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2013 and earlier Cadillac CTS Lease Questions



  • I was quoted yesterday for an 08 cts with automatic all wheel drive, nav system, leather, sunroof in black.

    The price was a total of $1500 total out of pocket, 10000 miles per year, 39 months for $484.00 a month. Was this an ok deal? Please advise. I have no idea how to do the calculations that you all talk about.....getting too old!
  • You have to post the MSRP and final negotiated price.

    How much of the $1500 was money down on the lease.
  • Now I really feel stupid. I don't remember. I think the msrp was 43or 42k. I know that the $1525. included the first month's payment of 484, registration and plates, destination charge. The mileages is 10,000 a year. The car has voice navigation, satellite, cd and stereo, leather and lumbar seats, awd, moonroof, heated seats, auto start - think it has cts4 on back of it. It is black, so no premium on paint, regular tires. I have no clue about packages or whatever. They first started at $595. Oh, and they paid last month of the lease (which was $450.)
    Are there so many things involved? Now again, I feel dumb.

    I have no plans to buy at end of 39 month lease. I thought this seemed ok. Help!
  • ok,

    Here is it....I guess I misunderstood or they....? Please advise.

    MSRP: $42705. Car is RWD, Premium collection w/ navigation.
    Down Payment: 600
    First month's pay: 484.
    NJ tire fee: 7.50
    Reg. Title Fee: 354.
    Doc. Fee 75.
    Total OOP: $1520.50

    Money Factor: 5.7

    Now can anybody tell me if I got taken advantage of or not? They wanted me to get car today, put it off till tomorrow.

  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 351
    It sounds like a very good deal. But, to be sure, I need to know the agreed upon selling price, anyrebates/incentives, the aquisition fee, the final capitalized cost, and the residual value (either percent or actual dollar amount). Also, is there a trade-in involved that is knocking some amount off of the capitalized cost?

  • Don't know about agreed upon selling price, or any of the other things. There is no trade involved.
  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 351
    Well - I can make an educated guess on the sell price, rebate, acquisition fee, and residual to make the calculations, but it will only be that, an educated guess.

    However, (and don't take this the wrong way) - if I were you I would call the salesperson and get that information. To me, it is important to know how much I am buying the car for, for instance.
  • I would like your educated guess. When I called today to say I would get vehicle tomorrow (wanted me to pick up car today),the sales person was NOT happy - kind of took a take it or leave it attitude.

    Educated guess would be appreciated.
  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 351
    Ok - here are my calculations/estimates. Looks like you have a fair deal overall.

    I've test driven the car - it's awesome - so enjoy!

    Residual 62.00% Estimate
    Months 39
    Interest Rate 5.70%

    MSRP $42,705
    DISCOUNT $2,900 Estimate - this is just about paying invoice price.
    REBATE $1,000 Estimate
    ACQUISITION FEE $600 Estimate
    RESIDUAL $26,477

    PAYMENT $471
    NJ TAX @ 6% $28.27
    TOTAL PAYMENT $499.41

  • Thanks for getting back to me. I was beginning to think that I might have gotten royally taken advantage of.

    I guess the biggest disappointment for me was that I originally thought that I was getting AWD, and only to find out that it was RWD. But when I brought that up I got a comment that it would cost me more. It is amazing how sales people can turn on the charm when they want and be so abrupt when they think they have you!

    The payment that I will be paying is $484. with tax included btw.

    If you think it is a fair deal then I guess I will go ahead. I think that there are very few deals of the century so to speak!

    Thanks again for your help!
  • How do I figure out what my payments would be? Im lookin at the CTs with a MSRP of 38,000 and I have an audi a6 lease that I owe 11 payments of 696.00 . Anyone know of how to do this? Thanks for the help.
  • what dealer in NJ are you using?
  • goldcoast....why?
  • Just wanted to say thank you for your help. I picked-up my car today. It really is a beautiful car.

    I enjoyed my '05 CTS, but the drive on this one seems to be much smoother and quieter. The "pause, rewind and play" feature on the radio/satellite is just such a nice feature. Unfortunately it was a rainy day, so I did not do very much driving, but the little I did was really enjoyable.

    Thanks again for your help!
  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 351
    You are welcome. It's a sweet ride - I'm jealous!


  • ddeliseddelise Posts: 351
    One more question for you. On your lease contract, it should say what rebates and/or $ amount of the rebates that were deducted from your capital cost. Do you have that figure handy? I too am coming up on a GMAC lease end soon, and am wondering if there are some program benefits that they applied to your deal that I might be also eligible for.

    Thanks - Damon
  • That is my local dealer as well. Good to hear that you had a good experience there. Our salesman seems to know nothing about the new cts.
  • Car Man,

    I was quoted 530/month on a 39 month lease with 10k miles a year on a CTS with an MSRP of 42,380. This figure included 7% sales tax. The first number we were given was 697, and 50/month was taken off a few times to get the price to 530. The salesman was vague about how he reached this number and didn't explain what rebates were being used towards this deal. We qualify for the Luxury Conquest of $1000 and received a $2000 coupon from GM that could be used to pay remaining lease payments or apply towards the new first the salesman told us the offers could be combined, but came back and said they couldn't. We are definitely getting the run around considering someone on this board just got a near identical car from the same dealer for 484. What is a fair lease price for this car and what is the residual and MF?Thanks!!
  • Caddy dealerships really seem shady with their finance terms. Check the residual and money factor/interest very closely. Also, check for adders to the capital cost listed.

