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    96 Toyota Avalon - 80,000 miles
    Drives like NEW, exactly like the way, day one
    I drove off the dealer's lot. My only issue
    with this - it did NOT EVER have a problem!

    98 Ford Windstar windshield viper module problems
    among other nusances & problems.
    - One dealer couldn't even diagnose/fix the
    viper problem, the other dealer could
    after I parted $275 US

    2000 Toyota Tundra
    21,000 miles of WORK in 7 months. Hats of Toyota!
    One Immaculate Piece of Truck
    (BTW, I am 6'4" 200+ pound build guy.
    Did that guy say space problems?
    You got to be a fool to believe one)

    Some guy called TruckRnotU quibbling
    all the time about problems! Bcause that may
    be what he got & deal with them Big3 trucks.

    More Tundras are built right in Indiana, US.
    Not North Americas (which includes NAFTA
    territory), as built by Big3. If you consider
    US alone as DOMESTIC, there is more of the
    Tundra build on US soil than them no-match Big3.
    Tundra essentially out-domesticates Big3.

    As a Toyotas PROUD owner, I just DANG don't
    know what Truck/Car problems mean!

    You've got to own a Toyota to appreciate it!
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    Good luck to him now
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    Spoke too Franklin on that little toy ya got that be haulin around 2500 LBS now, he had this tell:

    New a fella tryed haulin bout 1200 LBS in one of them litte ones, and it busted up quick now. Tell that fella haulin 2500 LBS with that one, that it must be some magic one or somethin now...

    Guessin ya got ya a "magic" one there, yes sir, that be one designed too haul bout 800 LBS, but it haulin 2500 LBS now instead, yep, that one should be on display or somethin now. Best hold onto that "magic" one, folks be wantin too see one like that one for sure. Bring that "magic" one down here too that SC state fair now, put it up on display for them non-believein folks now. Charge them folks a quarter too eye-ball now. Ya got the luck for sure on that one! Good luck on this one now!
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    How you folks that buy them forein ones be braggin on how they aint broke in 21,000 miles and such. Guessin ya not be relizin that this be the same for them US of A ones too! The "big" difference between them tundras and them big3 ones aint in breakage, the difference be in that size. Them tundras be littler and that cost be bigger. What part of this aint ya folks be understandin now? Tundra=less truck, more buck. Simple eh? As for them bein build in Indiana, they still be forien now, just eye-ball that sticker now. Fact be the fact on that. Good luck on this one now!
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    F-Series Super Duty, whole line made in Kentucky, thats worth 300,000 trucks a year, plus about 80% of the F150's are, that is good to make it 650,000 a year from Ford.

    about 75% of GM pickups are made in US, mainly Lansing, Mich. that worth about 425,000 units a year

    Dodge, probably makes 65% of their trucks in this country so that is worth about 300,000

    From what I add up that is way over the 65,000 Tundra's made last year.

    Next, I find it hard to believe anyone breakage reports on this board, almost everyone streches the truth, not to mention preception of what went wrong depending on how you liked the vehicle.
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    Just got thru reading most of the message traffic that goes on in this incredibly constructive and informative forum...well, I'm guilty...I bought a Tunda. I had to. And I know why. And most of you do also. We've waited years for these guys to build one. Is it Un-American? I don't think so. Our beloved country has been going global for some time. We've turned our manufacturing of "things" over to other countries...not because they're BETTER, they're CHEAPER. This is reality. Americans won't assemble shoes or clothes or computers or much anything any more. (we still build pretty cool airplanes...but that's fading slightly...) We've become a recreational Me Me Me society. Is that bad? I don't think so. Take it from someone who has been literally all over the planet...we are the greatest county on the face of the earth. We just don't dominate the "quality vehicle" world. We never really have. Yes, I love the look and the power of ALL of the big three. They're great trucks. They've served and will continue to serve us as they always have...Hey, I'm in the Air Force. I serve this county. I spend months away from my family and my country. I'm quite the American, but I also work hard for my money. Toyota has ALWAYS taken care of me as a customer. I don't expect that to change.
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    That truth be stingin them folks who be buyin them forein ones. They be makin up the fact, blowin smoke, cuz they be knowin they paid too much for them forien trucks now. That factory even gave em that clue on them ones now:

    "Tundra" = "Da Runt"

    Good luck on this one now!
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    Trucksrme can't do the math, because it would prove that his made up stories are incorrect. He blindly casts stones at opinions or facts that don't agree with his view of the world.

