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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • lhpmjplhpmjp Posts: 1
    Just picked-up a '07 FWD Hybrid with appearance pkg, safety and leather - stickered for $28,410. Got 3k off MSRP for 25,410 plus 3k rebate - final cost $22,410 plus T,L and doc fees. Very fair deal, especially with $2,600 tax credit yet to come on '07 taxes. Drew Ford in San Diego made the deal - easy to work with - no BS.

    Let's hope that quality is there, as we are giving up a bullet-proof '02 Acura MDX for the green thing. Not to mention an increase in real word fuel economy from 16 MPG (premium fuel) for the Acura to 30 MPG (regular unleaded) in the Ford.

    Good luck - deals on the '07's are still out there.
  • I work at Chatham Ford on Cape Cod. We have finally gotten our first 2008 Escape Hybrid. Very cool! Big changes from the 2007! We have had a couple of lookers so far, but it is still available. The sticker price is $29,850.00 and typically they would sell for close to that amount due to their scarcity at this time. Let's face it... it's a buyers market right now you can save money!
  • I am thinking of purchasing a 2WD Hybrid Escape from Galpin during the next week. How did you get the $2,500 dealer discount -- their internet manager tells me that does not exist. They also claim to not have any Escape Hybrids that do not have all of the expensive options and packages -- meaning, no base model -- so, you are stuck with paying for stuff you don't want or need.

    I will likely try another dealer that can get me closer to the $22,000 price point (meaning, I get both dealer and Man. incentives, plus some of the packages without getting gauged for stuff I don't need). Thanks.
  • lv031170lv031170 Posts: 3
    I purchased an '08 FEH three weeks ago. I live in Boulder, Colorado and the sticker price was $29,175. I was able to get it for $27,238 because I used my COSTCO membership warehouse auto buyer program. After searching all 15 Ford dealers in the entire Denver Metro area, there were only two '08 FEH's that were not fully loaded with sticker prices at $32,500.

    I did not want the $2,695 Navigation system nor the moonroof and was able to find 2 without these options. 2WD doesn't even exist out here. No one in Colorado would buy one. All in all, I think I got a good price considering there are no incentives out on the '08 yet.
  • zoltanozoltano Posts: 6
    Yepp, it does not exist - that is something that YOU have to negotiate off the MSRP... I was able to do that, but mine was fully loaded (MSRP 33100) so maybe they are more willing to sell those at (in my case slightly below)Invoice.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter for a weekend news program is looking to interview consumers in the Los Angeles area who are interested in purchasing a hybrid. Please reply to no later than Thursday, March 22, 2007 with your daytime contact info.

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  • Wow, hard to find 08 hybrids here but I did close the deal last week on a fully loaded black one. Drove the Mariner hyrbid first and was shocked at how different it drove, sounded, and felt from the Escape although they are supposedly in the same blood line. After much BS, I got mine for $1000 below MSRP and then saved an additional $1000 in rebates for college grad/auto show promotion. Hard to get right at full invoice when they are so new and scarce but I'm pleased.(trade in on mine was quite sweet to boot). Nice quiet ride, Nav/Sirius/Moonroof were worth the bucks. Averaging around 33 MPG thus far.
  • I'm debating purchasing the 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid 2WD.

    Originally, I thought I'd get a better deal on a 2007 model because of all the extra incentives. The vehicle has a base MSRP of $25,655.00 and a base invoice of $24,198.00. Accounting for dealer holdback (3% off total MSRP), Blue Oval holdback (additional 1.25% off total invoice), and current factory-to-dealer rebate of $500.00, I've come up with a dealer cost of $22,625.88. Add in the destination charge and subtract the $3000.00 in customer rebates, and I'm down to $20,290.88 for the base model. Anyway, after adding in all the options I want (Premium Package, Safety Package, and Moonroof) and my local tax rate, I've come up with a total w/options cost of $25,987.30. That's $7,397.40 off MSRP & $5,031.48 off invoice). Take out another $2600 for the tax credit, and I'm down to $23,387.30. Then, of course, I have to add in *some* profit for the dealer.

