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Nissan Xterra Prices Paid & Buying Experiences



  • xtierraxtierra Posts: 55
    here it is click on inventory and youll have current inventory from all of mossy dealerships in that whole area............and also a price next to it..
  • That sounds good to me. I just started look for the the same (with 4wd) here in the San Francisco bay area.

    How is it on the open road at about 80 miles per hour with respect to wind and road noise? I've been drivng a Ford Explorer Sport model and it is not very quite at high mph.

  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    Thought I would let you know that the Mossy inventory list has changed now. There is no longer a price next to them they now have a button you click to get a price quote. I guess they figured out they were helping us too much...
  • fj07fj07 Posts: 89
    Thanks Mark, I am another Mark from SD and that is exactly what I am looking to buy except in white and without the splash guards. I will be taking this price to the dealer and walking away with anything less.
  • I got my 2005 se 4x4 from Carmax with 1736 miles on it;technically a used car,but what a steal for $21,990 plus Tax,Title and License(also had to pay $450 additionally to get it down to Atlanta from Chcago).Added side-moulds($75),a bug deflector($80)and some protection underneath for oil pan,transmission and gear box(ca $450,if memory serves me right)and now will take my truck to Greece(shipping cost about $1300 one way) for six months(Apr-Oct)for some serious off-roading/camping.Did it last year with my 03 Mitsu Montero,and previous year wit my 95 Montero,and it's been a blast every time.
  • yicpayicpa Posts: 1
    I went to Consumer Reports and bought the new car buying guide, which is a good deal. It gives the invoice price and all the info you need. And then I sent out quotes for a 2005 Xterra S to half a dozen dealerships. My quote was right around invoice, and one dealership actually beat my price. Here's the info:

    2005 Xterra S
    Manual Transmission
    Power Package
    Utility Package
    Supplemental Airbag Package

    Total Price: $19,488 (after $2000 rebate and $500 new grad discount), from Performance Nissan in El Monte, CA.

    As a comparison, MSRP was $22,260, although some people on this site seem to pay quite a bit more than that.

    That's a pretty good deal, about $100 above invoice price.
  • xterrianxterrian Posts: 3
    is it after TTL ? If it is after TTL, good deal.
  • arizonajoearizonajoe Posts: 123
    This was really a 2005 model? That explains the low price.

    You didn't specify whether this was a 2WD or 4WD.
  • For any western Oregonians interested in purchasing a new Xterra, I just pulled off a really decent deal at Coos Bay Nissan.

    Model: 2006 Xtrerra Off Road (silver), 4WD with automatic transmission
    Options: Rockford Fosgate stereo upgrade, auto-dimming mirror w/compass, protection package, splash guards, carpeted floor mats, in-cabin microfilter

    Invoice: $27,125
    Price Paid: $26,125 w/$1,000 rebate

    The car had 9 miles on it. As part of the deal, they also agreed to give me step rails at wholesale price ($330) with no labor charge for installation.
    This deal was worth the 175-mile drive for me. It's hard to imagine doing too much better, as I assume they made their profit on holdback (the vehicle had only been there two weeks) and any Nissan kickbacks for sales volume.
    On a side note, I traded my 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid in the deal (I hated that car), and received $27,000 for it—roughly $750 more than a Honda dealership can acquire a new 2006 one for from the manufacturer.
  • akhanakhan Posts: 23

    I am living in Austin,TX, near roundrock, so if roundrocktx1 is reading please reply to this post.

    What is the true market price for an 06 S, 5AT, with the Airbag package? which dealers would be recommended?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • keri1keri1 Posts: 7
    I'm posting to let interested shoppers know what I paid for my Xterra last night in OKC, OK.

    2006 X, 4X2 with power package, splash guards and floor mats:


    Hope the information helps.

