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Honda Accord (2003-2007) Maintenance and Repair



  • "The TSB is for the dealer's FYI."

    I imagine a TSB - where Honda of America fully absorbs the attendant costs - to be somewhat stronger than a simple advisory.

    But you're right, almost everyone would agree that from a legal standpoint, it's the dealer's option.

    That the dealer opted not to take the high road (they're getting full compensation from H of A anyway) means the win-lose game between dealer and customer continues. Unfortunately, imo.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    I see your point of course. I was thinking in strict legal terms---the dealer could pretty much throw them in the wastebasket. Not good business though.
  • I had the same problem and took it to the dealer. They replaced it for free under warranty. No questions asked. Didn't have to pay for anything.
  • ger i hope honda gets some other paint shop to repaint your car , or you will just get another lousy paint job! honda has a reputation for soft, thin and super orange peely paint. i havent heard of it actually peeling off , but it doesnt surprise me. ps watch what you complain about around here if it isnt about the popular problems like trannys or brakes or radio displays, the watchdogs might get ya. i know this for a fact! stevieboy
  • colocolo Posts: 1
    I don't think it is normal. I came in here to see if someone else was having the same problem and my 2003 Honda Accord EX v6 does the exact same thing. Honda locally doesn't know what it is and Acura doesn't either. I noticed when I let off the gas and when the auto trans. downshifts, that is when the lights flick or dim a little. I have had 5 Honda's and non of them has ever done this. I actually turned everything off thinking that I was drawing to much power. I am scheduled to take my car in again in about a week. The problem is more annoying then a hazard.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Can you fully and accurately document your claim that "honda has a reputation for soft, thin and super orange peely paint."? That would probably be news to the vast majority of Honda owners.
  • The paint job in my 2006 Accord has a pretty high amount of orange peel all over the car. But I don't think it's something the average consumer will notice; I certainly didn't until I read a few people complaining about it on another forum and I took a better look at my car. A little annoying, but I don't think I'll care all that much if the car lasts as long as I expect it to.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    The operative words in your message are "a few people". While if the problem is yours or mine, we consider it to be serious. However, that doesn't necessarily make it widespread, as steve58 implied.

    The only paint problem on my 2004 Accord is where some careless person slightly ding'd it when opening their door in a parking lot. Otherwise, I'd consider it perfect.
  • I never said or implied that steve58's assertion that "Honda is known for poor paint" was correct. I was just chiming in with my own experiences.

    I have no idea whether Honda has a paint problem or not, and it's not something I really even care about. My last car was a Civic I had for over 10 years, and I can count on one hand how many times I even washed that car in that time span.
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    Had my first actual mechanical problem with my 05 Accord. The auto up & down feature on the power driver's side window stopped working. The power window still works, it will go up & down but I have to hold the switch like an "old fashioned" power window. (Isn't it funny how you get used to features like this; it wasn't that long ago I bought a new car with crank windows).

    Anyone else have this problem? Mine is still under warranty so I'll get it fixed, just curious if it's the switch or what, and if it's a common problem.

  • Could be an overly-sensitive "auto-stop" feature that prevents the window from squashing objects in its path. My 03 coupe has this as an intermittent problem.

    If, for example, the window run-channels are binding the window glass because they're winter-frozen, auto-stop will always be on - leading to the condition you're having.

    Or it might just be a completely broken unit. Either way, dealer would probably have to change the unit.
  • I had this problem last week for a few days with my 05 Accord, but now it's working again. When it wasn't working, it was cold and we'd had snow and ice, so atlantabenny's suggestion that ice was triggering the auto-stop sounds like the right idea.

  • I have a few odd problems with my 05 EX-V6 sedan and I was wondering if anyone else has seen these issues.

    1. When I use the driver's seat heater it emits this weird smell after a few minutes. I wouldn't describe it as a burning smell, but I have no idea what it smells like. It worked fine the first several times I used it over maybe a month before I started noticing the smell. I think the passenger seat heater is ok although it gets used much less frequently so I wouldn't necessarily know if it has the same problem.

