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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • tampatampa Posts: 12 you are buying a year old car (worth less than a newer model car as in 'book value') and, two- new car (off the dealer lot) is now a used car (worth less than a new car).

    The incentives are not 'factory to buyer' cash back? Where'd the $1500. number come from?

    About the 'be patient' comment... heck, we've waited this long, what's another week or two?

    .. .. .. good luck, tampa
  • cutter3cutter3 Posts: 12

    Nissan is certainly among the more stingy makers and can say if you look at kelley blue book and compare the depreciation of a Nissan vs a Honda with zero miles - HUGE difference

    patience is the word - gas prices going nowhere good for now
  • The dealer called me twice on Tuesday, 10/4. First, they told me that the $1000 rebate was staying the same. Later, they called to say that they had upped the rebate to $1500 or $500 and 4% financing. These may be regional deals based on inventory because Nissan is not listing the promotions on their website - you have to check at the dealers. Even with the depreciation for it being an 05 I'm ok with the deal as long as I can get another $300-$500 off the current dealer offer. That would bring me to about 24120-1500= $22620 + ttl.

    I'm just not in a big hurry to buy right now because of the gas prices. If they stay the same or go down I would feel fine purchasing this vehicle (my current jeep gets about the same gas milage). However, if prices are going to continue going up, I'm going to have to decide if I can afford to own an SUV.

    Whatever I buy, I plan on keeping it for at least six years. If it looks like gas is going to be $5-$6 a gallon in six years, it would be silly to buy any large SUV. That's probably why the SUV market has bottomed out.

    I really want an X - I've driven everything that I even remotely liked in the smaller SUV segment and I think the X is hands down the best all-around vehicle. I just wish it got 28-30 mpg. I guess you just can't have it all...
  • 2005 S 4x4 Automatic---Power pkg; Utility pkg; mats, side molding, splash guards, bug shield, microfilter, cargo cover, Delivery: $ 22989. Then paid some Dealer Handling bogus charge I know; Was like discount of 1875ish and another 1500 "rebate" from the MSRP. Not world's greatest deal but wanted to put out the info! Good Luck! :)
  • Just picked up a '05 S 4X2 with auto, power, utlity and other assorted add-ons. Believe it or not they actually had a $1200 sticker mark-up along with the other stupid add-ons like "paint protector" which came out to $2000 above MSRP. After the dealer breifly tried to sell the car to me for $26,000+, I told him there is no way I would even pay close to MSRP for the vehicle. So I offered him $20000. He came back with $23000 which included the $1500 rebate that was being offered. I countered with $21500 which he accepted. Came out around $1400 off of invoice. I was pleased with that.

    I just can't believe the poor souls that think there is no room to bargin and actually pay MSRP + mark-ups and stupid dealer add-ons.
  • My first new car at age 32.... usually I just bought used cars and ran them into the ground. Time to have a car payment.

    Just purchased a new 2005 in suburban chicago, S model, 4X4, flaps, cargo cover, power pkg, and floor mats. msrp was $25700 and the invoice $24170, was offered 4% over invoice so about $25000 and the $500 cash back and %4 at 60months (which is $1000 savings off prime). My fiance and I said we would just come back in a couple weeks on our next day off. Then it went down to $100 over invoice with the $1500 back in incentives. It had all the things that I needed and nothing I didn't want and a granite color too. I guess I could have waited about 2 to 3 more weeks and perhaps had more off, but then end up with other options and pay about the same. I did buy the 7 yr/ 100,000 warranty as 100,000 chicago miles are a rough 100,000 miles. cost about $1700 extra.

    So now I love this thing, easy to drive and use in the city. I often go to northern wisconsin, and michigan to hike and fish so I look forward to driving in blazing snow storms instead of a white knuckles on an old car.
  • mentemente Posts: 11
    where in chicago did you buy? I was offered $24,300 for the S 4x4 with pwr/util pkg out in the burbs (non incentives added). I was waiting for the incentive to get a little better so I could afford that $1700 xtra for the ext. war.

    When does everyone think Nissan's incentives will come out? Xterras were @ $1000 off, but have gotten worse as the next year's models are about to hit the floor? Someone recently referred to getting more than $1000 rebate, something not posted on nissan's website... just looking for more info.

  • It was Gerald Nissan in Aurora, kinda out there as I live in Chicago. Worth the drive out there as the "country road are easier to navigate" At first the dealer said that we could not drive by ourselves....some kind of excuse. But when we were going to leave the "main man" said, take it out for a spin by yourselves. Thank god as if one more dealer had to sit behind me and talk about himself .....

    Wow that sounds like a great deal as it has another package for about the same price. The utility package was not needed for me as the runners get icy, hold snow, and plows snow. If I wanted to get the top of the truck, step on the wheel or step or even doorjam. But if was there, yeah it would be ok.. Yeah if you go, since there are about 30 dealers in chicago, you can likely get $500 to $1000 below invoice then the $1500 off. It may be one that is likely to sit a little longer for its color or extra options. SE's are there, but at $3000 over the S for a stereo, rims, and titanium is not quite worth it.

