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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • Just test drove a 4WD S model with the power, utility, and protection packages, (white exterior & desert/graphite interior). The vehicle also has splash guards, body side molding, and floor mats, but they may be part of the protection package - not sure right now.

    MSRP $26,450, Invoice $24,782, Out the door (tags, taxes, title, destination, and processing fees) price offered to me after a few rounds of negotations: $23,400

    I think I am going to jump on the deal, but....I kind of want the upgraded stereo and the foglights that come standard with the SE. Problem is, they don't have a white 4x4 SE and I really like the wheels on the S model better than those on the SE. Also, I'm much too impatient to wait for them to locate one and I really don't want to get hit with the dealer transfer fee that always comes up when one dealer locates/transfers a vehicle.

    So....take the deal on the S model or hold out for the SE?

    Any info/advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • I just signed a contract...

    MSRP $27,980 (icl. destination fee $580)
    invoice price : around $26,000 (icl. destination fee $580)
    discount $2,980
    rebate $2,000
    selling price $23,000
    out the door price (car price + sales tax + new plate + reg + sticker(state inspection) + doc fee) : $24,433

    I live at Cambridge, MA and the dealership was Marlboro Nissan in MA.
    I should go again to pick up the car on Wed.
  • bkjsxbkjsx Posts: 3
    Good to know that the extended warranty is a real deal! Thanks for posting it. I just got a 2005 SE 4x4 10/22 from cars direct as well. Got $3616 off sticker with the then $1500 rebate included. Total cost = $25,784 (MSRP=29,400) and $28,469 out the door. (SF area) Included dual air bags, molding, tow pkg., carpeted mats and splash guards. I noticed a lot of the Nissan accessories available online for cheaper and have ordered a few of them seperately. You can put your own microfilter in! Check your car but the filter needed only to be ordered and put into your glovebox (see manual). :)
  • bkjsxbkjsx Posts: 3
    Since the 10/31 rebates for $1500 has expired, it looks like the current rebate is at $2,000. And the only difference that I know of between the 06 and 05 is a locking glovebox with a light? I think all else might be almost the same. :)
  • magnificent,

    Where in Central Jersey??? Was it DCH Nissan?
  • bkjsxbkjsx Posts: 3
    Check out, its where I saw the rebate info. for my region. (N. CA) I think they may have added a lock to the roof latch and maybe armrests in the front row for the 06s. Good luck!
  • DFW area:

    Power & Utility Pkgs
    Body Side Moldings
    Splash Grds
    Autodim Comp
    Cargo Cover & Org
    Protection Pkg
    Floor Mats

    MSRP: 24,800

    Their first offer was 22,500, our counter was 19,500. They came back with 20,890, we balked, they came back with 20,440, we accepted. Bought the xtended warranty.
  • That is a good deal. Which dealer in DFW did you go?
  • Don Davis Nissan in Arlington
  • I just bought a 2003 XTerra XE, power windows and locks with 25,700 miles for $16,500. It was about $1200 less than the KBB rating. I feel I got a good eal but then later on I was looking in at the dealer's web site and the car I bought was still isted as an "internet" price of about 1 grand less. I wonder if the internet price was a ploy to get people to come in, because none of the other dealers had prices that good.
  • Hi all,

    After a test drive and some haggling this is what I'm looking at:

    05 Granite S 4X4

    Power, Utility, Protection
    Molding, Splash Guards
    Floormats, Mirror, Cabin Micro
    Retract. Cargo

    Final price from dealer: 22,290 + TTL
    That includes the rebate

    Any thoughts? (It'd be so great if I got feedback tonight, I'm wheeling and dealing again tomorrow :) )
  • Bought a 2005 Xterra "S" on the 18th at Planet Nissan in Las Vegas. MSRP with dealer add ons was $23,785. Dealer invoice was $22,273. With $2000 rebate got the Xterra for $20,273 + TTL. Granite color, with the power package, Moulding, Splash Guards, Floormats, Mirror, Cabin Micro Filter, etc. Dealer has quite a few S and SE on the lot. Great, no-hassle dealer! :)
  • jengjeng Posts: 1

    I was quoted via email $22,860 for the following:
    2005 S 4x4
    bdysd moldings
    retractable cargo cover
    floor mats
    protection pkg
    splash guards
    in-cabin micro filter
    MSRP: $26,650

    The $22k price quote includes the $2,000 rebate being offered right now.