    Example, when scanning above and a post was made that the TUNDRA CAME IN #1 IN THE JD POWERS INITIAL QUALITY SURVEY, he said it, get this, "MUST BE RIGGED". MM, HMM. Or it could be the fact that "Tundra production is lower". Wrong again, because it is calculated as a ratio per thousand.

    So obviously, his response to you is to call you a liar about your hauling nails. I towed two tons of concrete behind a small Mitsubishi built truck years ago (I was younger then, and not as wise), and it accomplished the task. I later sold the truck to my brother, it happily is still in regular use, and it now has over 220,000 miles on it with the engine or tranny never being touched, only a couple of clutches and brake jobs (still has original rotors though).

    Also ???"popping head gaskets"??? on a Toyota V8? Another made up gem from fantasyland. No documentation of it on a Tundra, Land Cruiser (Tundra V8 derivative), or a Lexus (Toyota V8 roots). And these V8's have been around for years in the Land cruiser and LS400. (two nice vehicles, high quality vehicles)

    He just loves to troll any Tundra forum to spread his gospel and "speak the truth". Disputing his "truth" with facts is of no consequence. He is on a mission to annoy and to develop his cut n paste posting skills. His screen at home may be messed up with Crayola and White out to correct his mistakes.

    It's all just smoke. I like the big three trucks too, just not the nitwit, dimwit, halfwit who is on a one man mission to troll his life away. What do you expect from a person who drives a Massey Fergusen instead of a John Deere?
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    Before I could get my post in he cut n pasted another "Da Runt" comment. Cute, but of no consequence to the educated reader, knowledgable consumer, and wise manager of money. Kinds of like a pimple on a fat lady's butt, any way you look at it, it seems funny.
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    He also said "they be makin up the facts"

    A general understanding is that facts are not simply "made up" (not in the real world), but are generally based upon a wealth of supporting evidence. Other wise, they would be a hypothesis or theory, ie: educated guess or generally accepted idea, supported by some evidence, but not 100% proven. Or else they could just be a crackpot idea (examples: cold fusion, OJ is innocent, the Tundra is unreliable)
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    Aint callin that abcpalletman tell made up now. I be wantin too show that little truck off, makin a quarter per look, on that magic one. Them magic toyota trucks dont be comin along just any day now. Also lookin for a toy with more than 10 years on a factory head-gasket, that be a real magical one for sure! Course it must be rust free too! Good luck on this one now!
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    An earlier post mentioned that Tundra's had gone over 65,000 this year -- well, much over!
    Their press releases early on said the goal was for 100,000 the first year. Mine was built the last week of April 2000, and the count is already over 90,000. I guess they'll build 2000's through July (?) So the first year goal will be well exceeded.
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    Don't mean to question your integrity or spelling but if your "viper module" was out isn't that an alarm that has nothing to do with Ford? If you mean "wiper" module isn't a '98 still under warranty?
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    That tell of chirravu be along the same lines as abcpalletman tell, ya got too squint them eyes too be seein the truth in em. Course these ones here be requirein ya too squint them eyes alot now. Good luck on this one now!
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    4/10/00 Toyota Tundra is Consumer Reports Top Pick for Full Sized Pickup in 2000!

    3/3/00 Toyota's New Millennium Truck

    1/9/00 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine 4x4 Truck of the Year!

    12/22/99 Motor Trend Magazine announces the 2000 Toyota Tundra as the Truck of the Year!

