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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences

reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
Share your XTerra purchasing experiences here!


  • jgriffjgriff Posts: 362
    Bought my 2005 Xterra 4x4 'S', with Power & Utility packages, MSRP 26,400 paid $500 under invoice 24,200.

    I had to stand my ground, the dealer wanted to close on another vehicle, and I wanted 'Year End' pricing in June.

    Still happy with the truck & the deal. Gas mileage has been pretty dead-on 16/20-21, not bad for the size.
  • tex11tex11 Posts: 3
    $26,200 for a 4x4 OR, auto with tow package, cargo cover, mats, and mirror. Comes out to be 200 under invoice. MSRP was $28,400. Shopped around and that was the lowest I could get in the S. Florida area. Very few 4x4 ORs around. In fact, it was the only Granite one still left in the entire state. I drove 120 miles just to pick it up. Lucky to say the least.
  • cwbrow2cwbrow2 Posts: 9
    MSRP: 28320 INV: 26426 PAID: 26000 less ttl. Kansas City, Missouri
  • jkenikjkenik Posts: 6
    I REALLY want an SE 4X4 but the dealers won't go below $500 for a 36/m lease. I'm just wondering if anyone out there had any luck in getting a better lease rate. As much as I like this truck, I can't see paying $500/m for a $27k truck.
    Thank you folks!
  • I posted this in another forum but it applies more here:
    I spent 22k drive out price for my 05 Xterra S automatic with both Power and Utility packages and some assorted additions. Also, b/c I'm a recent graduate I got another $500 off from Nissan, so 21,500, but that won't apply for most. This price wasn't very difficult to get either. I had 3 dealerships in Houston who were within $200 of each other and I probably could have gotten better if I fought harder. It came down to the fact that only one had the color I wanted and I was in a time crunch so I went and got it. Also, that 22k DOES NOT include the trade in. Don't even let them know you have one until you get them to your target price. I will assume that 21,500 drive out (this means tt&l included for those that don't know) can be done at the end of August or September for an 'S' with these packages. Note: TT&L in my area is roughly $1500 for this model.
  • bulaiabulaia Posts: 1
    just wondering where you (jgriff) bought your xterra. where i live the dealers claim that
    the sticker price is the "bottom line no haggle price." which means, they say, that no
    lower price will be negotiated. car buying with no negotiation, what is this world coming to? also, anyone know when to '06's are destined to come out? or, does anyone remember when the '05's came out? either way thanks for the info.
  • tampatampa Posts: 12
    ;) Are you kidding? The local dealer (internet salesman) told me I would have to go to Texas if I wanted the same deal.... or .....well, let me do a click and paste:
    ...You may have to buy in Texas. or not pay any sales tax and tag in order to get the kind of deal....

    The dealers now have a August $1,000.00 incentive. You got the $500.00 grad incentive. Us Floridians pay about $1,500 (like you) tax -title. So I would conclude the dealer and I are about $1,500 apart.

    I'd LOVE to take a peek at your bill of sale. It would make a wonderful sales conversation piece.
  • jgriffjgriff Posts: 362
    Midwest, Kansas/Missouri/Oklahoma areas. I shopped KC, OKC, & Wichita.

    Just about everyone is dealing, now that the '05 has been out for more than 6 months.. There may be parts of the country where the dealers feel the demand is up, but '06 are due out in the next month or two.

    The SE and OR may be in short supply thus less supply, but there seem to be plenty of "S" models. Nonetheless you should be able to wheel & deal some where close to invoice.
  • Dealership was Sterling McCall Nissan in Houston, TX. And as I said before they weren't the only one with that price here, Baker-Jackson did the same but didn't have my color. Your salesman is full of it. I recommend e-mailing every dealership in a 30 mile radius to get the best start prices. The whole story on my deal is this:
    I started with a bluff and told a couple dealerships that I had a 23k drive out price already and I wanted better (some people will laugh at this, some wont...the people who are willing to work with you will at least match this.) One out of town (20 miles away) dealership beat it to 22.5 and I knew I was in business. I called local ones to tell them that I had this deal and I didn't want to drive out of town to get the car. I made it obvious that they were competing and that I was buying immediately if they met my target. One called to match that, another went to 22.2K and the other called with 22k drive out on the car I wanted but not the same color. I went to the 'matcher' who had my color and had them match the 22k price and went in to buy it that day.
    In hindsight a two things were key to my negotiation: It was the infamous 'end of the month' and I made it clear that I was a certain sell for them if they met my target. The latter is good for the dealerships who's owner's and GMs are telling the sales managers that they need to sell more cars by the end of the month or else. I grew up friends with a dealership family in the KC area and I know that, for the most part, they go off of the number of cars sold, not the amount of profit sold per month.
    I know this is long, but one last thing. Drive out to me includes the incentives. I told them that I didn't care how they worked the figures and that I was aware of their current incentives (I did not tell them about the recent grad stuff until I already had my price.) Basically, I said I would pay 22k for the car (minus the 500 that they didn't know about yet) and that they could do whatever to the incentives they wanted. They should have even more ability to meet 22k this month with that larger incentive.
  • tampatampa Posts: 12
    I have nominated you to be my 'negotiating guru'. If I can't get the same deal as you then I will just pass on the Xterra.

