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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • howdy all -

    i'm new here, just purchased a 2007 Xterra S, automatic, 4x4, utility package. I ended up negotiated for 2 hours before I finally got the price I wanted: $24,500 OTD (including tax). got the rebate and 3.9% financing from the dealer.

    Sounds like a decent price, but the interior feels inadequately equipped. in any case, do you guys think i got a good price on it? :confuse:
  • We just bought a '7 OR list 29620 pd 26549 otd w/o tax($450, but tax may vary depending on your trade, incentives used,local tax rate and laws,etc.). Otd incl.7yr/100k warranty. Trade=1k more than any other dealer, so it nets to 25549 otd w/o tax. A deal we are happy with and a great buying experience from an up front, honest dealer. Nothing hidden or 'forgotten'. Between us, we've purchased over 40 vehicles. We thoroughly checked out the unit before purchase. Put another 45 miles on it during our final test drive. There are so many choices and so many dealers out there. The OR does what we want/need right now very well and the salesperson was excellent. No t/o to a manager and finance didn't push rust and dust or extended warranty.

    From reading here and numerous other forums, a few things I have noticed that may be helpful: in getting the vehicle you actually will enjoy living with and getting a deal you are happy with.

    Decide what you are actually looking for(like and need). What is really important to you. Check out all the features of the vehicles you are interested in during your test drives. Is anything not up to your standards? Is some look , touch or feature, or lack of, annoying you? Drive the vehicles under the conditions you will be driving most of the time: city streets, rough roads, mtns., Interstate,off pavement, etc. If you tend to carry a lot of stuff/people, load the vehicles up and see how they perform under load. Long commute? sit in/drive them for a while. Do thorough, thorough test drives. Read forums and reviews. Talk to owners. Take your time.

    When you have found the model that does what you want: Use the net. Shop. Get multiple, written quotes. If you have a trade, get written quotes on that too. Be willing to go a few miles for a better deal.

    You may still end up at your local dealer, but you will be less likely to be writing in talking about how you
    feel you could have gotten a better overall deal/experience or found the seats weren't comfortable or you didn't like the way a particular feature worked or you wish you had known it didn't ride well off pavement or it was noisy on the highway or you couldn't fit your kids in it or the rear leg room was not up to par or the gas mileage was not what you expected or the engine didn't have enough power on hills or the exterior/interior looked cheap or it would be a lot easier to live with if it had this/that or the stealer didn't tell you this or that, etc.,etc.,etc.
  • Just signed on to this discussion today.
    I agree with shasta67 and others,
    The trade should be a separate transaction/negotiation. It can change your out the door cost, but it should not be tied into the negotiation on the new vehicle.

    You walked away. Good. It can be hard to do, but you did the right thing. Ultimately, as others have stated, you should find the vehicle you want and then feel good about the deal. Those two things accomplished=happy.

    If you haven't found your vehicle yet, good luck. If you have, enjoy!
  • Just bought an '07 S 4WD Auto Nightarmor with:
    Side Airbags
    Tow Pkg
    Utility Pkg
    Protection Pkg
    Cargo Cover
    Cabin Air Filter
    Floor Mats

    $24,550 plus tax and tags. Took advantage of the $1000 rebate, and a dealer who needed a sale. I think I got a good price - did everything over the internet and phone. Had a few idiot dealers who lied to me and got me in their store with a lowball number, only to raise it $2500 when I got there, but finally found an honest dealer (if one exists) who was good to deal with. Next lowest price was pushing $26k. Primary headache in all of it was finding a vehicle that had the side airbags - turns out Nissan builds very few Xterras with them.

    Picking the new toy up tonight.
  • I just bought, in Ft lauderdale a 2007 Xterra S 2WD in Night Armor, yesterday. Sweeeet. I test drove several vehicles, GMC, Toyota, Chevy, Kia, Hyundai,Mazda etc. before and landed on this strong powerful dependable Xterra.

    My advice BUY IT.Got mine for $24000 out the door.
    Stock sound system is good with deep bass sound.
    I ordered mine with no options, when they brought the vehicle for me it came with utility package, mirror with compass, microfilter, retractable car cover,cargo organizer, carpeted floor mats, and some nice splach type pin stipe on side.

    Total time at dealer 3 hours. Was starving ate a 12" sub when I finally left dealer.

    Salesman was super. But carry a doggie bag with snacks.

