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2013 and earlier Lexus IS 250 / IS 350 Lease Questions



  • The guy I'm working with got back to me on the numbers for an IS 350. I was wondering if it looked like an okay deal and was a bit concerned with the residual value he quoted. I'm also going to be prepaying all taxes and fees so only the cost of the car will be financed.

    MSFP: 40,784
    Actual Price: 39,784
    Miles: 15K / year
    Money Factor: .00204
    Residual: 43%
    (48 months): $670
    (51 months): $650
    (54 months): $635
    (60 months): $620
  • riemu7riemu7 Posts: 13

    I need your quick advice on this offer - will be heading into the dealership Friday to negotiate. This was what I was offered today:

    IS 250 AWD standard package/options
    Sticker price - $35,164

    15k, 36 months = $477/month
    18k, 36 months = $509/month

    Drive out = $770 + first month + plates/transfer.

    What do you think? I'd like to offer 18k, 36 month for $450. It's the end of the month, and I'm betting the dealership needs to meet some numbers. We didn't discuss money factor, residual, negotiated price, etc. Just the bottom line payment.

  • riemu7riemu7 Posts: 13
    Just some follow-up - I went to the dealership today to see how willing they were to sell me the car on the last day of the month. Offered $459 for 36 mo/18k, and then it seemed like I made the sales person upset, and had a visit from the manager. He showed me the worksheet, using a negotiated price of $32,066, money factor of 0.00235, residual of 59%, he showed me a price of $501.23 (which includes 6% state tax).

    So I plug these numbers into my lease calculator and get $467.34 (again, includes 6% state tax).

    Regardless, I'm determined to get the car around this price even if I have to wait. Just want to hear others' comments.

  • riemu7riemu7 Posts: 13
    Does anyone know what the residual would be on a IS 250 AWD after 36 months/18,000 mi?
  • stalnakerstalnaker Posts: 72

    I will be in the market for a new car later this year, but I'm starting to do my research now. I really don't have any experience with Lexus Financial Services, so I have some general questions I was hoping you could answer. For the first question, let's use this vehicle as a sample:

    Lexus IS250 RWD w/Premium Package
    MSRP: $33,234.00 (Including delivery)
    Actual Sales Price: $33,234.00 (For sake of discussion)
    Lease Term: 3 Years/15,000 Miles Per Year
    Residual: I'm not sure what the residual is, but can you tell me?
    Money Factor: Is it .00265? I think I saw that in other posts.

    Here are my questions:

    1. What would my monthly payment be with nothing down, before tax?
    2. What would my total payment be if I decided to do the one-pay lease? I believe the reduces the MF by 0.00100, so I want to see the comparison in total cost over the 3 years.
    3. I heard somewhere that you can lower the money factor on a Lexus lease by putting down multiple security deposits (MSD), between 2 and 7. Do you know anything about this?
    4. Lexus always has this sale around Christmas called the "December to Remember" event. Is this really the best time of the year to lease a new Lexus? If so, how much of a discount do they typically offer?

    That's all.....thanks a bunch for your help!

  • I will be picking up an IS 350 in about ten days. The agreed upon price is $34,750 vs. a MSRP of $38,234 (Smoky Granite Mica, 18" Wheels, Premium Package, and Preferred Accessory Package only).

    I have decided to lease this vehicle through Lexus Financial Services.

    Could you please provide this month's residuals for both 36mo/12k mi and 36mo/15k mi for this (without navigation package) vehicle? Also, could you please provide the current LFS money factors for Tier 1+ and Tier 1.

    Many Thanks,

  • cybercarcybercar Posts: 7
    Hello Car_Man,
    I am starting on some homework on leasing an IS250. I see a lot of questions about leasing for 36 months/24Mo. but I was wondering what the residual value and Money factor is for a 48 month lease/15,000K & 48/12,000K? Tier 1 Credit

    Thanks for the help!
    S.F. Bay Area
  • Hi Carman,
    Boy am I glad I saw this sight today, we got beat up at the Lexus here in MA. First I went in w/o my husband I wanted the IS250 AWD-No Nav, the car came with all the other stuff. I wanted 3k down, and to pay 34,500 for the car MSRP 35690 lease for 39 months and pay about 475 a month. One guy tells me that can work, hubby goes there today and Bam.. They tell him 571 month 2k down. and the Resid was what was killing him and the money factor??? And that these cars FLY out of the dealer and Lexus give

    What do you think?
  • LOL! about the dealership and what they quoted you, did they also give you the song and dance about how wonderful they are and they have 100% satisfaction rates..blaa...blaaa..blaa How did it work out for you? I was there the last two days first they tell me the same gig how it was going to be 39 month,12k 3k down $470 a month. My husband goes back to negotiate and do the paperwork and the NEW Sales manager tells him its $571 a month for $34,000 purchase price.