    And before I forget I must send you a big 'thank you' for your input. To clarify the current deal, I offered $21,500. O-T-D, and the dealership said that wouldn't include tax and title ($1500). That makes it $23,000 (or I would conclude it does). This is the car I bid on, so check out the options and compare them to what you have on your Xterra: ( I asked for everything but the two airbag options)

    > 2005 Nissan Xterra S Rwd 4dr SUV (4.0L 6cyl 5A)
    > MSRP Invoice
    > National Base Price

    > Select Options

    > P01 Power Package info $900 $780

    > U01 Utility Package info $650 $564
    > W94 Nevada Tow Package info $440 $345
    > N93 Autodimming EC Mirror w/Compass $230 $171
    > K92 Protection Package info $170 $130
    > F95 Adjustable Cargo Organizer info $150 $111
    > F10 Body Side Molding (Black) info $110 $77
    > L92 Carpeted Floor Mats (4 pc. set) info $110 $74
    > B94 Splash Guards info $110 $72
    > B10 Splash Guards info $110 $72
    > F96 Retractable Cargo Cover info $80 $60
    > M10 In-Cabin Microfilter info $60 $44
    > Select Color Avalanche

    I bid the $21.5k, instead of $22k because of the current $1k incentive and their car lot seems to be full of them.
    As per your suggestion I will wait til the end of the month to call him. Again, I appreciate your assistance....... :)
  • austinxaustinx Posts: 8
    Tampa, are you looking in the Tampa area? So am I. What dealerships are you looking at? If you are looking to buy soon in Tampa, I would suggest both of us going to the same dealership, then we could score a nice deal if we said we will buy two of them. Let me know if this interests you at all.


    -Austin- :confuse:
  • tampatampa Posts: 12
    Hi AustinX,
    ...... I would suggest both of us going to the same dealership, then we could score a nice deal if we said we will buy two of them. Let me know if this interests you at all........

    I like the way you think! I do have a lot of mixed thoughts. 1st, I doubt we'd have any more 'leverage' buying 2 Xterras over buying just 1. That, and if the guy said NO to my offer ($21,500 OTD) for one...... then I counter-offer with 'what if I buy 2?'
    Maybe the dealer adds tinted glass or the stereo upgrade?

    Is the model I posted the same model (and accessories) you want? I am kinda' fascinated with the idea. It couldn't hurt anything.

    My plan right now, however is: 1- see what accessories/model Guru Thumper got on his successful offer (factoring in new dealer incentives). 2- Seek counter offers from other dealers. 3- Wait til the end of the month (as per Thumper). 4- Stay as far away from salemen/showrooms as long as possible.

    You don't think local dealers are monitoring any public bulletin boards do you? I hope so. AustinX, maybe there's a dealership looking for a WIN-WIN-WIN deal.

  • austinxaustinx Posts: 8
    Tampa -

    One of my friends is considering buying an Xterra, and I brought her to the dealership I test drove the xterra originally, and talked with the same salesman and asked him that scenario. He said immediately that they would give us a great deal if we bought together. Now, only if I can convince her to buy one, then buying three should pose a bargaining strategy!

    As far as what model I am looking for:
    Im looking for granite or night armour in 6speed in OR or S with Power and running boards. I would love the MP3, but I cant justify spending 700 bucks more for that. Dont you think I could get a 6Spd with power and running boards for 20 - 21 out the door?

    I plan on buying probobly around the end of the month as well. Autoway Nissan seemed to have a good selection, but I will look around and see which dealerships have my configuration as well as yours. But keep in mind, they can always do a dealer trade and get the exact one you want or I want. Keep me in mind in the next couple of weeks, Meanwhile I will make some phone calls to see if we could get the Trucks for that price if we bought two of them!

    -Austin- :)
  • austinxaustinx Posts: 8
    Spoke with someone from AutoWay Nissan today, and they have the Truck I want, as well as 3 Avalanche's with Auto. She is emailing me OTD Prices for both, I will let you know.
  • Looks like you are sitting pretty to already have 23k drive out and I'm assuming you haven't started playing them off eachother. Stuff you want that I don't have: Nevada Tow Pkg, Autodimming EC Mirror, Protect Pkg., and Cargo Organizer. This all adds up to almost 1k. So you are basically where I was when I purchased...nice job. Another Idea would be to tell them what you want minus the last two and get something universal to replace them. Even the mirror can be made obsolete by buying a compass to put in the car somewhere as the auto dimming can be done manually and isn't needed. The X is high enough off the ground that you won't need the dimming for the most part anyway.