    Does this sound like a good price? Do you think there will be some neg. room since this $ was given to me by email....I haven't visited this dealership yet. Also, I want to look into leasing this vehicle just to see the difference in the monthly payments. In the case of a lease, is it correct to assume that the lease would be based upon the $22k price or does that price need to be re-negotiated?

    Thank you in advance for your response. Also, please bear with me...this is my first time posting here.

  • I forgot to mention, the price I was quoted for my last post was for an automatic..

    Jagfin, was that for a stick or automatic?

    Thanks all!
  • Crowhill,

    It was for an automatic.
  • Thanks Jagfin.. I'm assuming also that this is for 2 wheel, not 4X4? Looks like you did OK, I need to get back to the drawing board! :)
  • Hi Crowhill.

    It was a 2 wheel and not a 4 x 4. Hope you find a deal for your Xterra.
  • I think 22k sounds like a good price. I purchased my 2005 s 2x4 for 21k plus t.t.l. and WISH i purchased a 4x4, I got stuck in the mud in mexico and was lucky to have a bulldozer pull me out. I went exploring through mexico and trully enjoyed the xterra. I am back in florida and have logged 11,000 miles. No complaints except my mistake of listening to a friend mechanic tell me that i did not need 4x4. I got a great deal on the extended nissan factory warranty from malboro nissan for 899.00 and they also the 4x4 for 1075.00 until the end of November.
    I searched through consumerreports and ordered the detail pricing guide that gave me the number to work with regarding how much to pay. Now i am trying to figure out how to change my xterra for a 4x4 model without loosing a lot of money in the process.
  • mentemente Posts: 11
    Thanks all for the info. 2 questions for anyone who has input:
    1. those getting fairly discounted extended warrenties, do you happen to know what level of protection you are getting for that price? I know Nissan offers bronze through gold packages, and have been told the discounts usually don't cover as much as one would like (personally I would go with the absolute most coverage if I were spending anything on a warrenty).

    2. What kind of financing are people getting. I am new to car buying and have seen much better deals in the past. I realize the current economy/interest rates etc play a big role in this, but with someone with reasonable credit, what would I be expecting to pay?

    thanks for humoring my perhaps naive questions
  • I'm starting to receive first round quotes for the 2005 SE 4x2 right now that are all coming in at about $100-$200 below invoice, not including the $2k rebate. So for an MSRP of around $26,400 they are verballing around $24,400. Is this right or are the dealerships trying to keep their margins up due to the higher mfg rebate? From reading this forum, I would have thought that for a 2005, one could be around $1,500 or more below invoice, again without the rebate. Does anyone have feedback if this is too aggressive a price point to target? California market if it helps.

  • tampatampa Posts: 12
    congrats on your patience for you shall be rewarded. Sounds like we bought the same car.
    I just bought an SE 4X2 with 15 miles.
    MSRP is $26,630. Follow the numbers: my cost $22.1, dealer add ons $650, tax title transfer $1500, REBATE $1500. Walk out price $22.7k in Winter Haven, FL.

    .. ..tampa
    you should get at least this deal minus -$500. for the now $2000. rebate.

    I have 1500 miles and am glad I decided on the SE for the 17" tires and mp3 stereo. I would love to have the 2006 driver's seat. I heard they now have elbow rests. I don't know how to add them but what a gargantuan oversight.
    PRO's: strong engine, stereo and rugged good looks.
    CON's: stiff ride and NO ELBOW RESTS.

    good choice, tampa
  • Thanks Tampa for continuing to follow this board and provide insight. That's what I thought that you got at least $1 to $1.5k below invoice plus the Rebate. The most recent purchases or quotes on the board seem to be getting about invoice and then minus the Rebate. So in my mind, those are not good deals since the Rebate comes from the manufacture and the dealerships are trying to hold to around invoice pricing. Maybe the West Coast market is different or maybe my color preference is scarecly available so they are quoting me high. At this point, I would be happy to get out the door at $23,500k. I know that is more than you but I think the taxes and fees maybe higher here as well.

    Thanks again Tampa and if anyone else has feedback, I would appreciate it.
  • mentemente Posts: 11
    I am actually moving to your area in FL and would be interested in the dealer that you purchased from. Sounds like this is a pretty unique deal, as no other dealers will even talk to me about a price near what you got. feel free to email me the details, or if you could offer the dealership name, etc... with who might be most helpful, that would be great. Thanks again
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,743
    Dealership names, city and state... can all be posted here for everyone's benefit..

