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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
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  • dw438dw438 Posts: 41
    Purchased a 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid at invoice

    Options: Side curtain air bags, 110v power point, rear cargo cover, rear floor mats.

    Invoice: 27434

    Tax: 1481 (on price after trade-in allowance)

    Fees: 114

    Trade in allowance at high point of KBB/Edmunds/etc. market value

    And 3.8%/48 mo. financing arranged by local bank!

    Purchased at a Ford dealer in Victor, NY south of Rochester.

    Best yet: sale in early November 2004 qualifies for $2k federal tax credit, $2k NY State tax credit, and refund of sales tax paid!
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Best yet: sale in early November 2004 qualifies for $2k federal tax credit, $2k NY State tax credit, and refund of sales tax paid!"

    Better not put that federal "credit" on your income taxes. It is a deduction, not a credit.
  • talariatalaria Posts: 16
    Anyone order a 2006 Escape Hybrid yet? What are you paying? When do you expect delivery?
  • ouhybridouhybrid Posts: 3
    We ordered a 2005 Escape Hybrid in January. After waiting 4 months, we were told that the 2006 Escape Hybrids were orderable. Since our order had not yet been placed at the factory (we were on a waiting list), we were able to change our order to a 2006 with the premium package and a moon roof. We received a VIN in late April and our Escape Hybrid was built the week of May 2. We received our 2006 Escape Hybrid yesterday (May 13)! Took a nice little drive in it last night and a few quick trips this morning. So far we are really impressed the hybrid technology and the premium package and moon roof options are worth the extra $. We paid sticker price -- $33,815 (this included the premium package, moon roof, and safety package + tax + 250.00 delivery fee.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    Welcome to the forum. I'm curious. Did you consider the Escape Limited with AWD? I see where they are selling in So CA with every option including the Moonroof for $26k. That is about $2,000 less than invoice. The Hybrid is about an $8k premium.
  • dw438dw438 Posts: 41
    That's right, it was a Federal deduction. NY State was a credit. And sales tax refund was partial.
  • talariatalaria Posts: 16
    ouhybird, thanks for the info. Is your Escape Hybrid 2 or 4 WD? MSRP suggests 4WD to me. Did you order yours in a color other than silver? I am curious if the premium package will, in fact, provide the monochromatic look with something other than silver. We have had so many silver and dark grey cars my wife and I would like a change but want a monochromatic look. For 2005 that means silver. And if it is not too much trouble are the backup sensors black or has Ford finally got it right and matched the paint?
    Thanks again. Enjoy.
  • talariatalaria Posts: 16
    Thanks for all the help and information. After all the aggravation we decided not to wait for the 2006 after we saw a 2005 FWD Escape Hybrid, silver with appearance package, leather package, safety package, 110 volt, rear cover and floor mats yesterday on FORD's website located in Sacramento. The Hybrid came to the local dealer in a car swap with another dealer south of us.

    My wife decided to check it out and bought it today. She decided she just didn't like the other colors afterall and did not want to spend the extra money for the nav. system. We didn't need a better stereo as we only listen to audible books on our Treo 600's which we will supliment with an XM sat. radio ( buying that tonight, indy time trials this month ) so we can move it from car to car as we do with our Garmin Quest GPS.

    She bought the car for $400.00 under MSRP plus tax, trans. and the usual fees and did not buy any extras.

    I am so glad it is finally over. :D

    I'll check the forums for a better deal on extended warranties. If anyone has any suggestions about them I would appreciate it.
  • ouhybridouhybrid Posts: 3
    You're welcome. Our 2006 Escape Hybrid is AWD and silver. We were told that the monocromatic appearance is available in a total of 5 colors (including silver). Unfortunately, the backup sensors are still black. After having the car for a few days now, we have no regrets. In electric mode only, we have gone up to 34 MPH and ascend 6 levels in the work parking garage daily. Pretty impressive. We are averaging 29.1 MPG with a mix of highway and city driving. We are really enjoy this hybrid as it certainly is a unique driving experience (and the moon roof is great)!
  • talariatalaria Posts: 16
    ouhybird, as you can see in the post just above your last we didn't wait. But I do appreciate the additional details. We have had moon roofs on several cars and rarely used them so the more we thought about it the more the 2005 without the nav and upgraded stereo seemed right for us. It was hard to believe it showed up on Ford's website at a dealer right here in Sacramento just when we were about to order the 2006 based on your helpful information. We saved some money and got what we wanted without having to take anything we really didn't want. I am however, glad that Ford is adding more options the customers want. Hopefully more colors will be next. My wife really loves that Norsea blue.