    From what I can gather, the current interest rate is 5.7%. Residual for 39 mth, 10k miles is about 61-62%. for 15k miles, subtract another 3% residual.

    use the MSRP, your sales price and your sales tax and use online lease calcs to get estimate to use as ammunition at the dealer.

    I went in as a GM employee family member, so my price is fixed and very good...they proceeded to offer a 6.7% interest lease and added $600 acq fee to the cap cost. He didnt even blink when I said the interest was high. We walked as the car wasnt even at the dealership yet, but it would have been fun to haggle...I think i would have asked to walk straight into the finance manager office.

    Good luck.
  • Can someone post the latest residuals for 24, 30, 36, and 39 months at 12K and 15K miles? I am about to see delivery of my new CTS and would like to be fully prepared.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Subject: Re: [ Forums] New message in Cadillac CTS Lease Questions

    Sorry it took me so long from the holidays and all. BTW, from
    reading this board, I do not think I got the "best" deal, however, I
    really do not understand all of it anyway.

    MSRP: 42705
    GROSS CAP. COST: 38862.82
    CAPITALIZED COST REDUCTION: $600. (initial cash payment)
    This is for a 39 month lease at 10,000 miles per year.

    (Hope this is what you wanted)
  • Leslie12 -- not really. I am looking for the raw numbers that make up a lease payment, which are the residual values and I failed to mention earlier, the GMAC rate. Everyone pays a different price for their vehicle. In your case, you have a 68% residual, which is inline with what I am seeing, but I am looking for the residuals across a range of annual mileage, plus the loan rate.
  • Just wanted to share the leasing deal I got this weekend. Any comments welcome.

    36 months/$10k miles = $585/mo.

    Out-of-Pocket includes 1st month + DMV fees only (No Money Down, No Trade-In)

    CTS 3.6L DI
    Black on Black
    Premium Luxury Package
    18" All Season Tire Performance Package
    18" Polished Aluminum Wheels
    AWD Transmission
    Spare Tire
    Total Options MSRP = $13,200
    MSRP = $34,545
    Destination Charge = $745
    Total Vehicle MSRP = $48,490
    Taxes (8.25%) are capitalized into Lease
  • Sounds like the car is really loaded! Nice! If you have read my posts you will see that I am not that "informed" on what is really a good deal or not. However, I know that I have a 39 month lease, same mileage, without the AWD and 18" tires. Our sales tax is 7%. I also put down $600 down. My payment is $484. per month (including tax). You are paying $100. per month more than me, which is $3600 over the life of the lease. See What the 18" tires and AWD adds to the price and divide it over the 36 months. That will tell you if it was inline with mine, which again I don't know if it is the BEST price. Keep in mind, however, it is really hard to ever get the BEST price. (Just food for thought.) Does that make sense?!?

    Have you negotiated with any other dealer? I do know many people google "lease calculator" and plug in their numbers to see if it is a good deal. BTW, did they give you an interest rate that they were calculating your lease on? Mine was 5.75, I believe.

    I can tell you that I drove my car for about four hours this weekend and absolutely loved it! The navigation is so much more improved than my 05 CTS, and the XM radio, (which I also had in my '05) makes the ride soooo much more pleasurable. I sang all the way down the highway! (BTW, you do know that you can pause and replay a song that you are listening to if you want to don't you?! So much fun. I guess that is how I would describe the car......SO MUCH FUN!

    Good luck!
  • This is an incredible fact, it appears to be GM employee pricing of approx 12% off MSRP.

    Taking the lease calcs as I know them today at 62% residual for 10k, 3 years and 0.00238 money factor and assuming a $600 ACQ fee rolled into the lease, your vehicle price was approx $42600...almost $6000 off MSRP or 12%.

    As a note of reference, the above deal at MSRP would net a lease payment of $776.
  • I think you are assuming that all the discount comes off the MSRP when in fact the dealer has quite a bit of leeway in terms of adjusting the residual and the money factor/APR quoted by GM. There is dealer incentive built into every component of the lease, not just the vehicle price.

    I did receive a supposed $1,000 rebate/incentive under Cadillac's Conquest program for current owners of a luxury vehicle (MB, BMW, Audi, Lexus) that are converting to Cadillac owners.
  • As I said from the beginning, I know absolutely NOTHING about this. For me I just looked at the car and decided what I was willing to pay. I found another dealer that was out of my area that gave me a number that was acceptable to me and then the local dealer (where I got my car from before) was willing to do that price. What do I think I should have gotten....probably the same deal with a total payment of $470. per month. I just wanted the car at a price I was willing to pay for it and that was that......There are things that I negotiate well, cars are not one of them! I truly believe that car salesmen are the worst!
  • yes, i was assuming it was cap cost reduction by the dealer. I have never seen a dealer actually beat the residual or MF listed by the manufacturers...I typically find (and did recently when pricing a CTS at GMS pricing) they mark up these rates. They tried to mark up the interest by 1%.
  • Does anyone have the accurate numbers for December? I was quoted 7.1% for GMAC leasing and I actually cannot believe that.
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