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    I believe what the VOPC message is saying is "Ford assembly plant". Yes, a VIN that begins with 1 means it is a U.S. built vehicle (final assembly at KTP), 2 comes from Canada (no SuperDutys are being built in Canada- yet) and 3 is from Mexico.

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    I listened to the same message about being released by the "foreign" assembly plant and I am convinced it does say foreign. But when my truck came in it had a KY plant sticker on the windshield. Either way it was released, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"
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    US made vehicles must have a VIN that starts with a '1' while vehicles in Mexico will have a VIN that starts with '3'. This isn't a rumor and this isn't a Ford thing but Federal requirement.

    There have been a number of dicussions on about the Ford vs foreign assembly plant. I thought it said foreign but maybe it is Ford. As pistolero said, it's on its way to you from the assembly plant. Believe the VIN for assembly country.
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    I went tdy to RAF Meldinhall England in 1983,we went to RAF Alconbury for a couple days. As I recall fighter pilots train at Alconbury, is that correct? I was a crew chief on a KC135A tanker stationed at Warner Robbins Ga.
    All, been gone on bisness to CA.,just now getting caught up on the posts. Still love my truck, avrg. 20.5 mpg
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    1. I was told that the PSD holds 15 quarts of oil, and started wondering what does a service cost, and how often do they require service (not what the service dept tells you but what the OWNER's manual tells you).
    2. I recently ordered a y2k 250 Lariat CC PSD AT SWB 4x4 green over gold. I notice you folks batting acronyms around like VOPC and CAC, and that you seem to be fairly up to speed on where your truck is at in line. What does VOPC and CAC mean? And how, other than bugging the dealer, can you check on the status of your truck?

    From a newby who is waiting.
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    I recently ordered an F250 SD 4WD and would like to know if there is anyway to track the vehicle other than hassling the dealer?

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    We used to be able to call Ford's internal order tracking system, VOPC (Vehicle Order Processing Center). A few months ago, Ford contacted at least one non-Ford-sponsored web site ( ) and asked them to remove references to VOPC and to ask people to no longer use VOPC. It sounds like some people kept the contact information and continued to track their vehicle.

    Best deal is continue to bug your dealer and suggest to them that they give some feedback to Ford to provide a web site so you can track your vehicle yourself. :)

    Re: oil changes. Yeah, the PSD holds 15 qts (2 of which are in the filter). Sounds like many folks in ford-diesel get their oil changed at Wally-world :) while many change their own oil (Motocraft filters from Wally-world, Shell Rotella T from either Wally-world or Sams). I think the owners manual says 5K for normal use, 3K for heavy use. Surf over to ford-diesel. They have alot of FAQs on maintenance as well as Forums where, if you don't find the answer, you can pose your own.
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    When you access the site, go to the owners connection, then click on "contact us", there's an 800 number there that you can check up on your ride, you either need the VIN# or an order #, just keep in mind, some of the people that answer the phone has no correct marbles in there head, others will be helpful.
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    sdman... you're config & terrain differs (ours is 4.1 diff with 6 speed tranny) but our mileage figures are similar due to the manual config (quite a bit less stuff churning away). truck's around 2900 miles & won't get a lot additional til summer. the psd "knows" that max GCWR is back there, but it does not complain about it, one iota. curiously; we note little difference in the noise level between max GCWR/unloaded. the engine continues a gradual increase in mpg along with shutting it's mouth, somewhat.

    jeez, bess, that's scary. we don't have much of a problem with that in our suburban like area (people type "animals" is mostly our problem).

    cr133r... apology appreciated, accepted, but unnecessary. some of the stuff I write sometimes seems rather confusing even to myself (much less others).

    thanks, maincowgirl. all those in waiting may want to take some "lessons" from you. including myself as I really "lost it" there, towards the end of our delivery "saga"... patience of a Saint!

