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  • redsilveradoredsilverado Posts: 1,000
    i certainly agree with you, even though i'm just
    as guilty of responding with some of the hogwash
    that has been posted in here. i too come here to
    see what the Tundra guys have to say and am more
    interested in hearing about the new V-8 than
    anything else. sad as it may be though you have a

    couple of goofballs that have nothing better to
    do than to louse it up for everybody else. as you

    can see if someone posts a legitimate question
    it( even one that's addressed to another
    participant) it gets answered by trucksrme or
    fossil or what ever. then it starts a chain
    reaction to end up looking like a childish forum
    as you have seen. myself personally have decided
    not to respond to these idiots anymore. OBYONE
    said it best, "just ignore them and most likely
    they will go away". i think the only way meredith

    can eliminate them from posting is to kick them
    off edmunds, and i think so far they've stayed,
    silly as they are, within the original agreement
    when you sign up. i may be wrong on this. also i
    have a strong suspicion that the clowns that are
    doing these hillbilly posts are a lot smarter
    than we think they are. if you look at some of
    the words they use and misspell you will see that

    they don't always misspell the same words twice.
    it's as if they're just coming here to ruin it
    for the ones that really want to talk about the
    Tundra, which is a great truck by the way.
  • well is this toyota's first V8...its a joke. dont compete it with ford chevy or dodge because its a midsize if you look at the specs..not a fullsize and closer to a compact that a full
  • Drive one you may like it. I did!
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Posts: 1,000
    first of all, there's another topic that welcomes

    your comment against the tundra. second, have you

    ever experienced the performance of a DOHC
    engine? I own a silverado ext. cab LB because i
    needed the long bed and tundra isn't made with
    the LB yet. mine has the 5.3 and isn't a long
    ways above the tundras power. third what truck do

    you own right now?

  • john111john111 Posts: 17
    Just read #338 by T00Todd and his problems. Have written in twice about mine, but seems no one else has had any similar problems. I made the mistake of buying my Tundra SR5 from a dealer some 200 miles away. - Reason: Tundra had just come out and the local dealers could never give me a price on one. I really wanted a 4x4 but was so anxious for a Tundra, I wound up paying the full price for a 4x2 extended cab. On the way home from purchasing this truck, my wife and I noticed a noise coming from the left rear door that sounded as if you had run over something in the road. Upon watching in the rearview mirror at the road, we found nothing. On later occassions we would notice a clicking noise that turned out to be the doors unlocking, and the doors ajar light would come on. Several times after then the battery would be dead when we went to use the truck again. Truck was taken to a dealer some 40 miles away, and each time my wife had to follow in a second vehicle so we would have a way to come home or have transportation while truck was being worked on. One time this dealer kept my truck 6 days over the Thanksgiving holidays. Another time 3 days, and no rental or loaner vehicle was available. No improvement what so ever but the doors were much harder to close, and now we had wind noise galore. Also with this problem was the security system. We made the mistake of using the remote to lock and unlock the doors. Some of the times:- as at church, at a restaurant, on the street, and anywhere you may park and need to lock or unlock your vehicle. We don't use the remote anymore. I took my truck to this one dealer 4 times, and no success. I finally went to the purchasing dealer over 200 miles away. Before hand the shop foreman told me they had what it took to fix it. After two days and expense of staying at a motel and some $400, was told it was fixed. Occasionally, the 'doors ajar'light comes on. Many times we have stopped on the road and opened and closed the doors the second round of times before the 'doors ajar' light went out. If you are using the heater or air condition, and you turn off the control on the left, it keeps on heating or cooling until you change the temperture control back to midway of hot and cool. I plan to return to the purchasing dealer again when I can get an appointment. This is the most we ever paid for a pickup, and what really clinched the sale, was the first ride we took in a Tundra extended cab.- the quietness and the ease with which you could hear the radio, and no wind noises. Has anyone else had any similar problems. Did you get them resolved? We think the performance, gas mileage (19+)is great and the ride is superb!
  • arkie6arkie6 Posts: 198
    There are re-designed door latches for the back doors for the early production Tundra Access cabs, which yours appears to be. Have the dealer replace the latches with the newer parts. My 01/07/2000 production Tundra Access cab has not had any of these problems. For more discussion on the rear door latches, go to the message board at
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Again, I'll try to explain what I know about the hitches on the Limited. Keep in mind that this has not ever been completely explained even to the dealers so some of this is conjecture on my part.

    It is my understanding that the Tundra falls under some sub category (the main category is "heavy duty truck" by the way) of truck that has very specific weight restrictions and the addition of a hitch pushes it into another category. This may have something to do with CAFE standards which takes the average weight and fuel economy of the FULL LINE of trucks. By not allowing the hitches on the Limited, I believe Toyota keeps the average weight of the line within the boundries of what the EPA allows.

