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  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    no lockable tailgate for Silverado. Only with aftermarket.
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Them pumpkins be the same between them tundras and them tacomas now. As for them bein the same size as them Chevrolets, ya best get them eyes checked quick now. The drivetrain on them tundras be dwarfed by them full size trucks now. That Z85 be the option for doin the HD haul now. Pull ya up to 9600 LBS for them 1/2 ton ones. As for the lockin of that tailgate, I be usin that dog for preventin the theft of this one. Good luck on this one now!
  • The article you posted was from 1996!

    Here are more postings from the same site:

    LOVE IT!!!!!! TOYOTA! When we americans start making vehicles this way I will start buying them this way.

    "Oh! what a feeling!". I work on Fords for a living but my wife and I drive Toyotas.


    So far, I am very pleased with my T-100. I owned a Toyota pickup before this and was very happy with that. Very little repair cost. Nothing ever broke; until the head gasket went, 8 years after I bought the truck. the dealer told me that it was under warranty because Toyota knew of problem. They rebuilt my engine at no cost. If I had brought the truck to just any repair shop, I doubt I would have been made aware of the warranty. the dealer also gave me a loaner car. I have been very happy with my Toyota trucks.

    End of posts from

    Hmmm! This guy said that he loves Toyota trucks! And this is after his head gasket blew! Toyota warrantied his truck after 8 years! Full repair! What are the chances of the Big 3 admitting that they made a mistake after 8 years and repairing it? Not good.

    I went all the way back to 1992 on the Tacomas and did not find a single blown gasket. I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, but at least when it does, Toyota covers it.

    I knew about the head gasket problems Toyota had in the past with some of their sixes before I bought my Tundra. That is one of the main reasons that I bought it - I knew that Toyota stands behind their products. They have 40% more standard powertrain warranty than the Big 3.

    A friend of mine at work had the head gasket on his 1993 4runner fail at 90,000 miles and Toyota completely covered the repair.
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Yep, some folk be lovin them toys even after that popin head-gasket now, then again, some folk be harder to learn. Had a friend pop one on a 4 CYL camry, cost $780 bucks, car got donated after that one. As for that diggin, most yuppies be considerin 4 year past as diggin, but them that work em tend too keep em. Got us a 52 Chevrolet on that farm, and still be workin that one hard. I reckon if ya goin trade em for that new shiny one evey year, them popin gaskets may not be the trouble too ya. Good luck on this one now!
  • Sorry, but this post is from Here you go again talking about yuppies and such. Sheesh - I told you that I am just a hick like you.

    My 1997 Chevy Silverado Z71 has been a big disappointment. It's still shiny and looks new but there hasn't been a single time in its 27,000 miles that something hasn't been wrong with it. Except for a blown fuel injector at 15,000 miles, the driveline has been fine; unfortunately, the same can't be said for the rest of the truck. After four trips to the dealership and numerous replacement parts, the power steering system loses power when turned without the truck moving (i.e., parking or turning around). The brakes are extremely poor (it takes both feet to stop the truck quickly), and there are numerous squeaks, clunks, pops, and rattles (the Chevy symphony plays for you as you drive). The third door is hung improperly--I took to to the dealership and they said they couldn't adjust it because the hinges are welded. The hood was rubbing the fender and grille. The truck was out of alignment from the factory. The trip odometer died--it took two trips to the dealership to fix it. The dealership says most of the problems are "normal" for these trucks. The Chevy Customer Assistance Center says (paraphrased) "We're sorry but you're out of luck!" I say "Sorry, Chevy, you're out of luck--I won't be a repeat buyer!"
  • Sorry, but here is another post from

    I purchased my 1997 Chevy CK 1500 Silverado pickup, both for it's looks and reputation and by asking other Chevy pickup owners. I had always owned Dodge Pickups in the past. At three thousand, five hundred miles the engine started to make a knocking noise. The dealer had it back five times and decided to replace all the lifters on the fifth time. This did not correct the problem. Finally, they installed a new engine. This only made it worse. I still hear a lot of clacking like the rocker arms were loose. There are other noises besides that. I was told by the dealer that Chevrolet had a bad run on there 5.0 engines and there were others like mine out there.
  • you're right of course, about not responding. It just gets a little old, you know....
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Posts: 1,000
    to all tundra guys, that P.S was for your little
    Budlitedude. how did you guys get stuck with such
    an Odi!!!

    Happy Easter...RED
  • Happy Easter Red and the rest of the gang!!
  • rooster9rooster9 Posts: 239
    I also noticed when I was looking at trucks that Toyota's back drive shaft is supported to the frame in the middle, while all other (big 3) trucks go from the tranny right back to the differential, no additional supports. What is good about this design versus the others?
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    ok. Good luck on this one now!
  • Thanks for the info about the spacers Arkie6. I have another question. Can I upgrade to bigger wheels? And, if I can, what would you recommmend. I have had pickups from Ford to Chevy most of my life. Never really did any upgrades on these trucks, just drove around stock. But this new Tundra I bought, I love it and want to make minor upgrades, like the spacers, and some bigger wheels. I do mostly highway driving, and very little offroad. Thanks for the info..

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I had a chance to check out the mileage on my Tundra while towing last week. I filled up just before a trip with my 4200 pound boat. Half the trip was on the highway at 70 MPH (2800 RPM on average) and half was on winding and hilly back roads. I got just over 10 MPG.

    This is a bit less than I used to get on my T100 but I was towing a much smaller boat then.
  • macduffmacduff Posts: 15
    Why did my post get deleted? I had mentioned that I loaded my Tundra with about 2,000 lbs of dry concrete mix and 4 X 4 posts, and had absolutely no trouble. The engine didn't even strain. The back rode a bit low, but the suspension handled it just fine, and the brakes were great.

