI, the Avalon make 268hp from a 3.5L V6. The Azera makes 263hp from a 3.8L V6. Both have 0-60 times of around 6.5 seconds.

    As you can see, they're pretty evenly matched.
  • gvasudevangvasudevan Member Posts: 43

    I own an avalon and I am sure that the Azera will be a very nice car. The toyota are renowed for their quality and fit, finish and perfection. Hyundai is fast catching up on the quality but it is far behind in the other three.
    They are definitely better than Ford or GM but still behind the Japanese.
    There are few bargains in this world and you get what you pay for when you buy a hyundai.
  • dct336dct336 Member Posts: 3
    The Avalon Limited is EPA rated at 22/31/25 City, Highway, & Combined mileage. The Azera is EPA rated at 18/27/21.

    If you take into consideration the fact that the Avalon Limited is almost $7,000.00 more than the Azera Limited, it would take over 15 years of Avalon ownership to start benefiting from its higher mileage. (@ 15,000 miles per year).

    Some other facts--All other features being practically equal, the Avalon does not have available (as standard or optional):

    1) Adjustable Power Pedals & Tilt & Telescoping Steering on Memory Recall.

    2) More engine torque. (255 ft.-lbs.)

    3) Power Folding Mirrors.

    4) Dual Front Active Head Restraints.

    5) Folding Rear Seat (60/40).

    6) Air Quality System that senses outside air pollution and temporarily closes the vents.

    7) Adjustable center console.

    And last but not least---

    8) 10-year/100,000 mile power train and 5-year/60,000 mile bumper to bumper warrantee.

    The Azera Limited has the above as standard or as an option.

    Also, from the various auto magazines: The 0-60 times quoted are 6.5 for the Azera and 6.9 for the Avalon.

    If on my test drive, the Azera performs and handles as good as the current reviewers exclaim...I'm buying one!
  • plasmid4plasmid4 Member Posts: 7
    why would they show a pre-production hand made azera if the car has been selling in korea since like march of this year? But anyway, in my garage we have a 2001 BMW, 2000 Mercedes, 2005 Lexus, 2005 Subaru, and a 2001 Honda and when I sat in the Azera when I was in korea I was surprised by the quality of the car... I felt that the quality was just as good as the cars in our garage. You guys need to actually sit in one and drive it to appreciate the quality of the Azera. I was never a fan of hyundai, but this car has changed my outlook on this car. Oh yeah, my honda has already gone through many maintenance issuse, one being my tranny going out at 70k miles. so there goes honda reliability!!!
  • bwiabwia Greater BostonMember Posts: 2,912
    Captain, I think you misread my comments. I was praising the Azera not dissing it. Looking forward to reading your test drive impressions.
  • zyvox201zyvox201 Member Posts: 15
    It is amazing how much speculation there is about the release date. There are so many stories floating around. It is obvious that the painfully slow release of information is deliberate. Personally, I think that Hyundai is soaking up the attention and building a nice sense of anticipation; on the other hand, if they don't get the Azera out before December, they risk a big credibility issue in the public relations arena. It may be construed as a sign of weakness that they could not get the car out in the time which they had advertised. I am sure that they know that.
    Just as a point of information for dct336, where did you find data on the Azera's mileage? That has also been a hard to find answer. Also dct336 is right about the gasoline issue--the combined MPG, an average gasoline cost of $2.50/gallon, and an average of 15,000 miles yearly--I figured the differential between the cars to be $285 yearly in favor of the Avalon, which does not offset the cost differential of $7000.00. It would take roughly 24.5 years to do that. Also note that I did not factor in that Toyota recommends premium fuel for the Avalon versus regular fuel for the Azera. With a price differential of 20 cents between to the fuel grades that cuts the cost difference to right about $165 between the two. What would be interesting would be to find out how much the Azera's mileage would improve if premium fuel were used.
  • spencer327spencer327 Member Posts: 106
    Have 2003 Avalon and 2004 Highlander. I have transmission issues with the HL. So do a lot of people with the 5 speed Toyota transmissions. I am hesitating to buy the 2006 Avalon due to this. Any comments as to Hyundais transmissions, I will consider the Azera, it appears to offer much more than the Avalon.
  • dct336dct336 Member Posts: 3
    The EPA mileage estimates are available at:

    I didn't know that the Avalon uses Premium gasoline.

    For sure, the Avalon is out of the running in my field of choices.

    Also, using premium fuel will not increase your horsepower or mileage. Premium is required for those engine manufacturers that achieve more horsepower out of a given amount of displacement (cubic inches) by increasing compression. The higher the octane rating the higher the allowable compression without pre-detonation (engine ping).
  • godeacsgodeacs Member Posts: 481
    Makes me wonder how I managed my whole life driving (40 yrs) w/o a navigation system! Yes, I agree you are different but think you are in the very small minority - those who enjoy the latest gadgets. My main concern is the distraction factor and sorry, don't buy your statement! It's human nature to look... and there's no way you're gonna convince me that looking at a nav system for an update/directions/whatever doesn't distract a driver! Unless you're in the even smaller minority that pulls off the side of the road to look at the screen (when you're making your cell phone calls)....just curious, you don't believe in maps (even when on vacation?)... ;)
  • keithlkeithl Member Posts: 106
    I owned 4 Toyota's and their arrogance and escalting pricing and packaging has pushed me away. I was looking at a 06 Avalon and the wya their have priced it and add to that the borderline unethical SouthEast Toyota (Distributor) reputation for putting so many add ons at the port and then charging high doc and delivery fees puts a Limited without NAV at $36 minimum. Well that makes the Azera $5k-$7k less and with more than double the warranty as long as the car is nice and rides well this is a no brainer.
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