    2. The auto-up/down function of the driver's power mirror stopped working for a few days, although it's working again now. Even when the auto function was broken, the window would still go up and down, I just had to hold the lever. This just came up from someone else a few messages ago, but I'm curious to see if there are other possible causes.

    3. The driver door speaker sometimes sounds horrible and distorted, especially on bass. Usually I turn down the volume (which was probably around 15 to begin with) for a few minutes and when I turn it back up, the speaker is ok. I've noticed this happen on several very cold days, although I'm not sure it was cold every time.

    Has anyone seen any of these issues? I'll take it to a dealer next week. I just wanted to get an idea of whether these are common problems.

    Thanks for any info.


    (I accidentally posted this in the Quality Control Issues forum, but I meant to post it here, so I'm reposting.)
  • Steve58, thanks for your imput on our paint woe's. I, by now, am convinced that Honda uses substandard paint on it's vehicles. Would you believe I receved a customer satisfaction survey from Honda headquarters in the mail today? After all the dirty crap they tried to pull over on us about their paint defects---and we still don't have the problem resolved because Honda does'nt want to resolve it on a vehicle that is still under factory warranty. One thing is for sure, Honda does'nt value it's customer base.
    Oh by the way, don't ever use BBB if you have a consumer related problem, their inept.
    Yea,I noticed they are a lot of tranny, radio, & tire talk on this site. I kinda felt out of place. Thanks again,Geri1
  • I have a 2003 Accord that was a lease car I bought at around 30K in mileage. So I know all maintenance was done, mileage was low, etc. My question is this: Knowing that dealerships LOVE to have you come in for checkups and repairs, I just got my 45K checkup/maintenance reminder. What would this cover, and do I really need it? I plan on replacing the trans. fluid w/ my next oil change - always smart to do regularly, I'm told - but should I let them squeeze the (probably) extra $100-$200 out of me? I love the car - my first Honda - and do want to care for it. Knowing this, what maintenance SHOULD I really consider top-priority over the next x-number of miles? Thanks for your help here - maybe I'll split the $$ with my answerers! :)
  • Geri1, I found that the way to get results from honda is to take the same route you have, and you will be denied. then you have to go back to the service manager at your dealership and be persistant and stay on them ,ask them things like what if it was their new 27000 dollar car what would he do ? be a thorn in his side! call every week until you get results! I had to do this because my paper thin cheap leather seats cracked in less than a year! i knew for a FACT honda would come through and they did after several months of pleading my case . cant stress enough persistance! as for honda finishes i compare the finish on my old 87 accord i bought new , it was the perfect paint job! no doubt about it their paint was to brag about! I ,being very fussy about the apearance of my black 04 accord found that after buying it the paint scratches by simply sli ding your fingers acrossed it! and this is a FACT again! i am sure it is only very visible on dark colors. the majority of owners dont take proper care of the finish on their cars , but there are still a few of us out there, and by that i mean washing your car atleast every 2 weeks in winter or summer! ever washed your car and had the water start freezing befor you dry it? you will never find me posting anything false on any web site, I dont know much, butwhat i write is through my experience ( the last couple of sentences are for the watchdogs GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR i will bite back!) let me know how you make out, and look back a couple of months ago on this site for some more paint info.
  • blane,blane, blane thank god for people like you so people like me can release some of our frustrations. first, drive down to your local honda dealer and look very close at the finish of every car in the you even know what orange peel is? open your eyes and take a good hard look around, you might be surprised at what your missing.I guarentee every new honda is full of it! especially down the sides. while i agree most owners dont care about it. but it is a fact and there are many of us who do care .we are used to hondas high quality and feel we are being ripped off by theirlack of quality control when they are designing their cars .if people like me dont complain about these petty problems who knows what they will sacrifice next.isnt this what these forums are for? as for your little dings in your doors i have found that when you park at walmart to take a little extra time in choosing your spot and park in the center of the space. basically dont park beside a car that has been neglected ,which might mean park down on the far end of the lot and do something you probably need to do WALK. take notice of the cars that park way down there most of those people dont want people like you parking beside them.they dont want dings in there cars.hope i havent offended you.and by the way i have new leather seats. honda does really care, but only if you draw them a picture. steve
  • Hi all,

    Unfortunately I scratched the plastic piece that runs the length of the rear right door (door protector) which is not a big deal but I want to replace it. I already ordered the part online for $28 (which I think is very expensive for a piece of plastic but I digress) and will get it soon.

