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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • vdepuyvdepuy Posts: 8
    I'm trying to place an order for a 2009 FEHL using X-plan pricing but having the worst time getting a dealership to honor that pricing. I've had multiple dealerships say they wouldn't, and 3 to date say that they would and then back out when I went to order. 2 of them said the dealership/management had changed their mind, and one (Hendersonville, NC) said they wouldn't because I wasn't "local".

    I have the name of one dealership which should honor X-plan on the FEH/FEHL but it's 12 hours away (Michigan; I'm near Raleigh, NC). I know multiple people here have successfully ordered 09 FEHs via X-plan; would you be willing to post the dealership name and location?

    I'd like to find somewhere closer to order from; virtually everything from Orlando to western Kentucky to NYC is within a 12 hour drive, so there should be at least a few willing dealerships closer by.

    Thanks in advance!
  • vdepuyvdepuy Posts: 8
    FINALLY got someone to order the FEHL for me w/ X-plan pricing - and no run-around (at least no obvious one - keeping my fingers crossed)!

    I'm getting the FEHL w/ FWD and no add-ons. She gave me a screen shot of the order. It showed:

    Hybrid limited FWD: MSRP 30,635 Invoice 28,358
    Destination & delivery: 695
    FDAF: 360
    3 gallons of gas: 11.34
    Total: MSRP 31,330 Invoice 29,424

    X-plan: 29.381.64 (plus tax & tags)

    On the run-around note, a local dealer told me yesterday that I could be placed on the list to order, once they could order - of course being on the list included a $500 deposit - but they didn't know when they'd be able to place an order. Seemed very odd, given the other postings on this list. Then when I asked him to check on that, because I wasn't satisfied with the explanation, he came back and said the owner just announced they wouldn't do X-plan on FEH.
    Which made me even more happy to find the dealer I ordered with today!
  • Have you taken a look at the most recent post regarding X-plan pricing for the FEHL by vdepuy? Is it the same invoice you are receiving?
  • Congratulations on finally getting your order through! I've been trying for the past few weeks but to no avail. I didn't know it would be this difficult. I was wondering if you could scan your paperwork and send me a file of your X-plan pricing? Let me know so I can give you my e-mail. I want to be prepared when I go to other dealerships this week.
  • burnsvaburnsva Posts: 35
    From my salesman at my Ford dealership this morning: "Ford has pushed production of the '09 hybrids to the middle of July or the 1st of August."
  • Vdepuv-

    Was that a Triangle dealer? I am in Durham and thinking about an '09 FEH. Knowing who doesn't give the run around would be great.
  • ursacatursacat Posts: 32

    My VOC is very close to member vdepuy.

    No Nav
    Step Bars
    Black Pearl

    x-Plan $29,380, Dlr Invoice $29,422 (with all the Destination and Delivery charges)
    I was told last Saturday that the vehicle has a VIN. I'm awaiting Production/Delivery info - and a P.O. to sign (although the dealer has been very communicative.)

    Dealer is in Sonoma Cty, CA. (north of S.F.)

  • Just talked to a dealership about X-plan for the 2009 FEHL. The final cost was nearly identical to member vdepuy -

    $29,381; Included are the Destination & Delivery Charge ($695) and
    FDAF (advertising fee, $360)

    This is model will have no accessories - no step bar, navigation etc. No negotiating on price. They wouldn't budge on a decrease in the D & D or the FDAF fee. I think the FDAF fee is asinine considering the vehicle hasn't been advertised in any way but through these and other forums. Has anyone else seen posters, commercials or any campaigns? I guess the increasing gas prices has been the biggest advertiser for a hybrid.

    This is the second dealership that has told me actual production of of FEH won't begin until the end of June. They are not expected to be on the lots until the end of August, at the earliest.

    This last dealership said that fleet models have already been ordered and will be on the lots before the individual vehicle orders. If you have the opportunity to switch your vehicle to one that is already ordered in the fleet, it would be advantageous.

    I am not sure why the first dealership with whom I have been working with (Tustin, CA) has taken 3 weeks (and counting) to give me an X-plan number. I was giving the salesman the benefit of the doubt and because he was working hard and I thought he was a good guy, I wanted him to have the commission. This last dealership (Huntington Beach, CA) gave me an X-Plan price in less than 10 minutes. It's also very close to my house which means I could walk to the dealership and then drive home.... :)

    HB Ford informed me that the last of the 2008 FEs and FEHs are being built in June which is one reason why the 2009s won't be in production until month's end. This dealership is still scheduled to have 5 FEHs and 8 FEs (all 2008s) delivered.
  • Thank you, ursacat! It looks like they threw in the step bars for you. That's a good deal.
  • ursacatursacat Posts: 32
    You know, I need to check on the Step Bars. They didn't throw anything in. They may have missed this. I'll let you all know.
  • burnsvaburnsva Posts: 35
    "This last dealership said that fleet models have already been ordered and will be on the lots before the individual vehicle orders. If you have the opportunity to switch your vehicle to one that is already ordered in the fleet, it would be advantageous."