  • bought a silver 2005 leftover xterra for $19,700 (manufactured november 05') with 14 miles on it
    No power package!alarm,remote start and door actuators $800
    warranty 6 year 72k miles $1500
    tax around $2000
    less title No dealer fees (bargained)
    got splash guards,road kit, SIDE AIRBAGS,mouldings, cabin filter,VDC, No fogs,(dont use them on my other car)No cruise, (dont use that either) No side steps (they got in the way anyway) need to install power windows. i could do without it but next time i will not be in a rush on another "great deal"
  • ppaul1ppaul1 Posts: 1
    can you tell me which dealer you got ur car from?
  • jgearingjgearing Posts: 1
    Wow, Last week I also bought a left over silver 05 xterra with no Power package, alarm remote or cruise... It had 70 miles on it. Same exact truck from what you described. Got it for about the same as you. I paid $17,200 after trading in my old truck with a book value of about $3,000. I upped the bumper to bumper from 3/36K to 6/100K for an extra $1,000. I didnt have to pay any sales tax because I got it in New Hampshire. I love the truck, no regrets. I think we both got good deals. Only down side is the not so great gas milage, but its a truck so we knew what we were buying... I'll be driving it till the wheels fall off. Let me know what your end up doing about the power windows/doors? Im temped to have them installed along with the keyless entry, but not sure how much its going to cost. Let me know, and we can compare quotes if you want?
  • olneymdolneymd Posts: 14
    Taking delivery next week on 2006 Xterra S with Side/Curtain airbag package, utility package, etc. MSRP is $27,295, and my net cost before taxes (but after $1000 rebate) is $24,147. This is $500 below invoice, and then another $1000 for the rebate.

    Wanted to know if this sounds right when compared to what others are looking at. I guess with gas going up, dealers are looking to move inventory.

  • hfzeushfzeus Posts: 37
    Even carsdirect has the S for $325 under invoice and an additional $1000 off. You won't be getting ripped off, but can probably do better.

    I'm starting to shop for them in NY myself, but will not rush into a purchase, especially with gas prices going up.
  • tadeonyctadeonyc Posts: 1
    I am also doing some slow paced shopping for an Xterra. waiting to see what the new rebates are this month. Hope they are good, I would love to see good financing.
  • screech552screech552 Posts: 7
    i would rather look for a different gas saving vehicle .my xterra gets about 15 miles a gallon constantly for highway mileage. i stay under 65 and keep the rpms at about 1800.
    i get about 275 miles to a 21 gallon tank. (about 26 miles a day highway for 7 working days.keep in mind im not complaining about the suv thing,i knew if i wanted a powerful truck this is what i was in for.
  • mgoosemgoose Posts: 11
    I'm wondering what other 2005-06 Xterra owners are getting in real world miles per gallon. Is only 15 miles per gallon what most owners are getting? Am seriously considering purchasing an 06 Xterra but 15 mpg may change my mind. Any comment from other Xterra owners?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,637
    If you are interested in what current owners of the Xterra have to say about it, you are more likely to get answers to your questions in the general Nissan Xterra discussion..

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    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • 2006 Xterra Offroad, MSRP 28325 plus step rails, Paid 24575 after Nissan 1000 rebate plus 289 sealant plus 389 dealer prep fee. First tank of gas yielded 17.108 mpg -- mix of city, highway -- more city than highway -- that matches Consumer Reports all around figure. So far it is a mighty fine vehicle. Engine is very peppy, it would be very tempting to use that pep. Do so and your mileage may suffer. Competing vehicle was the H3. Near bare bones H3 was 31,000 (dealer offered only 1000 off MSRP) -- find a big opening to get on the interstate, with the H3 engine, you will need it. H3 salesman, "H3 will do a lot that the Xterra will not", "Xterra will not hold its value, H3 will". Both statements likely bull. The engine difference as witnessed on back-to-back test drives, was the key factor in deciding in favor of the Xterra.

    Added Garmin Street Pilot 2720 GPS (Internet price $690 -- $999 Best Buy). Best screen (sharp, no glare) of any portable that I have seen. Great purchase for the new Xterra, fits nice in slot in top center of dash.