    5/4/00 Toyota vehicles dominate this year's quality survey rankings by J.D. Power
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    Don't let trucksrme bother you. Some village, somewhere is looking for an idiot.
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    OK it won a few awards, lets see how it stands the test of time and the market. Can you say t100?
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    Let's see. Toyota opens a brand new plant in Indiana and they produce 100,000 vehicles in the first year which they easily sell without any rebates or sales incentives. The next year they boost production in their Indiana plant by 150,000 vehicles. Does this seem to indicate that they are having problems selling them?

    Where are these sales coming from? Do you think that the Big3 sales may be affected?
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    Ford sells 2 billion full size trucks and Chevys selling almost as many this year. How many tundras this year, 65,000? Almost a drop in the bucket.

    The increase in production is obvious, theres a tax on imported vehicles, by making them in the US they pay less tax, they import less.
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    Been out of country for ahile...I guess the recognition of the Tundra is increasing...Speaking of the T100 folks...Thank GOD DETROIT never produced any unlikable or unmarketable vehicles...It would have been a national embarassment...Excuse me while I go change the oil in my mint condition 92 Accord with 130,000 miles on it...wish me good luck on that one now....Bye LADIES
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    Ladies drive hondas.


    Big deal. Let me know when you get to 300,000.
    I'm guessing you'll get bit by the import part bug and pay 10x the price of a similar domestic part long before you see 200,000.

    There are how many tundras? 65,000?
    I think all the compact trucks outsell this "fullsize".
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    It ain't the quantity SUPERJIM...it's all about the quality...and I wish all yall so much luck on that one now...
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    I dont need luck.......how many Ford and Chevy full size trucks this year vs toyotas tundra?
    And I'm sure the quality of the Chevy and Ford are great.
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    4/10/00 Toyota Tundra is Consumer Reports Top Pick
    for Full Sized Pickup in 2000!

    3/3/00 Toyota's New Millennium Truck

    1/9/00 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine 4x4 Truck of
    the Year!

    12/22/99 Motor Trend Magazine announces the 2000
    Toyota Tundra as the Truck of the Year!

    5/4/00 Toyota vehicles dominate this year's
    quality survey rankings by J.D. Power
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    I'm Glad that your Hyundai pickup has a HUGE rear seat! If I wanted a limo - I would have bought a lincoln towncar. I wanted a pickup.
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    this topic....still not frozen...
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    I'm extremely confident in saying that stupid people FAR outnumber intelligent ones. Could this have some effect on sales #'s? Just asking...not trying to stir up trouble. Good luck on this one now.
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    The truth be stingin them yuppies who paided more buck for less truck. Them sales numbers be the fact, so the yuppie, havin too twist it, so not havin too admit they be taken, use that yuppie logic. That logic be sayin they must be right, so that means all them other folks who brought them other trucks must be wrong, or, usin that yuppie logic, stupid now. Said it before, sayin it again, ya cant be learnin them yuppies nothin now. When them tundras gone the way of them t100 ones, then they be figurin this one out. Good luck on this one now!
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    I think that trucksrus just proved your point.
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    I understand PowerTrax makes a locking differential assembly for the Tundra. Anyone have experience with this unit (Tundra or otherwise)? Wondering if they are noisy and if they tend to make the vehicle skid during turns, and any other input.
    Despite all the Tundra bashing from without, I note that Toyota vehicles consistently rate tops in virtually all car categories (as do Lexus vehicles) done by independent research and survey firms.
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    on those snobby Toyota dealers...
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    I don't know much about it, but if you're interested in more useful information about Tundras, check out www.tundrasolutions.com. I think the PowerTrax has been discussed there. My impression is that the folks who've used them like them.