    24,300 sounds already below invoice by at least $500. watch out for destination charges because they should be included in the invoice cost. My thought is buy now or pay about $3000 dolars more in January for close to MSRP and higher interest rates. So that is like one year of depreciation.

    Rebates are listed, I found it on the web somewhere it is $500 cb, and 4% at 60months which is about $1000 off the prime rate.
  • I'm now at $100 below invoice for a 05 Xterra S 4x4, power, utility, microfilter, cargo cover, floor mats, splash guards, body side molding. Invoice is 24620, so I'm at 24520-1500 = 23020 + ttl. What does everyone think? The dealer basically said this was their final offer. I would really like to buy it, but I want the best deal possible. Does anyone think I could get 2-300 more off the price? Around here there aren't too many S's equiped like this. There are a lot of SE's though.

  • tampatampa Posts: 12

    I know nothing about 4x4's, but I've recently had some interesting relavations. Not including Tax, title and tag, (almost) loaded 2005 S 2x4's can be had for $20.5K and 2005 SE 2x4's are less than $1,000 more. Don't pay more. You are bidding on a year old car.
    I've switched to focusing on an SE for the reason you said....there are a 'lot of them' and for a G more, you get big 17" deluxe tires/rims, deluxe stereo et al.
    Just because this car is popular with you, don't think it is popular with the masses
    because it isn't. Pick up the phone, ask for the persons who responded to your emails and made a VERY low offer on a specific car with the options you want. Call every dealer with in a hundred miles. They get paid to sell cars, they have a load of them and they can't eat 'em. Oh, and consider a SE.
    special thanks to guru Thumper.................... tampa
  • mentemente Posts: 11
    so does that mean an SE 4x4 should be ~$23.5k? adding the xtra trans shouldn't up the price too much more than 2g right? Also, it seems the only deals they're offering is 3%APR + $500 cash OR $1500 cash only... so with good credit, what are the chances of getting close to 3% and taking the latter rebate? sorry, but kind of new to this. Thanks to all!

  • tampatampa Posts: 12
    Did you read my post about calling dealers and making offers? The lots are full and the 2006's are here.
    I just bought an SE 4X2 (changed from original S 4X2 intent) with 15 miles.
    MSRP is $26,630. Follow the numbers: my cost $22.1, dealer add ons $650, tax title transfer $1500, REBATE $1500. Walk out price $22.7k in Winter Haven, FL.

    .. ..tampa

    Special thanks to Thumper and everyone who posted prices and told us how to save a few hard earned bucks. THANKS

    3 day 2005 X SE 2X4 review:
    PRO: strong engine, NICE stereo (plays mp3's), stadium seating.
    CON: no driver seat elbow rests, stiff ride, mileage??
  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    i truly encourage everyone buying a new car to search for the correct dealer invoice. I paid and went through then walked into the dealer and went to the back lot to check on actual inventory. se come with fog lights easy to see how many they have on inventory ect. I paid 21,000 plus ttl. then was offered the extended warranty for 1,300 i told them no thanks. went on the internet and found a dealer back east that advertised the 6year 100,000 for 899.00 SOLD!! i called nissan usa to verify that the dealer trully existed and the offer was real since it had a name (type of cigarret brand)nissan. they are for real.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    No need to hide which dealerships you shopped - we welcome the mention of dealerships, it's just info about specific salespeople that's not permitted.

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  • mentemente Posts: 11
    thanks for the great info. I think I will look out for a 2005 SE, but, on edmunds, it claims the msrp is 25,350 (4x2) and invoice = 23,709. This puts you well below invoice, even without rebate (an incredible deal). 4x4 trans (per msrp) is ~2g more, so I would hope to shoot for 24.1k, BUT, other than there being lots of these cars still on lots, what other leverage do I have to deal this far below invoice. I have no ammo when they come at me with their "rock bottom 'invoice' price" Anyway, any other suggestions/opinions would be really great! As posted before, the absolute best i've been able to get so far is for an S 4x4 w/ pwr + util for 23,3k
  • I called every dealer in MA for pricing on SE 4 X 4 with floor mats, microfilter, autodimming mirrors, mud guards; 4 dealers had the color I wanted; 2 were willing to do $24,650 (MSRP is $28,800); 2 are willing to go to $24,500. I think they may even go lower in another week or two. As many of you know, Automotive News came out with stats on dealer inventories; there are 26,000 of these babies out there which represents a 128 days supply (it is the end of October!!!). I suspect that deals will only get better. Happy hunting.
  • crbcrb Posts: 10
    I just received a price quote for a Black 2005 Xterra. Here is a breakdown:

    - Trim level: S
    - Trans: 4WD
    - Options:
    - Power Package
    - In cabin Micorfilter
    - Splash Guards
    - Body Side Moldings
    - Carpeted Floor Mats

    MSRP: $26,100
    Price Quote: $22,699

    This sounds like a decent deal to me, but I'm wondering if I can do better. Anyone have any opinions? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • mentemente Posts: 11
    perfect, did that include deduction for rebate? if you get the 1,500 xtra off, sounds like a pretty good deal. I've been told since there's nothing significantly different between the year models, that they refuse to drop cost (garbage, of course)...

