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Ford Super Duty Continued - VII

meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
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This topic is a continuation of Topic 1595....

Ford Super Duty - Continued VII. Please continue
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  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    Lilelmo, I think the folks in ford-diesel have decided it a hook for a trash bag (works for me ;) Hat hanger works too (if you think your trash is the 5'x8' attached box ;)
  • lilelmolilelmo Member Posts: 144
    I guess I'm just slow. Maybe it's because I never really saw a truck with a litter bag. It always seems to be rolling around under the driver's feet or being thrown in the back through the sliding window. But thanks koakey. I went through ideas on phone, CB, hat(s), everything but litter bag. I guess I can clean out the floor now. :-)

    Next day:
    One problem though, those big ol' black bags with the drawstrings are just too darn big. They still get underfoot. ;)

    Who's found nice black rubber molded type splash guards for the rear wheel openings? Details?
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    Will these work?


    I have 'em (ordered them directly from Husky, as I recall $29.mumble a pair) but haven't opened the boxes yet (came just a few days ago and wasn't home much today - installer gets home tonight ;)
  • stemaxstemax Member Posts: 1
    I have heard of numerous engine and clutch failures on powerstrokes. Anybody have a comment? It is a good lookin truck but if it isn't any good Also what ford dealer sells them at invoice.
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    Stemax, which engines and which clutchs? (manual tranny?)

    I haven't heard of any excessive failures with either the gas or diesel engines. Ford has had some problems with some of their earlier auto trannys but the current tranny seems to be okay.

    It's tough to find dealers that will sell these hot items at invoice. :)

    Check the Forums at www.ford-diesel.com . There have been discussion on pro's/con's of the SD vs other manufacturers, trannys, dealers, etc. You might find a dealer willing to order for invoice but I think you might be hard pressed to find a dealer selling off the lot for invoice. (btw, f-d is not a Ford-sponsored site so you tend to get the straight skinny on things.)
  • vwoovwoo Member Posts: 17
    When I picked up the Excursion from the
    dealer, I remember him telling me about a 7 pin to 4 pin adaptor in the
    glove box. I subsequently took this out and put it in with the jack
    because I would not need it very soon. I didn't realize that there was
    another wiring harness in there. So I just pulled it out and there is the
    wiring harness. Put it in this AM and everythink is woring great.

    Thanks again.
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    All of the engines are very solid..
    (Of course online, you'll hear more about folks problems than the thousands who are trouble free).
    The most pervasive problem seemed to be 'piston slap' which was solved last year.

    I've not heard of hardly any 5sp/6sp tranny problems, (even online).
    The auto tranny also appears to be very capable. The most common complaint heard online seems to be in the torque converter area.

    I still believe the ford engine/tranny combo's have lower failure rates than those of dodge/chevy.

    In Raleigh, visit Capital Ford.. you'll be able to order one close to invoice (within $500).
  • idahoanidahoan Member Posts: 12
    The cup holders that I got on my 2/18 built truck are the old style, no mistake about it. I'll give them a little time to wear and then get them fixed.

    So far I'm averaging around 15+ mpg, PSD 3.73 LS, according to the on-board computer with only 100 miles on this new pup. I can hardly wait to get it broken in to see the average.

    As far as the rear end noise, posted earlier, it sounds like the limited slip may be locked or not releasing. This may be a dumb question, but have you checked the front hubs to be sure that one of the hubs isn't in the locked position, or not all the way into auto(free) and may be partially engaged? Oh, one other thing that has happened to me in the past was someone loosened up some of my lug nuts on one tire and the rim rocked on the studs and creak or give a snapping sound.
  • jtcjtc Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for the info. I do have ESOF but still have the turnable front hubs. Are they supposed to be on AUTO or MANUAL for everyday driving on pavement? If you think my gas mileage is low, do you know if the dealer can adjust anything in the computer, fuel injectors, or transmission (it seems to take a while to shift up)? Thanks
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    jtc; once you've got your 1000 miles breakin, for normal everyday driving your hubs should be in AUTO. Having them in MANUAL won't hurt anything but not necessary (might cut your mileage a bit, but not near as bad as the mileage cut when you're in 4x4).

