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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • jeff_hjeff_h Posts: 20
    Dan -

    With regards to the zip codes, no way to get around it that I know of, so I just opened another browser in another window to and went to the search zip code area, then put in names of cities and such and used it that way... I'm sure I missed a few dealerships here and there, but was confident that I got the vast majority in the area.

    I was just adamant about 1) finding just the color and options my wife wanted, and 2) staying out of the dealership until things were agreed upon, to take away that home turf advantage that I (and many others) get frustrated over when they give that runaround to keep the price high.

    Good luck!
  • whisky6whisky6 Posts: 7
    Hi,i was looking at a 2006 hybrid in elma,wa and as i was going thru the options list they came to a little over 28,000 dollars,no t&l,then as i was looking at the other lists that were on the window i saw a sticker that said the price was 28,000+5,000 dollar dealer markup which then put the price of this vehicle 34,000 dollars plus tax which i believe grays harbor cty. is 8%,that puts the cost at over 36720 dollars,but what galled me more was 5,000 dollar markup,thank,s whisky1
  • waltawalta Posts: 13
    "My one concern is the Dealer did NOT know the Hybrid warranty! Stating several times that Hybrid components were warranteed for 10 years. It isn't really clear on the website either, but in the manual it does state 8yrs."

    It is 8 years (100K miles) in some states, and 10 years (150K miles) in others. I know that in CA, it is 10 years.
  • newbridnewbrid Posts: 4
    "My one concern is the Dealer did NOT know the Hybrid warranty! Stating several times that Hybrid components were warranteed for 10 years. It isn't really clear on the website either, but in the manual it does state 8yrs."

    This is EXACTLY what I experienced! Somewhere, at some point, someone at ford must have put this in some sales/training lit.!
    It's definitely 8/100k in my manual.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    It's definitely 8/100k in my manual.

    It is 8 yrs 100k miles for the whole US mandated by the EPA. In the 5 CARB states it is 10 yrs 150k mandated by the stricter AT-PZEV regulation.
  • Question...Does Ford offer any kind of Leasing on the Escape Hybrid. I like to lease. Paying 30K for the vehicle over 5 or even 6 years can be a big car payment. Is this an option?? I haven't seen any lease deals, only end of year buying deals of 1.9% and such. If anyone has leased, I would be interested in hearing what you pay per month. I am in a Freestyle right now which I love, but, might scale back to a smaller vehicle next year.
  • devomidevomi Posts: 10
    I just bought a 2007 Escape FEH from Dean Sellers Ford - Troy Michigan. I started looking for 2006, which they were unable to get for me. They did offer me $200 over "A Plan" for a 2007. I am not connected with Ford, and did not qualify for A Plan. I started with Email inquiries to 4 area dealerships asking them to quote a price of a Hybrid set-up the way I wanted it. I made a point in my Email to list all 4 Dealers by name, and that I would buy the car from the low bidder. Starting with Email cut out all the BS. 2 of the Dealers would not quote a price and wanted me to come in and talk it out, so they were out of the running. The 2 other dealers did give me a quote by Email. I went to the low bidder, and used the Email as a starting place. The whole thing took about 3 days from time I sent out the first Emails to the point I had the bids back. It worked out real well for me, and would do it the same way again the next time I am in the market for a car. I would definely recommend this process for anyone who does not access to "A/B/X Plan":)
  • sadly, i doubt you got what you think you got. i'm so sure a dealer will take a true $500 to move a freeking 07 hybrid. you may have got the price but i assure you they made up the difference and then some on the trade/financing/warranty/whatever else. congrats on running in a circle!
  • you saved more than that. you wouldnt have got a 5% loan on a non hybrid without sacrificing rebate money. when you bought your hybrid, you didnt hve to give up anything. you bought at the right time.
  • devomidevomi Posts: 10
    I confirmed the A Plan price off the Factory Invoice, and paid cash. I did have a trade-in, but that deal was cut B4 when I was looking for 2006. In the negotiations for the 2007, they increased the trade-in from $7000 to $7700 for a 2001 Expedition. It was the last day of the Month, and they wanted to pump-up their sales figures.
  • given the gas price has dropped from almost $4 a gallon to under $2.50, anyone getting better deals in the Silicon Valley area? Pricing info much appreciated.
  • Just picked up an '07 FWD, Tungsten Gray, with safety canopy, appearance package, and 110V outlet, for $26,863 (MSRP was $27,815), plus got 3.9% for 72 months and 1,000 bonus cash.
  • I just bought an '07 FEH AWD in Alexandria, VA at Ourisman World of Ford in August.

