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Ford Escape Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • sksuhsksuh Posts: 13
    My condolences about the delay ... I feel fortunate in that my factory order in May 2008 only took three months ... and I too ordered from my Ford dealer (west of Calgary, AB).

    2008 FEH 4WD
  • The funny part (well, not really) is that the day before we ordered they had a 2008 FEH for sale on the lot. When I went to the dealer the next morning with the intention of buying it, it had already been sold.

    It seems odd that had I have been there an hour earlier I likely would have drove one off the lot.

    Since then, none have ever been on the lot since.
  • mecheng1mecheng1 Posts: 161
    Just saw a post in another forum by someone in Ottawa, Ontario who reported ordering their FEH on August 31st and took delivery on January 17th. Does seem like Canadian orders are taking longer than average. Good luck. :D
  • Thanks for the info. I asked the sales manager for an explanation and it sounds like there's a certain number of FEHs available to a given region. Canada in general receives a much lower proportion than even California.

    Not exactly fair, but I guess it makes sense.
  • cloftuscloftus Posts: 19
    Why am I only getting 30-31 mpg? I don't get it. Is there a trick to driving a hybrid? Do you have a four wheel drive and you're getting 37mpg? Seriously?

    I've had my car for almost a month now, (3100 miles on it) driving in central Florida, and using the econ button. The best mileage I've gotten was when I took it to the mountains & was coasting downhill a lot. Then I got 31.9 mpg at the best. Don't get me wrong, I'm still thrilled with the gas mileage, but I'm looking for improvement.

    Any advice?
  • cloftuscloftus Posts: 19
    oops! I forgot fwd means front wheel drive (not four wheel drive).
    Sill wondering how you are doing so good on gas mileage.
  • Have owned my Kiwi Green Hybrid for the better part of a month and love it! 35 MPG combined driving, great on the highway, nice comfortable quiet ride. Only waited 2 weeks to get the vehicle I wanted with the added packages. Price was below MSRP and an easy no pressure sale.
  • Folks,
    I am new to this forum, only started looking for either a FEH or MMH a week ago. Had a 02 Mazda Tribute for two years and really liked the car, wife gave it up to our daughter in Texas. She wants the hybrid - bad - and I'm probably going to go along since the last 2 car buying decisions have been mine.

    I've seen on the message board a lot of frustration about ordering delays, which I may not want to go thru. Also, there are several dealer locally that seem to have inventory, but the trucks all have the full boat of accessories, and my guess is that all (or at least most) of the ones shipped to dealers are like that to maximize dealer and FMC profits, since they're not making money on these, or are just barely.

    So my question is, if I want to get one of these (either type) by April, can I trust the system to work on a special order, or do you think I'll be forced to just get the best deal I can locally. There are about 8 showing up as available in the DC/MD area.

    Also, what types of incentives or discount buying services, like Costco, are available that the dealers will take?

  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    If you are getting the Escape Hybrid because you want an economical SUV,you will just have to wait,but if the point is just to get good MPG...get a regular Civic or such and your gas economy will be even better.
    My daughter bought a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, and while it's very cost so much( $38K) that it will take 10 years to recover the money it cost in gas savings.
  • The Sterling, VA dealer is asking a US$3000 "premium" over list price on any FEH bought off the lot, effectively stealing the tax incentive value for buying a FEH.

    I checked into the Costco buying program too. No dice on the FEH. The web site asked me if I still wanted to be referred to a dealer, even though there would be zero price advantage. Out of curiosity more than anything else, I clicked on Yes. It referred me to the Ford dealer in Tysons Corner, VA. The guy contacted me and assured me that if I order a FEH (which is my personal preference), they would not add any such $3000 "premium" to the price tag.

    The Ford dealer in Leesburg, VA also promised not to add the "premium", so I'll probably end up ordering from the folks in Leesburg but have the service done closer to home at the Sterling, VA dealer.

    I don't want to take delivery until mid-April, so I'll take my chances and order a FEH in early March. If it takes a long time to build (battery shortage, taxi fleet priority or whatever), so be it. I'd rather get exactly what I want. I'm a patient person. Every car I've ever bought except one has been custom ordered. Heck, back in 1986, I ordered a Chrysler unaware that two weeks later, UAW would be on strike and ended up waiting 3 months for the car. The only thing that even slightly concerns me about ordering a FEH is the model year change-over period when assembly lines traditionally shut down for whatever retooling is necessary to build the next year's editions. I have no idea when that is for the FEH, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.
  • sampsrsampsr Posts: 2
    Based on my experience with a special order, I would buy one out of inventory next time. I ordered an FEH with all the bells and whistles, as reported earlier in this thread, and never got the car. Actually, it came in to the dealer about a month after I cancelled the order. Up until that time they could not give me a VIN or tell me if it would ever be built, due to their restricted manufacturing schedule.
  • Just thought I'd chime in and say an April delivery date for a new factory order is very unlikely. If you read a few posts back you'll find that I placed my order in July and still have not received delivery.