    I went to the store tonight and bought an XM satellite radio, a cheap one, the Roady2 (buy one, get one free mail in program until July), the home kit with remote and a Belkin cup holder mount. Having the antenna only installed in the Escape Hybrid for me by a pro so we don't get tangled up in it.

    Those drives to Berkeley to see our daughter will now be even better - Audio books using the Escape Hybrid's 6 cd player; Audible books, MP3's or streaming with Shoutcast using our Treo 600's using handy 12 volt console plug and Seidio FM modulator; the Roady2 XM satellite radio with built in FM modulator using handy 12 volt console plug and cupholder mount for Roady2 or just playing with the Garmin Quest GPS (while my wife drives, safety first) using handy 12 volt plug near the stereo. Can't do all that with the $1800 nav. sys.

    ouhybrid, this first day the best we could do was 25 MPH on electric only most of the time. Only a couple of times did we see the speedo get just a tick above 25 before the tach needle jumped off the green. Hope I can do better with time. Glad your happy with yours. My wife and I are also impressed with the car and we are happy with ours.

    A few more question for you or anyone out there. What is that strange opening with the lip next to the instrument panel dimmer switch just below the fog light switch? I have looked through the manual and can not find any reference. There is a pocket like opening underneath the console lid; anyone know what that is for? When you open the fuel door there appears to be a toggle switch (black on ours). Is it a switch or just the means to keep the fuel door closed tight?

    Going back to the dealer on Thursday to have the keyless entry pad programed and installed (stuck on) and a locking gas cap added. I love the keypad and I wish that was still built in as it was on our turbo and supercharged T-Birds and Lincolns. All those cars still had the remote keychain fobs but those keypads have always been handy.

    It's late. Got to still get my workout in. Thanks again to all those that helped with our decision to buy the Escape Hybrid. I'll still keep checking in.
  • annettewannettew Posts: 1
    After reading thru these forums I was concerned that I would have to wait to get a hybrid, especially out here in the sticks (Oregon). I was pleasantly suprised that I was able to choose from three on the lot. The technology is really mind blowing. I'm glad I made the leap, thanks for all the advice.
  • Amazing that I actually got one. My Dealer is only getting about 5 for 2006. I put my order in 2 weeks ago and should have it in November in time for all the good tax credits. I ended up getting a final sticker of 31860 with the options I chose (safety package, cargo cover, 110 pwr outlet, rear mats). I chose the Blue with the Dark Grey ground effects.

    After lots of research, I chose this one over the Honda Accord for the SUV vs Car, the great ratings they are getting with several reviewers, and my luck with Ford products in the past.

    I'm rather anxious about getting to drive it. :)
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "In electric mode only, we have gone up to 34 MPH and ascend 6 levels in the work parking garage daily."

