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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I placed my order for a FEH last week. I was told my an associate in their Internet Sales Dept. that Ford had ran out of a battery component. This resulted in them ending production prematurely this year. He went on to say that they were not scheduled to resume production on 2008 FEH's until January '09. Car salesmen being car salesmen, I am not sure how accurate that is, but it sounds plausible. He checked the number of FEH's in FL, GA and AL to see if he could find one with the features I wanted....there was less than 70 FEH's total in all three states and only 17 in the state of FL. Good Luck.
  • They are going to build 2008 models in 2009? Thats insane.

    I heard at a dealer just today,that most of the hybrids go to the East and West coasts.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    I think that is a typo; they are resuming 2008 production this January (2008).
  • Well, that would make a lot more sense.I just dont understand why they dont make hybrids their primary models.
  • I certainly hope they are producing them now. I finally was told there is a VIN number for my vehicle about two weeks ago. I ordered my FEH June 21st and thanks to the advice of this website, after my patience ran out I emailed one of the suggested Ford kingpens. Within a week, I had a VIN and I don't think it was coincidence. I hope the wait is worth it and is it crazy to think that I'll get it this year?
  • rnargrnarg Posts: 27
    Now that you have a VIN, and have waited an extended period of time, ask your dealer (politely) to contact their Ford Factory Rep so he (the Fac Rep) might check on the status and assist in expediting delivery because of the delay you have experienced.
  • I've been in the market for an FEH for a while. While searching different locales for FEHs on, I've noticed a definite increase in availability lately, despite seemingly brisk sales. Looks good for a future purchase...

    While searching, I ran across this little gem: check out zip 90210 (link below) on (make sure you look at ALL the dealers)... Branding=1&sModel=2008Escape_Hybrid&makeTransition=ToFilter&sZip=90210&sReferrin- gSite=1
  • Thanks for the advice. I spoke to my salesman today and he said it should be built December 5th, and shipped out December 10th-12th. All I want for Christmas is my FEH.
  • I can't believe how difficult it is just to buy a car? Even with an open checkbook, it is like slogging through quicksand. I had one salesman that decided I just wasn't interested enough to pursue a DX because I told him I got better numbers somewhere else. Another salesman only addressed my husband even though it was made clear that the car would be mine. I was beginning to think that I could go to school and build my own vehicle before I would ever be able to get my hands on one from FORD.
    I have found a terrific dealer who is doing everything possible to get me an 08. How wonderful life would be if FORD did the same. I am on the brink of ordering, but the 4 to 5 month horror stories are turning me off. Any words of encouragement? By the time the 08 may get here, I might just as well wait for the 09's. I hate being on the hook for that long. I sit and wait and what consequences does FORD en-cure for the delay?
    The whole process is making my head hurt!
  • I ordered my '08 4WD FEH on June 30th and I am still waiting for my New Jersey delivery. I received a VIN # on Nov. 16th, was told it would go into production on Dec. 3rd & to expect delivery the week of Dec. 10th or Dec. 17.

    My salesman is a fleet sales mgr. (connected through a friend who buys 6+ commercial vans per year) & although I rec'd. an X-Plan price I never thought that I would have to wait this long.

    After pressure from myself & my friend, my salesman told me that he had the dealership owner intervene with a Ford rep. to specify what few FEH's of the next order batch they wanted first. This is the only reason that I expect delivery before year end.

    By the way, this dealership is high volume supplying all of the NYC taxi as well as NJ Public Service Elec/Gas fleets so it shouldn't be hard to bump up a personal vehicle in place of a corporate one.

    My advice is to complain & pressure your dealer as much as possible. This is definitely a case of the squeaky wheel getting the oil.
  • I'm Interested in extended test to Tahoe this winter. Does anyone know of a local agency which rents 4WD FEHs? The usual rent-a-car websites are too generic and none list hybrid Escapes. Also, if you have personal experience hauling a load of people up the mountains in an FEH, I'd like to hear about how well it does.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    Because they are in high demand, I doubt rental companies will have the FEH. You could rent a V6 Escape and get a idea of about 90% of the characteristics of the FEH. :D
  • xertesxertes Posts: 11
    I believe Hertz offers Escape Hybrids for rent, and I believe at least one of the other national car rental companies offers them as well now. Other than that, you could talk to a local dealership and see if they would rent you one off their lot. As far as hauling a load of people up a mountain, this Thanksgiving I drove my 2006 4WD Hybrid Escape up to Boone, NC with four people and luggage, and got somewhere around 27-29 MPG - or about 330 miles using between 12 and 12.5 gallons of gas. :) Good luck!
  • OMG, all bad stories, I ordered mine on Nov. 6th, 2007. Still waiting for it. Dealer said it would be Mid January, but seems like impossible...
  • I used the website to search dealerships and inventory in the San Francisco Bay Area. There is a lot of inventory locally. I then requested quotes from dealers on specific VINs. Quite a few dealerships responded by email or phone. One suggested "only a few hundred below MSRP". Several offered cars at or below invoice (i.e., about 6% below MSRP). Two more bits of advice: when searching inventories, you will see that there are differences in base MSRP of more than $1000 (i.e., $27015; $28015, $28080 before options) for the same '08 4WD. I deduce there have been at least two price hikes in the last few months. There are still a few cheaper/"older" (September 07 build date) cars on the lot and I put dibs on one, saving $1k. Second tip: rumor suggests Ford may offer additional incentives during the week after XMas. I don't know if dealerships are willing to ship, but I was quoted less than $1000 to transport a car from CA to IL last month.
  • I have tried all Ford dealerships in the greater DFW area and no one has a Hybrid Escape on their lot. I refuse to order one without a test drive, so it looks like I will end up buying something else. Texas has a state program to pay people up to $3500 for an old vehicle when a hybrid is purchased. It seems stupid of Ford to not have their Escape Hybrid on lots in Texas.
  • I just picked up my '08 4wd FEH two days ago in NJ and my sales rep said that Ford was now raising the price by $1200 due to a cost increase by their supplier of the hybrid battery. The price from my June order was honored but he said any future sales would incur the higher price. I bet this explains price differential in production runs.
  • It made my head hurt, too. But the process of buying a car is made a little easier by ordering. I ordered mine June 21st and just picked it up Friday, December 21st. Exactly six months after ordering it. Lost the incentives that were available when I ordered it, but still saved $1100 as the base price went up while I was waiting.