    This seems to run counter to the many reports that have stated the production schedules would prioritize '09 FEH's the following: 1) Actual Retail Sales, 2) Dealer Stock and 3) Fleet Orders.
  • Just got back from the dealership and signed my paperwork. I thought I would post the info from my vehicle order confirmation:

    2009 FWD FEH Limited
    MSRP: $31,330
    Retail: $30,635
    Dealer invoice: $28,358
    A/Z Plan: $28,286.34
    D-Plan: $28,386.59
    X-Plan: $29,381.64

    Other Charges: 3 Gallons of gas - $11.34
    FDAF - $360
    Destination & Delivery - $695

    Two things surprised me (You'll have to forgive me for mentioning these, but this is my first time purchasing an item of this magnitude):

    1. I plan to pay this car off in one year. I was not aware that the banks Ford use
    will normally penalize $75 for closing a balance early. I wasn't too happy about

    2. The dealership I went to required a 10% non-refundable deposit, or $3000.
    Again, I didn't know this was standard, but at the same time, I didn't care too
    much. I planned to pay off the care ASAP. Also this dealership was in walking
    distance of my parents' home as opposed to a 8 mile drive elsewhere.

    I've got no timetable as to when my vehicle will be built. I did take a look at my dealer's ordering list while he was away from his desk and stock inventory of certain 2009s, including the FEH Hybrids, were already being built. I didn't see any "clean" models, just ones that said "locked-in" for the production plant.
  • Perhaps I misunderstood the dealership. I believe it was the "stock" vehicles he said that would come first, but perhaps he told me that because I would be ordering after that particular dealership's stock orders. That would make more sense.
  • vdepuyvdepuy Posts: 8
    Hi Monkeyboy4 -

    After trying to buy locally, I ended up going to Newport News, VA. May have been able to find somewhere closer that would honor X-plan after an even longer search, but was just relieved to have it ordered at long last.
    Local dealers (RTP area) - Capital, Crossroads (multiple locations), and University Ford all said no up front. University Ford North is the one that gave me the 'get on a list for a future order' run around previously mentioned. Also tried a variety of smaller dealerships (ie Oxford, NC) in the hopes they might be willing to do X-plan if they had a smaller volume, no luck.
    The other 2 run-arounds were the dealerships in Fayetteville and Hendersonville (western NC). Hendersonville actually backed out when the learned I wasn't local.
    Best of luck!
  • bjcarterbjcarter Posts: 28
    Two thoughts:

    1. Get financing elsewhere. Any sort of early penalty for closing early is absurd and may speak to a poor finance rate too...

    2. Dealer requiring a non-refundable 10% deposit is outrageous... Many things can go wrong that make loosing that deposit within the realm of possibility.
  • fmorrisofmorriso Posts: 52
    I have been told that dealers in Washington, DC are being forced by Ford HQ to accept a "bundling" of two Ford Exhbitions in order to get an allocation for one Ford Escape Hybrid.

    Has anyone else heard of such a thing?

    Furthermore, I was tod that, since an Exhibition is basically a "boat anchor" that isn't going to sell, dealers have to factor in the $4000 carrying cost of one of these "boat anchors" and make that up on the "hot sellers", resulting in the $3000-$5000 "premium" you see on the sticker of a Ford Escape Hybrid.

    Sounds like I better find another dealer outside the DC area and see if they have the "escaped" (lower-case) this "bundling" issue and can sell me a FEHL without the "premium" tacked on.
  • ursacatursacat Posts: 32

    Just got an email from the dealer. Looks like they did forget to include the step bars on the order. They are going to try and revise. Regardless, if they can't they will install at the dealer (might be a bit more.) The good news is that we are locked in and have a delivery date of 7/10/08.