    Don't remember what you said your mileage was. How many miles on the truck? PSD? (PSDs make take 5-10K miles for the engine to break in and mileage to go up).
  • sherwoodforsherwoodfor Member Posts: 52
    dealer called on friday and said i had an eta of 4/3. hopefully my truck won't go on walk-about like some of our other participants.

    bowhuntwi: i use a compound bow. here in the u.p., we have the advantage of being able to just go out in the backyard treestand to set up for the day's hunt. have a friend with a place in spread eagle, says it's the greatest, but i've never been (yet). hope you enjoyed your first weekend with the truck.
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Member Posts: 262
    WEll, I'm back, put 430 miles on it, rides like a dream. Got an average of 13.9 mpg hilly, small towns in route. Has anybody noticed the spare tire...I got white lettered ATs, the spare is black lettered. I stopped in Prarie Sauk, Wisc. the Ford dealer there has an Island Blue 00 XLT CC sitting on his lot, checked the spare, it was black lettered too. But if anyone is still looking for a V10, might want to call that dealer, sorry don't have the phone number for it.

    My wife really likes the ride. It barely fits under the 7' foot garage door, did break down and got the 15" ant. from Wal Mart. Dealer also told me about the garbage bag holder....notice theres no ash tray up front but two in back seat....there will be no smoking in the truck, but I'll miss my coin tray...

    No complaints with the truck, got a minor one with the guy that installed the Cap though, but will get that fixed Monday. Have a Great Week you ALL.......
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Member Posts: 262
    I also got the Ford/Duraliner drop in liner, had a special for $179.00, with this liner you can still utilize the cargo tie downs in the front of the bed. Then I threw a Penda rubber mat down on top of it to prevent the sliding of stuff.
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    Sounds like you have the new, improved cup holder in the front. :) If so, you do have an ash tray, it's between the two cup holders (yeah, it's not big but that's not an issue for me ;).

    I got the captain's chairs with huge center console. The console has a nice lift-out tray that has a coin holder.

    Glad you like the truck... sounds like it was worth the wait (I know mine was).
  • wburbankwburbank Member Posts: 18
    Hi, got my build date for 3/6/00. However can not get VOPC to say anything but, "clear and unscheduled". I hope my dealer is not playing games with me. Also, how can I track it by rail?
    Ordered 12/18/99. F250. Lariat. CC. White. PSD. SB. 373 slip. Camper pac. Trlr tow pac & hitch. PW tow mirr. $500 over invoice, with $500 farm bureau rebate.
    YES, this and www.forddiesel.com have been a great help. Keeps the dealers honest. (i think honest dealers is an oxi-moran)
    Any way any help in tracking my truck would be appreciated. I know it has been posted befor, but can not find it.....there is so much on these F250s.
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    Try tracking off the www.bnsf.com web page (tracking is one of the options on the left side of the page as I recall). However, my truck was built on a Thursday; by the following Monday it was at the railhead north of Denver (quick!).

    Correct URL is www.ford-diesel.com

    my personal fav :)
  • wnicholswnichols Member Posts: 42
    Please check previous posts. Individuals are not to use the VOPC system anymore - dealers only.
  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    yeah, right!!!
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    Wnichols is, in fact, correct. VOPC is intended for use by dealers, not the general public. If a member of the general public has acquired the information necessary to access VOPC, that is their business but that is also against Ford's wishes.
  • craigwilliamsocraigwilliamso Member Posts: 13
    I have recently ordered an '00 F-250 Supercab 4WD SWB 5.4L. I am interested in the terminology that is used by FoMoCo to describe the stage an ordered vehicle is in. I have heard the terms "clean and unscheduled", "submitted to factory", "build date", "delivery date" used in post. These terms are fairly self-explanatory. If anyone would take the time to explain the sequence of events that happens during the process or point me to a prior post that may contain this info, I would be most thankful......

    Thanks in Advance
  • sherwoodforsherwoodfor Member Posts: 52
    here is what i've learned, let's hope it's accurate. "clean & unscheduled" is like going to purgatory, it is indefinate and unbearable. once your order is "submitted to the factory" you will be given a build date in 1-4 days, that build date being about 3 weeks hence.