    Please do not provide individual salesperson information under any circumstances..

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  • Ok, since I got a lot of information from this forum, it is my turn to share.

    Southern California Market
    Granite SE 4x2
    MSRP ~26,550
    Invoice ~24,700
    Negotiated to ~23,700 + TTL
    Finally $2,000 Rebate

    This is no where near the deal Tampa got, but I did my fair share of talking with dealers and in this market out here, I truly do not believe it is possible. Most quotes I got were about $300 under invoice. Some were over invoice and I just ignored those. Pretty much the salesman feel they are hitting their limits at $500-$600 under invoice. I said thanks but I'll try somewhere else and at that time they transferred me to the fleet department. It was end of the month and didn't take much to get him to $1000 below. When I started talking with the various people, I mentioned the deals back East where they were getting over $1500 to $2000 below invoice before the rebate. They were adamant that couldn't happen and I believe them. Now after the deal was closed, the fleet guy did say they only way he thought a deal that low could occur is if a dealership mis-managed their inventory and had a unit on the lot for over 200 or 250 days. He said then the insurance on the car jumps to a very high bracket and it becomes exceedingly expensive to keep the unit on the lot. In that case, he said dealerships would place a special ad in the paper and it would be a "loss-leader". He says those deals come around rarely, only one unit, you have to hope it is the model/color/accessory you want, etc., and snap it up before someone else does. He further clarified that in Southern California, that would be hard to find since we have a dense younger population geared towards the Xterra, so dealerships are able to turn their inventory well enough to avoid the 200+ days on the lot scenario.

    Bottom line, if anyone is paying around invoice it is too much. Go in prepared and disregard their offers. It shouldn't be too difficult to get $1000 under without including the rebate. Now could you squeeze a few hundred more???? Maybe, but I think the effort becomes too much compared to the amount gained. Getting another $500 off would be worth the battle but I didn't think I could get it and $100 more really wasn't worth making the deal confrontational.

    After 2 days with this vehicle, I'm all smiles. Christmas came early and I'm totally pleased!
  • Hey all, thanks for all the great info in this forum. It definitely helped when getting my Xterra. I had a similar experience as Trojan2000 (obviously a fellow SC guy! Go Trojans!) in the Southern California market. I actually think I got a pretty decent deal in the end. I shopped around for a specific color 05 SE 4x4. I solicited tons of dealers and finally ended up getting it last night. Here are the numbers. I got a 2005 SE 4x4 with tow package, side air bags, splash, mats. I didn't get Sirius but I think I can get that installed for cheaper than they wanted. Anyway MSRP was 29,500. I got them to 23,800 before TTL. I got another $1800 for my trade. Total out the door was $24400. That is about 1300 under invoice.

    I have to say that by far this place was the best dealership I dealt with the entire time. Every person I worked with on down the line was stellar. Friendly, personable but yet still businesslike. And I think I got a good deal too. Anyway, thanks to all for the info on here.
  • chonochono Posts: 3
    Looking to buy an '06 offroad 4wd with specific color and options. Doubt I'll find what I'm looking for on the lots so early in the model year. My question for all is how close to invoice do you think I can get on a vehicle that will have to be ordered? I'm in Houston, Texas.

  • Hi Crowhill, did you make the purchase yet? I went to my first dealership today and test drove both an Xterra and Pathfinder. The PF had a smoother ride, but the Xterra felt roughedly good. They gave me a quote of $21,900 for a 4X4 S, with the Power, Protection, Utility, and the Supplemental Airbag packages. Seems like a reasonable deal after reading some of the other threads. I'm in Long Island, New York (Nassau county). If anyone has any advice, I'm all ears.

  • Hey Erickriv. I'm also shopping around for a 2005 Xterra. The best deal I've gotten was roughly $3500 under invoice including the $2000 rebate of course. Took many phone calls back and forth. The color isn't my favorite but thats no biggie. Play hard to get= maybe they'll come down. Let me know how it goes.
  • DEALER NAMES PLEASE! I will look up dealers by city and state and e-mail them unless you or someone will give the name which I could then look up on Nissanusa for their e-mail address, map and such.
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