    Now, here's the issue... Going through all that rigamarole with the 08 model has given me a total cost of $25,698.23 (after the $3000 tax credit and, again, I have to add in profit), which is $2310.93 more than the 07, and only $4336.67 off MSRP and $1,873.23 off invoice... That really seems crazy to me, based on previous vehicles I've purchased (course, they've always been marked up more than the Escape).

    Anyway, I've read--from Ford--that the 08 is slated to have an 11% better residual value than the 07 model... If that's the case, it might be worth it just to go for the 08. That, coupled with all the new features, may be my best choice. Of course, the drastic markdown in the 08 will certainly have a negative effect on the prior models' resale value, anyway.

    It should also be noted that I used this same formula with both the 07 and 08 Mariners. Oddly enough, both of them came in at just over $200 more than the 08 Escape... So the 08 Mariner is on my mind too. *sigh*

    Any thoughts before I purchase?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A large local newspaper is looking to interview consumers who are considering purchasing a Ford vehicle. If you are interested in speaking to the reporter, please reply to no later than Friday, April 20, 2007 with your daytime contact info.


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  • treagantreagan Posts: 6
    I'm in the same boat, but in so cal. all the 07's are fairly loaded. I'm assuming that when more 07's are gone, the big rebate will shift to the 08. I'm also looking hard at a Prius.
  • lol, wouldn't it be something if you waited until all the 07's were gone... there *was* a rebate shift to the 08... BUT... 60,000 had sold and the IRS lowered the credit? I hate thinking about all of this...
  • treagantreagan Posts: 6
    I don't even think I will qualify for the credit because of AMT, but even when they hit the 60000 mark (which I've been told is not real close), there is ?3 or?6 more months until the credit cuts in half.
  • Very happy with my experience... Had two dealers in a bid frenzy and ended up getting the vehicle for $907.48 off... invoice. That's right, invoice. That's $2750.48 off sticker. I basically figured the cost of the vehicle (including holdback) and added 3% profit for the dealer. I did not include any dealer prep fees, nor the Ford Advertising Dealer Fund (of which dealers have to pay $360 per vehicle). In this case, the dealer *really* did make only a few hundred bucks... Bottom line, is despite the fact that these are brand new, harder to come by, and *really* not marked up by much (dealers really don't make much money on these hybrids), you can still get a great deal. That, coupled with the $3000 federal credit and the fact that I paid cash, just bought me an investment. I highly recommend picking one of these up if you can!

    I'll just sit back and wait for the 60MPG F150s slated to come out next!
  • shaendrashaendra Posts: 3
    OK, so I saw a dealer who offers cars on ebay as well, and contacted them about a FEH that was listed at $31K, but the description was base model. He told me it was fully loaded, and I said I wasn't interested in the nav package because it's just too expensive of an add on, and after I told him which packages we were looking for (moonroof, audiophile, hybrid premium) he said he could get one "out the door" (meaning with TT&L) for $29,300, not including my $500 college grad rebate. So, we decided to go down and test drive the one they DID have (the fully-loaded one) since we hadn't actually driven a FEH yet.

    Got down around 3, drove it and decided we really liked the ride, so we were prepared to see if he could get the one he mentioned they could get (less nav package) in ice blue, or (our preference) "if there's one like that in the green, we can wait longer."

    He went back to the manger's area for awhile, and we watched TV, and came back asking if we liked the one we drove. I said yes, and he said how about that for $30,500, out the door). I asked if that included the college discount, and he said nope, take that off, and it's $30K. Interested?

    So, we said yes, and also got the $500 factory-to-dealer rebate that's out now. Then all the financing paperwork began (in spite of me having gone through FMC's credit application a few days ago, in preparation). Declined all the options except GAP insurance (which made a difference of about $2/mo financed). About 2 hours later, we drove away with a kiwi green FWD that has the premium package, navigation, chrome, moonroof and stepbars (only thing I woulda totally skipped, but eh), for $29,290 or about $1,100 over invoice.