    assuming you've got your build date, you can expect your truck 2-3 weeks after the build date. however, there are a number of ways where the best-laid plans can go awry. you'd have to check some of the earlier editions of sd, or even with bowhuntwi (got his on friday), but sometimes the trucks just seem to wander while on the rail carrier. most of the stories are humorous, assuming it's not your truck visiting various ports of call, but eventually you will get yours.
  • shannynfhshannynfh Member Posts: 3
    i am trying to purchase an f350 xlt cc drw v10 5 spd 2tone. i'm beginning this search using autobytel and sams club suggestions.
    what one place is saying is that he can find NO truck like i want (says there is a problem finding the 5 spd v10 in drw) in a 5 state area. he's also saying if i want to order i must do it THIS WEEK, if i have hopes of getting one this year. he sent me a prospective spec sheet and it has a priority code of 99. i've learned that that is the least preferred code and that 10 is the preferred (he said as a dealership, they have highest priority- no matter the code). have another person telling me that it is already too late for 00' orders. so, it boils down to 5 ?'s-
    1) is there truelly no trucks like i want (i find that hard to believe) sitting on lots?
    2) is it too late to order?
    3) how do i get a priority 10 order in?
    4) what is a DORA (read about that in previous edmunds), why should i have a copy in hand?
    5) what is a fleet order, and is it better to go through them for an order?
  • lewaclewac Member Posts: 151
    unfortunately, it may very well be too late to order a '00 v10. call a bunch of dealers for a synopsis. when we picked up our truck (2.2.0000) our salesperson indicated only a few more weeks remained to order certain configs. our dealership had no problems with allocation... the "problem" was/is with Ford. they just cannot build these things fast enough and they're basically "scheduled out" for the model year (not taking any more orders (at least on some configs)). now. you may find a dealer that will go through the "motions" by ordering priority 99... but that's just "smoke" to perhaps, appease you. be especially wary if they attempt to then sell you something "close" out of stock. another problem with many dealerships is that they simply don't have the allocation. this issue gets complicated (see ford-diesel.com). but simply put, if they don't sell a particular config "yesterday" they do NOT get another one to sell "today"... a bit of "catch-22". and note also that an ordered truck basically goes against the dealer allotment (remember that Ford doesn't know about YOU... only the dealer does)... and thus, some dealers don't want you to "order" a truck (thus the priority 99, a basic "do-nothing" order) on an item that they KNOW they can sell out of stock much closer to the MSRP. finally fwiw: note that earlier in the model year everyone we saw on this thread was posting priority 15's or better and getting their trucks in basically 6-10 weeks as a result.

    it's also very possible that your specific config does NOT exist anywhere (ours didn't (and probably still doesn't)). the same can be stated for many configs that just aren't "popular" with john q. lol.

    all... I've stated it b4. but my .02 on this vopc thing. the fact that ford doesn't give us a reliable url to track our ordered vehicle is bs in this day of connectivity. I "heard" that the vopc is now password protected. but if it wasn't I'd still attempt to use it if our truck was in the works. also found that the vopc was extremely UNreliable AFTER the build (our truck was one of those that got "lost" on the rails... took them 6 WEEKS to find the thing... see past posts). but the vopc WAS a lot better than nothing. so if Ford is "yanked" about one's use of the vopc? too bad. they make more than enough $$$ to set up some service for their future customers.
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    Lewac summed it up well. I'll add a few words too.
    Answering your Q's
    1. Likely not. If your config is common, then its already been bought by someone else. If its not common, the dealer probably didn't order one to sit on the lot..
    2. I've been hearing for a while that they are going to stop taking orders.. I'm not sure I 'completly' believe this like I once used to.. Dealers that have good allotments for a particular truck are able to get it in under 12 weeks.. I think a few dealers have made statments to the effect that Ford isn't taking orders for a particular configuration, when in reality, its only that particular dealership that has no allotment for the said configuration.
    Check several dealers in your area..

    3. The '99' code you saw is from the workup sheet that really has no meaning, so the '99' on that sheet shouldn't concern you.. The priority is set by the dealer when they submit it.. You can see the true priority of an order on the DORA. The lowest (best) number a dealer can put is a priority 10, lower than that is reserved for special purposes.

    4. The DORA = Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgment. Means the dealer really submitted the order.

    5. Many dealerships have a 'fleet' department who take orders for companies etc, who buy large number of trucks. There's an additional discount dealerships give to these fleet sales.. (theres a special fleet code for each company)
    However, the salesmen who work in the fleet dept are allowed to sell to individuals just like any other salesperson. My dealer is an example of this..
    Why look for a fleet salesman? Usually more of their income is from salary vs the average salesman so it might be easier to haggle.. I also believe that more SD's are purchased through the fleet dept than not, so you might get someone more knowledgable about them..
    I think if your well armed with information from Edmunds etc, you can get a good price regardless of the saleperson..
  • craigwilliamsocraigwilliamso Member Posts: 13
    For the info concerning ordering new truck. I appreciate your time....
  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    ditto on the vopc!!!
  • paull1paull1 Member Posts: 65
    Just thought I'd fill you all in on my Y2K V10 3.73 4x4 auto with 6300 miles.

