Ford Super Duty Continued - VII



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    I took my truck home last night and what can I say, it's great!! This was the most stress free automobile transaction I've been through. The truck was quoted at 10-12 weeks lead time and came in at 10.5 weeks. If you're in southern Cal I would recommend you check out Santa Margarita Ford and ask for Sherri in Fleet sales.
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    One week of driving (250SD SC sb 5.4/5sp) and I am very pleased! The rattle I was trying to track down was corrected by the dealer by adjusting the R. rear door. VWOO, I will follow up on your research on the wide angle right side mirror from the Excursion, sounds just like what I am looking for. For all, I had the dealer apply the Ameraguard bedliner, and I am very happy with the results. After looking at many options, I settled on this one because the product had impressive features--high tensile strength, excellent surface characteristics, lifetime warranty, etc.--and I liked the application process. It seems that some of the processes out there are sprayed on with less precision, and I really didn't like the results, which looked gloppy (for lack of a better term) to me. The Ameraguard texture is very consistent and it appears quite strong. The Line-X had a similar surface, but was not available to me locally and was quite a bit more expensive. The technician applying the material in my case was the final selling point. He really knew his stuff and did a great job. Ameraguard is applied hot and is sprayed much like paint. The "painter" has much control over the spray pattern and consistency, and I could go on, but suffice to say it looks great and I am a satisfied customer!
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    Got just under 2600 miles on it, gets better gas mileage then my 98 Durango, lots more room, course it's harder to park, but then again you can just drive or top or push the smaller thing out of the way. Got the site for the popping noise coming from the rear end.
    Getting that fixed this week, parts are in. It's even getting where I gotta hide my keys, wife wants to drive it all the time. Gas mileage right around 15 on highway. 00 CC 5.4 4.1Ls Lariat 4x4
    Woodland Green
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    When you get to the site, click on the first banner, once there...enter, then look at the bullitins
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Member Posts: 262
    But I sliced the front end off, so I'll try again, but you can take a look at my great photography
    It's a pretty neat site, you can post quite a few pics. Well it looks like I'm the only one on tonight, so you all have a good night, catch ya later.
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    great looking truck. i have to say that because ours are nearly identical except i have the xlt, not the lariat. but i do have one question, if you go by "bowhunt", how come you posted a picture of that nice buck with a rifle in your hand...? either way, nice shooting.
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    I hunt both ways, I only had that one on my hard drive when I went to put my truck on, so I threw that one in, I'll keep adding. It's pretty easy to start one of those Albums, plus it's free, you just have to register. Trying to decide if I should go with regular oil or the Syn. Any suggestions out there?
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    If you change your oil every 3k miles, there is no need for synthetic.. I would guess that synthetic oils are 'superior' but with normal oils, these engines will last 200K miles or more in normal driving conditions.. When the engine does start to fail after that, will it be an oil related failure? It hard to tell, often something else goes bad first, (water pumps, fuel pumps, alternators, a/c, electrical, computer, gaskets).
    Synthetics won't hurt your engine, but I don't see the benefit you'll get.

    I if you have a 'high performance' engine that runs at higher tempatures, higher rpms, and with tolerances found in racing engines, then synthetics are probably helpful.. Thus the reason Corvettes and the like come from the factory with Mobil 1 etc.. (At least thats my understanding).

    Save your money.
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    How did line-x turn out? Were you happy with the shop in W Babylon? It is a 2hr ride for me, wondering if it is worth it, Rhino is 45min away.
    any feedback would be appreciated.

    Sherwoodfor: I really love this truck!How would I go about posting pics.?

    Mainecowgirl: Hang in there, take it from me, it`s
    worth it!
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    Synthetic vs dino (aka "natural") oils have been discussed ad nauseum in .

    Seems like a general consensus to put syn oils in the tranny and as bess said, pros and cons on syn in the engine.

    We did the initial oil change at 1K miles and the next will be at 4K. We're having Blackstone ( analyze the oil at every change.