    the PSD holds 15 quarts & 2 must go to the filter when you change that out or the engine will be "starved" for oil at first startup afterwards. it'll take about 12 quarts on the change (including what goes into the filter). the manual says that SEVERE service should be changed every 3 k. here's the lowdown on that: taxi service, police or fire/rescue, pulling at or near GCWR for extended periods, dusty conditions. those scenario's warrant at least a "look" at change out more frequently. of course, this practice wouldn't be a "bad" idea for ANY engine. we've pulled about 50% of the time so far but the next pull will be at least a 3k one. we'll change out at 4k or b4 we leave in late May (whichever occurs first). note that you also need to check the coolant additive at that time with those test strips sold by DIS (url: note that Ford probably also sells the strips. if it's off you'll need to add the additive itself (also avail from Ford or DIS). we don't use a diesel additive locally as we obtain fuel from a "HESS" that moves a lot of fuel via fleet vehicles. it's also plenty warm enough around here so no worry about jelli-fying the stuff.
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    For some reason MY posts are being deleted.
    This is a test.
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    There has been some question on other sites as to whether or not the airbags are affecteted by a brush guard. NOT! On Sunday my new wife of 4 days ran into the back of another truck, both bags went off perfectly, and no one was hurt badly. The cops said that the windshield was broken not by the airbag cover on the pass. side, but by my little girl (who somehow managed to fly out of her car seat, smash the windshield, and get back into her seat, all strapped in. sarcasm)
    Because of the brush guard, the damage is minor to our truck, it totaled the other one.If you are thinking about getting one, DO IT! it's well worth the money.
    On a differnt subject; just before leaving for Las Vegas, UPS delivered a Ford bag and a note saying they were sorry for the wait, I bought mine off a lot so I did not order. Go figure.
    On the trip we got 13.5 mpg ave. with a best of 19.7 or so from Flagstaff to Kingman AZ. (all downhill) belive it or not.

    Y2K 350 4x4 V10 CC
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    Does anyone have any suggestions on adding aux fuel tanks either in the bed or preferably under the bed for a 2000 sd cc sb V10? I live in southern Oregon so someone in the Northwest would be usefull
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    I change my own oil, no problem, really I enjoy it. You will need to get a big oil pan, 16 quart or bigger, about $9 at Walmart. 15 quarts of shell rotella and a motocraft filter, about $29 at Walmart. I changed the first time at about 1500 miles to get the factory oil out and will change again at 3500 miles, coming up soon, and after that I will change every 3000-3500 miles.
    Time is a factor also, if I don't put more than 3000 miles in 3-4 months then I change at that intervel. Keeping fresh oil in the psd is very critical to its long life. And I also prime the filter it will hold about 1 3/4 quarts.
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    for the info on checking up on the much anticipated arrival of my 00 SD
  • tracyotracyo Member Posts: 72
    Thanks for the e-mail reponse
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    Sgknox, go to

    and put in 'aux fuel tank' into Search Words, select Subject Only in Search In (drop down) and Search All Forums and Archives. There are a ton of articles which should help answer your questions. :)
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    Dealer called today with my build date of 4/3! Ordered about 2/17. Now I need to find a topper where the angle on the front of the side windows matches the angle of the rear door windows! Any suggestions? Also, my dealer says look 3-4 weeks after build for delivery. That sounds a little long to me. How long should it take?

    250 4X4 CC Lariat V-10 SWB 3.73 blah blah blah...
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    Drove by the Tampa area rail head today.....there were very few vehicles at all. When my truck arrived there in Oct. there were probably about 5000 cars and trucks in the two lots....I counted 38 today. 3 of them were SD's....all SC's. Must be end of the year model shortage or something. Who knows???<<retorical ?>>
    Well....back to painting....bordering....and putting molding up in daughters room....and then on to other daughters room....and then to my room. Wife has been busy putting me to work around here. But at least she doesn't have one of those bee-hive hairdoos.....Seeeeeeeeee Yaaaaaaa.....
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    I should be getting my baby real soon. I've been following the rail dust problem. I know there is a TSB, and a lot of confusion on whether it works, or if the clay bar works better. Just something that keeps coming up in my mind, don't most cars get shipped by rail, and if so, why haven't I had this problem on all of the other cars that I have purchased in the past. I don't get it?
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    I'm still waiting for the MIRACLE CURE from ford for my white 2000 dually with EXTREME "rail dust".
    They told me its an acid wash and sometimes does the job in one or two applications. I think ford has the dealers blowing smoke up our "you know whats" because they all know about the rail dust problem but aren't very familiar with the fix. The two dealers I've been working with both act very sheepish when I ask questions about the acid wash. They ordered it about three weeks ago and haven't got it yet. They said that ford doesn't recommend the detailers clay. They don't know if the acid wash affects the clear coat or not!

    I'm just praying to the patron saint of paint that my comes out good and isn't made worse by the whole thing. I'd follow the advice I've been given on this site and have a good paint shop do it but I want to make sure ford backs the paint job for at least until the truck is paid for. Anyone else got rail dust? On many of the colors it can barely be seen until it gets bad. LOOK AT YOUR PAINT CLOSELY!!!
    Maybe ford will get a clue and COVER the new cars and trucks!
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    Last 2 tanks, I've averaged over 16 mpg (16.5 and 16.2). This is with the same mixed driving city/highway that I've driven since it was new.