    That's the fact, for those of you detracting the Tundra's hauling ability.
  • arkie6arkie6 Posts: 198
    I don't have any info to add on bigger tires for the Tundra. I've got the factory 16" alloy wheels with P265/70 Dunlop tires. I'll probably go with 265/75 Michelin LTXs when these wear out. If you want others experiences with tire and wheel upgrades to the Tundra, go to and checkout the message board. There is plenty of info there.
  • arkie6arkie6 Posts: 198
    Shorter driveshafts, like on the Tundra = less vibration. The Tundra uses a center carrier bearing on the driveshaft. This is the same set-up that my 1984 Toyota Supra uses and it has two pretty short driveshafts (200,000 miles with the original U-joints and carrier bearing). You will also notice that the Tundra has the slip yoke at the rear differential vs. at the transmission or transfer case on Chevy. Don't know which is better, just different. Although with my experience, the Chevy transmission/transfer case output shaft seal will start to leak at about 100,000 miles. You may also notice that the Tundra uses a smaller diameter STEEL driveshaft, while the Chevy uses a larger diameter Aluminum driveshaft.
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Haul facts:

    Chevrolet 1/2 ton - 9600 LBS
    tundra 1/2 ton - 7200 LBS

    Aint suprized any that them tundras be usin that same setup as that supra now. Based on them haul ratins, guessin them tundra mini-truck drivetrain parts not up to doin that "full size" haul. Good luck on this one now!
  • rooster9rooster9 Posts: 239
    Hey trucksrme, if it makes you feel better, I looked at some Silverados tonight while getting the belt replaced on my parents truck. There was a nice looking red Silverado in the showroom, but I thought the price was a bit high for a 3rd door model (over $27,000). You'd think they would be slashing the prices to clear the 3 door ones out.
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Ya can get ya that Silverado or any other of them big3 ones a whole lot less than them tundras now. Fact be the fact on this one. Besides them big3 ones costin less, they also be "full size". Get them big3 ones for workin em, get that tundra if reachin for that fad. Good luck on this one now!
  • market525market525 Posts: 27
    Why does everyone even continue to acknowledge posts from trucksrme? Why not just ignore his posts and hope he goes far, far away from this site.
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Folks just be seekin the truth on these ones now. Them that seek that truth be wantin too hear on it, even if it not be what they be wantin too hear. The yuppie be wantin the back slapin, not the truth. Can figure this be what ya be lookin for, wont be gettin that here now. Good luck on this one now!
  • market525market525 Posts: 27
    No "good luck on this one now" needed, truckrme. Your argument against Toyota is simply YOUR matter of opinion. I bought the Tundra because it is right for me and my personal situation. Yes, I looked at and drove your precious "big 3", but they simply weren't right for ME.

    Grow up, man. Just because someone drives a certain model/type of truck does not make them a "yuppie", as you so often like to point out.

    The Toyota was more money, but in my mind after months of comparisons, the slight bit more money involved was worth it for value and dependability.
    Could not say that for GM, which was my second choice.

    So, no "good luck on this one, now", just simply my opinion. Your on and on harassment of people is simply annoying.
  • Youre talking about dependability of a "full size" that hasnt been out for even a year yet????
  • Compare a Shivy Shakerado to a Tundra? I don't think so. The Tundra is so far above the Shakerado that it does not even bear comparison. You might as well compare a Yugo to a Mercedes. You need more than good luck on this one now, you need a miracle on this one now.
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    That 2400 LBS greater haul aint the matter of opinion now, it be the fact. That optional V8, 5sp with V8, optional rearend gears, aint that opinion, it be the fact. That "full size" as compared to that "mid size" aint the opinion it be the fact. The facts be the facts on this one now. Aint heard yet of one tundra that be workin! Them facts be goin on and on now. No back slapin for ya, sorry. Good luck on this one now!
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Was ya referin too this one now?

    2000 Toyota Tundra vibration/shake (Topic #1367)

    Good luck on this one now!
  • geezer3geezer3 Posts: 30
    No way... This is more fun than reading the 'comic strips'...
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Got this tell off that tundra solutions site folks here been bragin on:

    Vibrations - attributed to early production tire and wheel combinations, and still an issue; transmission - harsh shifting; paint quality/durability; poor visibility from factory adjusted low beams; "thunk" noise from driveline; center console vibration; excessive door panel wear; door latching mechanism - adjustment issues; dash rattles - stereo with the 6 disc changer; factory horns less than adequate; noisy brake pedal; rear seating position.

    Guessin I be missin somethin on that superior dependability now. Folks be payin extra to get these features? Hate too think what them ones be like if folks start workin em. Good luck on this one now!
  • trucksrmetrucksrme Posts: 381
    Got this tell off that tundra solutions site folks
    here been bragin on: (this one aint funny now)

    Just got news from my buddy today that the brakes failed on his 2000 TUNDRA while driving!Needed to use the emergency brake to stop the truck.He took it to the dealer and they state the problem as being a "BUBBLE" in the brake line.Anybody else experience anything like this?Got to admit,it is pretty scary to have the brakes go out on you when you're driving.

    Now I got too be a worryin on gettin the slam from one of them ones. Folks best not be followin them big3 ones too close now, or ya may end up under one quick! Good luck on this one now!
  • Has anyone seen this elusive combination? Toyota
    for some reason isn't selling Reg cabs at all in
    Indiana. Have found a hand full in Kentucky and
    Ohio, but all are V6's. I wonder If this combo( Reg cab 2wd SR5 ) is available at
    all anywhere, or if it will be available in 2001.
    According to Edmunds the Combo is available.
    I have found some 4x4's but don't need the extra
    drive train and cost.
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