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2007 and newer Chevrolet Tahoe and GMC Yukon



  • solissolis Posts: 4
    I'm not a big fan of grey or silver, but between ebony and tan I'd definitely go with tan. Ebony interiors are a heartache. Having just traded a black interior Ford for a tan interior Honda Pilot, I would know. The black interior's lower part of the doors was always dirty-looking and the kids were hell on the mats. The tan color gives a more luxurious (albeit less sporty) look to the car's interior and keeps it looking much cleaner.

    Congrats on your new Yukon, what a beaut of a car!
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    However demand is fairly high. 15,431 sold in February and 10,481 in January. Almost 10,000 more than the same period last year. #2 selling SUV so far this year. I doubt rebates will be needed for a while.

    2,500 Nisan Armadas were sold in February.
    7,292 Ford Expeditions
    2,868 Toyota Sequoias
    7,924 Durangos

    Only one to out sell it for the year is the Explorer(29,559). For February the Explorer(17,559) and Escape(15,583) out sold the Tahoe(28,524) but only by a few units.
  • 06lly06lly Posts: 21
    Only one to out sell it for the year is the Explorer(29,559). For February the Explorer(17,559) and Escape(15,583) out sold the Tahoe(28,524) but only by a few units.

    I am not following your numbers here......can you clarify?

  • tahoefourtahoefour Posts: 16
    If your looking at the dark grey or the silver check out the titanium interior. Looks good with those two colors.
  • artgpoartgpo Posts: 483
    My wife and I attended an invitation only preview of the 2007 Tahoe last night. There were six stations set up, each with a different theme. As you went from one to another you listened to the canned spiel. This was NOT a sales event, it was sponsored by Chevy and Each person who listened to the spiel got a nice gift at each of the six stations. When you went to the last station you could drive the Tahoe and got a nice waterproof blanket for your effort. Most of the dozens of Tahoes there were LZT models, fully loaded. We came away wanting to know why anyone would spend all that money for such a large vehicle with so little interior room. The middle seats cannot be removed from those we saw and that really limits cargo hauling. The rear seat is cramped for all but children and weighs a ton to remove. Why not buy a top of the line minivan and save about $15,000 to $20,000, have more passenger space and flexibility not to mention gas mileage?
  • sdronsdron Posts: 29
    Plan and simple. Some people do not want to drive a minivan.

    Not sure what you mean by "so little interior room"? If you are coming out of a different type vehicle, maybe then.

    I drove a new 4wd Yukon today and really thought it was nice. Interior was great and roomy to me, but I am used to our 99 Yukon. The brakes were a big improvement over our 99 and the 06 I drove a couple of months ago. Didn't play around with the stereo, power mirrors etc., just took it for a quick spin down the freeway. Feels powerful, excellent ride and did not notice the DOD. I did figure out that there are 2, 5.3 liter engines available on the 2WDs though. The one that will burn ethanol is rated one mile per gallon less on the highway.

    Question...Could someone explain to me the pros and cons of 4WD vs all wheel drive (Denali). All opinions appreciated.
  • bbug1bbug1 Posts: 76
    Funny, I am thinking of getting rid of my 2005 Honda Ody for the 07 Tahoe. I enjoyed the test drive and found the interior not only updated and improved on the new Tahoe, but the brakes and overall feel was impressive. Side curtain (available) for all 3 rows is a bonus over what I was going to consider (Toyota), which only offers curtain airbags for the first 2 rows only.
    For years we have bought HOndas and have been used to the MSRP or higher pricing. What kind of discount on MSRP is reasonable to expect on a Tahoe?
  • artgpoartgpo Posts: 483
    The driving position was very comfortable. The ride was very quiet and handling good for such a ponderous vehicle. There was very little head room in the second row captain's seats for me. I am 6'2" tall and found my head was very close to the top of the door frame. There was no leg room in the third row for me. It would be next to impossible for an older person to have to navigate into that last row.