    Probably cause its broke in (5500 miles) and getting warmer..

    I'm lucky as I live close enough to KTP (Raleigh NC) that SD's are shipped here via truck.. No rail dust..

    gtt1: I'd love to get a brush guard, but unfortunately I currently only have about 12" total space left (front to rear) in the garage when the beast is parked.. So, the brush guard would probably make me too long..

    Of course, I could get rid of the 4' deep shelves in front of the garage, like grocery stores use, but they are handy to have.
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    Has anyone reading this purchased their SD from Butler Ford in Ashland Or. What was your experience?
  • tom169tom169 Member Posts: 23
    I wish I had a nice garage like that. Mine is about 2 feet shorter than the truck. Makes it pretty hard to shut the door! Raleigh is a nice place. I'd like to live there. I have fond memories of the place from a business trip I took there about 15 years ago. Very nice place!

    In case anyone else with a V10 cares, I talked to ford about my knock. They say it is "normal V10
    flutter" with no explanation of why it happens to some and not others of the same configuration. They wouldn't even give me an exact cause but I'm sure it is due to exhaust pressure.

    ONE MORE THING! I have a thump and shudder after start up when rolling in forward or reverse. The dealer changed out my LS rear end, happily, at that. THAT WASN'T THE PROBLEM! Anybody know what the sam hell it is???
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    hmm, is it auto tranny related? Or, maybe theres something up where your front hubs aren't unlocking, assuming you have 4x4.

    The driveline noise is a bit more noticable in my SD than the old Ranger, but nothing unusual for this size of a truck..

    I don't have any vibration or shutter.
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    Lewac: Reset the mileage computer for the first time yesterday (had never thought to do it before). At first, the mileage fluctuated wildly (was kinda funny to see it reading 24MPG as I was crusing down the freeway at 65MPH), but it has since settled down and is hanging around 16.7MPG. We will see if it stays there over the next week or so.

    I have not received a duffle bag either, and I am feeling left out! I got my survey from Ford which I filled out and returned promptly. I complained *loudly* about the cupholders in the survey, for all the good it will do.

    Over the weekend, I drained the fuel/water separator, just to see how it's done (looks like only fuel came out, did not see any water). How often should this be drained? It was easy to do, once I found a suitable hose to stick on the end of the drain tube. I had an old (broken) pump garden sprayer, and I salvaged the hose off it. It was just the right size to slip over the drain tube, and just the right length to hang into the jar I put on the garage floor.
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    No 4 wheel drive here, auto tranny, yes, could be.
    I was going to lay under the truck and look at the drive train while my wife slowly backed it up so I could see something shaking. I thought better of the idea. She might just take advantage of the situation and make it look like an accident. My life insurance, for some reason, always gets paid before any of the other bills. I better not take any chances. I'll let the dealer figure it out. I'm just afraid they'll change a bunch of good parts out before they get to the right one.

    I didn't get a duffle bag, dernit! I don't know what I'd do with it anyway, I don't have any duffle to put in it. If they were to send a bullsh** bag I might be able to fill it up!

    Goodnight from southern california!
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    Tom before I would let those dealers mess with that paint, why don't you try taking it to a good detail shop and ask their advice? I am sure they have come across this kind of thing many times and know the best way to handle it. At least then you can tell the dummies at your dealer how to handle it before they trash your paint job.
    I have heard others say they used a clay bar to get rid of the rail dust with good results, I woulden't know personaly since I didn't have that problem with my beast.
    Don't let them mess up your paint, then have to repaint the whole thing. Good luck from another Southern Califorian.
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    My truck has been released from the plant. Can anyone tell me how I can track its progress through the rail system? Thanks for the help.
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    ihrdpwr; try and see if you can find your truck there. You need the last 8 digits of the VIN as I recall. However, not everyone has been able to find their vehicle on BNSF's tracking page.

    all, check . I remember seeing a ton of discussions on rail dust there but don't remember what the suggestions were for cures. (Forums, Search, Search all Forums and Archives.)
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    Hey all,

    I got a call from my dealer a few minutes ago. I have been scheduled, and my truck is due to arrive here on April 17. My salesman prefaced that by saying, "Now don't hold me to this." I just laughed out loud and said not to worry about it that I'd heard through the grapevine there may be a delay or two. This is just like one long perpetual Christmas Eve!

    gtt1- So glad you all are ok. Terrifying no doubt. Nothing like a big ol' truck is there?
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    Congrats, you are getting closer, seems like things are finally starting to go your way. If your ETA holds, looks like you will be at 12-13 weeks from order, not bad compared to some of the folks.
  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    Not bad at all.
  • summitxsummitx Member Posts: 25
    Check these out-

    Cowgirl, if your estimated delivery date is 4/17, when was your build date?
  • formerchevyformerchevy Member Posts: 12
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    I do believe that dealers can get information but I suspect that some of the information they get isn't always accurate either. However, if your dealer isn't do anything, I'd start complaining. They get at least 1 report every week with vehicle order status that they should be able to tell you something.

