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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • drlarsendrlarsen Posts: 21
    I have to agree with Pensive. People have asked me if the car was worth a wait (usually as a joke).

    I tell them all the same thing and that's that Ford should show their customers a little respect and tell them up front that there will be an 8 month wait. It wasn't the wait that was the problem for me -- it was continually being given excuses and never knowing when it would really arrive.
  • jimt2jimt2 Posts: 7
    I just got my 2008 FEH Yesterday. I ordered it in late November - so about 5 months. I got a i4WD loaded with Nav, leather, moon roof, satellite, etc. In Black. AWESOME looking. In NJ these are hard to get. Very hard to get. I was told EVERY one goes to New York city- as the Mayor has mandated cab's be hybrids. He told me I got THE last one for 2008 and it came off the line just about 10 days ago. The price was the window sticker which matched the web list price. Not above, not below. I leased it because I like to get a new car every 3 years. The dealer in NJ was excellent overall- Verner Cadby- I recommend them. However, they REALLY discourage hybrid's because they are a pain to get and they have a lot full of regular ones-a lot cheaper. They were VERY clear when I ordered that it would be a 6 month wait AT LEAST- and they did it in 5. I bought it on faith and reading reviews- I did not test drive one first. So it's only my first day- I commute into New York City- and often park at train and bus stations. I sit in a lot of traffic. I then drive up steep and long hills in suburban NJ. Today- I was really impressed with the pick up on the highway. Better than I expected. So Day one it gets an A. We shall see over time ....
  • timberkktimberkk Posts: 2
    I would like to buy a Escape Hybrid but am wondering if I should wait till the 2009 version comes out. There are a few 2008s available in my area(Denver) but I sort of think that I would like to get the 2009 version. I have heard that it is improved from the 2008. But I worry that I could be waiting for 6 months or more when I can get one now. DOes anyone have any information/opinion on waiting or buying one now.
  • cloftuscloftus Posts: 19
    I ordered mine June 21st and received it December 21st..six months. My advice would be to find one and buy it. I don't know anything about the 2009 version. But I imagine that the longer you wait, the lower the tax incentive becomes. I qualified for the $3,000 and that means a lot to me.
  • baysailorbaysailor Posts: 15
    In my mind, it all depends if you need the car now, or can afford to wait 6 months.

    If you scan the previous messages in this file, you'll see lots of woe from folks that were promised a truck with a 60 day delivery time, and it took them much longer to get it in. I'm not convinced the availability of the batteries, the critical element for producing these vehicles, will be any better this year. If the price of gas spikes to $4.00 a gallon, that will only drive the demand for these puppies that much higher.

    If they're available now, and they're of the type you want, I would buy it. The ones you will likely find on the dealer's lots will be fully tricked out, since they make more money that way. If you want the basic capability without frills (no leather, no Navigation system, no moonroof), you'll probably have to order it special. The 08 and 09 models will be very similar, since, there's not much in the works planned for design changes that I can see. 2008 was a major design turn for the truck.

    There will likely be at least a 4-month gap betweeen when you can order (May) and when Ford starts delivery (late September at the earliest). Unless Denver is radically different from the DC area, don't think you're going to get a great deal below MSRP, either.

    My $0.02 worth.
  • bjcarterbjcarter Posts: 28
    Actually the 2009 has some pretty significant upgrades- stability control has been added to the hybrid version (previously it was only available on the non-hybrids), the braking distance issues has (supposedly) been addressed and a more powerful engine is now available at no expense to MPG. Might be something to consider when toggling between buying an available '08 or ordering an '09. I know CR indicated that it would never recommend the FEH until these issues had been addressed. It'll be curious to see if these modifications make a difference to them...
  • timberkktimberkk Posts: 2
    So I went in today to buy a great looking black pearl Escape Hybrid in CastleRock, CO. But the price that was offered to me was $5000 more than the listed MSRP, they called it a dealer markup. I had an X plan pin number and that only took the price down to about 800 above the MSRP. I could not believe it!! I told them there is NO way that I was going to pay them an extra $5000 just because they feel that they can get it. They dropped it $1000. I still said no and I ended up walking out of the dealership with no vehicle. It is all about supply and demand and there is probably someone out there who will pay the extra $5000 but not me. Has anyone else experienced this same thing? :mad:

    I guess I will wait for the 2009.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    Well, after much consideration, I traded in my Freestyle on an AWD FEH today. I got mine from Galpin Ford in North Hills CA. The experience was very good, and I paid less than MSRP (I'm a repeat customer).