    For such a large vehicle there is not proportionate passenger space.
  • crzyaimcrzyaim Posts: 56
    Does anyone know when the expected release date of the Denali is? I've heard the end of April to the end of September.

    Also, what kind of deals are people getting on the SLT's? Anyone paying invoice or closer to MSRP? Any input would be great. Thanks.
  • pharden1pharden1 Posts: 4
    I know the body width of the 2007 is 79", but does any know how much the mirrors add to the width. I'm concerned my garage doors aren't wide enough
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    Gee, the tide is turning. People are considering updated GM products over the Honda/Toyota stuff. The '07 Tahoe/Yukon is a big improvement with decent mileage, the Buick Lucerne is getting rave reviews, etc. Clearly the Japanese product advantage is no longer there. Additonally, the buying experience at most urban Toyota stores is now no better than the CSI at a Chevy store (says Barons Magazine). Think about it: why would you pay list or list plus and get the same CSI as where they discount heavily?

    With these quality products now out there why would anyone w/o grammar school age kids want to drive a minivan?
  • sdronsdron Posts: 29
    I am 5'11" and there was plenty of head room for me. :)
    I actually did check out the 3rd row seats even though they won't be on my order form. There just isn't sufficient cargo space behind them, which is more important to me than 3rd row seats.
  • sdronsdron Posts: 29
    Still hoping somebody can help with a logical explanation of the pros and cons of 4WD on an 07 Yukon vs AWD on an 07 Denali? :confuse:
  • 06lly06lly Posts: 21
    Not sure how detailed of a description you were looking for but here is the basics. AWD refers to a full time 4 wheel drive system that usually does not have a 2-speed transfer case. You do not turn the system on or off. It is permanently in 4 wheel drive.

    The 4WD system with the t-case typically has three settings. 2-HI for highway, 4-HI for highway with poor road conditions and 4-Lo for off road deep mud, steep grade type use.

    The beauty of AWD is that you don't have to mess with turning it on or changing modes. It is always there but there is a small sacrifice of fuel economy, probably less than 1MPG at highway speeds.

    If you dont go off road but drive on slippery roads during winter, AWD is the way to go.

    If you want to go off road, 4WD is best.

    Watch out for towing capacities with AWD, they may not be as high as the 4WD models.
  • sdronsdron Posts: 29
    Thanks 06lly.

    We just drive in the snow occasionaly, and every once in a while get in some sand/loose dirt but never any serious offroading (anymore). We have had four, 4WD trucks or SUVs in a row and will have another by summer.

    The loaded SLT Yukon that we looked at stickered at $50k so will wait to see what the Denalis are before deciding.
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    Sorry. The 28,524 is for the year on the Tahoes.

    For February 15,431 Tahoes were sold, making it third behind the Explorer and Escape.
  • jntjnt Posts: 316

    Good luck on getting any discount on the new 07 Tahoe. This vehicle is still new and demand is a lot higher than the supply. May be in 6 months or a year may be? I read some article that mentioned GM is getting 40K for each on the average.

  • sdronsdron Posts: 29
    I heard end of March. I am in So Cal.
  • sdronsdron Posts: 29
    A Dealer in San Diego is discounting $3,000 off MSRP on the 07 Tahoes.
  • tahoefourtahoefour Posts: 16
    I ordered my 2007 Tahoe, paid invoice.
  • crzyaimcrzyaim Posts: 56
    Thanks for the response. We are debating between a fully loaded SLT and Denali, but afraid that they are not releasing the Denali's for some time. I guess it is a wait and see thing.
  • fshifshi Posts: 57
    well, almost everything is OFF from MSRP, that is not discount really.
  • morey000morey000 Posts: 384
    There is no such thing as a formal definition of 4WD or AWD, and each manufacturer, even each vehicle model incorporates 4WD systems differently. Also- I don't claim to know how the '07 Denali system functions.