    I was reading Jeff's posts about his buying experience in the area, and I used similar tactics to buy my car, which had to be shipped down from NJ and I only paid $500 over invoice. The people at Ourisman were nice enough to bend over backwards to find a FEH to my specifications, and they found it and shipped it in two days.

    Koons Ford in Falls Church, VA is a bunch of a-holes, as Jeff mentioned, as they quoted a 26,000 FEH at 34,000 and change after they tack on all their useless mumbo jumbo crap. I just up and walked out.

    I love the car by the way and highly recommend it.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    I have to echo the comments on Koons Ford in Falls Church. Back in '04 they tried to get me to pay $8000 premium to have one of the first FEHs. They were down to $4000 premium (on top of full MSRP) as I was walking calmly out the door. The information on this kind of behavior in the sales department needs to be communicated as much as possible - so informed consumers can take their business elsewhere. I even wrote a letter to Ford about standardizing their pricing policies on mass production (not limited edition) Honda does with great success. [Honda was getting full MSRP on every Odyssey for over 2 years - partly because they prevented their dealers from gouging (charging a premium) on a very popular, mass-produced vehicle.]

    Bought my 06 AWD FEH from Cowles in Woodbridge for $250 over dealer cost - almost 10 months ago. Took it in for the 10K service and they did it for no charge. :D
  • Just picked up an '07 FWD over the weekend, Metalic Green, with safety canopy, appearance package, and 110V outlet, for $23,900(MSRP was $27,815), plus got 0.0% for 60 months. Price included 1,000 bonus cash. I could have opted for an additional $2500 rebate (bringing the price to $21400) in lieu of the 0% interest rate but would have paid more in interest than the savings up front. Also got what I wanted for my trade. Was able to get A/X Plan Pricing. Fairside Ford Ann Arbor, MI.
  • We just bought it in Jan 2007. Included the premium package in monochrome silver for 29,143 OTD. Got a quote of $1,300 plus the $3000 rebate off MSRP via email from the dealer. We sent in a request for a quote from the edmunds site to a few local dealers and went with the one who had the right vehicle at a reasonable price.
  • dennesdennes Posts: 1
    Just bought an '07 FWD Escape Hybrid from PA with the safety and appearance packages, plus the navigation system and power outlet. MSRP was $29,810, and I paid $28,500 before $1,000 cash back (promo and college student discount), so when all was said and done, $27,500 with 0% financing for 5 years. The best part was no BS dealer fees only the actual cost for title, registration, and transfer of tags. The internet quote method is very effective. Send a bunch of requests out and make sure to let them know you're serious and don't want to mess around - you want their best price, and you want it now. Then go with the low bidder! Oh and I got the advertised 36 mpg on my way home!
  • My 2007 was carjacked and will probably go with the 2008 when it comes out. I spoke to the dealer today and he basically said..."No Incentives", neither % rates or cash back!! I am quite bummed and am wondering if it is worth it to go with the traditional financing or maybe I should just wait. Does anyone know how long it took for the 2007 incentives to kick in?

  • Incentives on 07s have been available basically since intro last summer. Incentives on FEH in general started in late '05. You could get an 06 for $3000 below MSRP, or less if you qualified for A/X plan. Before then, many dealers were gouging.

    2008 Escape began production Jan 31 and should begin shipping Feb 20-ish. Likely will be no 2008 model incentives for a while but you never know. 2008 base prices are $400 to $900 LOWER than '07s, depending on model.

    Leftover '07 is a sweet deal right now if you can find one.

    In my region (Rocky Mtns) the X plan qualified buyer can pick up a remaining '07 for about $5000 below MSRP, for example:

    $33100 MSRP ('07 FEH, Premium Pkg, Safety, Moonroof)
    $31116 X Plan Price
    $ 2500 Customer Cash
    $ 500 Bonus Cash
    $28116 Final Price, plus taxes&tags
  • i ordered my '08 FEH from Battlefield ford (Manassas, VA) on 21 Dec. checked with the dealer about two weeks ago and one ordered on 30 Nov was scheduled for build.

    stopped in last friday and mine's still not scheduled for production, but they had an '08 XLT just off the truck and were cleaning it up for the showroom floor. sweet ride.

    should have mine in a few weeks.

    by the way had a great color chooser feature.