    They had about 20 FEH, 10 Mercury Mariner, and a half dozen of the Mazda Tribute Hybrids on the lot, ready for sale. The salesman said they sell 7 or 8 a week or so.

    I wanted the FWD, but I also wanted the Premium package - I like the backup sensors and the leather. I didn't want the moonroof or navigation. They had only one on the lot to my exact desires - the one I now own, a Kiwi Green color. The extra options that came with it were the chrome additions and the side step bumper.

    They had a Mercury hybrid I liked, but it was $1700 more, and they were not dealing, so I accepted the AWD. The Mercury rode better, had slightly better seats, had keyless entry on the driver side, audio controls on the stearing wheel, generally better looking interior, and was FWD, but it also had the moonroof and Nav - and no reverse sensors.

    I made the switch because we didn't really need the size of the FS, and it only gets 18 or so MPG in town. I realize that there is no way I'll ever make up the difference in price via MPG savings, but I am pleased. To tell the truth, I just plain wanted to own the FEH.

    Time will tell on the mileage; I reset the MPG meter when I left the dealer and it is showing 30.5 right now. Having driven a Freestyle for a couple of years has provided me experience with milking a CVT for mileage, and the instant MPG meter provides very good clues as to how to maximize efficiency.
  • fmorrisofmorriso Posts: 52
    I just returned from my local Ford dealer, who confirmed that these dates are correct as far as he's been told:

    2009 Initial Order Acceptance: 04/17/08
    2009 Production Scheduling Begins: 05/15/08
    2009 Production Start Up: 06/23/08

    He gave me a lot of official paperwork (11 pages) on what options/packages are available for the 2009 Escape (all models). He also printed some screen prints of two "what-if" orders for the FEH and the FEHL (Hybrid Limited, new for 2009).

    For the FEH, there are two models: Hybrid and Hybrid Limited. Space (and my hands would get tired typing it all in) doesn't permit me to describe all the changes, but I can provide some details regarding color for the FWD(U49) or 4WD(U59), regardless of whether you choose the Hybrid(700A) or Hybrid Limited(750A):

    LS - Light Ice Blue
    NZ - Kiwi Green
    T9 - Black Pearl
    UA - Black Clearcoat
    UI - Brilliant Silver
    WS - White Suede

    No more Tungsten Grey (my choice if I were buying a 2008), for those that care. There are other new colors, but they aren't available for the FEH or FEHL (Limited).

    If you want the same 11 pages I was given, ask for the document with the bold "Major Product Changes" in the second line underneath "2009 Ford Escape and Escape Hybrid", dates April 17, 2008.

    For what it's worth, I'll probably end up ordering the following:
    U59 - 4WD
    750A - Hybrid Limited
    WS - White Suede exterior
    5S - Stone leather interior
    60N or 688 - Navigation system. (688 is a "quick turn-around" code, so I'll have to ask the dealer what the difference is).
    187 - side step bars (the wife is short, so I know she'll appreciate them for getting into and out of the vehicle).

    According to my dealer, orders are "collected" every Thursday evening, so I don't need to rush into this today, which is fine by me.

    Even if the other two dates hold true, I figure I'll be lucky to see the vehicle by October or November, but I knew that going in based upon reports by others in this forum who bought 2008 FEH's.
  • bjcarterbjcarter Posts: 28
    Great info. Thanks. I'll be curious to see what a hybrid limited is...
  • stevedc34stevedc34 Posts: 25
    Can anyone share some prices paid for an 08 Escape Hybrid. I am waiting on some quotes and will post as soon as a get.
  • fmorrisofmorriso Posts: 52
    Clarification on Body Code/Order Code combinations for the 2009 FEH and FEHL based upon a second reading of the material my dealer gave me:

    FEH with FWD: U49/300A

    FEHL with FWD: U49/350A

    FEH with 4WD: U59/700A

    FEHL with 4WD: U59/750A
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Can anyone share some prices paid for an 08 Escape Hybrid. I am waiting on some quotes and will post as soon as a get."

    Mine was right at 30K, including the Premium package, AWD, and (as I recall) order package 300A. It also has the door steps and the chrome package. MSRP was 31,100. That is including all delivery charges & etc, but not including DMV, taxes, and documentation ($45).

    The dealer showed me a paper listing his invoice price of around 29300. The paper also had the "A" plan and "X" plan pricing, so I believe it was accurate.