    Does anyone know how to replace it? I pried the old one and there are some clips behind it. But it does not look like those clips will fall behind. Would I have to remove the inside door compartment to get to the backs of those clips? Any help is appreciated.
  • Steve58,you can bet I will continue to pursue Honda on this issue--but at this juncture in our so far 6 month ordeal, going back to this particular dealership would be fruitless. Guess what? Our 04 Accord is the color black also, I can look at it real hard and it will scratch. Gotta run now and complete this Honda customer service survey concerning the mediation we went through with them--going to have fun with this one. Thanks, geri1
  • pj23pj23 Posts: 158
    We've owned 5 Hondas over the past 4 years - 4 Accords and 1 Civic. I never noticed orange peel on any of them. It can't be that big of a problem, otherwise one would think that at least one of those cars would've exhibited orange peel. By the way, I've never posted anything false either.
  • how big is the scratch? if it's small and hasn't gone down to the plastic yet, wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to just polish it out? If it has gone down to the plastic, it wouldn't it still be easier to fill, primer, and then touch up the scratch?
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    They are big, and have gone deep into the plastic in thin lines which makes it hard to fill etc. And not to mention the touch up paint does not exactly end up being the same blue as my car (already tried it, it is strange). I already got the part so I am planning to replace it but wasn't sure how the clips come off.

    It is part 8 (and 4 each of 9's) in the diagram below. - cgry1=Accord&catcgry2=2005&catcgry3=4DR+LX&catcgry4=KA5MT&catcgry5=PROTECTOR
  • jocollijocolli Posts: 12
    I found these forums while looking for others with power window problems. My Accord just hit 50,000 miles.
    (1)Every morning, I stop by a fast food joint for breakfast. Since the weather got cold I've noticed a new problem. The window tracks were lubed as part of a 30,000 mile service. Below 40 degrees, the drive side window fails to go up. -Even when I continuously hold the button in the up position. I have to manually pull the window up while holding the button up.
    (2) The power washer jet on the driver's side does not give any water. It did in the past. then, slowed. Now it is completely stopped. The passenger side jet works fine, but, NOTHING comes from the driver side.
    (3) The paint on my accord chips regularly. The front hood looks bad. Probably from bugs. however, there are also chips on the sides and trunk lid. And, this has happened since day one. None are bigger than the diameter of a pencil's eraser. The graphite gray paint just disappears and the dark primer is revealed. I live in an urban area and the car does not see gravel roads. This car was built in Japan, so, I am wondering if it is the Japanese paint booth vs. the US paint booth? If so, I will stay away from the Japanese built Accords in the future.
    I did purchase the extended warranty. And, hopefully, the first two problems will be fixed. But, I wanted to point out that people are telling the truth about the accord paint and that there are others with the paint problem too.
  • Guys!
    Help me out here a little bit.
    Could you please define "orange peel"
  • rcc8179rcc8179 Posts: 131
    Had my first actual mechanical problem with my 05 Accord. The auto up & down feature on the power driver's side window stopped working. The power window still works, it will go up & down but I have to hold the switch like an "old fashioned" power window. (Isn't it funny how you get used to features like this; it wasn't that long ago I bought a new car with crank windows).

    It could just need reset. To do this, start with the driver's window closed. Open it by holding down the button--and then continue holding for 2 seconds after it is completely down. Close the window by pulling up on the switch and again hold the switch for 2 seconds after it is closed. If this was the problem, it should be fixed. Otherwise, take it in to the dealer. I think it needs reset if the battery is ever disconnected.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    And yes, I am also a victim of 2 transmission replacements in my '00 Odyssey.