    This makes at least some sense when you realize that the Tundra is the first truck to meet the EPA's "Low Emission Vehicle" category. It is possible that the addition of a hitch to enough trucks would lower the emission rating below the EPA standards for LEV status. The Limited was probably picked to not have the hitch because that is all the numbers Toyota needed to keep the average for the truck line.

    I know this is not a definitive answer but it is what I have been able to piece together from conversations with our parts and service director and with our district manager from Toyota.

    The solution is very simple. Buy an aftermarket hitch like I did. It does not look as nice but it does the same thing.
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    CAFE has to do with MPG. Do you really think adding the weight of a hitch would change the corporate average fuel economy of Toyota's whole truck line? Would adding the hitch change the emissions of the truck enough to make a difference? I can not imagine this could be true. I guess this is why it seems so strange (not having a factory hitch option on a "full size" pick up) and why it has caused so many questions. There is no logical reason.
  • ferris47ferris47 Posts: 131
    How do I tell if I have a true Toyota Hitch, the reason I ask is because I have a Limited with a hitch. The hitch has a Toyota Logo on it, but that is as far as my hitch knowledge goes. The Hitch must have come from the factory because I bought the truck the day after it arrived at the dealer. It still had all the delivery paperwork in the glove compartment. I guess the dealer could have thrown a hitch on, but we were only talking like one 8 hour work period before I bought it. I dunno.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    You obviously have never had to deal with the federal government. If you think things from our glorious EPA are supposed to make sense, tell me why I can't sell V6 Camrys with CA emission but why I can in the 4 cylinder. There is a $10,000 fine if I do even if I sell it to a person who live in CA.

    I am well aware that it does not make sense but that is not Toyota's fault. There is no mechanical reason you can't put a hitch on the Limited and I have given as good an explanation as I have been able to piece together based on conversations with factory guys and our parts and service department. The real deal is, Toyota had no choice but to comply with some BS regulation.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I have no idea how you got a hitch on your Limited. Yours may have slipped through while Toyota was appealing the EPA rulings. That is a guess but the only one I can think of that makes sense. I own a Limited myself and even I wasn't able to get my parts department to sell me one. I told them I just wanted one to hang on my wall and they just didn't believe me. I ended up buying aftermarket.
  • ferris47ferris47 Posts: 131
    I got my Tundra last October so they had been out for a while, so maybe it did just slip through. I will take a closer look tonight to see if the hitch itself is truely Toyota and not just the hitch cap.

    You mean to tell me you can't go into a local Toyota parts department and get a hitch after the truck has been sold? Does that even effect Toyota CAFE or other federal restrictions after the fact? Just curious.

  • 27jr27jr Posts: 22
    I ordered a Tundra Model#7822 with all the extra's
    in March the dearlership call and advised me that
    it received allocation and truck has a built date
    of 12 June and would provide me a vin# once the
    truck was being ship. Does this sound right to
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    That sounds like exactly what should happen. The 7822 is very difficult to get and it probably took more than one try for your dealer to get it allocated. The May allocation just came out and anything on it would be built in early June. A VIN is not issued until it has actually been built.

    You will not get the VIN right on the 12th though. That is actually the build week. It can start down the line any time that week. From the time it is built, it takes 2 to 3 weeks until the dealer has it on his lot.

    Congratultions on the order.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I am not sure that it is the CAFE standards that we are dealing with. As Bill pointed out, CAFE has to do with fuel economy but there are other model averaged standards similar to CAFE on emissions. But, dealers have been advised not to participate in assisting customers in putting the hitch on a Limited because to do so violates some inane rule.

    Very seriously, even as a dealership employee, I had to buy a non-Toyota hitch and paid my shop guys as a side job to keep it off the books. It is serious business for us to keep compliance with our beloved federal regulators. I feel safer already.
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    This sure is the mystery now. Got somethin too do with that haul, thats for sure. Good luck on this one now!
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    If what you say is true, your dealership has moral obligation to put warning stickers on the showroom for all prospective Limited buyers that read:

    "This vehicle is not intended for towing, and is not available with towing hitch. Owner installs hitch at his own risk. Warranty work may be denied if vehicle used for towing. EPA fines may apply."