    Check for clearance heights. I remember seeing this discussed a few times (both height, width, and length).

    I have the new cupholders (truck build date was 2/17). As I recall, the old cupholders didn't hold big drinks, didn't hold drinks well and broke easily. I suspect these are an improvement but they're still kinda flimsy IMO.

    btw, if your build date is 2/28, you outta be seeing that new truck pretty soon. I took delivery just over 2 weeks from build date. (Build 2/17, home 2/29.)
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    a while ago i posted that my truck had been hit by 1 of my co workers on the left side of the bed, it was less then a month old. i put the truck in the body shop "pierce collision in natick mass". before i put it in i washed the truck and took a close look at it as the weather was good out that day. what i found was small red rust looking spots all over the bed of the truck none on the tailgate or the main body of the truck, i went up to the dealer and saw the body shop guy, he went out and looked at my truck and rubbed his hands over it and told me not to worry about it just polish it and see if it comes out. i know in about 2 months i will clay the truck and shine it up real good.

    well my truck was in the body shop for 1 week i picked it up and they had told me that they repainted the whole left side of the bed and boy did it look great they really matched up the paint good "island blue cc met" in the sun it's only a slight shade lighter then the rest of the truck and you cant even notice it unless your looking for it, a real quality job and i'm happy with it.

    can someone tell me if there is a tsb out on the rail dust problem????? thanks

    f250 sd sc 4x4 lariat v10 auto 265/75/owl island blue cc met
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    You know? I didn't even ask my build date. I know! I know! You all must think I'm nuts not finding that out. Half the time I think I don't even belong on this site with my lack of need for tracking info etc, etc. I did realize I had forgotten to ask later in the day so I am going to call tomorrow. I will let you know as soon as I do.
  • tom169tom169 Member Posts: 23
    John, I think you're right. I will consult a body shop before I let my dealer try the acid wash. I too have heard that the clay is the best way to get rid of the spots.

    Does your truck have an auto tranny? I'm trying to figure out why mine shudders after startup when rolling slowly in gear. My dealer replaced the LS rear end but I've still got the problem. As with most other minor problems, it seems like you've got to figure it out yourself before you take it to the dealer. I don't want them replacing any more parts unnecessarily.

    Keep in touch!

    P.S. Damn, you get up early!
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    I have the CC 4x4 HD Suspension & clearance lights, height of my door is 83 inches, I have about 1.5 inches leyway. Make sure your door is up all the way. I had my wife watch the first time in inching my way in....very slowly. I have about a 1" lip before my door, so i have to make sure there's no bounce. My wife refuses to drive in or out of the garage. I have a 24 x 24 garage, I have 18" in front and about 5" in back when door is closed. I also have room for my Durango along side it. Hope this helps. I know before my truck arrive I was measuring my garage alot....even went to dealer lots looking for F250's to measure height on. If I would of ordered a longbed, it would be sitting outside.
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    sgknox)... okay. here goes on the tank. You can't legally add a tank under the truck unless you elect to lose the spare tire (these tanks are rather smallish as well). note also that tanks are no longer allowed anywhere outside the truck rails. and we have the sb too but the psd makes our config a little more suitable. here's why: the volatility of gas over diesel. Some states are no longer allowing gas across-the-bed fuel tanks (the ones that are mounted directly behind the cab). Check with your state on this. Also, most states also do NOT allow the legacy system of filling the OEM tank from the auxillary. You MUST have a separate pump in the tank (identical to the OEM) that you draw fuel DIRECTLY from... no more transfer of fuel from one tank to another. the following link has tanks & they are the most reasonable I've located: they are also located on the west coast (but probably still a good "haul" for you). we will be using their system (but will have them ship to us here in FL & we'll do the install)... a little while yet on thay, though.

    crazyelvis)... wow, hardly NO trucks at all, huh? makes you wonder... but there should still be a few more months of build for y2k's.

    sdman... haven't paid much attention to the mileage computer... you can "reset" it? suppose I really ought to delve into the owner manual a little more. anyhow, the manual on the draining the fuel filter is at every oil change or 5k, whichever's sooner. haven't done either yet as we're not putting much miles on these days.

