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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • They only had one left on the lot. I'm still deciding and won't know until tomorrow. If I don't want it, I'll freely provide you with the Dealership name then.
  • My credit union has a free price negotiating service that I was going to use. I was only supposed to find the Xterra I liked and let them do the haggling. When I called him this morning with the price quote they gave me, he told me to go for it. The sticker was $27,020. He told me that he's been negotiating prices around $24K to $23K across the country. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  • What is the name of the dealer?
  • I'd say $1000 under. Try it or better yet, try $1500 and negociate up to 1000.
  • chonochono Posts: 3
    robins5 - Its been a few years since I've done this. I'm in talks with 3 different dealerships and as far as price is concerned they are all $100 - $200 over invoice. In the old days true invoice info was hard to come by and you had to pay for it. Now sites like Edmunds, KBB etc have this information out in the open for the world to see. This leads me to believe that dealerships must have arrangements with Nissan to protect their profit margins. How else could you sell at cost/invoice or below and stay in business? Sort of leads me to believe that invoice information these days means very little OR the dealerships are making up the slack on discounted sales by "sticking it" to the totally uninformed consumer. If you're right on the $1000.00 under invoice then I've got a long ways to go in negotiations !

  • I purchased an "05 4X4, Automatic w/Power, utility, rubber mats(the dealer said there is no such thing as a protection package for any Xterra).
    MSRP $26450
    Invoice $24946
    Price agreed $23800 plus TTL
    less 2000 = $23548 Final Price paid

    Libertyville, Il
    Liberty Auto Plaza
  • Robins5,

    Your dealer lied about the protection package. I just bought an 05 SE 4X4 two weeks ago for $23,500 and the window sticker lists the protection package, along with splash guards, retractable cargo cover and body side molding as options.

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm fixing to buy a 06 Xterra S (with U package). I was just wondering if you think I would get the best deal buying before or after Christmas? Or is that not much of a difference? I was going to start my neg. at 21k and see which dealer gives me the best OTD price

  • chono,
    I'm in Houston, TX too....looking for '06 SE 4X4. Had one offer - 27k + TTL , but still looking.
  • chonochono Posts: 3
    Hello fcarl1 - I've dealt with Mossy, Champion and Sterling McCall so far. Of the three, Sterling McCall appears to be best. I'm going to have to order my vehicle which I think limits my ability to deal. Sterling McCall has made a preliminary offer @ invoice. There are no incentives and rebates on the 06's but I imagine there must be a sizable holdback. I'm looking to hit $500 below invoice but doubt I'll get it considering the vehicle I want is not on the lot, must be ordered and is an 2006.

    Guess we'll see. FWIW I've purchased 2 vehicles from Mossy Nissan before. They are tough as nails on the deals. Champion seems like a bunch of newbies who couldn't get arrested (or much else) on a Saturday night. Sterling McCall seems to be upfront and no B.S., however we don't have a deal yet.

    Good Luck to you!
  • ksx05ksx05 Posts: 2

    Is ur 05 SE 4x4 automatic? Also is $23500 OTD or before TTL? Thanks.

  • i would recomend you purchase the new car buying kit from consumer reports, it gives you the actual cost that the dealer pays the manufacturer for the xterra. I am in florida and was quoted last week 22,600 for the 2005 s 4x4 automatic. that was with the 2,000 cash back. I also would check with escondido nissan in san diego through the internet department.......they are pretty fair with the pricing. The best tip is- dont pay attention to the sticker the dealership has on the window, you want to focus on the actual cost for the dealer to purchase the xterra from the manufacturer. 25,647 should be your starting amount to negotiate.........this includes the 500.00 destination charge.. minus the 2,000 cash so i would push 23,700 plus ttl. check trought the internet for malboro nissan back east and see if they still have the extended factory warranty deals. i purchased my 2005 s 4x2 for 21,000 plus ttl october 7th and declined the 1300.00 extended warranty.......and found it at the other dealership for 890.00 wich i bought without second thought. good luck... i am very happy with my xterra, I went on my tour de usa / mexico and have 12,000 miles without a problem.
  • I just picked up

    2005 Xterra S 4X4
    Utility Package
    Power Package
    Splash Guards
    Side Molding
    Protection Package
    Floor Mats
    Auto Dimmin Mirrors w/ Compass

    MSRP $25,770
    -$2000 rebate
    paid $21,120

    I'm still breaking it in...cant wait to see what happens when i give her some gas.
  • ksx05ksx05 Posts: 2
    is it automatic? looks like a very decent deal. congrats.
  • bcolebcole Posts: 7
    I just want to gather some realistic figures with me to come up with a reasonable price point to negotiate for the 05 S 4x4 auto. I have seen someone posted here getting $1500-2000 below invoice before $2k rebate. When I mentioned that to several local dealers they laughed and said that's unheard of. I just wanted to make sure it's indeed too unrealistic. Thanks.
  • I think its based on wich state your in, someone paid 21,120. I am in orlano,florida and was quoted 22,600 after 2k rebate for 2005 s 4x4 auto. 22,600 is right on the money with consumer reports bottom line price. good luck.
  • nxtnxt Posts: 5
    I have quotes for 05 OFF 4x4 ranging from 25500 to 26000 OTD price .