    This IS a mystery. Good luck on this one now!
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Folks been tryin to get that truth on them limited ones and that hitch for the longest of spells. If that factory put them warnin stickers on em, it would solve that mystery but quick! What say cliffy, ya goin post them stickers now, or keep them folks in the smoke? Good luck on this one now!
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Your proposed warning label would be a lie. The vehicle is intended for towing and were it not for our beloved government, there would be no mystery.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I didn't look up the numbers but if you feel the truck is worth it, it was a good deal. Your request was very specific and you may have paid more than if you just bought one off his lot. In stock Tundras will run anywhere between $300 to $1200 over invoice depending on the demand in a particular area.
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Salesmen cliffy said:
    I didn't look up the numbers but if you feel the truck is worth it, it was a good deal. Your
    request was very specific and you may have paid
    more than if you just bought one off his lot.

    Translation be as follows:
    That factory really got ya good on that one!

    Good luck on this one now!
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Why dont ya find the real truth on them hitches now? That EPA one just dont cut it, and ya be knowin it too. Ya either be knowin the truth and hidin it from us, or ya got the smoke in ya eyes same as the rest. Which is it now? Quit blamin them Feds on this trouble, that mystery be with that factory on this one for sure. What say on this one now? Good luck on this one now!
  • 27jr27jr Posts: 22
    I love the truck and it will be the 6th new one
    from toyota. Thank you for info on this website
    and Jon & Kirk. It's worth every penny since I am
    getting exactly what I want.
  • ferris47ferris47 Posts: 131
    Ok, after checking out my hitch I definitely have a Toyota hitch on my 2wd Tundra Limited. The truck was bought last October in Nashville, TN. I feel privledged to be the only one. How it got there or why, I don't know. I have no idea why they are not putting the hitches on but it seems to me it probably does have to do with the LEV status of the Tundra. A few pounds could screw up the trucks classification and possibly effect the claims of LEV vehicle.

    Whatever, I love my truck. I still say the brakes "feel" superior to either the Chevy or the Ford and most definitely are better then the Dodge. Discs or Drums I could care less, whatever gets the job done right. Besides, I hate cleaning brake dust off of the 4 wheels on our Accord coupe.

    Well I crossed the 9000 mile mark and the truck is just as tight and solid as the day I picked it up. Mileage is getting better, averaging about 16 now. That is very good for all the short hops I do, usually less then 8 miles in town and city driving. I am starting to think just maybe we use O2 gas here in the winter or whatever the winter mix is here effects mileage quite a bit. What do I care, it's not like I bought my Tundra or any other truck I have ever owned for their stellar gas mileage. Sure I would love to get 60 miles per gallon, but hey I am a realist. You have to pay to play.
  • market525market525 Posts: 27
    You know TRM, I was really enjoying this discussion site without your presence in the past week or so. If you read earlier posts, and I'm SURE you did, you know that my feelings are shared by many other people.

    Why don't you get a life, man? This is a site about and for the TOYOTA TUNDRA. Your opinions about hitches, yuppies, value vs. Chevy, etc. are really not important on this site. I believe I am safe in saying that most of us here weighed other vehicles against the Tundra BEFORE we purchased, and made the decision right for us, which was Totota. Why not go back to your hiding spot or back to a Chevy site and interject your silly hillbilly comments there?
  • slp77slp77 Posts: 12
    any word if the 2001 tundras will have any
    changes? especially wondering about legroom
    in the back.
    -thanks slp77
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    It be called the free speech. This here Country be founded on it now. Folks faught, some died, defendin on it. Some folk be thinkin they can stifle it, but they be wrong. If ya not be interested in learnin the truth on them hitchs, then that be your way, I for one be interested in learnin the truth on em. Sorry, this just be the rights of this here Country, and that be the hard truth for some such as yourself now. Good luck on this one now!
  • jq3jq3 Posts: 52
    I didn't know there was mystery with the Limited hitches. I purchased my truck in March '00 and I have a hitch with the wiring harness. It appears that it wasn't added at the dealership. Hummm, can't figure why there's a problem with getting a hitch on a Limited.

    My truck, aside from the signal light coming on when the brake is pressed, has been flawless! Something in the wiring harness caused the signal light mix-up, but it was fixed and now I have no problems. Gas mileage is improving also. Truck has ~1300 miles.

    Awsome truck!!!
  • My girlfriend and I have finally decided to go ahead and get a Tundra. We are wondering what others have paid recently as well as if we are being to unreasonable. I made an offer of $29,500 for a Limited Tundra with CK,OF,AB,CF,RB,LA,DH. we live here in Central California. The dealer offered me 31,283. Are we being swindled or is this a fair price? Also, Are there any options that I mentioned that I could realistically do without? Such as the ABS? Thanks for your time.
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Ya be payin bout 25% more for that "full size" truck than them big3 ones. Is this enough factory profit to be called the swindle? Do that compare of that limited one too them big3 ones, that will give ya the anwser ya be seekin now. Good luck on this one now!
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