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Honda Accord (2003-2007) Maintenance and Repair



  • My 2003 V6 Accord also had 5 or 6 cds in it. The cd player quit working also and it still displayed the cd lights for several weeks then one day the lights stopped indicating there were any cds. You still cant eject but just like yours every time you start up the car you hear the motor attempting to move some cds around but nothing happens. The Radio still works.. big deal.. so I have purchased a JVC In dash DVD with the 3 inch monitor and am going to have someone do a fiber glass custom install but (Because installing an after market DVD and the install price is cheaper than purchasing the factory 6 disk changer)... it gets worse... I was driving the other day and noticed all my Center consul lights no longer work. The radio still works but you can barely see the display in the daytime and at night you cant see anything even the AC and fan buttons are out. And the Dome lite is not working either. The right dome is off and not burnt out and the left turns on but flickers.. . I see that there are alot of other 03 Accord owners with these same problems.. HONDA THIS IS NOT GOOD...
  • andyrusandyrus Posts: 17
    My wife's 2003 Accord EX-L V6 radio has display light problem too. Radio and A/C controls work fine, however I can see only shadows on the display. The first time it ever occurred I had just a week of the warranty left. Took to the dealership and could not re-create the problem. Now I do not have warranty and I am taking the car to the dealership this Saturday. I hope Honda will have mercy. I will post my experience next week.
  • Yes, the same thing happened using the spare key - that is it would not go into the ignition. I think it's something to do with the tumbler but the dealer can't confirm until it is brought in either situation; not able to remove or not able to insert.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    while i have seen bird droppings actually break-down paint, i think on a black VW i owned back in the mid 80s... i can't recall seeing anything like that recently.

    my '02 accord had a heavy amount of pine sap which i took off with 3M adhesive remover. when i re-waxed those areas, you couldn't tell i had deposits there.

    sounds exactly as you said, a problem from underneath the paint and clear-coat.

    when i said consult the warranty, isn't there one specifically for paint? maybe i'm imagining it. i suppose they'd say not covered by bird or tree droppings. ;(
  • That's right, Honda will not honor the factory warranty on the paint if they feel the defects were caused by outside sources-- birds---environment etc etc etc.
    Thanks for your interest.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    It almost sounds as if someone may have been trying to play around with your ignition switch (possibly trying to steal your car?) and caused some damage.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    The general rule on paint is "external influence"...if there's external influence they won't cover it.
  • djm2djm2 Posts: 712
    The same thing just occured last week to my Accord. I have an extended warranty on this vehicle. The Service Writer told me,(in a phone conversation), that most likely, they will have to order a replacement radio for this vehicle. I can't believe that Honda will replace the entire radio because the display is bad! (Why not just replace the display?)------Thank God for extended warranties. The vehicle will be taken to the dealer on Monday morning at 8:00 AM.. I will post any information dealing with this issue at a later date. :confuse: ---- Best regards. ---- Dwayne.
  • tpricetprice Posts: 46
    I have a 2003 EX and my radio display and all of the control backlights went out last night. I called the service department and the service advisor I spoke with said that there is a known problem with these. He also said that because it is so widespread that Honda has stepped up and has been covering these under warranty --even if well beyond the 3/36 period. I asked as I'm at 45,000 miles. He said he's certain Honda will cover. Actually, he was the second person I spoke with - the first person said that I needed to have the bulbs replaced - which didn't make any sense!
  • TSB 04-027 is what you need to make reference to in this case.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    OK - this may sound like a stupid question, but what objective evidence could they have provided this poster that it was bird dropping or pine sap? i mean, if there is remnants of bird dodo ;) or a gob of sap surrounding the blemish - then that would be a no-brainer, but more than likely there isn't any.

    So - they just say the word "no" and it's no?

    Couldn't he take the vehicle to a paint shop and have a second opinion? One would think a specialist dealing exclusively with paint and finish would be better qualified to discuss a paint problem than some regional rep or a service tech. Some examples of paint blemish (photos to compare) could be useful too.

    Too much trouble to do that right?
  • External, outside, same thing. Anything falling from the sky.

  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    sure, a tree limb, acorn from a very tall tree, human waste from a passenger jet, pieces of a comet...
  • Refer back to messege #71 for a little more indepth information on this story.
  • o.k. Mr. shiftright, I'm satisfied with this past issue, (valve ticking). Oil filters I use is not of concern.Somehow my dealings with domestic auto customer service reps has made me fell as though I needed to get all worked up for no reason.Yet one hopefuuly last point on this subject is that the rep for honda told my wife the valve sounds were not normal and honda would change the oil without charge.
  • rcc8179rcc8179 Posts: 131
    I can't believe that Honda will replace the entire radio because the display is bad! (Why not just replace the display?)