    I Like!!!
  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm in the market for the '07 Xterra. I'm not sure which one is better X or S model.
    I will try to negotiate a price with the dealer here in Washington State, any reasonable price that is closest to the invoice?

  • williamzwilliamz Posts: 2
    Bought our first new car on Monday. It is a Nissan XTerra S-V6 4x4, automatic transmission. The dealer has a loaded one with:

    protection package,
    adjustable cargo organizer,
    retractable cargo cover,
    carpeted floor mats,
    in-cabin microfilter,
    auto-dimming rearview mirror with compass,
    tow package

    We asked for utility package at the beginning, he installed the Tubular step rails for us, since it is what we really want.

    According to

    MSRP Price: $27,060
    Invoice Price: $25,408

    With the $1000 Nissan rebate and $500 college graduate rebate, The final price we got before tax is $23100.

    We bought the car in Philly area.

    Thanks for all the help we got from here.
  • hawi7hawi7 Posts: 12
    The S model has power windows, locks, etc... well worth it in my opinion. Also, the wheels are upgraded. I have an 06 4X2 Offroad model but am less than satisfied with the stock stereo and lack of 4 wheel drive in deep sand (here in Hawaii).
  • mgoosemgoose Posts: 11
    Try Advantage Nissan in Brenerton, Will seel new Nissans $500 under invoice minus applicable rebates.
  • mgoosemgoose Posts: 11
    Try Advantage Nissan in Bremerton, Will seel new Nissans $500 under invoice minus applicable rebates.
  • glenski01glenski01 Posts: 44
    Whats the best price on Offroad you have seen? Unit I want depending on options is MSRP $29620-30400 depending on if side airbags and a few other things. Must have the Fosgate stereo option for me, be black with bluecharcoal interior. There are a couple around metro Denver currently, if I accept another interior there are a few more.

    Been offered invoice minus the current $1000 rebate. Have seen posted $500 under invoice minus the rebate. What do you think or know?

    What is best metro or farther dealer to purchase from? so far I really like the professionalism and low pressure at Empire Nissan in Lakewood best. Have purchased from them before. They do not have the vehicle I want though. Does it cost a dealer to trade units? they say no, I thought they lost some incentive or something, I know on American cars they lose holdbacks if they trade.

    Thanks, appreciate it. :)
  • bcolombcolom Posts: 2
    have been looking for several months and have used this formum a lot so i figured i'd contribute.

    just picked up a 2006 S (last '06 on the lot) 4x4 with auto trans for $21,888 after the $1,000 rebate

  • bcolombcolom Posts: 2
    have been looking for several months and have used this formum a lot so i figured i'd contribute.

    just picked up a 2006 S (last '06 on the lot) 4x4 with auto trans for $21,888 after the $1,000 rebate
    I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • mln2963mln2963 Posts: 4
    My local dealer has quite a few 06s on the lot. The MSRP on the Xterra S 2WD I'm looking at is $25,200. What would be a good offer? Thanks.
  • tinycadontinycadon Posts: 287
    Invoice minus cash back incentive minus $500 For 06.
  • hawi7hawi7 Posts: 12
    For an '06, you can probably get that...but the '07 s do not come in 4X2 so the MSRP is like 29k.
  • I bought from Route 22 Nissan in Hillside, NJ. Black Xterra S 4WD 5A with 6 options: Tow Package, Utility PKG, Micro Cabin Filter, Floor Mats, Cargo Cover, and Dimming Rear View Mirror. Almost walked out 3 times but the sell price was $24,080. That is without the rebate because I took the financing (4.9%). I probably could have gotten them down a few bucks more if I walked out again but they are decent people over there and for the few dollars I didn't want to waste any more time. Here is the finance breakdown $24,080 + $1685.60 (7% Sales Tax) = $25,765.60 = $485/mo for 60 months. I wrote them a check for 1. Luxury Tax = $96, 2. Doc Fee = $299, 3. Tire Tax = $7.50, and 4. Motor Vehicle Fee = $334. What do you think?
  • hawi7hawi7 Posts: 12
    Sounds great. Its not an Offroad but a good deal for a 4x4.
  • eviljoeeviljoe Posts: 14
    Edmunds TMV is like $500 less at $18,905 (but Coggin Nissan of the Avenues says $19,789 + $599 dealer fee - $1000 rebate). If they'd throw in body-side moulding and/or some fog lights I'd totally happy--how should I ask/demand that?
  • arizonajoearizonajoe Posts: 123
    wyoforester said: "The trade should be a separate transaction/negotiation."