    However- in general, AWD systems are typically full time. i.e. you're always driving around in AWD. This is good in some ways for handling and general traction on slipperier surfaces such as snow and gravel, as all 4 wheels always have power to them. HOWEVER (and this is a biggie), there are typically no locking differentials. So, if you are slowly travelling on a rocky, steep dirt or ice covered road, and one or two wheels lose traction, they may spin, with power not being diverted to the wheels that have traction. Or- depending on the AWD system- there may be a delay before the differential will lock, or the ABS system will kick in and assist.

    With a good 4WD system and locking differentials (front, center and rear), if any one wheel has traction, then the vehicle will move.

    I've been plagued with this issue- as there are many fine new AWD crossover SUVs on the market these days, and so many of them don't have any off-road ability (which I need). So, I'm nearly forced to go with a truck (such as a tahoe/yukon, or Envoy) that has a 'real' 4WD system.
  • sdronsdron Posts: 29
    My Wife and I are debating the same thing. I drove a loaded Steel Gray 4WD Yukon last weekend and really liked it, but will wait for the Denalis to come out before deciding. We are not really into bling that much so we'll see.
  • sdronsdron Posts: 29
    Thanks for your response Morey.

    Question though. If AWD is full time. If you lose traction on 1 or 2 wheels why do you need power to be diverted to the other wheels that have traction :confuse: Wouldn't the traction that is already present be enough?
  • jay_24jay_24 Posts: 536
    Depends. most AWD cross-ver SUVs don't have locking differentals (front or rear). If a single front wheel spins a little, then some power is sent to the rear wheels. If one of those wheels is also on ice it will get nearly all the power and spin becuase of no locking differental. So your left with two spinning wheels.

    A rear locking differental will give you 3 spinning wheels (or 3 wheels with power). one front and two rear.

    Given Murphy's Law what tire has traction?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Few 4WD trucks have locking diffs. Is there ANY truck currently being sold with three locking diffs? MB G500?

    There are so many different systems, it is hard to make general statements. For example, the Toyota 4Runner V8/Lexus GX470 have full-time 4WD. They also have a low-range and a limited slip center differential (made by Torsen). The center diff can be locked. This gives them good offroad ability and great ability on slippery pavement as well.

    Are there any trucks from the big three with locking front or rear diffs (other than Hummer)? A limited-slip diff is good. A lockable limited-slip is better.

    I'm not familiar with the Denali's system. Can anyone describe it in detail?
  • nld1966nld1966 Posts: 6
    Never having purchased an SUV before, I was suprised when I did. I saw the Tahoe at the Texas State Fair and was impressed by the good looks and luxurious interior. Traded out of my Acura as soon as Tahoes started showing at the dealers. Super happy with my choice. Few hundred miles so far, but still impressed. Frankly, I expacted a rattle or two to show itself, or some other "trouble". I had not bought a chevy in over 20 years and what I remembered was troubles from the begining. Not so with this Tahoe. Picked an LT3 off the dealer lot...loaded out of course. Thought of ordering to get a few less options and a lower MSRP, but decided I couldn't wait. I have had no "troubles" and am still impressed. I am very pleased with my choice.
  • I still can't believe it. I was at the Cincinnati Auto Show and saw the new Tahoe/Escaladae, which are beautiful but the third row ruins it. I have an 03 Expedition and the convenience of electric fold flat seating is unbeatable. It is a deal breaker when looking at an SUV. I mean, If I am at the Lake and decide to give a ride home to some friends, if I left the seats at home in the garage, they are out of luck! Plus, if I leave the seats in, then I lose A LOT of space. I guess they want us to buy the SUburban, which would solve this problem, but I could not fit it in my garage. Sorry Chevy, the Tahoe looks great but I'll probably have to buy the 07 Expedition. :cry:
  • rsjohnrsjohn Posts: 16
    The Denali short wheel base is being build now at Janesville, wis. they started building them on monday March 6, 2006. the Denali long wheel base will be build some time in april. The are a sharp ride with all the chrome. I have drove them nice ride.
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