    I had the same problem with my '03 Accord a couple years ago. They replaced the radio itself (which bolts into the back of the display). The reason is that the relay that controls the lights is located inside the radio itself. They did not replace the display--it had a couple scratches on it, and they were still there when I picked up the car.
  • chaz318chaz318 Posts: 16
    i was underneath my accord today and noticed the front anti rollbar appears to have one or two blemishes of rust, nothing major, but i really dont wnat it to become a problem, there is no way i am going to get an all new anti roll abr, but i have a touchup paint which has clearcoat in it, which i know helps stop rust formation, now this is what i think, and can someone guide me into whether this the most retarded idea ever, or a reasonable assesment that could probably work, but if i were to just put on a dab of touch up paint, or clear coat, over these two minor spots on the antiroll bar, will that be a reasonable solution to stopping anymore rust formation, and containing what is currently there? been loving my accord, and hate to see anything get rusted on it, so thanks for any help in advance

    btw-sorry if this seems liek a stupid question, but nobody in my family really knows anything about dealign with cars at all, and ims till a relatively new driver, so this the first car ive had responsibility for, and with this great power (of having a car) comes great responsibility (of not impulsively doing things without a second opinion, and making sure the car is in fine working condition, and that at all cost stupid things done to the car are avoided)
  • Rust on a swaybar will be nothing but cosmetic. Other things will rust away long before that will.

    If you are still serious about stopping the rust, you should pick up something to neutralize the rust first before you put any type of paint on it.

    It's going to be an uphill battle stopping rust on suspension parts. I don't think they are well protected when new, and they catch alot of stones while driving, so there will be alot more rust spots to come.

  • It's just a very common occurance on about every used vehicle's under carriage to have some rust. On a sway bar it's about as common as rain. I would'nt fret about it.Enjoy your recent aquisition.
  • Por-15 can be used to treat something like the sway bar, but I agree its likely unecessary.
  • carwalacarwala Posts: 14
    I bought my 2006 Accord LX V6 (first Honda) just last week. Only 200 miles on it yet, but I distinctly feel the hesitation in deceleration like the brakes are being applied when I take the foot off of the gas padel. I was hoping that it will improve as the car is broken into.

    My V6 Minivan (Mazda MPV) or even my 1990 Corolla has much predictable movement.

    I tried turning OFF the VSA on Accord to see if that's somehow causing it, but that didn't help.

    It certainly takes more cranks to start the car, again compared to my other vehicles.

    About the Gas millage: Haven't refilled the tank after picking it up from dealer yet, but at 200 miles, the tank is already at the quarter.

    Haven't noticed any side pulling yet though.

    Overall NOT much impressed with Honda.
  • The "hesitation in deceleration" that you feel is completely normal. The Accord uses engine breaking and will keep itself in a lower gear when letting your foot off the brake to aid in stopping or not gaining too much speed going down an incline. It is actually a nice feature and helps to save the brakes. With regard to the cranking, all cars are different. If you think that it is cranking far too much to be normal, take it in to your dealership to get checked out. It really does not sound like you have any real problems with your vehicle yet, so I'm not sure why you are not impressed with your Honda. We've had ours for over 30K miles now, and have never had it back to the dealership. It has been a great car for us!!

    Good luck with your purchase.
  • I have an 03 ex v6 with 37,000 miles and up until now it has had a great service record. Just a couple of weeks ago while driving at night I noticed the headlights dim at times and then go back to normal strength. I thought it was my imagination but a couple of oncoming cars flashed their lights, thinking I was flashing my lights at them. There is definitely a link between the shifting of the transmission and the dimming of the headlights. I did find a TSB from Honda #05034 - I did not subscribe to the entire bulletin but the title read "headlights dim or diagnostic trouble code P1298 is stored in the ECM/PCM". Not sure what this means but before I went to my local service dept, I was curious to see if anybody has had this trouble with their car. Any clues/comments are appreciated.

    FYI - on the Honda paint problem, I had bird droppings bubble the paint on my trunk right down to the primer. My car was still under warranty and I did get the dealer to repaint the entire trunk of the car.
  • Now that's useful. I'll be watching for that condition on my '03. I have an extended warrenty and plan to use it whenever possible.
  • gary23gary23 Posts: 2
    Has anyone experienced problems with their 2005 Honda Accord's paint? I have a Nighthawk Black Clear Coat and have noticed that the paint is VERY susceptible to to rock chips, debris, et. I have owned many black cars over the years and it looks like this vehicle's front end was shot with a BB gun.
  • I have an '05 Accord coupe and so far the paint is fine... I live in the Washington, DC area so temps here vary from 20s in winter to 100 in summer... pretty much a good mix of temps and precip (frozen and liquid).

    Good luck!
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    Absolutely no issues with the quality of the paint or of its applicaation on my 2004 Accord Coupe. It was built in Ohio.
  • Thanks for the link!! I will be making a bee line to the local service dept and provide them with my findings.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 33,344
    my silver 2005 doesn't have any flaws that I have noticed, and I did do a wax job a few weeks back (right after I bought it), so I think I would have noticed. I do pay attention and look for any problems too.

    2019 Acura TLX A-spec 4 cyl. (mine), and 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's)

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