  • crbcrb Posts: 10
    Just to update my earlier post...

    I just got back from the dealership, and here is where I stand.

    Black 2005 Xterra
    - Trim level: S
    - Trans: 4WD
    - Options:
    - Power Package
    - In cabin Micorfilter
    - Splash Guards
    - Body Side Moldings
    - Carpeted Floor Mats
    - Custom "marble trim molding" ($498 add-on) Whoppee!

    MSRP: $26,598
    Price Quote: $21,975

    I was able to get the sticker a bit lower. Any thoughts? Feedback? Other dealership experiences and prices?
  • $21975? That must be after rebate and w/out dest., right? i just put all of those options into edmunds and came up with MSRP: $25,620 w/dest. and w/out the trim molding. That would bring it up to $26,118. I'm looking for basically the same thing, that's why I'm getting so picky... any details or update? thanks
  • Pricing is net of rebates - November is just around the corner; rebates could increase. More than one dealer told me that Nissan is not trying to push 2006 onto dealers; they will start selling 2006 to any dealers who have cleared (or just about cleared) 2005s. My problem is that I have a 1999.5 Pathfinder to sell before I can take advantage of any deal on the Xterra; dealers can't afford to drop draw on prices and then offer hefty trade in prices. Oh well.
  • crbcrb Posts: 10
    Hi fcollins,

    So far, the deal is the same. However, I have actually shopped this around to two other dealerships looking for a possibly lower offer, and I was told that the offer I have is "unrealistic." They said that they could NOT match the offer, but that there has to be a catch with the offer because they would have to lose about $800 in order to sell the car at that price.

    So, I am going back to the dealership tonight to do a final check and chat with the salesman. If everything is on the up and up, I think I will take the car. I already have a loan from my bank approved at 6.52% interest (which is decent I think), so it's not as if they will be able to recover any money by screwing around with the financing numbers.

    I'll let you know what happens! :)
  • We have been trying to buy an 06 S type Xterra but can't find anyone to work with us anywhere close to what we are reading here. We have an '01 gold Pathfinder LE leather loaded, new tires, under 50000 miles and no one wants to give anything for it. We are trying to get the Xterra for about a $5000 trade that expecting too much?
  • crbcrb Posts: 10
    Have you thought about looking at an '05? There are thousands of them left, and you can probably get a great deal on one. They are basically the same as the '06.
  • crbcrb Posts: 10
    Just to update my earlier posts:

    Here is the final offer I came away with for a Black 2005 X Terra.

    Trim: S
    Trans: 4x4
    - Power Package
    - Utility Package (includes VDC, Step rails, first aid kit)
    - Protection package (includes rubber mats, emergency road kit, and wheel locks)
    - Splash Guards
    - floor mats
    - auto-dimming mirror w/compass
    - in cabin microfilter
    - body side moldings

    Final offer was $22, 475. I took the deal (since I wanted the stability control and step rails), and picked up the car this afternoon. I also got $2000 for my trade in, which was a 2001 Saturn w/150K miles.
  • tom827tom827 Posts: 1
    I think you made a great deal for $22,475. What dealership?
  • crbcrb Posts: 10
    It was a dealership in Northern New Jersey, called Lynnes Subaru-Nissan. I actually shopped this deal to a few other local dealerships, and no one would match. One salesman went so far as to say it was "unrealistic" and that there had to be some hidden fees.

    Originally, the price quoted was $21,975 on a model without the utility package, but with some add-on marble trim package (which I didn't really like at all). So, I was able to get one with all the other options I wanted, but without the marble trim, for $500 more.

    I think if maybe I'd waited until November, I could have gotten a better deal via manufacturer incentives. However, the dealership only had two models I wanted with all the options and in my preferred colors (black and night armor), and there was another guy that purchased the night armor one while I was there. They were just bringing it in to prep when I left the dealership! :)
  • Was able to get a 2005 4 X 4 with extras (MSRP $28,800) for $24,495 and a trade on my 1999.5 Pathfinder SE (with 98K miles) of $7,500 for a net of just over $17,000. Would have liked more for my Pathfinder but KBB trade in was $6400, and since no one was pounding down my doors for the Pathfinder, I thought it was the best I'd be able to do.
  • I've been researching the 2005 SE and am quickly becoming a fan. I see from the forum that people were getting $1000 to $1500 manufacturers rebates. Does anyone know if those are still available in November or if they might have gone up since the 2006's are here?
  • Just bought a new 2005 XTerra SE 4x2 yesterday. Granite color.

    MSRP $25,300
    Splash Guards
    Body side molding
    cargo cover
    in-cabin microfilter
    Total $26,310

    - Discount of $3,310 to make it $23,000 and then $2,000 rebate to make it $21,000 before TTL
    - Add TTL for a total of $23,143 out the door.

    Sounded like a really good deal to me.
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