    The salesman mentioned to us that we picked a good time to shop (end of the month), which is something that a car salesman friend of mine confirmed -- they have monthly quotas, so feel more pressure at the end of the month. He also mentioned that they have a limit of how many hybrids they'll have on the lot at any given time. Now, I'm not sure who imposes this limit, but I'm thinking in this case it's the dealership's manager, because this was slightly out in the country south of Houston (at Ron Carter in Alvin), where trucks are a much bigger draw. But, worked in our favor, because end of the month, and faced with seeing if another dealer would swap out their inventory == let's sell the one here.

    So, all in all, a pretty smooth and surprising experience. :shades:
  • You got a fairly average deal there... I won't go into the numbers exactly (you can see what I'm capable of in my previous post). Two issues that should be addressed for future buyers did come up, however:

    1) GAP coverage. I wouldn't suggest buying GAP coverage from the actual dealer. If you feel you must have that insurance, purchase it from your insurance carrier. It's typically far less and since you generally purchase six month premiums, you can always get rid of it, as needed.

    2) End of the month myth... It's always the right time to buy a vehicle. The fact of the matter is, a salesman always wants to move a vehicle (despite what he/she may say) and a salesman is always willing to negotiate a good deal. The only factors that will change the amount a dealer is willing to negotiate are consumer rebates and factory-to-dealer incentives. If you're willing to wait for a rebate or an incentive, you will obviously get a better deal.
  • shaendrashaendra Posts: 3
    Probably right on both counts :) The end of the month didn't make any difference to us... timing was coincidental, in this case, so it was a non-factor for our purchase. Waiting for rebates is probably something we could have done better on, but who knows when those will come? We had a sudden need for a replacement (one of our two up and died, doh!)

    GAP coverage was all of about $345, so I'm not sweating it at all.

    I feel fine with the deal we got.

    Thanks for pointing these out, though! Always good for folks to hear about different angles, going in. :)
  • Bought my new 07 a month ago tomorrow......Went with the 07, because I wanted Red....has silver trim. Paid 8 cents under 25,000 out the door. Options.....AC 110 Power Outlet, Appearance Package, Safety Package. $665 destination & Delivery. MSRP $27,790. I love it. First tank was 33.34 mpg, 2nd tank 35.2 mpg, and last tank was 35.94 mpg. I thought I'd average around 32 or so, since most of my driving is freeway to work and back. I'm thrilled and love the color. :shades:
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter from a large local newspaper is looking to speak to owners of the 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid. Please provide your daytime contact info to no later than Monday, May 14, 2007.

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  • chucklesvachucklesva Posts: 9
    i am in the market now and would appreciate it, if you could educate me on how i can get a great deal like yours on the escape.
  • Chuck, no problem...

    Basically, I created my own purchase offer, starting off with the actual invoice price and then subtracting out factory holdback (3% total msrp) and Blue Oval Cert holdback (1.25% total invoice). I then added 3% profit for the dealer. And finally, added in the destination charge and subtracted out the consumer rebate of $500 and that's the total price. There were no manufacturer to dealer incentives, unfortunately, for the 08 model and I did not add in the Ford Advertising Dealer Fund ($360 per vehicle), although most dealer's will require it.

    After making the initial offer and sending it off to several dealerships, I took possession of the vehicle in like three days.

    The key to making this work is to be precise and to be persistent. Research the vehicle you're going to purchase and make sure your figures are right ( has basically everything you need). make a professional looking offer and this will tell the dealer you know what you're talking about. However, be prepared to defend your position and be savvy!