    Is this a good deal ? I live in NJ .

    I want to buy this weekend . Please help me make a decission.
  • looking at the consumer reports botton line price it state
    off-road 4x4 24,181 and off road AT 25,098 my figures where as of 12/5/2005 pre-2,000cash back i am not sure if you could take 2,000 of those prices should be able to with all the prices everyone has paid recently. good luck
  • you might want to get a visual, go to and check their new xterra list.....lots of inventory plus pricing on the same list. even though its from a dealership on the other side of the continent, the dealership you go to will not know it and simply have that list with you so that you dont over pay. That specific model is hard to find.
  • bcolebcole Posts: 7
    I was quoted $21500 after 2k rebate for 2005 S 4x4 stick. And $25500 after 2k rebate for 2005 SE 4x4 auto. Are these good prices?
  • i would stay away from the s 4x4 stick............. that 25,500 if ist out the door jump on it.............the consumer reports bottom line for the 2005 se 4x4 is 23,647 wich is 1853.00 difference... that is the profit margin they are trying to get. i see some 2005 se 4x4 going around 24,895+ttl,its easy to negotiate when you have a price list of current inventory available. go to and get their xterra inventory list and highlight all the se 4x4's that way you can take that list along with your other info........and have a buddy call you on your cell phone to distract you and that might help. re-check what everyone else paid here, but remember december is the 2,000 cash back that most of us did not qualify since we purchased prior to december. good luck
  • nxtnxt Posts: 5
    S 4x4 Utility + Power Package + 6 year 72K = 24,643 OTD

    24,643 OTD price for S 4x4 .

    Good Deal ?
  • bcolebcole Posts: 7
    I finally closed my deal with a decent price.

    S 4x4 Automatic
    Power package
    Utility package
    Splash guard
    Body side molding
    Retractable cargo cover
    Protection package
    Floor mats
    In-cabin microfilter
    Auto dimmer mirror and compass
    Nevada Tow package

    MSRP $27090
    Invoice $25272
    -2k rebate
    OTD $22500 (incl. doc fee and dest.) + TTL
    And they throw in free life time oil change

    I think this is not bad deal. What do you guys think?
  • nxtnxt Posts: 5
    Hi , Which Dealership is it ? Am looking for the exact Specs and I almost paid 24671 (with 6year 72000 waranty) but backed out .

    Please let me know the Dealership name .
  • bcolebcole Posts: 7
    Mccarthy Nissan in Olathe, Kansas(suburb of Kansas City).
    I went in with the lowest quote I got after calling around town and told them to beat it or I will stand up and leave. Another local dealer has a similar quote with 10 years powertrain warranty included. So they beat it by 200 bucks and threw in free lifetime oil change instead. And the deal was closed in 30 minutes.(learned from to only negotiate under 30 minutes) I chose to go to them first because they are the closest Nissan to my location and I know any dealer can beat or at least match any local offer. Besides, they told me they still have 37 05 models on their lot so I know the chance of finding one in a color that I like will be higher. And without having to locate one for me, I should be able to get them to give me a better deal.
    Hope that helps. Let me know how yours goes.
  • bcolebcole Posts: 7
    When you said 24671, is that after TTL? My price is before TTL, but including doc fee(299) and destination fee only. And of course that's including the 2k rebate. And they told me they have to collect tax on the rebate as well. After tax it is right around 24400 before title and registration.
  • nxtnxt Posts: 5
    Hi ,

    Thanks for replying .

    24,671 is the Drive away price . Everything included in it . Base price was 22,000.

    Do you think it was a good deal for an S ?
  • bcolebcole Posts: 7
    Then that's cheaper than the price I got then. My price is 22500 BEFORE TTL, after tax comes to about 24400. And I have to pay registration too. So I think yours maybe even a better deal. Mine came to about 700 below invoice, and I negotiated to have them include 299 doc fee. And free lifetime oil change.
  • mentemente Posts: 11
    Picked mine up last week; here are the stats:

    2005 4x4 S auto
    -pwr pkg
    -util pkg
    -body side moldings
    -splash guards
    -Nevada tow pkg
    -auto dim mirror
    -cargo cover
    -carpet floor mats
    -wheel locks

    MSRB: $26920
    Invoice: $25167
    bought at: $24257
    Rebate: $2000
    OTD: 24121

    Hope this helps
  • nospamnospam Posts: 54
    I finally found a night armor 05 and want some advice on what to offer before someone else buys it. Thanks a lot.

    Freight Charge $580

    invoice = $24,492
    Instant Rebate = $2000
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