    Must be cumulative MPG, since the car should be using no fuel in electric only mode?
  • bigsweepsbigsweeps Posts: 11
    Just picked up a silver 4WD fully loaded (with nav, appearance pkg, safety pkg, etc.) - and the dealer gave me X-plan pricing (about $2500 under sticker). I was hunting and hunting but most dealers wouldn't honor the Ford X-Plan pricing on the Escape Hybrid (I'm in CT) since they were easily finding customers to pay sticker. It's great to get one FULLY loaded under $30K.
  • carole23carole23 Posts: 3
    Hi ! I have had my 2006 Escape hybrid for a week now. I love it so far ! 32 mph is what I can do in electric's a challenge to see how long I can keep it in electric right now. I committed to buying it mid-February so I did not think I had to wait to long.
  • greenski1greenski1 Posts: 1
    What part of CT do you live in? I am in CT and looking for a similar deal...and were there any tax credits/breaks for buying a hybrid?
  • earear Posts: 6
    Purchased from dealer inventory in April for $1k under msrp, '05 4wd with navigation and 6cd changer, safety option, leather, monochromatic molding, 110v, rear cargo cover, and mats. Also bought the 5yr/75k mi extended warranty.
  • hshort1hshort1 Posts: 1
    Why don't Ford Hybrids qualify for incentives? I purchased mine the 27th of February in Santa Cruz. At the time, the dealership was giving a free Garmin GPS to all new Ford vehicles purchased INCLUDING Escapes, during the month of February. But apparently, not the Escape Hybrid. However, this was not noted in the ad - it did say, Ford Escapes, F150s, Taurus, etc. So, when I asked the sales gal, she said, no, it doesn't say Ford Escape Hybrids, I told her, well, it doesn't say Ford Escape XLT's either, but you're giving it to them. She said, you're right. That's a Typo. So, I took it to Ford Corporate, and then back to Santa Cruz. Why is it they refuse to build but a few of these environmentally correct cars ,and then don't want you to have any incentive to buy them - they don't offer 0% financing, either. Wouldn;'t you think Ford would be bending over backwards to get us to buy their FIRST YEAR HYBRID BABY??? Other than that, I am thrilled w/ my Hybrid.
  • gheimurgheimur Posts: 88
    I have looked into the payback for the Hybrid compared to the XLT 6 cyl.My computations according to the EPA guidelines compute $1704 in fuel cost for the V6 vs. $1047 for the Hybrid. This is based on 15k miles per year 45% Highway
    55% City. A savings of $657 per year. If the difference in cost for similarly equipped vehicles is 5k because of no discounts it will take over 7.7 years to break even. Even if gas goes to 3.00 a gal it will take about 5.5 years with a savings of about $916 a year. You can drive more miles per year and break even sooner however the Hybrid will reach its end of Life sooner. .
  • yurtyurt Posts: 3
    In this battle of hybrid little SUVs, what are people's opinions of one versus the other? It seems that the Toyota Limited is $5-10K higher in cost.
  • jbaronijbaroni Posts: 1
    Thanks for the math work. I have just started looking into purchasing a hybrid but am always baffled by the payback time period claims. You seem to have included some of the variables that seem lacking on other sites including MSN online financial column. Even on Edmunds, they confuse the issue by claiming you get more stuff with a hybrid model but don't adjust for that in the figure. If the engine doesn't work as hard (oil change interval and longevity) and you are turning braking force into energy instead of using brake pads is there not savings there as well. It also seems that everyone assumes at resale time that some how the hybrid will be selling for the same as the regular model therefore not recouping any of the difference. It is hard to figure the tax credit?deduction? but obviously that has to have some effect. What about insurance? Is it higher? Then of course what is the value of truly holding the moral high ground. Of truly providing more than lip service towards being patriotic.To truly caring about the enviroment and our future generations wellbeing, not just medically but by providing a clean and peaceful world to live in. The technology is proven and should be mandated by law for the benefit of all peoples everywhere. More oil for fertilizer, medicines, cheap housing, etc. etc.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    A reporter is interested in speaking with owners of the Ford Escape hybrid. If you own or lease one and would be interested in speaking with the reporter, please send your name and e-mail address to Pam Krebs, PR, at [email protected]
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Then of course what is the value of truly holding the moral high ground. Of truly providing more than lip service towards being patriotic.To truly caring about the enviroment and our future generations wellbeing, not just medically but by providing a clean and peaceful world to live in. The technology is proven and should be mandated by law for the benefit of all peoples everywhere. More oil for fertilizer, medicines, cheap housing, etc. etc."

    If you buy a 4 cyl Escape, and keep it for a long time, it might actually be better for the environment. A hybrid will eventually have to have the batteries replaced, and batteries are not only expen$ive, but are "environmentally costly" to produce and recycle. Did you know that a hybrid causes more pollution to build? They do, it is a fact acknowledged by Toyota. If the hybrid gets far superior MPG to the car it will replace, there is the potential for the lifetime pollution to be less from the Hybrid, but that rule simply doesn't apply to the SUV world; the difference in MPG is not enough.

    The argument for environmentally friendly hybrids fall apart when the hybrid is a heavy, high profile SUV. At this point in time, only the smaller and lighter vehicles have a chance of being truly more environmentally sound, because they can be pushed to higher MPG.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    there is the potential for the lifetime pollution to be less from the Hybrid, but that rule simply doesn't apply to the SUV world; the difference in MPG is not enough.

    That is a very good point. With the bigger batteries and electric motors in the larger vehicles it multiplies the PM (particulate matter) especially. That is the stuff that causes smog. Also one of the major reasons for not allowing diesel cars in CA. As can be seen in the graph, PM is higher over the life of a hybrid than a conventional non-hybrid. Actually the only significant advantage to the Prius is CO2 is about 1/3 less over the 150k mile life of the car. I wonder if Toyota has done a "Life Cycle Analysis" on the RX400h & HH? Maybe Ford should give us an analysis on the Escape Hybrid. With the real world gains of less than 25% on the hybrid SUVs it may be we are fooling ourselves on the hybrid environmental advantages.

  • stevewastevewa Posts: 203
    But there's more to it than that. The big question we have to ask ourselves is, are we consuming less and polluting less with the hybrid than we did with the vehicle it replaced?