    If there are some dealerships that you haven't negotiated with yet I'd try to tell them that you already have 23k drive out for what you want and that you are looking for better. You need to get them into 'drive-out' mode instead of telling you the price without TT&L. Try to tell the next one who says that he can do $_____ but you have to pay TT&L that if he won't give you a drive out price you'll mark them off the list and go somewhere else. Once they go into the drive out price mentality it's easier to get them down b/c they can screw with the numbers however they want. They just need to understand that when you sign those papers the number in the "sales price after incentive" box has to be equal to or less than your target. Good luck, sounds like your almost there.

  • moxie1moxie1 Posts: 12
    Is Thumper's S a 4WD or 2WD? Also wondering whether S with options has advantage over SE. Thanks for any info. And, thanks for the negotiating facts!


    P.S. Did anyone compare to Pathfinder?
  • 2WD...that's all you really need down here in S.E Texas. The SE is the Special Edition, so it has more options with it. Both have the identical drive train, engine, and body. It all depends on what you want in your car's accessories. You can check out the differences at I didn't need the extras so I went with the basic S with the options that I wanted added. I didn't compare to the Pathfinder, the X is big enough for me now as I don't have a family yet.

  • moxie1moxie1 Posts: 12
    Austin X and Tampa,

    I'm looking for XTerra automatic (probably S, 2WD but this is flexible) in NC/SC/GA and plan to buy at the end of the month, if the deal is right. I will check inventory where you are looking, also. If I can't get a good price here, a trip to Tampa wouldn't be a bad idea.

  • moxie1moxie1 Posts: 12
    Tampa and Austinx:

    Follow-up to my previous message:

    I checked on Autoway's inventory. Are you looking exclusively at the Tampa store? I saw what I am looking for at Clearwater's store and also, Atlanta. I did not realize they had so many stores throughout the U.S. Anyway, I am willing to travel for a good price. I do not plan to buy locally at all, if I do not get a good year-end price...might as well wait for 2006. Let me know. Thanks.

  • tampatampa Posts: 12
    Hello Moxie,

    Not sure where to start. 1st, Clearwater is a local phone call, but I will ask them to beat any price I find. 2nd, you may want to hang with (Guru) Thumper because it seems he's had the most success at buying an X at a reasonable price. And 3rd, don't all dealers buy cars at the same price?

    Having said that, I LIKE the idea of buying an X, or 3, from a single dealer and would fully expect to get a better price than buying one.">

    I am going to bid $21.5K O-T-D for the one I previously posted, toward the end of the month (as per Guru Thumper). He got $22K with a $500 factory incentive and now it is $1000. Maybe the incentive improves. Maybe multiple sales would be an incentive. Them saying 'NO' won't hurt my feelings.

    What color ya' want? :P tampa
  • austinxaustinx Posts: 8
    I got quoted so far 22k OTD for a "S" 2wd with 6-speed from autoway nissan. This is without getting multiple dealers involved, and without buying multiple cars. Lets keep in touch, and we can figure out an attack plan for getting a good deal on 3 trucks. Autoway seemed to have the most inventory. Tampa or Moxie, you can email me at

  • austinxaustinx Posts: 8
    What dealership are you looking at?
  • moxie1moxie1 Posts: 12
    Hi, Tampa. I'm looking for black with the details listed below. I am glad you mentioned that July had a $500 manuf. to dealer incentive. I thought Thumper had received only the college grad. incentive of $500, so I was not considering the other $500. I did not realize there were any dealer incentives until the current one beg. Aug. 1 of $1,000.

    It sounds like you are shooting for a better deal than Thumper (with your extra options). Do you think the dealers are getting carry over allowances now?

    Any second thoughts with the gas prices escalating toward $3.00? The idea of 16 mpg (or possibly less) is nerve-wracking, so I am definitely considering this.

    Anyway, here is what I am looking for:

    S 2WD, Black
    Power Pkg.
    Utility Pkg.
    Body Side Moldings
    B94 Splash Guards
    B10 Splash Guards
    In-cabin Microfilter
    Carpeted Floor Mats
    (Flexible on the the cargo cover and organizer, and want to find the price on plastic floor mats for back-up)

    I received an internet quote in the $21 - 22,000 range (not including tax, tag and title fees) for the above plus cargo cover. Of course, this is higher than what you seem to have already gotten in Tampa. If you are shooting for a better deal than Thumper, I will figure out a similar target. I'll need to calculate.

  • moxie1moxie1 Posts: 12
    Austin and Tampa,

    Sorry, Austin - didn't see your message until after I replied to Tampa.
    Sounds good.


