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Acura TSX Lease Questions



  • XxHaimBonxXXxHaimBonxX Posts: 118
    I haven't received anything for referral, not even a thanks, although I know for sure that at least one person picked up the car around the same time I did. $300 for referral is very generous, since I think even sales people don't get much more than that. I wish I did.
  • AXM23AXM23 Posts: 64
    I closed the deal on a TSX base last night. Here is the specifics:

    36 months / 12k
    $2,500 TOTAL out of pocket
    $299 a month

    The deal includes body side moldings and mud guards.

    A special thanks goes out to XxHaimBonxX and ejoyce423 for all of their help, insight and recommendations. My deal was worth the 2+ hour drive to and 2 hour drive back home for the car.

    I did all the negotiating of the lease terms over the phone, which lasted only a few minutes. The dealer was very upfront and to the point. When I got to the dealership last night, it took a mere 15 minutes before I was able to drive away in my new car.

    I kep waiting for a "hidden" suprise or problem to surface but it never did. My brother, who accompanied me, kept saying under his breath that the transaction was almost hard to believe how smooth everything was going.

    If anyone wants to know more specifics just let me know.

    Thanks CarMan for all of your help and to the others who have posted here. This web site is a great source of information. :)
  • XxHaimBonxXXxHaimBonxX Posts: 118
    Great deal, enjoy the car! Is that place something or is it something?
  • GTIGRGTIGR Posts: 9
    After negotiating for some time with a dealer in Cleveland, OH, here are the current lease numbers for a 2009 TSX TECH at 36 months w/12,000 miles per year. Monthly payment is $399.04 tax included (7.75% in my county) w/$2,871.57 due at signing. The breakdown of the monies due at signing are as follows :

    $ 399.04 First Payment
    $1,435.30 Down Payment
    $ 111.24 Tax on Down Payment (7.75%)
    $ 595.00 Bank Fee
    $ 46.11 Tax on Bank Fee (7.75%)
    $ 250.00 State of Ohio Documentary Fee
    $ 19.38 Tax on Doc. Fee (7.75%)
    $ 15.50 Title Fee
    $2,871.57 Total Due at Signing

    IS THIS A GOOD DEAL? I still have a couple of weeks before I make up my mind.
  • bryan41bryan41 Posts: 12

    That is a great deal! I've been trying to get the same deal from my local dealer and they are saying that your deal is impossible. They do say that they are willing to match any other dealers offer....the best I can get otherwise is $328 with $3800 out of pocket...

    Do you have an offer from your dealer with the specs on it? I only have one local dealer so its kind of difficult.

    I really want this car but I don't want to overpay. What should I do?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,344
    They do say that they are willing to match any other dealers offer....

    I think you are finding that this statement is not true...

    It rarely is... if they are willing to make a good deal, tell them to put their cards on the table... Otherwise, it's just talk..


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  • AXM23AXM23 Posts: 64
    Yes, that place is great. I didn't think any car dealerships could be that pleasurable.
  • AXM23AXM23 Posts: 64
    I know what you mean. I tried to get several dealers close to my residence to match these numbers and they all said that my numbers were impossible to match. I was forced to make this deal over the phone and after I faxed my credit application, 10 mins later the dealer called me with my new VIN number and I went later that evening to pick it up.

    The next closest offer I got on the TSX base was $2000 total out of pocket at $339 a month and that did not include the mud guards and body side moldings. So essentially, the deal I landed saved me approx. $1500 over the life of the lease.

    The only documents that I have with the specs is the lease contract and lease retail agreement. I have the docs at home and can give you the details tomorrow if you like. Are you anywhere in the northeast? This deal was through a dealer in NY.

    $3800 out of pocket is way too much money. Take the commute to another dealer and avoid that offer.
  • bryan41bryan41 Posts: 12

    I think I found your dealer! Is it Heart Acura?
    They offered me $2500 down, 299 per month, 3 year/36k miles. Is this the best I can do?
  • jfssailjfssail Posts: 1
    This dealer should not charge you the $250 documentary fee for a car lease in Ohio. Just leased a 2009 TSX in Akron without the fee. The only way people can comment on this deal is if you give us the negotiated price and comment on what incentives are included.
  • cartime5cartime5 Posts: 2

    That is a really solid deal. Which dealership offered you that deal? I am looking to get a 2009 TSX with a decklid spoiler. Can you help me get a deal close to yours? I would love to know which dealership helped you out.


  • marys236marys236 Posts: 78
    On the TL board, someone posted that Honda Finance had just dropped the MF on Acuras to move cars. Anyone know if that is true, and if it applies to the TSX? I'm looking at a lease on a TSX base, 3 yr, 15k, just want current residual and MF. TIA.
  • XxHaimBonxXXxHaimBonxX Posts: 118
    yes, I think MF usually applies to all manufacturer's vehicles. Current MF for Honda is .00215
  • jamberjamber Posts: 21
    Can someone let me know if this is a good deal? Or can I do better?

    2009 TSX Base(non-Tech), 6 Speed Manual.

    Lease for 36 month / 15k miles a year.