    Wow. We just traded our 2000 EX Ody in. The only problem we ever had out of it was a creaky front passenger seat. Seems like you attract tranny trouble.
  • hermannhermann Posts: 38
    I am the owner of a '05 Lx Sedan in Eternal Blue Pearl and it has a fairly severe case of orange peel..During my last oil change at the dealer I walked the Accord area of the lot. All of the Accords on the lot had orange peel. I wonder if Honda thinks we will all be back for new Accords.

    Things that make you go Hmmmm..
  • Have a question regarding the clutch in my 4 cyl accord with MT. I've noticed that sometimes the clutch is very soft and other times heavy. I've had other cars with MT and never noticed this much range. At start up the clutch is usually pretty soft. Stays that way on short drives. Tonight after driving 40 miles on the highway (in 5th gear) I had to downshift for my exit - the clutch was so heavy I had to look to see if something was got stuck behind it. The car is seven months old and has 5k miles.

    Any feedback is apreciated.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    "Orange peel" is descriptive of the textured appearance of sprayed paint. ALL mechanically painted production cars that don't undergo wet hand rubouts with 800 grit or finer sandpaper, followed up with another rubout with rubbing compound, followed up with polishing after the paint drys will exhibit some degree of orange peel when viewed by reflected light at certain angles - in other words lots of hard hand and machine work with progressively finer abrasives are required to elliminate orange peel. If you want to see autopaint applied and caressed as it was meant to be, attend a hotrod or restored classics show or auction. Some of these owners spend more on a custom-applied paint job than some recent model Mercedes and BMW owners payed for their cars. Durability of modern automotive paints is a justifiable sore point. The problem is that solvent-based automtoive paints with polyurethane catalytic hardeners are no longer legal in the United States for mass produced cars because of environmental concerns about hydrocarbon emissions. (They're still available and legal for restorers, paint shops, and auto body shops, though, because those enterprises only do a small fraction of the painting an auto manufacturer does on a daily basis.) So, water-based paint is used instead. After the bodywork is sprayed, it is CAREFULLY rolled into a bake oven where the heat evaporates the remaining water and "cures" bonding agents included in the paint that set it to the primer coat. But, these paints are applied to a much reduced thickness and they're simply not as durable as the acrylic lacquers and enamels GM and others used in the late '50s through the '60s. It's not just Honda folks - it's virtually all automanufacturers selling affordable cars (and some not so affordable cars, too - check the paint complaints on the Mercedes discussions!). What to do? GARAGE your ride every night. When out, park at the end of the row where there should be reduced liklihood of some addle-brained soccer mom and her snot-nosed spawn on their merry way to a Kohl's super-sale crashing their four year-old Explorer's "Acme Safe Co." door into your pride and joy. Is it fair that drivers of newer cars should have to take defensive precautions? No. So?
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    There might be a worn bushing that the clutch pedal is suspended from*. Should be a warranty item, but the dealership's service monkeys would have to verify the heavy action before they could take action. Guess what the odds of that are... Still, if it were my car, I'd take it in and complain (and make sure they started an invoice so I had documentation how early the problem started for later warranty or post-warranty purposes).

    Another possibility is that the clutch servo cylinder (you have a hydraulically applied clutch) is the problem. This would also be a warranty item, but, again, it would have to be verefied by the dealership personnel before they could submit the fix to Honda for reimbursement.

    *In the "old days", sooner forgotten than lamented, bronze bushings were used - they just needed to periodically have a drop of motor oil applied (which most owners neglected to do and most mechanics conveniently "forgot"). Fast forward to twenty-five years ago, or so. Now "self-lubricating" plastic bushings (typically nylon, delrin, or teflon) are used. Guess what? They're not self-lubricating at all after a little dust gets on 'em. Eventually they start binding and ultimately shred to smithereens.
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