    The current estimate for production of my factory order FEH is March at the earliest. That means I'll have waited a full 8 months before receiving my order.

    If you have 8 months to wait, then by all means place a factory order. Otherwise, I'd recommend one off the lot.
  • cloftuscloftus Posts: 19
    For what it's worth, my advice is that I would not special order if I were you. I did it and waited six months. Look at and keep changing your zip codes, and you'll probably find some locally. The fact that you've already seen several in your area is good. Keep looking until you find one...I found several after I put my order in, but I did get a better deal by ordering. (Actually, I broke even-because I lost the incentives while I was waiting.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the folks with the long delays after ordering a FEH were all in Canada.

    Perhaps because I'm 1/2 Canadian, and 1/2 USA by ancestry, I'll only have to wait 1/2 as long in metro DC area? :)
  • Delivery times for most vehicles can be found at the following links:

    Delivery time for the FEH shows up to 30 weeks!
  • Interesting that the Mariner Hybrid is only 14-16 weeks. I wonder if that's accurate or not. What about the Tribute Hybrid?

    As I understand it, they're all made at the same plant!
  • I placed my order through Military sales as a deployed troops for a 08 Mercury Mariner Hybrid, loaded, AWD back in June 07. Got a VIN # and a build date of Nov 13, 07 and a delivery date of Jan 23, 08. Still word on anything from anybody?
  • Hi keymhawd, sorry to hear that even deployed troops are given no priority on the production of these vehicles. I guess at least you got a build and delivery date. I'm still waiting for that call...
  • just wondering what you paid and whether you financed or leased? i was looking today and saw the lease Rate was 11.2%! all other escapes were at 3% what a rip off

  • I'm paying cash since when I placed my order there were no incentives other than the Family Pricing event. Currently they are offering 4.9% purchase financing over 36 months, in BC anyway.
  • Well, after a series of emails to track the order; the wife got a phone call from the dealership yesterday.. 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid AWD, Factory Order has arrived, a full 8 months after the order was placed. Must have made the Dec production run.
  • That's great news, Kevin. It gives me a faint hope that I might get mine this decade.

    I'm still waiting for a production date, despite the promise from the Ford executive office that I'd have a date by the end of January. It just goes to show you the confusion over this whole situation starts at the top.

    Soon the 2009 models will start appearing. Anyone know what's new in 2009?
  • There will be quite a few changes in 2009.

    New 2.5 engine, more powerful and efficient. Re-tuned suspension. Standard stability control, etc... There is quite a few pages on the weba bout this, this has been announnced a few weeks ago.
  • Thanks to all for the input, I started looking harder at local inventory and found a Mercury Mariner Hybrid in Nothern Virginia that I ended up buying. Competition has really heated up for these critters. Price was at MSRP, no possible incentives offered, but that would be probably silly to ask expect when over 4 dealers I called wanted $1500 - $2500 "market adjustment fees" on top of MSRP. The dealer had 2 that arrived Thursday PM, I bought one Saturday AM, the other sold the next morning. Wish I could have waited for the 2009, or at least until more quantity would have driven some more competition into the pricing, but I'm happy with what I got.

  • Great! Good to hear you've got your car. Now, let me know how you do on gas mileage--OK?
  • I've been wavering on making a purchase for some time now and the Jan 22nd announcement on the 2009 now has me convinced. Anyone know when one can place an order for the new models? When did sales of the 2008s start last year? I'm also curious if the 2008s will see a significant price drop with the big changes in store for the next year's model. That might be incentive enough to make an early purchase...
  • Wow, looks like I finally have a build date. Should have our FEH near the end of March.

    bjcarter, one of the posters a page or two back had some links to production wait times. One of the links also showed the startup dates for the 2009 FEHs. If my memory is correct, they started accepting orders in May sometime.
  • This link does NOT show 2009 build/lead times, only 2008. Is there one for 2009 models?
  • It was the other link in that same post, which appears now dead. I know for certain it showed 2009 start up dates because I had a discussion with people about what I should do if I didn't receive my 2008 FEH soon.

    The original link (no longer working) was:

    Fortunately, Google's cache still has it:
    Google Cache

    In case that link stops working, here's what the page says:

    Ford Escape Hybrid
    2007 Final Order Due: 10/13/06
    2008 Final Order Due: 11/30/07
    2009 Initial Order Acceptance: 04/17/08
    2009 Production Scheduling Begins: 05/15/08
    2009 Production Start Up: 06/23/08

    Mercury Mariner Hybrid
    2007 Final Order Due: 09/25/06
    2008 Final Order Due: 11/30/07
    2009 Initial Order Acceptance: 04/17/08
    2009 Production Scheduling Begins: 05/15/08
    2009 Production Start Up: 06/23/08

    No info on Mazda Tribute.

    There's also a comment at the bottom that says dates are estimates and subject to change.

    Hope that helps.
  • I asked my local dealer about order dates and this question got no response. Very frustrating. I can envision a scenario in which there's a push to sell 2008s prior to doing anything with the 2009s. The improvements are too significant to buy the older model over the new model even with a fair bit of savings
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