    jepsonfam... your "senario" is just one more nail in the "doubting-thomas's" coffin when it comes to the allocation issue. if the dealer one chooses does NOT have allocation, one will NOT get a truck!

    maincowgirl... keep those patient fingers crossed.

    btw. has anyone seen this ad on the "new" 2001 (yep, that's ONE) D***e? seems like they're advertising the biggest diesel (and everything else) on the "planet". they're always a couple of "steps" behind, it seems. (where were "they" a couple of YEARS ago?)... and the last time I looked, we've still got quite a ways to go b4 2001 arrival.
  • tom169tom169 Member Posts: 23
    I just read an ad in my local paper. A nearby dealer is holding a pre viewing of the EVEREST!!!
    What is it??? A superduty F450 crewcab dually decked out for LUXURY TOWING. It can haul 18,500#s. It is being billed as the ultimate luxury towing machine. Anyone heard of it??
    I'll let you kno after I see it this week!
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 1,113
    I've seen some Everest ads in Trailer Life. No prices, though. I've seen fully decked-out RV hauler F-450s in the $55k range, but the Everest appears to be more.

    Tested the free roadside assistance today. When I went out at lunch at work, the right front tire was almost flat. Ford had someone out there within the hour to change it, free of charge, of course. It looks like the tire can be plugged and saved. I ran over a screw. I'm still running the original rubber (28,000+ miles so far).
  • formerchevyformerchevy Member Posts: 12

    thanks for the info, I have worn out my stanley 30'er and have given the garage a good cleaning.
    I have a chevy tahoe in there and when measure out what I need for this new beast I cannot believe the size difference, looks like 4' in length and almost 9" in height.

    thanks to all for your info and best of luck.
  • wildside1wildside1 Member Posts: 77
    My configuration is probably the same as yours .... 00 250 CC 4x4 v-10 auto Lariat 265 tires with towing pkg and NO running lights. I believe some of Fords demension data says that configuration should be 82 inches high. My garage opening height is 80 inches on the money. The Super Duty fits with about 2 inches to spare .... so if my math is close ..... my truck is about 78 inches high. Only two things hit the top of the garage door opening ..... the antenna which I replaced with a 15 inch one from Walmart and my wifes beehive hairdoo and we're fixin' to modify that. She also has a clearance problem with the width of the garage.... the wife that is!
    Happy motoring.
  • level4turnkeylevel4turnkey Member Posts: 3
    I was just wondering if you have the fox weather boots. I have been looking for floor mats for my 250 cc esof that is coming in shortly. if any one has any good suggestions please help me. thank you.
  • formerchevyformerchevy Member Posts: 12
    judging by the description, I thought you were my father inlaw...but seriously, thanks for the info,
    I am getting the short bed without towing pkg. I think I will be fine. Thanks for the input and the
    note about the antenna. How uncomfortable is the driver seat for long trips (if you don't have the capt. chairs). Writeups say its too flat.

  • wildside1wildside1 Member Posts: 77
    I have the 40-20-40 leather seats. Longest trip taken so far is about 300 miles. The seats aren't as comfortible as a Town Car .... it can get uncomfortable .... so I usually hit the electric seat buttons to redistribute the weight of the carcus. Try to do that every 50 miles or so and it sure helps. Don't get me wrong tho, the seats are much better than most.
  • summitxsummitx Member Posts: 25
    No, I haven't gotten them yet. My truck is being built 4/3 and I was plannning on getting the catch-all's in tan. I think the fox ones only come in black and I don't know how that would look with tan leather - a few people have said that they got the huskeys in black and like it. I do like the way that they cover the entire floor though and they are only about $50 more. Let me know what you do.
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    I have the Catch-alls in tan (to match the "parchment" interior). Good job on the color match and I like the carpeted look rather than the Husky rubber look. Got the fronts and back from Performance Products and save 10% getting both at once.
  • vintagebldrsvintagebldrs Member Posts: 25
    Went in to dealer today with all guns smoking,and said I was not leaving till I knew that my truck was going to be built next week! Told them that if they could not give me an answer, I wanted a regional Rep.and if he could not help me, I wanted his Boss, and so on. Well to make a long story short,without ever speaking to regional Guy,
    an hour later they said I would have a truck Identical to mine delivered in 2 weeks. Truck is on rail as we speak.Maybe just a coincidence, but after 31/2 mos.of non information, and really hammering my salesman, I hope to have in 2 to 3 weeks. Will let you know.
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