    In most cases I think the answer would be "yes". Other times, it may be a wash but due to lifestyle issues (having kids, etc) the owner would have been moving to a larger vehicle (thus higher consumption/pollution) in any event.

    Clearly hybrid technology is not the only answer to the problem, because it ultimately does not eliminate the need for petroleum. However, it is a useful way to buy ourselves the time to come up with alternatives that do. To merely dismiss the tech as saying "it's not good enough, therefore I'm keeping my gas guzzler" is as foolish as it is to say hybrids will solve all the world's problems.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaPosts: 31,432
    To merely dismiss the tech as saying "it's not good enough

    I would never do that. I want to see some dialog that does not start from the premise that Hybrids are the only way we can save the planet. The Prius came on the scene as THE answer because a few no nothing Hollywood types endorsed it. I think that the reason that Toyota was so caught off guard by the popularity was they know it is far from what is needed. It may be a baby step forward or maybe backward.

    Hear me out. First off most here would admit that the average American uses too much fossil fuel. How do we cut back? I think that driving less is a start. Not just making cars that allow us to go more miles in a year for the same fuel used. Now back to the chart. As you can see if, the average person only drove their car 75k miles over the 10 year projected life of the Prius, they would have not only contributed more PM to the planet, they would have contributed at least as much NOx & SOx as the non-hybrid car.

    If you must drive a lot of miles per year the small hybrid can have a positive impact. I would like to see some studies on the larger hybrids showing a positive gain over their non-hybrid counterpart. I'm sure Toyota has such a study if it can be found.

    the owner would have been moving to a larger vehicle (thus higher consumption/pollution) in any event.

    That is only looking at it from a consumption & emissions at home aspect, not a global impact perspective. Manufacturing is still the major portion of the pollution. The people that buy a new car every 3 years are the big contributors to global pollution. The guy that buys a Corolla and keeps it for 20 years with 250k miles racked up has done a heck of a lot more for the planet, than the fellow that buys an RX400h and keeps it 3 years and gets a new one.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • sxdesantsxdesant Posts: 10
    Your graph is interesting but misses a major point. The greenish blue driving portion is the main component to be concerned with if looking at pollution and population exposure. The material production and vehicle production, hopefully done in our country, is from well controlled facilities and located in lesser populated areas. Overall, population exposure is limited. The driving occurs in urban areas when many people people are exposed. HC, NOx and sunlight cause smog, particles have their own health problems with respect to heart disease.

    Global warming and CO2 are a different pollutant and different story and not regulated yet by the federal and State governments. A "real energy" would go along way to solving many of the issues Americans are confronted with on a regular basis.
  • geobfgeobf TexasPosts: 1
    Since this is supposed to be the buying experience forum, I thought I'd actually post mine instead of some of the random reports here recently.

    We did find several Escape Hybrids scattered about Houston dealerships. We were originally looking at a Charcoal Grey model with the two options we wanted, the upgraded sound system and the AC outlet. The dealership was 25 miles away and offered $700 off sticker to make it worth the drive.

    We decided the color was too dark for hot Houston summers and found the Titanium Green to our liking. A much closer dealership had one with an additional feature we did like - the side curtain air bags - and two we weren't interested in paying for - leather seats and the "appearance" package. It turns out the flyers for the 06 model have the same model on the cover. The dealership immediately offered $500 off sticker, it was the first hybrid the salesman had the chance to sell. They came in $600 above's trade in value for my 96 Explorer - but we started to leave as we didn't really want to pay for the two extra features. The dealership really wanted the sale - they offered another $500 for my trade in - up to the private party sale value - so we bought it.

    Very happy with it so far - will be posting a review but my first tank was 29 MPG and the next three have hit 30 - very nice when gas went over $2.40/gallon here today.
  • Howdy:

    I live in Denver, CO and just placed an order for an 06 AWD Hybrid Escape in Red Fire Metallic. I found a dealership here who not only was willing to sell me one at xplan, but to also place it on the build schedule so that it won't arrive until on/after Jan 1, 2006 so that I can take advantage of the estimated 1950.00 federal tax credit and the 2797.00 state tax credit. I had no hassles in placing the order, simply a 500.00 deposit. Now the hard part, waiting 14wks to take delivery.

    On another note, the dealer said they just recieved word that Ford has acquired an increased inventory of hybrid parts for assembly and is converting an existing standard escape manufacturing line to a hybrid line to handle the increased demand, so lead times should be going down and inventories up come the new year.

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