    Since I was trading in a lease I felt the price was fair. The finance person told me that every one (including herself) who saw the deal went back to the sales manager to make sure he had approved the price. I am a repeat customer of the dealership.

    I financed through my credit union, but the Ford dealer arranged the whole thing.
  • ericmuiericmui Posts: 5
    Went to Frontier Ford in San Jose, CA yesterday 04-19 and did a test drive on the Escape Hybrid. The salesman says all Escape Hybrids are on sale with $4,000 under MSRP. I almost bought one but did not because I want to wait for the 2009's improvements, such as stabilty control, suspension tuning, better engine, etc. If anyone want a 2008 with a big discount and live near California, might want to check out Frontier Ford. I notice there are about five of them in the lot (might be more)and most of them are fully optioned with Premium Package, Navigation Package, sunroof, etc, with sticker price of around $31,800 and change. Good luck shopping.
  • fmorrisofmorriso Posts: 52
    2009 Ford Escape Hybrid Limited, 4WD (U59/750A), fully loaded, ordered April 21, 2008: $35820 + $390 processing fee + $1086 tax + various filing fees + license = $37400. No trade-in figured into above.

    I'll be lucky to see this vehicle by late Fall since production scheduling begins 05/15/08 and production start up isn't until 6/23/08. That assumes everything goes smoothly at Ford's plant in KC and battery availability (the item that seems to have biggest impact on delivery date) hasn't gotten worse since people started talking about it on this forum a while back.
  • drlarsendrlarsen Posts: 21
    Good luck! :) Keep us posted as things progress. I'm curious to see how they handle the 2009 production.
  • bjcarterbjcarter Posts: 28
    I was quoted a 2009 base model (2WD Hybrid 300A/UA40), with no options other than the step bars at $29,345 MSRP, and $27594.84 at invoice. Costco is +$500. 4 governmental ad-ons: a doc fee of $55, tire fee of $8.75, DMV...@$350, and sales tax at your home county rate. I'll likely sign up in the next couple of days...

    MSRP seems to have gone up a fair bit since last year... I'm not looking for anything special but the bare bones model. Still, much that was optional last year looks to be standard this year.
  • dcwestbydcwestby Posts: 29
    Used Hybrid.. I found a used FEH 08 at the dealer here with 28k+ miles on it. Its one with the awd and such... should I go for it or wait for the 09s?

    The dealer price btw is also 28+k$
  • gil369gil369 Posts: 4
    I've been looking for a used hybrid, but decided to stick w/my old Jetta for now. But, I keep fantasizing and searching every once in a while. So, I was looking at Craigslist in Sacramento and saw a used one for a super good price and thought I'd pass on the info to someone who is looking more seriously than I am (yes, I'm resisting temptation!!). I don't think I'm allowed to post a link, but you can probably just search for it on CL. Here's the description: "Must sell due to divorce. Leather seats, sun roof, front and side air bags, 6CD changer, FWD, Continuously Variable transmission. Great Car with lots of room. 34K hwy miles."

    Hope it's legit and works for someone in CA!! Crossing my fingers that my Jetta doesn't break down and I end up needing this steal ;)
  • bjcarterbjcarter Posts: 28
    Looks like the '09s will really be out only in '09:

    I ordered mine last week. Likely won't see anything until January...
  • emeekeremeeker Posts: 3
    Want to order a 2009 FWD Hybrid Escape Limited using x-plan (pin number in hand) as soon as possible. The few dealers that I checked with did not want to take a x-plan order. I live in South Jersey will travel about 100 miles to make a deal. Any input would be appreciated. If you would like to email me please send to : EMEEKER371@AOL.COM

    Thanks Again
  • aprilcaprilc Posts: 4
    Can anybody share what the differences are between the base FEH and the limited model? Also if you have dealer cost, invoice or msrp prices. thanks! I am waiting in the 2009 !
  • beckyncatsbeckyncats Posts: 1
    I was too late for the 2008 models so I waited for the 2009's. My dealer called and I went in today (5-2-08). The 2009 offers 2 versions of the hybrid; the XLT and the Limited. I ordered the limited and it has all the upgrades from the 2008 that I wanted as standard. The 2009's also are equipped with Sync as a standard feature on both versions. They have discontinued some color options and have added a brilliant silver metallic (I got this one) and a white suede. All I had to add was side steps. My dealer said that it was possible that I would receive my car late July or August. He would know more after the order is sent in as to production time etc. Base price on the 2009 limited is 30,635. Hope this helps you decide. I will update as I know the time frame for my vehicle.
  • bjcarterbjcarter Posts: 28
    I wouldn't expect your '09 until late this year or early next year. Scheduling isn't due to be set until at the earliest September and production is due to begin until mid October. It's going to be awhile. I set a link a couple of postings before yours... sorry for the bad news.
  • fmorrisofmorriso Posts: 52
    I second what bjcarter says about scheduling (mid-September) and production startup (October) of 2009 Ford Escape Hybrids.