    I am very happy now, and love my new FEH!

    Merry Christmas all--There is a Santa Claus!
  • i got my fwd in july and now have 4644 miles on it and love it. my mileage for this period is 37 mph and the lowest i have gotten was 32.7. i drive mostly in the country and i am a conservatve driver usually at posted speed limit.
  • I ordered my 2008 Hybrid the middle of October from a dealer in the Tampa Bay Florida area. Got a "Build Date" the first week in December of 12/10/07. Was told this may be a Christmas gift. Called today and it is statused "Waiting Materials". This notation was before December 22 and since they are closed until Wednesday (Jan. 2nd.) I can forget about a nice Christmas gift. The "materials" it is waiting for is the Lithium Ion batteries. So some of the rumors are correct - I'd say that the batteries are not keeping up with the demand.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    Ford uses a nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) battery pack fabricated by Sanyo. They have always been rumored as the component that holds up production. Sorry you have to wait...but it should be worth it. :D
  • I monitor several webpages on behalf of Ford and I hope you don't mind if I post a response here. Ford's capacity to build Escape and Mariner hybrids is constrained by our battery supplier. There are currently no domestic (U.S.) sources for high voltage batteries although that will change as other companies push forward into the market for high voltage batteries.

    The demand for hybrids in general in the last half of 2007 has put a lot of pressure on several battery suppliers in Japan. Improving the supply capacity is a long term process which involves a lot of capital investment. Battery manufacturers are understandably cautious about these kinds of expenditures. However, we're working to resolve the issue of hybrid batteries' availability long before the introduction of the Fusion Hybrid later this year.

    In response to several large cities demanding that taxi fleets be replaced with more fuel efficient vehicles, we produced a lot of Hybrids which made it into taxi fleets around the country. Although the east and west coasts had received a slightly larger proportion of FEH production, new vehicle orders are being processed in the order placed.

    With that said, we are producing 2008 Escape Hybrids as fast as possible. The situation is not ideal for Ford or the consumer but we truly appreciate our customers' patience and loyalty. If you have a vehicle on order, please contact your dealership regarding the status of your order. If you're interested in more information please visit or your local dealership.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    fomocona - thanks for the post, we don't often get facts posted to these threads so feel free to add them whenever possible :)
  • With apologies to the FEH community, as readership of the MMH Forum is close to zero:
    For Fomocona,

    Having owned a new 2008 MMH for a week and a half now, please pass along to all at Ford that the vehicle does everything it is supposed to and was delivered with zero discrepancies. Fuel efficiency here in South Florida meets or exceeds the published values.

    Only comment that I can offer at this early stage of ownership is that the tech writer who authored the navigation system booklet ought to look at what others are doing in that area. GPS based nav systems have a lot of features and capability, and need appropriate descriptive information and graphics to enable the user.

    John Dixson
  • mettepmettep Posts: 1
    I have recently become intrigued by the FEH, but would like to test drive one before making a commitment. How do I go about finding one in the Seattle area? Does any car rental agency carry them?
  • I'm going to order a FEH (4WD, loaded with most everything except the chrome) and was wondering how long I should plan on waiting for it. I'm in no rush, but do want to avoid hitting the model change-over interval, if at all possible. This will be my first-ever Ford (last 5 cars were custom-ordered Saturns), so feel free to offer your US$0.02 worth.
  • It's called market capitalism. Incentives are only needed to drive sales that would not otherwise materlialize. Hybrids don't need any incentives. In fact, some dealers near me are adding a $3000 'market premium' to the sticker because they are confident that somebody will pay more than sticker to get one.
  • I placed my order for a FEH 08 back in July and was given a 12 week wait estimate.

    Finally in December after getting tired of pestering my local dealership, I followed the advice of a poster in this form and emailed Mark Fields and Allan Mullaly at Ford with the hope of speeding things up.

    At first things looked promising. The sales manager at the dealership had been contacted by the regional rep, who in turn had been contacted by the executive office. I was told my order was being expedited.

    It's now the middle of January and I just finished speaking with my dealership. They tell me they hope to get a build date this month which would mean delivery by March.

    Are you kidding? How was that expedited? If I had placed my order in December I could understand it, but I had placed it in July.

    I read posts here from people waiting 4-6 months. Am I going to be the first to wait 8 months? Did anyone else have to wait that long?
  • What options/extras did you order? I ask because I'm wondering if one or more of them might be in short supply, causing the subsequent delay in getting a build date.
  • Almost none. We ordered the FWD model (for greater fuel efficiency) and the 110V outlet. That's it! No GPS, no computer, no frills.

    The order was placed in Canada which does include some options in the base package not included in the USA.

    Of course I'd love to just buy one off the lot in the US (I'd save time and money), but Ford doesn't allow that...
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