    Average MPG 10.6 w/60-70% city, 30-40% highway
    This average was from the trip computer over 2 1000 mile readings. My route was pretty consistent during each of the 1000 miles.

    I also made a 440 total mile round trip from RI to NJ and got a 13.4 mpg average. The trip included mostly highway miles with some construction delays (20 minutes aprox).

    I'm about 300 miles into my next 1000 reading and the current average is 11.1, the trip may have helped improve things a bit.

    It should be important to note that I do not have a "light foot" and I have found that this truck can get better mileage with a light touch. But that would take the fun out of the V10...

    Also, I have a roll top bed cover and have found no improvement in mpg with it closed. If anything the mpg is slightly better with it open. That is not to knock the cover, it's function is great and I am happy with the addition.

    Has anyone had the F250 front end squeak fixed, my dealer had my truck all day and I still have the squeak. I know there is a service bulletin on this, does anyone have the number?

    Before I forget,,, I love my super duty!
  • gossamargossamar Member Posts: 106
    Okay, first the front end squeak.....back a few hundred posts or so....I shared my experience with the front end squeak. There have been it looks to be two or three possible 'gremlins'. First, some cab bolts may not be tightened to the frame to the correct foot-lbs., second, over in the ford-diesel forum, someone found a front sway bar mounted incorrectly. However, I think that the most common cause stems from Technical bulletin # 99-16-3. This one deals with the front spring tip isolators. I originally had this done back in the begining January...three days later, squeak was back. To back to dealer again and was lucky to get same technician. I then took him for a drive to listen to the sound. He pulled truck back into shop and put on another set of item number F81Z-55586-AA. These are the isolator tips...look like little plastic shims. Anway, this time he applied some sort of moly lubricant and after 3-weeks no squeaks as of yet!! The tech also stated beings I have had the truck in for the same problem twice in a 2-month period, he was going to contact his tech dude at FORD to see if anything else could could be done. I really don't expect to hear back, but I do have the techs name so that I can ask for him if the squeak returns.
    Shannynfh, what part of the country are you located in?? I have about 6 or 7 different FORD dealers located within an hours drive from my place in central ILL. I would be more than happy to make some calls or get you some numbers...just let me know.....
  • formerchevyformerchevy Member Posts: 12
  • vintagebldrsvintagebldrs Member Posts: 25
    Check out www.Zainobros .com They should have what you need for shining up dark colored vehicles.Good Luck
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Member Posts: 262
    I picked my truck up on friday night as planned, got to my Dad's place and noticed that every bump I went over that the front of my cap moved. So I took a closer look, the people who ford had contracted (not the ones I had asked them to buy from) installed the cap wrong, with no tape inbetween the bed rails, they also didn't put the right clamps on, you need longer clamps because of the box is wider in the front. But the big issue was that it was chipped. Custom Vehicle Supply said that when they sold it to the Ford Dealer, it had no chips in it. It happened when Pugleys' Detail Shop installed it. We complained to Ford.....They told me to return the whole TRUCK,which I told them NO...that I would deal with A.R.E. and their authorized Dealers. Why would I want to return the truck, so they can resell it for more then I paid even though it has 500 miles on it. I'll keep you all updated. By the way all spares come with black side walls even if you order white lettered.
  • mainecowgirlmainecowgirl Member Posts: 103
    I want to reiterate what Bess told you about the priority number of 99 that you saw on your prospective spec sheet. I saw a priority of 80 on my vehicle order confirmation sheet about a month into my order for a '00 250 SC 4X4 4.3LS V-10 auto and thought I was done for (ordered 1/20). After some desperate days wondering what I was going to do, some sobbing on this site and some rescue attempts to find me a truck elsewhere by white knights on this forum, I called my dealer and found I had been looking at the spec sheet that I had gotten when I had walked in off the street to price the truck. When I was faxed my true order confirmation that is produced after the order is submitted (called DORA here although my salesman had never heard that term???) I had a priority of 10 and despite being told by my salesman (a good guy) on Feb. 24 that Ford had effectively "cancelled" my order because of high demand, my order was indeed "submitted to the factory" last week on 3/7. I have not yet gotten a build date, but I am working with a dealer with very low allotment so I am not holding my breath on anything. This site is an incredible resource for people such as yourself looking for available trucks on lots all over the US because it is full of truly helpful interested folks. Let them help you as they have all helped me. Who knows? You may find just what you are looking for. Good luck!
  • f350_or_bustf350_or_bust Member Posts: 13
    First, I want to thank all the good folks who cared (miffed) enough to post their thoughts on this site...helped me a lot!