    We'll also be adding a bypass filter at 4K. The impression I've gotten is that syn vs dino is personal but if you're looking at keeping the truck for a while, bypass filter is a definite win.
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    Anybody that wants to post there pictures, go to to start your own album, then come back and give us the link so we all can see your rig. If anyone wants a pic scan, I can scan & put on a disk and send them back to you if you want, or just take a drive to the friendly photo mat and they will scan them for you. I'll be updating mine this weekend since sherwood wants some bowhunting pics.

    Does anyone know how long it takes Ford to send you the customer survey after you take delivery of your truck, my list of complaints are growing daily with the dealer.

    The dealer lists reasons to buy from them in there ads, and the first one is when you buy from them, every other oil change is free ( no little print on restrictions). Well when I implied about using syn. oil, I got the run around for a week, then finally the Service Manager said that the oil change would be $57.30 and you would get $25 off every other one. They said this also implied towards the powerstroke oil changes. I would think this is false advertising on there part, wouldn't you all agree? I have decided to do the regular oil changes at every 3000 miles or 3 months which ever comes first at GoodYear. GoodYear was only going to charge $39 for the syn. Ford is lucky that I like this truck & nothing bad has gone wrong yet, because the dealer I bought it from will never find me buying another vehicle or even recommending anybody to buy from them. My wife has even agreed if anything comes up with this truck, it's history along with Ford. Does anybody recommend a Good Ford Dealer in Southeast Wisconsin?
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    Beautiful truck. I like that cap. One thing wrong with both pictures: too darn COLD! :-)
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    I'm in SE Wisconsin. Which dealer is being the jerk? Where exactly are you from? (Milwaukee, Waukesha, ???) I'm in Slinger. I have had good luck with Service Motors in Fond du Lac. I'll be getting my second truck from them the end of May. Been doing service with them for 8 years. My truck will be very similar to yours,accept a sc. Fond du Lac is 30 miles for me, and probably too far for you. E-mail me if you don't feel comfortable with putting this info on the net.
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    Live in Saukville, Schmitt Bros. Ford, Port Washington is having the problems. I can't receive any worse service, even if they read this. FDL is a ways out, but then it's only an hour away. You would think they would have their act together for being the oldest family owned ford dealership in Wisc.
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    a few months ago ford send me a black duffel bag for waiting 3 months to get my truck. yesterday in the mail ford sent me a black/gold towel with pictures of the f series trucks on it. hey thats fine by me if they want to send me a extra truck my way for free i could use that too.
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    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the wait is for all intents and purposes over. My truck is in!! I got a call from a friend saying she spotted a car carrier with a big maroon truck hanging off the back of it heading into town. I called my dealer just after the truck rolled off the carrier. Dealer was amazed at my telepathy. He invited me up to look it over. I raced to the dealership, needless to say. What a gorgeous thing of beauty. It was a little worse for wear as it had just come off the carrier so it hadn't been "put together" yet. I was glad I saw it that way. Everything is as I want it to be. Have to wait until Monday pm to pick it up. What a long weekend this one will be! For those who don't know..00 250SD SC SB V-10 auto 4.3LS Lariat Tow pkg PWR TT Mir. ESOF Slider Cap. Chairs Dk. Toreador Red. Three months and a week from order to delivery. Not complaining one bit. That's what dealer promised.

    Thanks to one and all for the help and support. This site has brought me more than any of you will ever know (CP).

    Bowhuntwi- Great looking truck. Love the color!
    Vintagebldrs- Let us know when you post yours. Can't wait to see it.
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    sorry about your problems with the dealer. you'd think that they would take very good care of someone who just stepped up to the plate and bought a sd.

    as for pictures on the net, i don't have that capability. i don't even have a computer, i have a webtv, which is basically a glorified cable box with a remote keyboard. regardless, i do enjoy the pics of other rigs. in fact, thanks to bowhunt, i probably talked the mrs. into us getting a cap. i showed her the the picture he posted and she really liked the way it looked. we live in the great white north, which makes a cap a good idea. the comparison was easy as bowhunt has the same color and config (cc,sb,srw)as ours. a sharp looking truck!
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    Big congrats. You're going to love it. I drove a V10 w/ 4.30's before I bought my 5.4, and it was a blast, especially once it was rolling. Even with an 800-lb. plow blade in the bed, it merged onto the interstate at 70, and went to 80 in a heartbeat. I suppose you've downloaded the delivery inspection notes from Sorry I don't have the link, but it was posted here a while back. Anyway, a whole bunch of us are glad for you. Happy trails.
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    Vintage - LineX appointment set for May 9, will let you know....