  • :confuse:

    I am in the process of buying an '07 Escape Hybrid. The current $2,500 Customer Cash promotion will expire after a week (on 02/28). So what can we expect? Will Ford extend the promotion, maybe even raise the amount, or will the promotion just disappear? (In other words - should I hurry up and buy a car quick??)

    $2,500 is a lot of money...
  • It's a gamble. 2008 models are arriving at dealerships every day, which usually means the incentive on the previous model will be around for a while. But you may want to act fast, just in case.

    I didn't think there were very many 2007 hybrids left?
  • I just bought an '07 Mercury Mariner Hybrid, Premium, leather, GPS, etc etc. Stickered around $34, they offered me $27,800 including "undercoating" (I didn't think dealers did that any more) but no 0% interest. I took it. Maybe could have done better, but I'm happy.
  • drdan3drdan3 Posts: 13
    Ford's only incentive was a 6.9% interest deal, which was no deal at all. I found that the best Ford dealer in the MD-DC-VA area was Castle/Crysall Ford in Silver Spring. In response to my query for a 2008 about 3 months ago, they promised to provide me first with a pricing sheet when it became available (which they did), and then quotes on incoming units. Their quotes were around invoice. I paid $27,900 for AWD, Premium package, Chrome, moonroof. This saved so much time compared to others who were evasive or who - in one case - quoted the MSRP and a "your price" with an asterik saying plus taxes, tages AND FREIGHT. The MSRP included the destination, but it was taken out of the "your price" quote... Thus far, no problems with the car...on the contrary it seems much more refined than the 2007 and worth the difference in cost. If you do spring for the nav kit, at least it is 'normally sized' although a bit pricey.
  • My wife ordered a 2008 Escape Hybrid AWD to replace her 04 Escape.
    Pretty much loaded with the exception of the chrome package. With the Military Assistance $500.00 cash back, close to invoice price, and the $2,200 tax deduction, I believe we did pretty well.
  • I just noticed that the $2500 incentive got extended 'til 04/02/07. However the is an extra $500 that we could get, and so far there is no word regarding if that one will be avail. in March... I am still sitting on the fence...
  • tclongtclong Posts: 6
    Got it today, Escape Hybrid 4WD w/premium pkg, audiophile, and moonroof. MSRP $30375, total invoice $28658. I qualify for X plan at $28620. They called today and offered it to me for $28200. I think $450 below invoice is a good deal for someone who can't get 'A' plan, so I took it.

    The ride is still a little truck-like, but a huge improvement over the old one. I wish there was better quality on the interior, perhaps fewer separate pieces and better plastics. And what's the deal with the tiny cheap plastic glove box with no light? At least the huge console is big enough to store almost anything. Regardless, this vehicle is WAY better than before. It's noticeably more refined and quiet. I agree it's worth getting the '08, and re-sale should be better, as well.

    The incentives on the leftover 07s are still $2500 cash plus $500 bonus cash, or low APR plus $500 bonus cash, expiration April 2. No incentives at all on the '08, but they were definitely willing to deal.
  • zoltanozoltano Posts: 6
    Galpin gave me the best deal. Dealt with internet manager. Received ~ $2500 dealer discount plus the $3000 Ford Cash plus I am eligible for the full 1950 tax credit on a new '07 4WD FEH.
    Final math: MSRP $33100 - $7500 incentives = roughly $25600 + tax (8.25% where I live in LA).

    I got financing through Ford Credit but I am planning to pay the car off this year so I did not opt for the 0APR financing, rather took the $3000.

    Hope this helps somebody.
  • tclongtclong Posts: 6
    Not that it matters, just an FYI for everyone, there are not "$7500 incentives" available on '07 Escapes.

    The only incentive is $3000 from Ford.

    Savvy buyers can negotiate an additional $2000 to $2500. Dealers want to move the last '07s which have been in stock since last fall, most of which are $33100 units equipped by Ford with their remaining old style nav systems.

    The final $2000 in the example is a personal Federal income tax credit ($1950), which most buyers can claim next year against '07 income. Some buyers, like a retired person who pays no tax, would not get that. Also, people with other credits may get caught up in the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) if they try to claim a hybrid credit, too.

    Also, sales tax is calculated on ~$27600, not $25600.

    Again, not to nitpick, but just to point out that the example is not exactly a $25600 + tax purchase. It's still a great deal, though!
  • zoltanozoltano Posts: 6
    Well said. I just did not have that much time to type...

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