    By the way, the Tundra Solutions message boards are generally much more useful than these boards if you want information about the Tundra. Of course, if you'd rather bash or defend Toyotas in a meaningless exchange, this is your place.
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    Thanks, have been to the Tundra solutions site. Suppose I am wondering if any of the participants in this forum can intelligently discuss the technical aspects/merits/shortcomings of a "locking" rear differential. As some may know, none is available for Tundras at this time. The salespersons tell me "Toyota has not found a unit they feel is reliable/strong enough to use". Who knows? Truth or marketing ploy to sell 4 WD units?
    I have been debating purchase of a 2 wheel drive V8 Tundra and having a locker installed. I have had a number of 4 wheel drive vehicles, and found that I rarely have needed 4 wheel drive, despite the road/weather conditions. Most "4 wheel drive" vehicles only have 2 wheels that are powered anyway (unless they also have a limited sip feature), so why not get a 2 wheel drive with locker? I suspect such an equipped Tundra could at least keep up with a 52 Chevy truck.
    In looking to buy a new truck I have driven most of the available species. The Tundra appears far and away the best of the lot as to fit and finish, smoothness, power, comfort and overall quality. I did not drive a Sierra/Silverado; while they also appear to be fine machines, the large size makes them less maneuverable, harder to park, etc., and I suspect greater guzzlers of petrol. Also, the 4.7 liter Toyota engine is a marvel, and up to the working capacity of GMC's 5.3 liter engine. Now, if Toyota just offered a limited slip, made that Tundra back seat more comfy, and those rear doors operate independently (which appears unlikely due to structural and sealing concerns), the truck would be even closer to "perfection". I have also felt the money spent on a TRD supercharger, if and when available for the 4.7 liter engine, would be more fun to have than a 4 wheel drive unit that is rarely in 4 wheel drive. I suspect most 4 wheel drive vehicles NEVER are ever even put into 4WD; mostly are a "security" or "macho" thing. I figure someone in 4WD will eventually come along and pull me out if I get stuck somewhere. They can show off,impress their passengers, and I'll be unstuck and get better mileage and performance.
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    If Toyota made the changes you suggest, I'd have one in my driveway.

    Of all the things you mentioned, however, the lack of a limited slip is what's really keeping me from getting one. I'm worried that I'll have a hell of a time with the truck in winter. I'm also not particularly enthusiastic about an after-market one, but that's largely due to the fact that I'm not mechanically inclined enough to fully appreciate what it involves.
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    That Chevrolet ya mentioned be gettin the best gas milage of them all, includin the tundra, which be gettin the least, ceptin the Dodge now. Them Chevrolets also have the tighter turn radius than them tundras now. Ya best be checkin into em quick now. As for that locker, that toy factory be offerin one on them tacomas, and that tacoma pumpkin be shared with them tundras, so that salemen be blowin the smoke. We got us a 52 Chevrolet here on the farm, been workin all these years, and it still be goin strong. Ya got ya a 52? Good luck on this one now!
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    Better check your misinformation again:
    Tundra = 44.3 feet
    Shakerado = 47.3 feet

