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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • kryates,
    I would... If you had the correct information. Something's wrong there--your invoice price is too high. Even if you're including the destination fee (which isn't part of the "invoice" price... It's just a fee added on--the "MSRP" however, includes the destination fee).
  • cloftuscloftus Posts: 19
    Where are you all finding the 2008 Hybrids-- Are they all in California? I think I'm going to have to order one.
    But if I do find one, I'm going to fight to make them take the FDAF assessment off my invoice---How can they charge an advertising fee for a car that they don't have on their lots? They keep telling me they are selling like mad---but then I ask them if they have any on order & they say NO! Someone's lying!
  • raptor3raptor3 Posts: 3
    I have a dealer who is promising $100 over invoice, (Fleet sales), When he shows me the invoice, there are three prices on it. He says the offer is on the higher price. What gives? Anyone know what the three prices stand for? Also, what is the holdback and what is included in the higher invoice price.

  • dhuang2dhuang2 Posts: 15
    I purchased a 2008 Escape Hybrid FWD with moonroof/satellite Radio pkg for $24,870 at South Bay Ford (LA region). The MSRP is $26,735 and I have the X-plan plus $545 rebate. Ford also needs to pay dealer a couple of hundreds to make up the difference. To get X-plan price you need a referral from Ford employees. Email me ( if you want to know more about X-plan.
  • dhuang2dhuang2 Posts: 15
    I know there are TWO prices and both of them are lower than invoice:
    (1)A-plan: Ford Employee price
    (2)X-plan: Ford Employee sponsored or supplier price
  • dj548dj548 Posts: 2
    I don't believe they are BOTH lower than invoice.

    I don't know about the A plan, but you are probably correct that that is lower than invoice.

    But for the X-Plan, here's the numbers I'm being quoted for a base model 2008 Escape Hybrid, no frills:

    MSRP: 25,740
    X-Plan: 24,572
    Invoice: 23,564

    It's not clear to me how much dealing they will do on the X-Plan numbers. Sounds like someone above beat the X-Plan price just by playing dealerships off each other and using the invoice price as his base. I'm also not sure how much location has to do with that. We live in a region where there are literally none available, so there seems to be little incentive to help us out. In fact, the salesman kept trying to get us to just go with a non-hybrid Escape.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    The dealer is required to show you an invoice with the MSRP, invoice, A-plan & X-plan prices so there should be no confusion or variance from dealer to dealer on those prices, which are lower than invoice. They also are not allowed to charge you doc fees and other fees such as advertising and inventory fees. They will also give you any rebates that Ford has to offer to either customers or dealers. The big variables from dealer to dealer are the amount they are willing to give you for a trade-in and how willing they are to sell you a vehicle at those prices. If demand is high they may not be very willing to sell you one of their vehicles at such a low price or they may really low-ball your trade-in. I have personally experienced some dealers not very anxious to do business under the A-plan and others that are very willing.
  • dj548dj548 Posts: 2
    I should add that I've also spoken to a Mercury dealer about a Mariner hybrid. Again, the X-Plan was about 1/2 way between MSRP and invoice.

    I think there's a significant difference between A-Plan price (employees and immediate family) and X-Plan price (anyone who knows a Ford employee).
  • advequityguyadvequityguy Posts: 138
    MSRP: 25,740
    X-Plan: 24,572
    Invoice: 23,564

    This information is incorrect. X-plan is below invoice every time (except maybe on a very low cost Focus). The below numbers are exactly correct on an Escape Hybrid as an example:

    MSRP: 25935
    Invoice: 24763
    X-plan: 24739
    A/Z-plan: 23780

    The dealership is paid a certain amount by Ford when they sell a vehicle under one of the plans when a customer has an appropriate pin number. It is actually more advantageous for a dealership to sell under A/Z-plan than X-plan because the subsidy is better for them. Of course, you would have to actually qualify for it to get it.

    At this time, I dont think there would be a dealership anywhere that would be very happy about selling a hybrid on any of the plans, as they bring full retail and are in VERY short supply. The supply issue does not look like it will get better any time soon. If you can buy one with any discount, congratulations.
  • wfraineswfraines Posts: 1
    From Ford Partners web site:
    X Plan Price = A Plan Price + 4%(A Plan Price) + $150

    X Plan applies to Base price only, not options, but any available consumer incentives may be applied, and no extra fees may be added. For Hybrids, the X Plan price ends up being about $50 under invoice.