    $377/mo ($400/mo with 6% FL sales tax)
    Total out of pocket $1272 at signing (includes 1st month)

    OR Same dealer, just with nothing down (except 1st month)

    $416/month ($441/mo with 6% FL sales tax)
    Total out of pocket $441 at signing (only first month down)

    Offer good only until 5/4/2009
    (lease is based off the $299/36mo/10k lease program that expires on 5/4/09)

  • AXM23AXM23 Posts: 64
    That is my deal. DCH Heart. Go for it. I don't think they will do less than that. Let me know how it goes.
  • AXM23AXM23 Posts: 64
    Cartime - see below. Someone else found the dealer and was offered the same deal. I hope you are in the NY area.
  • ejoyce423ejoyce423 Toms River, NJPosts: 40
    Congrats on your deal AXM! Ended up having to pull out of that deal ($319 mo, 10K mile, with $696.50 total OOP plus $750 ASAP coupon) at DCH Heart and believe you purchased the polished metal metallic on ebony we were supposed to take. The deal was great there but found out last minute that only NJ, PA and DE dealerships are eligible to participate in the lease mileage rollover program. We had 8K miles to rollover from our 2006 MDX turned in last month. Ended up going with DCH Montclair for $323 a month with the same terms. We take delivery of our polished metal metallic on taupe tomorrow. I will share all the details once the deal is finalized.
  • ejoyce423ejoyce423 Toms River, NJPosts: 40
    We just got back from DCH Montclair picking up our new base TSX in polished metal metallic on taupe. Following are the details of the deal.

    Gross Cap Cost 27,707.14
    Cap Cost Reduction 750.00
    Adjusted Cap Cost 26,957.14
    Residiual Value 18,849.60
    Rent Charge 3,545.30
    Total of Base Payments 11,652.84
    Total Monthly/Single Payment 323.69
    Total OOP Due at Signing 696.50

    This deal was for a 36 month, 10K miles annual lease with 8K miles rolled over from our 2006 MDX lease return. We are very happy with the color combination and the overall dealership experience. We were in and out of there in less than an hour. Hope the info helps others to negotiate a better deal.
  • liz15liz15 Posts: 24
    Dealer offered me $1,450 down $319 a month before tax 12,000 mile a month last week. Decided on color and went back this week and he said he can't do the offer because they would make no money. He said I would have to put another $1,000 down. He also said that there was no way it would have been 12,000 a month at that price. I was not alone when I received the offer and he had it written down. He said no dealer would go that low. I walked out. Is $1,450 down $319 a month before tax 12,000 mile a month a unreasonable offer?
  • acuhonfanacuhonfan Posts: 10
    Hey, Liz. Is that a base TSX or a tech? Remember the everyday deal right now on a 10K per year lease is $299/month with $2,499 up front. Another $1,000 up-front would put your deal pretty much equivalent to that, and you know you can do better by reading this forum. If this is a tech you're talking about, then that would have been a good deal in my opinion. I'd try another dealer if you can.
  • ejoyce423ejoyce423 Toms River, NJPosts: 40
    Sounds as if you were dealing with the "lovely" sales people over at Acura of Ocean or Precision Acura, LOL. Before I walked away from the DCH Heart deal, I asked them for a base TSX quote for 12K miles and it went from $319 a month for 10K miles to $335 a month with the same $696.50 OOP plus $750 ASAP coupon. I was unable to negotiate any lower hitting the "he would be losing money on the deal" threshold. This would have come to about $12421 overall plus our $750 ASAP coupon. Your deal at $12615 overall is pretty low in comparison, but then again your numbers are without tax. Even AXM's DCH Heart deal at $299 a month with $2500 OOP would come to $12965 overall. I think it is worth checking out DCH Heart or DCH Montclair.

    Best of luck!
  • stevecarstevecar Posts: 148
    I am turning in our TL with 9000 miles under for a TSX. Similar deal in middlesex county NJ. Where did you get this ASAP coupon?
  • AXM23AXM23 Posts: 64
    That is a great deal ejoyce! I almost bought from DCH Montclair but they were quoting me much higher prices. Who was your salesperson?

    Tell me more about the rollover program? Should I have opted for 10k since I will probably be leasing another Acura?

    I think I did pick up the polished and ebony that you were supposed to get! lol
  • liz15liz15 Posts: 24
    I'm thinking a trying Park Ave Acura in NJ. Anyone have any experience with them?

    Also, for those of you in NY/NJ area, I'm wondering how your TSX performed this past winter in the snow. Dealer told me I should be OK as long as I stay with the stock tires
  • joem23joem23 Posts: 1
    Is this a good deal for tsx $370 / month, $1000 down 15k miles / year. Not with tech package. Thanks Joe
  • Where did you get the $750 coupon. I have read about the $750 dealer cash.

  • bryan41bryan41 Posts: 12
    I posted before that I was offered $299 per month with $2500 total out of pocket on as 12/36 lease from DCH Heart. I called the dealer today and now they are saying that my total out of pocket will be $2500 + first month and destination!

    So...essential their offering $299 + $3500 out of pocket...this doesn't seem like a good deal. What do you think?
  • XxHaimBonxXXxHaimBonxX Posts: 118
    Doesn't sound good. Who was your sales person? How is your credit situation? You sure it's DCH Heart?
  • bryan41bryan41 Posts: 12
    Demetri is the guy I've been dealing with. Credit isn't fine but hasn't even been run yet!
    Yes, its Heart Acura in Wappingers Falls...
    Should I try another dealer? What should I be shooting for as a payment with $2500 total out of pocket. I'm looking for a 12/36 lease on a TSX base.
  • XxHaimBonxXXxHaimBonxX Posts: 118
    Well I don't know about other dealers. DCH got me the best deal by far, as well as other peeps here. With $2500 you should get your $300 per month since I pay $326 with $1100. Good luck!
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