    In reality, the trade-in will never be a separate transaction at any dealership. They will always treat the trade-in as an integral part of the new car purchase transaction.

    The best way to deal with trade-ins and other variables is to get out-the-door price quotes from each dealer (definitely contact more than one dealer!). Be sure they include the trade-in in the out-the-door price quotes. Then, you can compare apples to apples. All that matters in the end is the out-the-door price for the whole transaction, not their stated "price" for the new car, or whatever they tell you they are giving you for your trade-in.

    Again, all that matters is out-the-door price.
  • okiesanokiesan Posts: 1
    A buddy of mine that owns a used car lot found mine in an auction in Okla.City. Turns out I had looked at it the week before in a dealership used lot and was strongly considering making an offer when my buddy called the night before the auction. Got it at a great price - $20.1k and closed the deal yesterday.

    Vehicle has 13k miles and is absolutely clean in every aspect. Checking to see if I can get a hitch installed this morning but am having trouble finding many other desired accessories such as a grill guard. Many manufacturers stopped making them after 2004 -- would appreciate any leads or sources for aftermarket goodies.
  • amandagsramandagsr Posts: 8
    I'm trading in my 2005 RSX Type-S for a Nissan Xterra SE. I dealt with some a-hole Nissan dealers last night who completely lied to me about everything because I'm a young woman and they think I'm an idiot. I've been seeing that people have been getting them for around 26k, is this right?
  • Don't go into a dealer or call the sales dept. on the phone. Use the Internet first. In fact, you can use NissanUSA or Edmunds to find the dealers within 100 miles or so of you. We have driven 50 miles and saved $2,000 over local dealers. Get quotes over the Net or call the Internet depts. of individual dealerships once you have looked at their inventories on-line. Check out at least 5 or 6 dealers.
    We have used these techniques to purchase our last eight vehicles, including a 2007 Off Road and a 2007 Maxima SE. We have also been able to get a quote over the phone on our trades(subject to inspection). No deception, no stress. We actually paid what was quoted and received what was quoted for our trade. The prospective vehicle is cleaned and ready to be thoroughly test driven. The paperwork is usually done in 30 minutes. We have used several different dealers depending on the make(Subaru, Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, etc.) we have been looking for. This process actually makes getting a new vehicle fun!
    Whereas, if we go into dealers without using the net and Internet depts. to get quotes first, we've been bait and switched, TO'd, and had our time wasted and our stress level maxed out.

    Use Edmunds to get the invoice price and TMV. We've always beat the TMV. We've usually been offered at or near invoice before incentives were subtracted(Northern CO and Denver area)

    SE costs vary depending on options, what dealers you are dealing with, etc. Try what I described above and see what you get. Take your time and enjoy the experience.
  • amandagsramandagsr Posts: 8
    Sounds great. I even brought in the TMV price and they STILL would not give me even close to that. Thanks so much for the ideas.
  • 'never'? I agree that 'out the door price' including trade is the way to approach buying a new car.
    However, I have had situations where the trade was treated as a separate transaction in determining the value of the trade and did not effect what the dealer offered me on the new vehicle.
    I have had used vehicles(Toyota Land Cruiser, Q45 for example) that were apparently in demand at the particular times I(we)were shopping for a new vehicle. The Used manager at a Loveland, CO dealer offered me what I wanted even though I told him I wasn't going to buy anything and just wanted to sell mine. Our used vehicle had my name on title and reg. I found out later the Used Mgr. had a buyer that was looking for the exact vehicle(color, miles, options et al) I wanted to get rid of.

    I had already obtained the internet price quote I wanted for the new vehicle at a couple of different dealers, but the Used manager did not know this as I had not contacted the Loveland dealers Internet Dept or sales dept. I had shopped my used vehicle at several dealers and he(Loveland) offered significantly more than the others.

    I then contacted the Internet Dept. at the Loveland dealer and got a quote on the new vehicle that matched the other dealers without mentioning any trade. I already had a written quote from Loveland's Used mgr., but the Internet dept. didn't know this as I had used a family member's name to request the Internet quote.