    Also, you can sometimes find online Ford employees who will give you a PIN number, even if you're not connected with Ford.

    Try googling Ford X Plan.
  • rjl3jaxrjl3jax Posts: 1
    This is ridiculous...Ford spends millions advertising a great new vehicle...those who have somehow managed to purchase the vehicle provide rave review...but, I cannot find ONE available Hybrid anywhere...I've searched online ford dealer inventory all across the East coast and nadda...I visit the local Florida dealership and the dumb [non-permissible content removed] sales manager has the audacity to say the 2008 Hybrids are not worth a [non-permissible content removed], have horrible power, don't really save any money in gas, and that I should just look at the Non-Hybrids on HIS lot...of course he made this amazing assessment of a new Ford vehicle that he has never even seen...glad I'm not a Ford shareholder...
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    Don't feel alone. I got the same story from Toyota dealers that did not have a Prius to sell or test drive. Both tried to tell my how much better the Camry was.

    Welcome to the Forum
  • My local Ford dealer in Portland, OR, has 9 hybrids and most others have only 1 at most 2. Problem is the dealer wants MSRP or higher, won't honor X or A plan and is a general pain to deal with. Their reasoning is they get a special allocations from Ford and sounds like they want to make enough on these to make up for the hundred SUV's on their lot they will end up heavily discounting... What sucks is they have the hybrid I want! Premium AWD, with chrome and audiophile (no Nav) in pearl metallic. I refuse to pay full MSRP and they won't trade another dealer for a hybrid.!

    I think I'm going to order from another dealer at x plan. I don't understand why most dealers have none and then a random dealer gets 10 at a time. I'm with you and glad I'm not a Ford shareholder.
  • cloftuscloftus Posts: 19
    You are so right! The story I get from the sales manager is that they are selling fast & it will slow down when gas goes down...but I don't believe that either. The hybrids I find on-line w/Ford (hundreds of miles from my home) are still showing up weeks later. So unless they aren't updating their listings...they just aren't selling.

    They would be selling like crazy if they would build them, market them & give them a decent price. Free moon-roof for the non-hybrid 2008 Ford Escape, but nothing for the hybrid. And while I'm venting, why doesn't the government keep those tax incentives going? I know the Escape still qualifies, but why should they end at all?

    The salesmen just want to sell a car, and they have no hybrids to sell, so they try to steer you to anything else, and like typical salesmen most of them are irritating. Yes, it happened to me, too, & I was boiling mad, maybe we went to the same dealership.(on the Florida east coast)

    I ordered mine over 2 weeks ago, & was told today that it will be built in September & will be OCTOBER before it arrives...If I wasn't getting the X-plan price I think I would fly up north & drive one home. I can't wait!
  • dhuang2dhuang2 Posts: 15
    I will talk to Ford Customer Service if their dealers did not response to my request. For example, You may send your complaints to Ford Chiefs:
    Mark Fields( or Alan Mulally ( Usually, Ford works hard to satisfy customers if their dealers didn't.
  • sksuhsksuh Posts: 13
    Thanks for the complaint email addresses of the Ford Chiefs!

    I sent an email query two days ago asking where my Escape Hybrid is after 2.5 months of waiting. Received a detailed reply today advising that it is currently in transit and should arrive in mid-August (or three months after I ordered it).

    Glad to know that Ford does listen from time to time.

