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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • A Ford dealership in Columbia, MD is telling me that there is such a demand for the FEH, that the last two have sold at 2500-5000 above sticker price. The salesman is telling me that they had to "BUY" the two they have on the lot from a dealership in California, plus pay transportation to get here. Has anyone heard of the FEH selling above sticker price? After the negotiating began, he was willing to come "down" to sticker price, but I walked away. I know they have to make a buck or 2, but I am very much against buying at sticker and I'm definitely not buying above sticker.
  • rnargrnarg Posts: 27
    In July 2007 the only 2008 I could find in the Northern VA area was at Koons Ford in Falls Church, VA, and they were asking a $3000 "market adjustment" I believe they called it.

    About a week after my visit they contacted me with an offer to purchase at msrp sticker price.

    If there are none around, the dealer is usually aware of it and they will take advantage of the situation with the dreaded "market adjustment". However, I found that if you are willing and able to wait you can still negotiate a reasonable price below MSRP on a special order of the exact vehicle with the options you desire.

    Since there is currently a $1000 rebate available in most areas on the 2008 Escape NON HYBRIDS , you might consider purchasing a 4 cyl rather than the hybrid if you are only interested in MPG savings. Considering the $1000 rebate and the better price you can negotiate on the 4cyl and the fact that you can probably find a 4cyl gas powered presently on the dealers lot, it will take you quite some time to recover the $1000 rebate and the difference you must pay purchasing the hybrid vs one conventially powered.

    Ford has this figured out, so in order to push the non hybrid Escapes they began offering the $1,000 cash incentive effective 10/02/07. (Don't forget the $2200 tax credit that you will be giving up and the possibility of giving up some HOV benefits if you go with the conventional gasoline powered model.

    Also, there appears to be many Hybrids from different Manufacturers that will be entering the market soon. When that happens it will be interesting to watch what happens to Fords selective Escape rebate program and the Ford dealers "market adjustments"
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161 got X-plan pricing and you still cannot calculate a payoff from owning the FEH? Do you think gas prices are going to go down over the next 5 to 8 years?....or however long you plan to own the vehicle. Sorry you were "late to the party" on the FEH.

    I visited Koons Ford in FallsChurch to place an order for one of the first FEHs in the summer of 2004. At that time they wanted an $8000 premium on top of the sticker price.....the salesman was down to $4000 by the time I was walking out the door.

    [This year I realized the first big Personal Property tax savings break - $0 tax on the first $20k assessed value - I own an '06 I bought in VA in '06] The savings are not always a much as advertised but they continue to come from unexpected places. (And oil is at almost $100/ barrel)
  • Where is Fairside Ford??? I've lived in Ann Arbor for 40+ years and never heard of them.
  • EZ to say after I took delivery. I ordered 7/23/07 with the understanding it would be 6 to 8 weeks. I emailed Ford at least 11 times, wanting my VIN, so I could track the progress. The customer relations has no way of talking to Ford and never offered any answers or help. I never even knew if the factory had my order. After about 8 weeks , my great salesman, Mike at Victor Ford in Wauconda, Illinois said the FEH would start being built about Oct. 1st. Of course, I lost my $500 rebate too.

    Once they began building, Lucky (Mike) told me their finish date was about Oct. 19th. On the 16th, he called and it was in. I also tried to get the Illinois financing for a $1000 rebate. There are no banks near me, so I had to apply an hour away in Rockford. The bank turned me down, not knowing my situation, and I lost that rebate too. Ford approved us in 2 minutes and I took the 4.9% for 3 years.