    I couldn't be more happy with these 2 new toys.
  • bobo9bobo9 Posts: 1
    Glad I came across this forum.

    I'm close to buying a 2006 xterra S at about 23,500 before 1000 rebate & tax, license, etc. It has utility package, splash guards and side moldings. Edmunds has MSRP at $25,685 and Invoice at $24,209 for this particular setup.

    Is this a deal I should take advantage of while it's there or can I do just as well if I wait a month? I'm not in a rush.
  • Looks like some dealers are discounting 3 to 4000 including Nissan rebate. Check their newspaper ads and make them match those deals -- worked for me. Depends on time of month and maybe how long your car has been sitting on the lot. Compare with H3 pricing and power and you will think your offer on an Xterra is very good.

    Since some people want to know real mileage -- My real city mileage on my new Xterra automatic is 17.1 and 18.6 (1st and 2nd tanks respectively). :) Very good vehicle!
  • fr0gst0mpfr0gst0mp Posts: 1
    I think I've been taken for a ride and it's my own fault, I suppose. I just bought an 04 xterra XE, 31,000 miles, and paid $2499 for the "security plus" pre-owned protection preferred plan (100,000). I thought I was getting a great deal because the super slick chick told me the plan was regularly priced at $3000.
    Could you please name the dealership that gave you that price ? I could really use the contact info. If I can get a better price it would really help me out...
    I don't know what I'm doing really and am unsure as to how I would shop the internet for this.
    Thanks !
  • aazevedoaazevedo Posts: 7
    Does anyone know if Nissan keeps there recent grad discount for the Xterra passed June 30th? Any info about this would be helpful. Thanks!
  • Hello I am wondering how you guys like the Xterra you own now. I am looking into buying a new Xterra Se myself, but would like to know more about it.I have test driven the Xterra and loved the way it drove but if you dont mind me asking, I was wondering what some of the pros and cons were of this SUV in the long run? Any input would help greatly! :)
  • well, the 05 xterra i own is almost bare bones(no power which is standard in the s model and up). the ride is firm, seats are a little softer than sitting on concrete, the fuel is HORRIBLE 17 miles hwy. at 60 miles an hour. the plastic scratches easily and theres so much of it. you need a hitch step to actually reach the bumper steps. also it pulls to the right a little and had it aligned 3 times and they say tires are fine too. i wish i never bought the truck. ALTHOUGH, like i said it is a firm ride and is a beast. it is a great truck if you do off roading. but if you want a smooth ride buy a car, or a different suv. from 1-10 for my daily 26 mile commute round trip, i give this a 4. i dont know if the 2006 or different models comes with daytime running lights or courtesy lights and theater lighting but mine does not.
  • I dont think the grad rebate ends anytime soon but the $1000 rebate ends July 5th.

    I just picked up a 2006 off-road 4WD 6-speed manual with the Rockford Fosgate stereo for $682 under invoice before the rebates and TT&L. The SUV is rock solid. Make sure you get a lot of quotes, many dealers wouldnt touch that price.
  • aazevedoaazevedo Posts: 7
    I bought my new Xterra on July 2nd. It is a 2006 Xterra X (Lightning Silver) 4X2 automatic, with power package, carpets and splash guards. MSRP was $22775, and Invoice was $21423, I paid $21026 and then recieved the $1000 manufacturer rebate and the $500 recent graduate rebate, also since this was my first car Nissan gave me a great APR of 7.49% over 5 years. I bought my X at Northbay Nissan in Petaluma, California and recieved wonderful, low pressure service, I would recommend this dealership to anyone nearby. I don't think that there is a single car out there that has more value than the Nissan Xterra, I paid less than $20000 and I got A LOT of car!!!
  • i got a jet black se 4wd with every option used with 8000 miles for... 22,000!!!! i love the truck, highly highly recommended.
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