  • bob05bob05 Posts: 27
    Simple question: if there are no Escape hybrids available, then why is Ford running non-stop 0% plus cash back advertising on the vehicle? The commercial is on every Red Sox game here in Boston, but there are no Escape hybrids that I know of available here.
  • I ordered mine at the end of may and i picked it up july 30th. it took about 8 weeks and was painless. I got it for the x-plan pricing. i have about 300 miles on it and it is great, very quiet and on my 1st fill up i averaged 34 mpg and that is mostly highway driving at the speed limit or a little less. i handles great and drives just like regular escape. i purchased at williamsburg ford in williamsburg va.
    hope you all get your soon
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    My daughter has been waiting for two months for her Escape, and there is no news when Ford will get the needed parts from Japan.Has anyone heard anything about this strange situation. :sick:
  • cloftuscloftus Posts: 19
    I ordered mine in late June (East Central Florida) & was told last week it is now going to be October/November before it arrives. I wasn't told anything about the parts, just that they are behind on assembling them.
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    Just to think I was just recently reading how they couldnt get rid of the Esacape and Merc. Hybrids.Times sure change. :sick:
  • sksuhsksuh Posts: 13

    Just noticed that my factory ordered Ice Blue FEH (4WD, moonroof, premium package) has appeared on the dealer lot today. Ordered on May 16 and received on Aug 13. Actual "delivery" likely to occur within a day or two.

    Another 2008 FEH will be on the road in the Canadian Rockies shortly.

    Canmore, AB
  • I just ordered our 08 FEH. I'm the 3rd FEH on order for my dealer. I'm a bit skeptical I'll see this truck anytime soon as he showed me his order sheet and his first order was placed on 6/9 and there was no build date scheduled for that truck yet. Ford better get their act together...
  • I ordered my 08 FEH May 21 and was getting nowhere with the dealer (who is usually pretty good). On Aud 6 I emailed the two people at Ford, shown in previous threads, and got a call the very next day from an area Cust Svc rep at Ford. He told me my car had not gone into production because they were backed up for two main reasons: (1) NYC is converting their taxi fleet to FEB (true), and the batteries are back ordered (I think I understood the batteries to come from Toyota and they are coming in from California). Bottom line is he said he was putting a priority on my car and scheduling it into the production run. It's supposed to be ready in 5 - 6 more weeks. So, lessons learned: (1)Add on another month or two to the "promise" date from the dealer, and (2) bug the people at Ford, who are responsive, and may be able to help you more than the dealer.
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    As usual Ford is putting corporate ahead of the "little"people.I would tell them that they can sell their non hybrids to NYC too.Frankly,I gave up on my plans to purchase a Ford hybrid.They irritated me to the point where I completely lost interest.I get better mileage on my KIA on the highway anyway.And they wonder why people aren't buying American. :mad:
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    The batteries are made to a Ford design spec by Sanyo of Japan (don't know where they actually assemble them). Toyota is not involved.

    It is probably another case of US Corporate thinking that is too short-term. The US mfrs react too quickly to a market that goes soft (hybrids a little over a year ago when gas prices went down)....and they can't react quick enough when markets pick-up (like the hybrid market has since May of this year) because they never increased their commitment to the hybrid market. They chose to add a Mazda Tribute Hybrid without adding any mfg capacity at the plant in Kansas City or ramping up their orders of HVBatterys or eCVTs. :(
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    I didnt know that Mazda made a hybrid.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    Remember, the Escape, the Mariner, and the Tribute have all been assembled at the same plant in Kansas City and they have always shared lots of common parts. All three share identical hybrid components. Sheet metal and other items make them different. ;)
  • rmcleodrmcleod Posts: 1
    I am in Connecticut, ordered my FEH 7/9/2007 from Colonial Ford of Danbury was told that it would be a 3 month waiting period before it would be close to being ready. Received a call one week later stating that my specifications will fit (FEH Optioned OuT) a order ready for production also gave me the Vin # Said to look for it by late August or early September. Is this possible ???
  • gil369gil369 Posts: 4
    Any opinions on what I should do with this?

    In CA, Ford advertises on TV using for all their promotions. So, I've been looking at that site for rebate info on the 08 FEH and last week it showed that they were offering an $8500 rebate. Surprising? Of course...but, I called the dealer to check it out and he said there was no promo like that running. He said it was a mistake on the website and that they couldn't offer it. I have printouts of the offer, etc. but they still won't honor it.

    The website was "mysteriously" updated the next day to reflect the correct $500 rebate, but I still have proof that the $8500 rebate was listed on the site (and I had "Clicked here to request this offer"). What is the legality behind this? Isn't there some sort of rule that says they have to honor an advertised price or something? Thoughts?
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