    Ordered my 00' F350 XLT 4x4 V10...etc back on 12-8-99. Got my build date yesterday...3/27/00.

    Question -- What is the next step? Who do I need to ride as far as making sure the next step happens in an appropriate time frame? Or do I need to do anything at all?

    Thanks again!!!
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    Saddle up the dealer.. Around 3/27 or so, the VOPC (which the dealer can access) will give them an estimated 'arrival' date..
    Its usually a few weeks after its built..

    Unless you have a nickname like lewac.. If that happens you get a free ticket to insanity using all the frequent rail miles that your truck racks up on its travels.
  • randyb7randyb7 Member Posts: 3
    Ordered my y2k sc
    f250,wht/slv.5.4 at 4x4 on
    2/04. He told me at the
    time he could get it in
    about 6 weeks.I thought at
    the time he was stretchin
    things a little,and was
    expecting 10 to 12
    weeks.Well my worry's are
    over,he called yesterday
    morning and said it came
    in monday night around 8
    and he already has it
    ready to go for me.I
    picked it up yesterday and
    all i can say is AWESOME! I
    never seen the color combo
    until yesterday and i love
    it.Only bad part was
    driving staight to work
    from the lot and working
    12 long ones all night
    while my new truck was
    sittig outside waiting for
    me.Good part is i am off
    until sunday so its time
    to cruise.Thanks to
    everyone on this site for
    all the great info and
    hopefully i'll be able to
    add to the helping now
    that i actually have one
    of the best trucks on the
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    Lilelmo, I'll try to get a picture this weekend (when the truck isn't so dirty :) of the Snugtop XV on the truck. Looks sharp! The lines on the XV don't make the truck look huge (like I was afraid it would). Color match on the Bright Amber was excellent.
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    Lilelmo, I got the Catch-All floor mats ( www.performanceproducts.com I think). They are plastic-type material on the underside with carpet on top. Form-fitting with a "lip" around the edge to keep stuff in. I didn't like the rubber look of the Huskys. They (Catch-All) claim to match the carpet color and it's a pretty close match IMO (had them waiting at home before the truck showed up). The Catch-Alls make the factory floor mats look even worse than they really are. :)

    The SD SC with the Snugtop XV looks a bit sleeker to me than the Excursion :) The privacy glass on the topper is fairly dark so you can't see in easily (matches the privacy glass on the side windows of the cab).
  • vwoovwoo Member Posts: 17
    Lilelmo, Have you looked into the mats offered by Ford? (the all-weather ones maybe called Slush mats?) They have pretty big groves in them and would hold a fair amount of junk but not as much as the Husky's. We have them on the Excursion. Ordered from Schwatz Ford in IN or IL they are on the net or email me to find out exactly. They are about 25% off the retail price (whereas the dealer here wanted 5% over the retail price + *% tax). They obviously will fit the SD exactly. They also have an eye in them for the hook on the floor board (at least in the Excursion).
    Still waiting on my SD SC V10 SB.
  • lilelmolilelmo Member Posts: 144
    I am ALWAYS impressed by the knowledge and willingness to help on this site. Thank you both. I can't wait to see the Snugtop pix and I'll check out the website. The vinyl is a bit plain, but carpet can get stained by the red clay we have around here.

    I wondered today if Ford offerred something to fit. I'll go by when I can and check it out. The SD 250 has that floor hook, too. The Husky liners have a recess that covers the hook and the factory mats have a hole of course. Thanks folks.
  • lilelmolilelmo Member Posts: 144
    All these people had was for '99 Fords in the Husky brand. They were $30/set MORE ($79.90)than basspro.com ($49.95) for the fronts in the Husky line. I guess they changed lines.
  • shannynfhshannynfh Member Posts: 3
    thanks so much to all who've given knowledge and opinions. funny..... seems the few dealers i've spoken w/ in the last 24 hrs arent sure about if they can get an order in.....i'm more than a little suspicious!!! hey, question- if i have to wait for the 2001's, when can i begin ordering those?
    gossamar- i'm in tx. if you have the time and/or can get numbers or want to make calls, i would sure appreciate any help i can get.
    of course it doesnt' help that even if i find a v10 dually, it's the wrong color! i am finding several in my searches, but most i find are 4x4 and diesel. i pitched the idea of diesel after reading about the costs (both up front and during maintainance). but..... after reading paull 1's posting of 10 measley miles to the gallon, i may reconsider- considering anywhere i have to go is at least 30 miles away!!!!
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    This is a URL where you can see the basic idea of the Catch-All...