    P.S. Reminder to Tampa on what I'm looking for (forgot to repeat it on the list I just sent):

    Automatic in the S 2WD, but might be able to go with SE or 4WD, if exactly what I want is not available (depending on addtl. cost). I keep getting different advice on the 2WD vs. 4WD, so am a little confused on that (4WD doesn't really seem necessary to me for one day of snow per year).
  • moxie1moxie1 Posts: 12
    Tampa and Austin,

    Hello, again. I just received an e-mail from the internet quotes that I have been investigating.

    In case you didn't know: there is a new incentive -$1,000 cash to customer. It seems the manuf. to dealer incentive is gone, but I'm not sure on that because I thought the last time I checked, it was to run through Sept. I will check the Nissan website. Interestingly, when I went to a dealership yesterday for a drive and told them what it would take for me to buy, they told me the first: there was no incentive...then: when I let them know I had already checked this online, they said the money was for them to keep...ha, ha! Of course, they gave me a ridiculous price and tried the intimidation ploy, but they were messing with the wrong person. Little did they know that my new name is Moxie.

  • I've been doing a lot of research on this truck and so far I like it. I've test driven it and finally decided which one I want (X-terra SE 2WD) and the color. The only problem I have right now is talking the price down.

    This will be my first NEW vehicle and I really want to get a good price with all I want on it. Does anyone have any good advice about getting the dealer to lower the price? So far the lowest price I've gotten is 23,700. I really haven't tried to bid on it- for example saying I will pay you 22,000. I would like to get it at 23000 drive out price, it would be perfect.

  • Ha, Moxie,
    This sounds so familiar. I am a woman and for some reason dealerships must think women are so stupid and they don't know how to research. I know how to get the invoice prices so when they try and give me the invoice price that isn't the same one I have, I just tell them, nevermind because I can get a better price elsewhere.

  • austinxaustinx Posts: 8
    It seems as though you want the same vehicle as me, minus the Automatic (I cant pass up a 6-speed). And I was quoted 22 OTD at one dealership, then another dealership told me they would beat that price. Now imagine if we bought three cars from them. I would suspect at least a couple of hundred dollars in savings. I will do my homework.
  • ddandjjddandjj Posts: 1
    My daughter was at Champion in Houston trying to get to the same OTD price of 23000. They got to 24,800 but then came up with ridiculous trade in quote and other number shuffling so she left. She lives in the Houston 77057 zip code and wants to buy for OTD price of 23000. She then wants to get the new grad $500 in her pocket, get $1500 for her car trade in. So basically finance 21500. at the 4% interest rate promotion going on now. If you find a dealership that may deal let me know and I will do the same. It was really weird reading your email and that you came up with the same desired drive out price on the SE-auto. She wants the night armour color- which one do you want? Also I was told the 06 should be coming out in about OCT-- anybody know anything else and ideas on how it might effect price on remaining 05. It may be worth it to wait to see prices of 06 or how much 05 would drop.
  • tampatampa Posts: 12
    Moxie, AustinX, Musica,
    2005 Nissan Xterra
    S Rwd 4dr SUV (4.0L 6cyl 5A)
    What Others
    Are Paying

    MSRP Invoice
    National Base Price
    A note about advertising fees $21,650 $20,475 $21,408
    Regional Adjustment
    for Zip Code Change - - -$94
    Optional Equipment $3,120 $2,500 $2,943
    P01 Power Package $900 $780 $866
    U01 Utility Package $650 $564 $625
    W94 Nevada Tow Package $440 $345 $413
    N93 Autodimming EC Mirror w/Compass $230 $171 $213
    K92 Protection Package $170 $130 $159
    F95 Adjustable Cargo Organizer $150 $111 $139
    F10 Body Side Molding (Black) $110 $77 $101
    L92 Carpeted Floor Mats (4 pc. set) $110 $74 $100
    B94 Splash Guards $110 $72 $99
    B10 Splash Guards $110 $72 $99
    F96 Retractable Cargo Cover $80 $60 $74
    M10 In-Cabin Microfilter $60 $44 $55
    Color Adjustment - - $0
    Destination Charge $580 $580 $580
    Total with Options $25,350 $23,555 $24,837
    Spoke, at length, with a guy today about his new X. I didn't see the window sticker but did see that '4 corner' white paper the salesmen use. He got very simular to 'my car', (no tow and something else) BUT did get BOTH AIRBAGS which are a lot more than a tow package. He negotiated regionally but bought locally saying doing that cost him money and wished he had bought elsewhere.
    And he never even talked with Guru Thumper ;)

    The bold circled number on the '4 cornered' paper was $22,9 hundred and something (I forget) Out the Door. He got a red/ maroon colored one.

    My $21,5K, out the door, offer is in the ball park. Moxie's going to get us the new dealer incentives (the best incentive is $2.49 a gallon).

    Famous quote by Jesse Livermore:
    When you know you're right............ Sit tight.

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