    Cowgirl - congratulations and good luck!
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    It's about time. I've had mine for 4 weeks now. Correct about the v.10 4.30ls. It may not be a race car, but when it's rolling, and you step on that big beast v.10, you will get where you want to go. It's a blast! You are one big towing cowgirl now. Enjoy. Check for that rail dust. I had the TSB done, and it came out fine. If the outside paint is not as smooth as the door jambs, there is about a 99.99 percent chance that you have it. I didn't see the spots until after I had washed it, about a couple of weeks after I got the truck.
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    adubahbi: According to the "F Super Duty Electrical Trailer Tow Installation Instructions", the brake circuit is good for 21 AMPS as long as a *minimum* of 12AWG wire is used. If you are going to hook a motor to this, you probably want to use even larger gauge wire to try and minimize the voltage drop at startup.

    mainecowgirl: Welcome to the ranks of the "haves". Wait does not seem to bad from your new vantage point, does it :-)
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    Thanks for the warning on Schmit Ford. I drive through Saukville on my way to Sheboygan quite often. I'll keep my eye out for your beast.

    Have you heard any reports on Lochen in Newburg. I have heard that as a small dealership, they make good deals and treat a person well on trades. I was a little bit worried about allocation from such a small dealer on Super Duties. Have never herd anything about service, but sometimes no news is good news. Might want to give them a try.

    My brother in law from Sheboygan dealt with the ford dealer in Plymouth on his last two mini vans and has been very satisfied. This may also be within reasonable distance for you.
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    Well, after ordering from one dealer locally and waiting over 4.5 months with nothing more than a "clean and unscheduled", I ordered elsewhere on 3/17 from Cochise Willis at Lone Star Ford in Houston, TX. On 3/23 I had a VIN. It arrived last week and I picked it up Thursday 4/27. Drove back to VA Beach and it was super. Truck is fantastic. A real easy 1400 mile trip. Computer says 13.8mpg.

    It was a long wait (too long). It was not as enjoyable experience as I expected. I am still having problems with my local dealer and have to ask 4 times for my deposit to be refunded. While I originally recommended them, after the way I have been treated by them, I would NOT recommend Beach Ford in VA Beach, VA. In fact, I am not overly pleased with Ford (Customer Assistance Center). Pretty worthless. However, once again, Cochise and Lone Star were great.

    My wife just got back from running to the store and she says everybody was getting out of her way. Going to run and get the floor mats later today.
    00 F350, CC, Lariat, SRW, LB, 4x4, V10, auto, 3.73LS, ESOF, privacy glass, slider, trailer tow, power mirrors, CD, red.

    Thanks to all on this forum (past and present). Great source of info and compassion.
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    best truck i have ever owned....wouldn't trade it for any other truck. steve manninger, thousand oaks calif
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    I've been monitoring this site since Nov 99. Some of you guys make me laugh out loud. Ordered my truck in Sep and rec'd in Nov. Y2k F250 CC, Lariat, V-10, auto, long bed, 4.3ls, etc.
    The long bed is great for carrying canoes. Went today and stirred up some gators. These are nice trucks.
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    Well it's been 5 months since i took delivery of my 250 lariet 5.4 lt eng.dark torr red ,supercab.As of today my truck just turned 6k,My only complaint is the squeeky frontend..I've been getting around 15.2 hwy and around 12.7 city. I just waxed my truck today for the first time,can anyone recommend a decent wax,thats easy to apply and easier to wipe off,please.The truck rides great,and looks awesome.I also received my ford blanket the other day not too bad i suppose.
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    Mainecowgirl: Of all the ones waiting, I was pulling for you the most! I admire your patience.
    Good luck!

    Nailbender: Used Zaino Bros. polish on my truck. Very pleased with
    No squeeks with my truck. Good luck
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