    I'm pretty sure that I had to call Performance Products to order them since their web page didn't have them (sorry that I didn't remember that). Got 10% off since I ordered both front and rear (for a SC). Weren't cheap but I really like them. Guys on ford-diesel said they've taken them out and hosed 'em off (so maybe the clay would wash out). The box they came in said they're Scotchguarded. The left front has a hole for the floor hook (same as factory floor mats.) There are also additional hooks you can put in, but I haven't bothered yet.

    As I recall Perf Products had more attractive pricing than Sportwing :)

    Shannynfh, re ordering. The dealers you're talking to may be right, Ford is starting to turn back orders since the factory is pretty close to being fully committed to SD orders through the end of July. You might want to peruse the Ordering Information forum on www.ford-diesel.com . You might find pointers to a convenient dealer that has what you want or still has allocation to order.
  • bobh12bobh12 Member Posts: 140
    You are correct they don't show all of their stuff on their website, but you can order their Ford Truck catalog on the net and they will send you a new one every three or four months (free) that shows all their stuff. Plus they have sent me 10-15% off coupons at various times.
  • beckelbeckel Member Posts: 3
    Hey Guys, I went to order a 2000 F250SD last week and was told the lead time would be close to 7 months. Not really a big suprise however, when i mentioned my concern that my truck would be a year old before i ever received it the dealer offered to order a 2001. I agreed and the dealer ordered the truck. Has anyone heard anything about the 01's yet? New options, colors, etc.
  • beckelbeckel Member Posts: 3
    Hey Guys, I went to order a 2000 F250SD last week and was told the lead time would be close to 7 months. Not really a big suprise however, when i mentioned my concern that my truck would be a year old before i ever received it the dealer offered to order a 2001. I agreed and the dealer ordered the truck. Has anyone heard anything about the 01's yet? New options, colors, etc.
  • beckelbeckel Member Posts: 3
    Hey Guys, I went to order a 2000 F250SD last week and was told the lead time would be close to 7 months. Not really a big suprise however, when i mentioned my concern that my truck would be a year old before i ever received it the dealer offered to order a 2001. I agreed and the dealer ordered the truck. Has anyone heard anything about the 01's yet? New options, colors, etc.
  • toro98toro98 Member Posts: 7
    Hello everyone. So far I am loving my Y2K Superduty (F-250 XLT, 4X4, X-cab short bed, 5.4 V8, auto, 4.10LS, ESOF, TT telescoping power mirrors, Sliding rear window, Privacy glass, trailer hitch, trailer tow package, CD, and cab steps). The only problem the i have encountered so far is with the trailer connector. I have the 7 pin, and 4 way flat connectors. The 7 pin has a terminal for the back-up lights. (I remember a previous post where someone tapped into the trailer connector for after market back-up lights) I have a back-up alarm on the trailer that I tow, and when I plugged it in, it wouldn't work. The horn wiring is correct, and the male and female trailer connectors are also matched up correctly. I put the truck in reverse, to activate the back-up lights and tested to see whether or not any "juice" was flowing to the trailer connector with a tester. No juice. Has anyone else experienced this difficulty? By the way, I have the Catch-Alls and they are great. The color match is great, and they clean up nicely.
  • cr133rcr133r Member Posts: 3
    Where is a good place to buy a Super Duty Ford? I know its been asked before but I can't find the info. I would like to get the best deal possible and don't mind traveling or drop shipping to get a good deal.
  • cardoc764cardoc764 Member Posts: 5
    ordered my 00 f250 sd sc 4x4 v-10 long bed on 11/19/99. according to vopc its still clean and unscheduled as of 3/14/00.dealer called on monday 3/13/00 and told me that ford contacted them and wanted them to fax them all copies of outstanding unscheduled retail orders.just wondering if anyone has any insight as to what's going on or am i just stuck in limbo forever waiting for this truck? P.S.- if its any consolation to other people in this same boat- i work for ford at the chicago assembly plant building taurus and sable- and still can't get any further than the average retail customer.
  • crazyelviscrazyelvis Member Posts: 216
    Gator Ford....Tampa, Florida.....Don't know who to tell you to talk to....Ken English...who sold both lewac and me my truck is gone.
    They have a great selection...but like everyone else...probably have mostly PSD's on the lot.
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