    I think if everyone figures 2 to 4 months for delivery and expect no rebates- you will then be happy- and anything better than that would be a small bonus. Gr8 car-still on first tank of gas. Good luck. :surprise:
  • I just got quotes of between 23.1 and 23.9K for a bare bones Tribute Hybrid in the Bay Area. I believe that they are only being sold in CA. Has anyone compared them to the Escape Hybrid? Any major differences?
  • I am 2 up- I also have a Mazda 3 and we love it. It shows on Mazda's web site that the tribute is a triplet of escape and mariner, so it should be just as nice. Their web site says starting at 28,000- grab that deal.
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    What is a Tribute,and who makes it?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,625
    The Mazda Tribute is a twin to the Ford Escape... Essentially the same vehicle..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I just purchased a 2008 FWD with leather comfort package and the 110 volt PowerPoint for an X Plan price of $25,500 before tax and licensing. I've also downloaded the Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit form 8910 for a $3,000 tax credit.
  • rnargrnarg Posts: 27
    I believe the Fed Form 8910 that is currently available is for year 2006. I don't think that 8910 for purchases made in 2007 is available yet. I could be wrong however.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    Be carefull, don't spend that credit until you actually finish calculating your 2007 taxes. If you max out on allowable credits (and bump up against what would be your AMT) cannot take any more credits. I only got about 3/4's of my $1950 on my 2006 that I purchased in 2006.
  • I'm guessing with TTL we looking at closer to 26k plus a 3-6%APR. Has maintenance on your M3 been decent? I noticed ford has a pretty pricey maintenance log/price list.
  • I posted the following message yesterday at the Mariner Hybrid forum ( and I did send an email on the subject to Ford President Mulally ):

    Having decided to give up my Wrangler in favor of a Mercury Mariner Hybrid, I armed myself with a X-Plan PIN number and arrived at my local Stuart, Florida Mercury Dealer. Surprise: they don't sell or maintain Mariner Hybrids.

    Went across the street to the Ford Dealer. There were zero Escape Hybrids there, but the sales rep said that I could order one and wait two months for delivery. The sales manager said that 1% of Escape production is the hybrid model.

    And one wonders why Ford stock is in the tank?
  • hey bjc- my mazda 3 has been just oil changes in 2 years- regular maintenance has been the usual. Not one problem- knock on wood. After my '94 Olds Bravada that was towed more times than I care to remember- Mazda and Ford have been awesome to me. We also own an '05 Hyundai Tucson- another awesome vehicle. We like the small suv over the large.

    When I got my FEH, the salesman went over maintenance and said oil changes are every 10,000 miles- I just looked it up and it says 12 month , 10,000 mile max between oil changes. I hope there aren't any major expenses, maybe the '06 and '07 FEH owners can share their expenses with us on here.
  • cloftuscloftus Posts: 19
    I totally agree with you. I ordered mine June 26th and I still don't have a vin number!
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    I really wonder why Ford is running commercials for these hybrids.You cant find one.You would think that they would notice which direction the sales wind is blowing. :confuse:
  • devomidevomi Posts: 10
    I have an '07 Escape FWD hybrid, which I puchased in August 2006. I have 17,000 miles on it. The only maintenance to date is an oil change at 10,000 miles ($19) , a tire rotation (free), and new wiper blades ($20). Currently I am getting between 34-36 mpg depending on the type of driving I did on that tank.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    I counted 12 Escape Hybrids on the lot for sale(in various colors and options) at my local dealer a couple of weeks ago....when I was there to have the HVBattery connector on my 2006 changed out under the service campaign (recall). :D
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    Where in the heck do you live?In Il they are like the proverbial hens teeth.I have not seen a single one on any Ford dealer lot.I have looked on line at dealer inventories and finally I gave up.BTW I also looked at a large Ford dealership in Sandusky Ohio.Not a single hybrid.
    I have read that in 2008 Ford will make another hybrid in a sedan config....I wonder if it will be possible to actually buy one.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    You might try the Ford on-line inventory search (zip code 22192) Look for Cowles Ford in Woodbridge, VA. In the three years that the FEH has been out....I bet Cowles has sold 150 or more.......and they have no motivation to trade the ones they have.