    What did you end up doing since it's now 4/7 and all the 06' lease deals are over??

  • kgk3kgk3 Posts: 19
    Are the residual values and/or the money factor negotiable items? For example, I was quoted a 55% residual on a 39 month, 15K/year lease on an IS350 (can't remember the money factor). This seems low to me. Can these figures be negotiated or do you just have to take what's given to you from Lexus Financial?
  • Is this an insane question, I just had to ask, this dealership I go to acts like your bothering them and you better not ask for money off the sticker cause they have 5 people behind you who will pay it? Is it true there are no deals on the IS250 from LFS now?

  • riemu7riemu7 Posts: 13
    After much research (many thanks to this forum) I finally decided to go ahead with a lease on a new 2006 IS 250 AWD, preferred package, all weather mats, MSRP $35,164. Here were the least numbers (36 months/15,000 miles):

    MSRP $35,164
    Neg Cap Cost $31,946
    MF (Tier 1+ Credit ) 0.00235
    Residual - 58% (just went down from 59% since March 31)

    Payments came out to $470.49 with state tax. Got Blue Onyx with Cashmere interior. Upgrading from a Jeep Liberty!
  • riemu7riemu7 Posts: 13
    Forgot to mention this is with no money or security deposit down, and about $1300 in drive offs ($600 acquisition, $470.49 1st month's, $23 title+transfer fee, $170 document fee).
  • vlad3vlad3 Posts: 1
    Got my IS 250 for 465/mo, for 39mo lease.
    Price seems to be OK, but I found in my lease agreement - Other charges - Disposition Fee -450$ if I do not purchase the Vehicle!
    Is anyone having this fee in the agreement? Or is it a new dealer trick?
  • Hi,

    I've been offered the following terms:

    MSRP: $36,310
    Cap cost: $34,291
    Invoice: $31,785 (Edmunds) $32,291 (dealers)
    Cap cost reduction = 0
    Residual = 0.60
    12K/36 mo.

    $1465 drive off

    $568 including tax (8.25%) and gap insurance

    I've back calculated a money factor of 0.00262

    My question is, if my cap cost, money factor and residual are in the same ballpark as all the previous posts, then why are my monthly payments not in the $480 range like all the previous posts?

    Can someone help me figure this out? I've taken the 'extreme' situation of:

    residual = 0.61 (best thats been posted)
    cap cost = 33,291 (best thats been posted)
    MF = 0.00235 (best thats been posted)

    and I still come out to a monthly payment of $526

    What am I missing here?
  • ben833ben833 Posts: 12
    Wow, sounds like a great deal. What dealership is that from?

    I am going in for my first car negotiation this weekend. Any tips?
  • ben833ben833 Posts: 12
    Hey, I was quoted a 58% residual for IS250 AWD Non-nav 15k/36 ($35,069 MSRP).

    In March it was 59%. How could it go down so much in 1 month? Is it possible to negotiate the residual up with Lexus?

    Also, does anyone know the requirements of Tier 1+ credit? I found out from the dealer that Tier 1 entails an Experian Fico score of 700 or greater.
  • ben833ben833 Posts: 12
    residual = 0.61 (best thats been posted)
    cap cost = 33,291 (best thats been posted)
    MF = 0.00235 (best thats been posted)

    and I still come out to a monthly payment of $526

    I got $526 in my calculator as well. Without the 8.25% sales tax, I got $487. Perhaps this is your confusion?
  • riemu7riemu7 Posts: 13
    Good luck - this is only my second car, and my first lease, but I learned a TON, especially from this group. I would recommend knowing the exact MSRP and invoice price of the car you want (use many sources, KBB/Edmunds/NADA), take all that info with you, try to negotiate a price around $500-1000 above INVOICE (the dealer will try to come down from MSRP, to make it seem like a good deal). Most importantly don't hesitate to walk away. Come back another day. Wait until the last day of the month (dealers will be more likely to negotiate). Also, take a "best offer" price from one dealership, get it in writing, and go to another. Dealers will be quick to beat another dealer's price. Good luck! I love my IS250 - worth every penny.
  • riemu7riemu7 Posts: 13
    Yes, apparently the residual on the 2006 IS250 went from 59% as of March 31 to 58% on April 1. It made a big difference in the monthly payments of the car. Good luck trying to negotiate a higher residual - I believe this is something dealers aren't willing to change.