    The previously announced May 15th date for scheduling of FEH's is for the gasoline models. The same is true for the June 23rd production start up date.

    I ordered my 2009 FEH Limited (U59/750A) on April 20, 2009, just three days into the new order acceptance period and I don't expect to see mine until December at the earliest with January 2009 being more realistic.

    Please go back and ask your dealer if the delivery date you were quoted is realistic or was just something they told you to get your business.
  • neuroboy002neuroboy002 Posts: 24
    Hi Everyone,

    I, like many of you, are looking at the 2009 FEH. It will be my first car I purchase on my own. it will quite an investment but I am looking forward to it. I have been to one dealer so far in Orange County. Many of you are curious about pricing so I thought II would help out by posting my invoice (or estimate - the portion says "this is not an invoice." One thing I didn't realize was that leather interior is no longer an option on the FEH - if you want leather, you have to upgrade to the limited. Below is the invoice for the normal FWD FEH:

    4 DR FWD Hybrid: $28305
    Step bar/Rocker: $345
    Power Moonroof: $795
    Roof Rack w/bar: $45
    Destination and Delivery Charge: $30,185

    I'd like to know what you think. It's hard to negotiate for a car that didn't even on the lots yet and needs to be custom built. I will hopefully be getting an estimate for the FEH Limited later on. I was hoping to stay below $30K but it doesn't look like it. My head and wallet hurt just thinking about it. My throat is going dry.
  • ursacatursacat Posts: 32
    Hi all,

    We have a 2005 FE (regular fuel) Limited. When we purchased in late 2004 we drove the FEH - decided not to purchase because, well, the performance. Just test drove a 2008 over the weekend. Just fine. Since there is no rush we'll order the 2009 and wait. Questions:

    -Anyone have the 2009 order guide? (the two dealers - first one Costco - Petaluma Ford, second one Marin Ford said this would be the first one ordered.)

    -We'd like FWD, whatever package comes with Leather and those damn back-up sensors that have saved my [non-permissible content removed] a couple of times!

    -NO Nav. My Blackberry does a great job!

    -Whatever stereo comes with an iPod connector (either a true control UI or an output jack) and Bluetooth for the phone. If it doesn't have either one I'd rather install an aftermarket unit w/ CD player, iPod connector and BT.

    -Step bars (we have a 5 year old.) Doesn't look like I can take them off a 2005 and install on the 2009. No bolt holes and there is sheet metal in the way (on the 2008's.)

    -We have Costco and the x-plan option and I'm awaiting quotes and lead times. \\Am I missing something? Since we are leading the pack here we should compare notes.

    -BTW. Why doies Consumer reports give the FE such a low rating????


  • namxleenanamxleena Posts: 9
    As posted by ericmui, frontier ford is discounting their top of the line 2008 FEH by $4000 and the lesser trims by $1500. Was wondering if I should jump on one of these vs. waiting for the 2009s? Also, is the tax credit still available?
  • drlarsendrlarsen Posts: 21
    If any Canadians are on the fence regarding whether or not you should buy a 2008 model now or wait for the 2009, it's worth noting that the federal gov't has discontinued the ecoAUO $2000 rebate program after this year.

    From what I understand, any 2008 models which are approved before the end of this year will be given rebate cheques, however 2009 models do not qualify!

    Just thought I'd put that on the table. I'm not sure if anything similar is happening in the US.

    PS - I just received my rebate today! :) It takes about a month to process and mail out a cheque. For some reason they can send you a letter letting you know they've accepted your application right away, but it takes awhile longer to actually pry the money out of their hands ;).
  • rilianrilian Posts: 1
    Placed an order today in sunny (finally but only half of the day) Southern MN for 2009 AWD FEH base model, no options. Base includes SYNC and Satellite Radio and cloth seats (too cold for leather - only heat the front seats). $28,854 w/ destination charges using X-Plan. Delivery date window of Nov '08-Jan '09.
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