    In follow up, When I spoke to the Internet sales Mgr., I told him I(we) would take his price on the new vehicle and that my(our) trade had already received a quote by the Used Mgr. at his dealership. The 'I' mgr. said fine, as the price the Internet dept offered on the new one was what they had committed to sell it for. Bottom line, 'out the door' I received what I had been quoted separately for the trade and what I had been quoted separately for the new to net the lowest 'out the door price'.
  • george99george99 Posts: 2
    I found the post of amandagsr of June 6 2007 very useful. I did exactly what was recommended. To echo: I used Edmunds website to locate dealers within 50 miles of where I live (Coconut Grove/Miami, Florida), and looked at every dealer’s website to see their inventory. Once I found a car that seemed appropriate, I copied the VIN # and I called internet sales to get details. I did this for two dealers and found there to be a $2000 difference between two cars (primarily because of added features).

    I called Maroone Nissan of Kendall who was selling a 07 Xterra SE for $25,852(MSRP = $28,524.94); this included a DVD dockable $1300 Two package $450, floor mats $110, microfilter $60. Other charges were going to be Tax 6%, New tags $235, Dealer fee (=profit) $599, Battery fee $8.50. Rebates of $1500 was included (could have also gotten the $500 rebate if we financed). Note: This dealer used MSRP charges for added features.

    Esserman Nissan had a 07 Xterra SE for $24,600(MSRP=28,245); this included cargo cover $70, floor mats $80, auto dimming mirror $ 180, tow package $360. Other charges were tax 6%, new tags $250, Dealer fee (=profit) $599, Electronic filing $16, Tire fee $5, Battery fee $1.50. $1500 rebate was included. Couldn't get the extra $500 rebate, as we were not financing.

    (Note there is also a $500 rebated for college grads...check on the Edmunds site for 'rebates and incentives')

    I called the internet sales department and generally spoke to a salesperson that was not empowered to negotiate price any further. Both referred me to their sales managers.

    The manager from Marrone (car with DVD) would not reduce the price any further. He refused to remove or reduce the dealer fee ($599). His 'out the door' price was $28,426.

    The manager from Esserman removed the dealer fee ($599). His 'out the door' price was $26,500. I then told him I was coming to pick up the car. There was no further haggling at the dealership, merely paying and preparation of the paperwork and the car, which took about one hour.

    I did all of this from my computer/desk, while drinking my morning coffee.

    I was intent on teaching my 19 year old son how to buy his car; admittedly I learned something thru this experience. Thanks to amandagsr’s post.
  • george99 said:'I found the post of amandagsr of June 6 2007 very useful."
    Question for george99,
    Are you referring to wyoforester's 9AM reply on June 6, 2007 to amandagsr? or is there a post by amandagsr that she made that I am not aware of or unable to view?
    You seem to be following the posted suggestions of wyoforester not amandagsr.

    Bottom line, no matter what the 'second guessers' may chime in to tell you,it's your time and money. It sounds like you had an enjoyable,low stress buying experience and made a deal you are happy with.

    Congratulations on your new vehicle.
    Hope you enjoy your X as much as we do ours.
  • george99george99 Posts: 2
    My are right. It was the post of wyoforester that was the key, and very informative. Sorry to amandagsr and especially to wyoforester.
  • chili_gchili_g Posts: 1
    I'm really peaved about this! I did what you are saying back in 1999 when I bought a new Audi A4. I got a response saying the dealer charged $1000 over dealer cost (on a $26k popular car). It was low stress, I went over the pricing (it matched edmunds data/info) and we made the deal.

    NOW, I'm looking into an Xterra (and others). Every response I have been worthless! I've been contacted back by about 4 dealers, and I might as well have just walked in the door. All this process has served, is for them to get some sales leads (me) and my contact info. They won't talk about any prices, specifics or anything, and are very very slimey. The only exception being a single subaru dealer who emailed me a quote on a particular model.

    This is in VT - Burlington and Rutland dealers. I was very happy using Edmunds/Auto-by-tel in 1999, and was expecting a similar experience (one like you mention) this go around. All I've encountered is slimy, sneaky, stereotypical car salesmen (apologies to those who don't fit the sterotype - let me know if any of you are in VT!). It sounds like you've still had some good luck, so maybe the internet process hasn't gone down the tubes - maybe it's just this location (I bought the Audi in CT).

    To top it off, there are not a lot of competing dealers around up here. You're lucky if there are two - 30 miles in each direction.

    I'll bring pricing with me, but it looks like I'm stuck walking in. Luckily I'm having a hard time picking between about 4 cars, so I can afford to play the walk out game.

    Sorry this isn't much more than venting. I would be interested in any further advice - or maybe positive experience with VT dealers.
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