  • alfredckalfredck Posts: 9
    I have to agree with bjcarter. Financing is almost always better elsewhere - credit unions are best bet. The deposit they required is also outrageous. I made an order earlier this week and they didn't even require a deposit. I've spoken with 2 other dealerships before and they're quoted me a $1000 deposit or $500 deposit respectively. There is such a shortage on these hybrids, frankly I don't understand the rationale of a deposit at all.
  • I just wanted to post my order info for anyone in the Maryland area. I went to a dealer in Columbia, MD and was quoted an x-plan price of $27,269 for a FWD standard Hybrid with no options. Included in this was a $11 gas, $360 FDAF and a $695 destination charge. I had to give a $500 deposit. Very easy experience, no runaround. I was told the expected delivery will be sometime between September and December. I have read mixed things on whether the FDAF is an allowable charge under the x-plan. Anyone know for sure?
  • i purchased a 2008 fwd hybrid last august using the x-plan and at that time this was not an allowable charge.
  • I just posted my info about ordering a 2009 FEH and raised the question about the FDAF charge. Well, after looking at the fordpartner website, I came across this:

    "The New Vehicle Purchase Program price includes advertising, finance costs, transportation, fuel charges and Ford Motor Company administrative fees. The dealership may not charge extra for these items."

    So just a warning to people ordering under the X-plan, the fuel charges and FDAF are NOT allowed. One thing I am wondering though is "transportation" as mentioned above the same thing as destination and delivery? If so, then I really got taken for a ride.
  • rnargrnarg Posts: 27
    I ordered a 2008 FEH on 7/30/2007 NOTE: 4WD.

    The formula for the X Plan price at that time was "The DEALER invoice less 0.4% plus $75.00 Administration Fee". (Note the administration fee is not the dreaded processing fee that should not and is not included in an X Plan price.) This above formula however, DOES include the FDAF Assessment (Per X Plan rep I spoke to at the time of order). So-----using the above formula here is how my X Plan price of $28,809.63 was arrived at using the Dealer Invoice pricing (get yours from Edmunds) :
    Dealer Invoice Pricing 2008

    The FEH 4WD----------------------------------------------25,363.00
    Premium Pkg--------------------------------------------------1,016.00
    MoonRoof Pkg----------------------------------------------------846.00
    Audiophile Pkg----------------------------------------------------591.00
    U.S Gasoline----------------------------------------------------------9.03
    FDAF ASSESSMENT------------------------------------------360.00
    Total------------------------------------------------------------ $28,850.03

    Note: at the time of order I contacted an X Plan Rep regarding the
    the FDAF Assessment charge, and that rep stated that it was proper but to
    make certain there were no processing fees charged.

    Per Formula-----$28,850.03 X .004= 115.40
    Per Formula---- $28,850.03 less 115.40 = $28,734.63
    Per Formula-----Add $75.00 Administration Fee and you will get the total price.
    Total Price------$28,809.63 (as indicated in above paragraph)

    Note: the formula is in the X Plan on line manual.
  • Ok, thanks for clearing things up rnarg. I misunderstood how the calculations were being made. I made the same calculations with my quote and was able to see how the x-plan price was computed. So, the bottom line is I received a legit price.
  • bjcarterbjcarter Posts: 28
    I ordered an '09 in late April. The local dealer advised that a VIN had been assigned and an estimated build date of the last week in June. He estimates a July delivery. Ford appears to be moving fast...
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • I was told the dame thing - that the vehicle I ordered already had a VIN assigned and that a late July deliver was possible. I believe it when I get the phone call from the dealership somewhere between 6/23 (when the building phase of the FEHs are scheduled to start) and 7/1 regarding the vehicle's progress. I was never given the VIN number though and I never got anything in writing saying if I didn't receive my FEH by a certain date, I could take my sizable deposit elsewhere. I guess that was a rookie mistake.
  • ... And if there are delays, we can blame the life guards since they received their 2009 FEHs first.
  • I accidentally hit the "9" key when I meant to type "8" but then I found this surprising result:
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Yes, that is surprising, bet the winning bid will be close to the buy it now price listed.
  • papalimapapalima Posts: 6
    Man, I've had a bit of a struggle finding a dealer who was willing to sell a 2009 on the X-plan price. Finally got one that said they would; going to do the paperwork on Saturday.

    Hopefully. Things change and if they screw me over I can tell you I'll be one PO'd guy, driving over 60 miles to get the shaft.

    Until I know for sure either way I won't post the dealer name... ;)

    But I definitely will tell you that Bill Pierre Ford, on Lake City Way in Seattle, is a bunch of jerks. I went in there because they said they could handle a FEH on the X-plan.

    Three hours (a looong talk about the rig, a decent test drive, and then some waiting around) later they not only said that they wouldn't do the X-plan, but they pretended they were offering me a great deal on a 2008 FEH... with a second sticker that added NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS to the MSRP.

    Yep, 9 grand. On a 2008, which I was clear I didn't want, in Kiwi Green, which I was clear I didn't want, instead of the X-plan which I was clear I was looking for.

    Jerks. Don't use them if you're in the Seattle area!
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