    I have Tier 1+ credit, score > 800. I don't know what the cutoff is.
  • p996p996 Posts: 56
    What is the MF and residual for an IS350 in April?

    Anyone buy and get a good deal from JM Lexus?
  • New Jersey Dealership
    MSRP - $35,069
    Invoice - $31,303 (which includes $429 in Lexus national advertising fees - not too crazy about that)
    Cap Cost - $32,500
    Residual - 58% = $20,340
    Money Factor - .00245

    This is for a 3 year/45,000 mile lease, $497/month with nothing down. First payment would be roughly $1,450, which is comprised of the first montly payment plus fees.

    I have also been offered a deal in which I would put down a multiple security deposit of $4,050. I would get every penny of this amount back at the end of the lease, but my monthly lease payment would decrease over $50 to $445/month. This seems like it is too good to be true. $52/month in savings on $4K is a great rate of return. Is there something I'm missing? I'd appreciate anybody's thoughts on this deal. I'm thinking that I can get the cap cost to come down some more. They originally offered $33,000. The $32,500 was their second offer. Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks!
  • This seems like a lot of money for monthly payments, especially with the down payment.

    I leased an IS250 AWD for $525 a month.. it was actually $500 but I purchased wheel/tire insureance because of Michigan's wretched roads.

    Anyway, I only paid $1295 at signing and that included the first month's payment, the rest were fees, etc...

    12K miles a year.. The Sticker price was a bit of $35K and they bumped it down to a little over $33K.

    I have Tier 1+ so my MF is relatively low.

    But $659 sounds incredibly high for a 250AWD.. especially if they are making you do that big of an upfront payment.
  • yeungj1yeungj1 Posts: 5
    So much for holding out for an '07 ;)
    I stopped by Stevinson Lexus in Denver and emotions took I ended up leasing a black/black 250 AWD today! The staff was great and they took great care of me. Anways, I think I did ok for my first lease.

    3 yrs 18k miles
    MSRP $35,069
    Cap Cost $32,050
    Residual 58% $18,990
    Money factor .00265
    Monthly payment $495 + tax $22.78
    Drive off fees $1569 0 money down + 1st months payment

    This was for the base model w/premium package. I got them to throw in window tint. I don't know how much better I could have done, but I'm pretty happy with the deal. Thanks to everyone for posting on this forum, I learned so much and probably saved thousands from reading your posts.
  • Hello,

    I'm thinking about leasing 250 RWD(MT) no Nav, and got couple of questions:

    1. Is there a correlation (and what is it) between residual percentage and miles per year driven on the lease. Looking through the posts I see that people leasing with as high as 18k miles per year and still getting 58% residual.

    2. Does anyone know if you can get 250 RWD (MT) w/o Nav, without any packages installed on it? Or there is always at least Premium installed on the car? Premium seems to be the most popular package. Is it worth the money? I looked at it , and it does not give you much really in my opinion.

    3. And finally, it looks like dealers don't do deals on this model. Is it true? Are they not willing to negotiate at all? Sticker price is what you get?

    Thanks in advance!

  • from_flfrom_fl Posts: 113
    Does Lexus pay for tire replacement during your 3 years lease?

  • yeungj1yeungj1 Posts: 5
    No, tires are part of the normal wear and tear that the driver is responsible paying for.
  • from_flfrom_fl Posts: 113
    Perhaps you should add that to your total leasing cost..
    I250's 18 inch can cost more than 1K per set.
  • yeungj1yeungj1 Posts: 5
    The AWD only is available with 17" wheels. I tried having the dealership put the stock 18" wheels with summer tires, but no luck.
  • Got a quote from Arlington Lexus in Palatine, IL:

    IS250 RWD with MT + Premium Package
    - $5500 trade in
    58% residual
    0.00265 MF
    36 mo
    15K miles
    Total: $399/mo (tax included)

    Not sure if a few other fees are included like security deposit, aquisition fees, etc. This seems to be right on the money, same numbers pretty much that most lease calculators give on this values.

    I was told that Base model without any package will be hard to get, up to 90 days waiting period. I also wanted 18in wheels, but looks like they only available for RWD AT or AWD trim. Strange...
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