    Boy! I'm glad those Hyundais get 1mpg better mileage. Its too bad that they idle like paint shakers and ping on regular gas. Makes me want to go out and get one now. Its too bad it wouldn't be the same quality and reliability as your '52
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    Have found some new info: It is apparently true that the Tundra rear diff is the same as Tacoma (an 8 inch size). While apparently that differential is up to a supercharged version of the Tacoma (rated at about 265 horsepower), it may not take the horses and torque of a blown Tundra (estimated to be 400 hp or more) that TRD is working on. I believe the Land Cruiser differential may be a larger unit. An outfit in Australia (Safari4x4.com) produces a turbocharger for the Land Cruiser (with the 4.7 liter V8 that Tundra uses) that pumps out some 375 hp and 450 lbs torque, 0 to 60 in 7.5 secs, 140 mph top speed for a 5000lb. vehicle!
    I understand there may be some changes in the ofting for the Tundra--viz. a larger differential to take a potentially produced TRD factory blower--perhaps a Land Cruiser differential (8 1/2 inch size--?). Also, as such, maybe a factory limited slip option will be available.
    As for the PowerTrax lockers, I believe the units cost about $350 to $400. plus installation; do not think installation costs would be severe (hundreds not thousands of dollars) to have a pro do it.
    Given above, and that there may be some other changes coming, I will likely wait for the 2001 Tundra models to see what comes along. Also, with the release of the Sequoia SUV based on the Tundra platform, there may be some new "crossover" goodies.
    I read that the developmental TRD Tundra supercharger has caused the engine to twist so much due to power produced that the blower hits the hood of the experimental vehicle and dents it. They are working to remedy this, (relocate and/or modify shape of blower), and perhaps "detune" the beast a bit!
    Also would note that the 2001 model of Nissan Frontier trucks will, besides major make-over as to looks- have a supercharged version (210 horsepower rather than current 170). This combo may end up in the Xterra, too. Some exotic stuff to look forward to!
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    Consumer Reports does rate the dealers and we fair poorly. That actually makes my job easier. If a customer has ever been to my competition, they don't want to go back.
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    Hey Trucks--
    As to gas mileage-4.7 Tundra versus 5.3 Silverado, I believe the EPA testing--for similarly equipped vehicles-- may favor the Tundra by a mile or so per gallon. From a physics point of view, that would seem logical. Certainly mileage is affected by a driver's habits, load carried, etc. I believe I'd put my money on the Tundra for fuel efficiency. However, Tundras are so much fun to put the pedal to the metal in, that I expect you'd have to factor in the gas cost for the entertainment value of blowin' by a Silverado every now and then.
    In the past 6 months I sold 5 elderly trucks: two 1949 Dodge 1/2 ton pickups, a 1956 Chevy 1/2 ton, 1957 GMC 1/2 ton and a 1957 GMC panel-Suburban. Still selling some parts on the Stovebolt web site (which is dedicated to old GMC iron). I drove the '56 Chevy pickemup for about 6 years; it had a 327 cu in Camaro V8; otherwise stock with an original 4 speed/granny gear.While I enjoyed the truck, I had to replace every "working" component on it, it was drafty, noisy, uncomfortable, hard to steer, rattled and there really was little to recommend it other than the classic look. I suppose I prefer the look of your '52, but as to modern iron, would have to side with the Tundra crowd. Am no "yuppie" (=young urban/upwardly mobile professional), and would like to "buy American". But for my needs, and in looking objectively at the trucks available, the Tundra appears "best" in numerous categories. Time will tell as to reliability, but Toyota seems to have an established reputation thereof.
    I got tired of fooling with my old trucks; they were way beyond the warranty period, and I've scraped enough knuckles on American machines. I want to drive my next truck, not work on it.
    Have a nice Memorial Day, keep that 52 a runnin' and good luck on doing that now, hear!
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    figured that comment I made about snobby dealers would elicit a response from you...but what about the potential customers that refuses to enter another Toyota dealership because of previous experiences...people tend to stereotype after awhile.
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    Can someone explain exactly what the limited slip is used for? I'm looking at the 4 x 2 Tundra and the only towing I would be doing would be a 3,000 lb. boat. Would I need limited slip? Your assistance is appreciated.
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    That locker rear be good for when that boat ramp be all slick from the water, and that one drivin tire be a slippin and sliddin tryin too get that boat up an out now. Good luck on this one now!
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    Lacking a limited slip differential a so-called "two-wheel drive" vehicle really has only one driving wheel. If that wheel loses traction and spins, the wheel on the opposite side will not drive the vehicle, and the vehicle will not move--that is, will become immobile or stopped. With a limited slip feature, in the same situation, some energy will be transferred to the wheel opposite the spinning wheel, and that opposite wheel can drive the vehicle and move it in the direction intended (forward or reverse). Thus a 2 wheel drive vehicle with limited slip feature has potentially 2 driving wheels which is similar to a "four wheel drive" vehicle without limited slip (that really has only 2 driving wheels, too). The four wheel drive vehicle does have the advantage that the two driving wheels are placed with one on the front end and the other on the rear end. Thus the chances of losing traction in both those locations is less, and the vehicle continues to move. A two-wheel drive vehicle with limited slip has the two driving wheels on the axle with the differential--either both on the front or on the rear axles. Chance for losing traction on both these wheels is greater, and thus the 2 wheel drive vehicle with limited slip is not quite as effective as a four wheel drive machine.
    Hope this helps some. See also:
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    For purposes of efficiency....

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