    My 2006 FEH actually came in trade from a rural Pennsylvannia dealer who couldn't sell it for several months. Cowles told me they scooped up several from the initial '05 and '06 allotments to all the rural dealers who never really served the Hybrid market.
  • May I update this posting with some very encouraging news.

    Frustrated at not finding the local Stuart Florida Mercury Dealership in the hybrid business, I sent a note to Ford President Alan Mulally. He not only replied but issued some instructions that resulted in my being able to test drive a Mariner Hybrid this morning. Glad I pursued this, because the car was better than expectations and a tribute to the Ford design and engineering team. I will be a Mariner Hybrid owner as soon as delivery is possible.

    John Dixson
  • John,

    What dealership are you ordering from ? & What is the wait time for delivery ?

    I'm in Palm Beach Gardens the Ford & Mercury dealerships are telling me 8-12 weeks !
  • Dealer is Maroone, Mike, and the delivery situation is as you have quoted.

    I'd pass along one technical note that I discovered yesterday, and which the dealers do not all seem to be aware of, which is that the Nav System in the 2008 vehicles is the new Ford Motor Co touchscreen system ( that is in the new Lincoln's as well ) and is certainly resolves the complaints regarding the original system. You can find the Operators Guide for it by rooting around the website.

  • On 10/29 I bought an Escape Hybrid from North County Ford in Vista, CA. I contacted their Costco auto buying program contact because I saw on that they had the exact model I wanted in stock. The local Costco price is $500 over invoice. I called and found out that the one I had my eye on had just been sold. However, the saleman stated that if I was willing to go with something he had in stock, he would sell to me for invoice. I agreed and picked up a 2008 Escape Hybrid (Oxford White) with the following features: 1) Premium Hybrid Package 2) 6 Disc CD/MP3 player 3) Integrated side step bars. The sale price was $26,363.68. The factory invoice was dated 9/25/07. Great buying experience as the salesman was very friendly. It was a stark contrast to just a couple of months ago when I walked into Kearny Mesa Ford in San Diego and saw that they had only one Hybrid in stock and they had added a "market adjustment" right next to the sticker that added several thousand to the asking price.
  • I ordered my 2008 Escape Hybrid from Hawthorne Ford in Belmont, North Carolina in early June. Delivery was scheduled for mid-August, but it had not arrived by mid-October. They could not give me a VIN number, or any information at all about when it would be scheduled to be manufactured. In fact, they could not even say if I would ever get the car. I demanded and received a refund of my $1,000 non-refundable deposit and cancelled the order.

    With such high demand why doesn't Ford increase their manufacturing schedule?
  • rnargrnarg Posts: 27
    Because "Ford has a better idea"------They are waiting until there is a flood of hybrids placed on the market by other manufacturers, (which will be pretty soon), then there won't be such a demand for the hybrid Escape, and they won't need to increase production.

    For Ford it's too much bother and makes too much sense to increase production when demand is high. They will float along like they have for the past year and sell off assets. It's easier that way. And besides, their mgt employees are tired from negotiating contracts with the Unions. They don't have time to bother with things that could make them profitable, especially no brainer ideas like producing more of a product whose current demand far exceeds its supply.

    I'm sure you've heard of the farmers saying of "making hay while the sun is shinnin". Well, Fords idea is to take a snooze while the sun is shinnin. Like I said, it's easier that way.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I hear that some cities like New York are going to start using Escpae Hybrids as Taxis instead of gas guzzling gas-only models. It may be that Ford is working on satisfying that demand, which would be substantial, and not able to meet individual demands of single vehicle customers. Only a thought since I don't have any specific information, but surely if it was true they would let dealers know.
  • No one has added anything to this thread in a couple of weeks, but I'll add my experience anyway. Rich Ford in Albuquerque had 6 FEH's as of last Friday when I purchased mine (Z plan). I searched online inventory in NM and CO, and only a few dealers had any at all (of those, most have one or two).
  • Thats crazy...I dont think there is a single one in Illinois.
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