    Good luck!
  • jm40jm40 Posts: 6
    hi, i am planning to buy an 08' Escape Hybrid, Fwd probably on memorial weekend.

    i have not yet seen one with leather or with a nav system.
    - the dealers in SoCal only have like one or two FEH's each-

    if anybody could comment on look/feel of the leather vs cloth and also the nav system -- i can;t see myself ever needing the nav for directions/gps but the hybrid monitor information seems cool and perhaps helpful. comments from anybody who has one?

    thanks for any feedback
  • zeeman84zeeman84 Posts: 16
    We have both the leather and the nav. The nav. is helpful because of the hybrid screen telling you what mode you are in. To get the best mileage from the Escape, one needs to re-learn how to drive. This is why the nav screen is helpful. Leather is also very nice. We have the heated seats which are great in the cold winters we have here.
  • IMO, the leather package I saw on an '08 didn't look very good. The seats were only one color which made it look rather bland inside. The cloth seats have the two toned (aka inserts) on them and that makes it look a lot nicer.

    Jury is still out on the Nav. Only had the car for three days and the things I already hate about nav are:
    1) Priced too high (way too much for nav but I am a tech nerd so I need my gadgets).
    2) Stupid on screen warning/disclaimer every time you start the car that requires you to hit accept. Lawyers must have insisted on that. really annoying and serves no purpose after I have read it once.
    3) Nav unit's functionality is severely limited while car is in motion. They do this for safety reasons so the driver doesn't fumble w/ the device while driving, but this restriction means that even the passenger can't set it while in motion.

    Positive things for nav are that once it is set (while you are stopped), it works rather well. I also feel that the center dash looks cheap and has too much plastic w/ the standard radio setup. The nav screen helps offset the plastic look.

    If anyone knows how to workaround any of my nav gripes let me know.

  • Just got my '08 FWD three days ago. Don't have buyers remorse yet, so I guess we are off to a good start :).

    I don't think I got a 'great' deal but overall I am happy. Base + Nav + moon roof.

    MSRP w/ options: $29,430
    Invoice w/ options: $27,366
    Total before rebate & t/t/f's: $28,379
    Rebate: $545
    They had another rebate of $500 but opted for the 3 year 3.9% financing. Was going to pay cash but seemed better to get financing and keep the money in a money market at 5.4%.

    Total w/o t/t/f's: $27,834.. could have been $27,334 if I would have taken additional rebate.

    One beef I had with the process was slow turnaround on the order. They didn't have options we wanted on the lot so we ordered the car. They said it would take 6-8 weeks for it to come in and it ended up taking about 11.

  • stevedc34stevedc34 Posts: 25
    Is it fare to suggest 800-1000 under invoice as some people have reported on this site? I have a quote on 2008 escape hybrid, leather, siri radio, 4WD for 30,570 MSRP...offer is 28,200. This seems high to me...any suggestions? Thanks.
  • cloftuscloftus Posts: 19
    I am reading about A/X Pricing plans. Please explain to me what they are. Are they available on the 08 Escape? Thanks, I'm shopping & no dealers in my area (Central Florida) have one on their lot. I'm not sure my timing is so good, since gas is over $3.00 right now.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    Those plans are restricted to relatives of Ford employees. My son-in-law works for Ford in Dearborn, MI and thus we are eligible for the Ford A plan price. It is a firm price slightly below dealer invoice. Not sure what the qualifications are for the X PLan, but suspect they are similar.
  • cloftuscloftus Posts: 19
    Thanks. Does it count if we have an uncle that retired from Ford in Dearborn, MI? I was told by my cousin that they get a 25% discount.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I would ask your cousin or uncle. The good thing about the programs is that the sell price is set so there is no negotiation involved and there are no other fees. What you get for a trade-in and the dealer's willingness to sell you a vehicle at those prices varies depending on demand, etc..
  • kryateskryates Posts: 1
    Can you tell me how your formula applies for my 2008 ford escape hybrid purchase. My MSRP with options price is $27,825. Invoice price with options is $26,300. What should I be offering the dealer according to your formula?
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